tagLoving WivesThe Afternoons of Ann Ch. 03

The Afternoons of Ann Ch. 03

byvelvet hammer©

After Tommy came in my mouth and all over my face I licked him clean, then hustled him to the door.

“My husband will be home any minute now!”

I intentionally didn’t clean his cum off my face. Instead I made him kiss me on the lips, taste his own cum on my lips. Then I hustled him out the door.

I was still standing in the living room in just my thigh-hi’s and heels and nothing else when Dan came home. He looked at me with a certain look on his face. His eyes darted down to my pussy, completely shaved bald, then his gaze lifted to my breasts. My cum splattered breasts. Then he looked again at my face. My cum splattered face.

He didn’t say a word. Instead, he took me in his arms and kissed me, deep. Kissed me on the lips that not thirty minutes before were sucking the cock of my teen lover. He could taste Tommy’s cum in my mouth, no doubt.

His hands found my bare ass, his fingers explored my crack. His fingers felt my pussy; hot, dripping wet. Dan pushed me down on the sofa and went to his knees before me. I opened my legs for him. He dived right in. Oh, bliss . . .

He paused in his worship of my clam, looked up.

“He didn’t . . . fuck you?”

“No, darling. I’m saving that, for when you’re there.”

“Mmmm!!!” Hubby went back down on me, like a starving man. Eating of the food which never fills.

Hubby gives good head. He tickles and licks my clitty, dives into my hole with his wet tongue, laps long all the way from my purty puckered pink rosebud all along my slit then lingers around my clit. Oh how he makes me squirt. I wrapped my stocking clad legs about his head and shoulders.

When Dan started sucking on my clit like its a little cock and finger fucking my wet hole with two fingers, rubbing right there on my G-spot, I came. And when I came, I came in waves, squirting love juices all over his face.

That was enough play for the moment – I made him wait for his. I didn’t cover up, either, just put on my bra, but allowed Hubby to enjoy the sight of my bald pussy while I brought him his evening drink, and served dinner. I put on an apron while I cooked, didn’t want to get any splatter, but my ass was still delightfully exposed.

We enjoyed small talk over dinner – I in my black lace bra and cum-stained face and tits, he in his conservative suit and tie. Afterwards I led the way upstairs, offering Hubs a nice view of my naked ass. The lovemaking was outstanding – Hubby’s cock was as hard as a rock. I joyfully dangled my feet above him, dug my fingernails into his ass as he pumped into me like a piston and when he came, his cock pulsed strong and forceful. His hot jizz leaked out the sides, there was hot goo everywhere.

I really am enjoying the new direction our life is taking.

* * *

As we lay in the afterglow of our lovemaking, Hubs and I discussed the exciting new direction our marriage was taking. I like to curl up on his chest, my leg over his, pressing my sopping wet pussy on his thigh.

“Have you and Tommy fucked yet?” He was asking about my former student and current teenage lover.

“No, not yet. I’ve only blown him a few times. I wanted him to want more, to keep him coming back.”

“Can I . . . is it okay for me . . . you know what I want . . .”

“Uh-huh,” I said. I knew where he was going. I also knew it was difficult for him to say it.

“To be there . . . when you do it? Are you OK with me watching?”

My husband’s kink was a whole new thing for me, and quite frankly really blindsided me. Dan is a very conservative guy, active in local Republican politics. When found ourselves at a rather risqué party one evening, well, because of Dan’s standing as a local pillar of the community and my job as a teacher at the local high school, we had to distance ourselves from this sort of thing. But on the way home Dan expressed an interest in these kind of . . . ahem . . . “extra-curricular activities” and I, quite frankly, was pleasantly surprised.

I looked up at my husband. “Do you really want to do that? Are you really okay with watching me do it with another man?”

Dan didn’t have to reply. I felt his cock twitch against my thigh. It twitched again, then pulsed. I reached down to feel him hardening in my hand.

“Oh wow, Dan, this thing really does turn you on, doesn’t it?”

Kinky sex doesn’t freak me out. I’ve got a past that is kinkier and dirtier than anything my husband is suggesting, but I thought that part of my life was over when I married Dan. I love Dan with all my heart – that’s why I married him – but admittedly I missed that side of my life. To be able to go out and indulge in sexual adventure, I’m so happy that door has opened up again!

I love sex, I just don’t know how I’ve managed to remain faithful in a monogamous relationship all these years. Day in, day out, I think of nothing but sex. I am addicted to sex and I’m so grateful Hubs has suddenly given me permission to have affairs because I'm too weak to resist a cock when it's front of me. I'm a forty-something petite brunette, green eyes, I’ve been told I’m beautiful, and from the way men and women alike look at me I know it’s true.

I’m a former gymnast, dancer, and I work out a lot at the gym with a physical trainer. I like to maintain a finely-toned body. Suddenly this is all the more important, now that I’m seducing a much younger man.

“Can I tell you what I want?” I asked Hubs.


“Anything goes, right? You won’t freak out?” I figured where he was coming from was already so far into the SuperFreak Zone, what I was about to suggest would fit right in.

“Say it.”

“I want more than one cock.”

“Uh-huh. Two-on-one, huh?”

“That’d be fine, just to get things started, but there’s something I’ve always wanted to try . . .”

“Go on,” he replied tentatively.

“Lots of cocks. I want to do a . . . a gang-bang . . .”

Oh my, when I said those words Hubby’s cock got as hard as a rock in my hand. I didn’t even wait for a reply, I just went down and began kissing and nuzzling my husband’s beautiful cock. I took him in my mouth and began humming. Hubby ran his fingers through my hair and gently pushed the back of my head. I let him fuck my face.

“Oh Honey . . . oh Honey . . .” he moaned, “You can do anything you want . . .”

He came relatively quickly, which surprised me, so soon on the heels of a previous ejaculation. I swallowed his load, of course, because I’m okay with that.

I kept his cock in my mouth for awhile after, sucked him clean, then looked up, let a line of cum and slobber drool down my chin. I held his still semi-stiff cock up against the side of my face, like the porno girls do. Absolutely wanton.

“Can I?” I asked, “Can I really do a gang-bang?”

“You can do anything you want, Ann,” he sighed, “Anything at all . . .”

Hubby and I have been making plans for where this thing is going.

(To be continued)

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/18/19

Chapter 1 was good but Ch 2 not as good & 3 total disappointment

At this rate chapter 1 is only chapter worth reader's time

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by 26thNC06/01/19


Hubs, can I have a gangbang? Sure, I'm a cuck and you're a damn whore. Why would I care?

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