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The Age Old Rhythm


It was 1763 in the New England Colony of Maryland; the Anglican Church was established and the Minister, Jacob Martin, was a newcomer to the states. At the age of twenty-five, he had his own congregation.

He brought with him, his young wife, Abigail who was barely nineteen. She was beautiful, lithe and her long, flowing auburn hair hung nearly to her waist. Her smile was bright, her song like an angels voice sent words of praise to the heavens and all of the parishioners adored her.

She always sat at the front of the church, prim and proper and smiled as her husband preached the gospel. After the service, she would stand beside Jacob and smile sweetly at the congregation as they shook hands with the Reverend, smiled and nodded at her then headed for their buggies and horses.

Once they had all gone, Jacob turned to his beautiful wife and would say, "Was the sermon too long?"

Abigail would smile at Jacob and shake her head. "It was a wonderful sermon, dear husband," then she would walk slowly back into the vestibule and start putting the sacred symbols in their places.

Jacob would clear the alter and then take his wife home and make love to her. He adored his wife and they prayed everyday that they would be blessed with a child. Their life felt empty without a young one around.

Every week, the congregation grew. New members were welcomed each and every Sunday. The community respected Jacob as a member of the community and the gospel that he preached.

They adored Abigail; her beauty fascinated all of the men and many of the women. She adored her husband's congregation. She enjoyed socializing with them after the service. Often, she prepared small cakes for the children and she read them stories while their parents listened to the sermon of the day.

New comers were told of the church whenever they moved to town so the church grew and grew by leaps and bounds.

On Sunday, after the service, a young man approached Abigail, and asked if he might talk with her after service. She agreed to meet him after the service.

His name was Nathan; he was a fine looking man of twenty-one. Dark black hair accentuated his crystal blue eyes and brilliant smile. He had his own farm and raised cattle and chickens.

While Jacob conversed with his members, Nathan spoke with Abigail. They soon became fast friends and would talk when they met at the local supply store. Abigail always laughed at Nathan's stories.

They were often seen walking down the main street talking about who knew what and laughing together. Many rumors spread through the town about them and some made it back to Jacob.

When he could take it no more, he confronted his wife, whom he loved so very much. "I need you to practice some control. I know that you and Nathan are nothing more than friends, but my flock are concerned," he explained gently.

"They come to me time and again telling me how you and Nathan are gallivanting around town; laughing and having fun. Not that it is a bad thing to have fun; but he is a single man and you a married woman. People do talk in a small town like this."

Abigail bowed her head and tears fell from her eyes. Looking up at her husband, she swore that they were no more than friends. "People can be cruel and mean; there is nothing but friendship between Nathan and me."

"I want to believe that Abigail, but my parish believes different. I am asking you to stay closer to home and not be seen with Nathan." Jacob pleaded.

"Yes, my husband, I will not be seen with Nathan. I will be your dutiful wife and not have any friends of my own," she cried and ran to her bed, tears flowing from her eyes.

Jacob was sad that he had to reprimand his wife. But he was becoming the laughing stock of the town by his own parishioners.

Some time passed, the town's folk continued to go to church every Sunday and Nathan still made services even though he would not talk with his friend. He felt shunned by the town.

On night, a woman was run down by a heard of horses that broke free of their wagon and trampled on her. Reverend Jacob was called to her bedside to pray for her. He spent the entire night by her side, praying and asking for her salvation.

While he was at her side, Nathan knocked on the door of his house and asked Abigail if they could talk.

"I know that I should not be here, but I've missed you so very much. I really miss talking to you and laughing with you. Please, I need to spend time with you?" he pleaded.

Knowing that Jacob would be gone most of the night, she opened the door and allowed Nathan in.

He hugged her and whispered, "I've really missed you."

Tears filled her eyes and she hugged him. "My life has seemed empty without you to talk with and share things. I love Jacob, but we don't talk a lot. I love that you and I talk of everything."

They talked the evening away and at one point, Nathan bent over her and kissed her warm lips.

I've always wanted to do that. I'm sorry, but I do love you and my heart aches for you. I know you are a married woman and that I should not have these feelings. But I cannot stop thinking of you.

Abigail kissed him back. "I have the same feelings and I fell ashamed that I prefer your company to that of my husband. But he does not talk with me as you do. He does not trust me with his feelings."

Nathan kissed her deeply and his hands traveled along her beautiful body and soon they were in a loving embrace, clothes were being torn off and mouths covered bodies in a passion that couldn't be cooled.

Before they were aware of what they were doing, their naked bodies collided in the fire of their lust. For hours he fucked slow and steady then with a passion from hell, fast and furious.

Beads of sweat covered their skin; slowly, Nathan slipped off Abigail's pantaloons and found that sweet spot between her silky legs. "May I touch it?" he asked softly

"Oh please do, touch me and give me the passion of your loins." She whispered breathlessly.

Nathan slipped his prick out of his pants and stoked it slowly. Precum covered the arrow shaped head as he aligned it with the target covered in red fur.

Slowly, he pushed it deeper and deeper as Abigail arched her back to meet his thrust. Deeply he penetrated her, slowly at first then faster and faster until his body shivered with excitement.

He fell upon her, and pulled he ribbon from her bodice and suckled her full breast into his mouth sending shivers down her spine.

Her back arched so that he could slurp her mounds into his hungry mouth. He nibbled on the tender nipples and then suckled her full tit into his mouth. Licking and sucking he came again.

His seed filled her with his child.

Spent, he rolled over and tried to calm his heart.

The sun found a crack and seeped into the room.

"It's day, I need to go before Jacob returns!" he cried as he pulled on his clothes and headed out the front door almost as Jacob opened the front door.

Abigail feigned sleep as the door opened and her husband walked in, tired and in need of her.

He pulled the covers off her and climbed into the bed. He kissed her lips and whispered, "I need you Abigail, I need you to love me, now," he whispered and kissed her cheek.

Pretending to awake, she pulled him to her; "My darling, are you all right? I wish I could have been there with you," she lied.

"Did she make it?" she asked of the lady.

"She is still with us, yes, but it is still up to a higher power to bring her back completely. I am so tired." He admitted.

"Lay upon my bosom and sleep darling. Dream of a brighter day."

He crawled between her legs and opened them. "I need this right now," he whispered as he slipped his penis out of his pants and rubbed its head between the wet lips.

"Mmmm, I love it when you want me like that; maybe tonight we will make a child," he whispered as he slipped his small dick into the seed left by Nathan.

Abigail cooed and moaned as her husband filled her pussy with more seed. He slipped deeper and deeper into her pussy as the fluids merged. When he finally shot, the seed overflowed her banks and slipped down her legs.

Jacob spread her legs even wider and licked the sticky cum from her pussy. Then he suckled her clit until her body shivered with excitement and her nipples were hard between his thumb and forefinger.

Spent, he rolled off of her. "We're having a baby, sweetheart, I just know it will happen tonight!" Then he closed his eyes, slipped under the cover and nestled next to his wife; his fingers still playing in the deposited seeds of the two men.

The following Sunday, Nathan showed up for service as usual. But his smile was stronger than ever as he watched the woman he knew as carrying his child.

Likewise, Jacob was very proud of the woman he knew was carrying his child. He knew that this time they had succeeded to produce an offspring. His sermon was full of hell and damnation. He ranted and raved and the congregation shouted "Alleluia!"

Within two months, Abigail's belly began to swell with the seed that was in her. Fearful of whose baby she carried, she hoped it would look like neither father.

About four months into the pregnancy Jacob was called out for another serious illness. He was again kept away for the night and again Nathan came to her. His passion fired by the idea that she was full of his child.

He kissed her and caressed her full breast filled with milk for his son. "Will you name him after me?" he inquired.

"You know that Jacob would never allow me to call my son Nathan. He loathes you. You will have to choose a name not associated to yours."

"But what if Jacob's seed also sprouted? What do we do then? How will we know which child is which?" she fretted.

Nathan slipped between her legs and licked at the fluids in her pussy in an attempt to lick away her worries. He became overwhelmed and suckled her clit giving her an explosive orgasm.

She pressed his face deeper and deeper into here muff as his tongue slid in and out of her wet hole.

Then she wiggled around and slurped his dripping dick into her mouth and they suckled one another. Almost too late, he heard the hooves of the horses coming. Jacob was home.

Quickly he slipped out the back door just as Jacob walked in the front.

"Your back safely," Abigail cried as he walked in. "Is everything all right?" She tried to hide her anxiousness.

"No," he whispered. She died, she was too far gone when I arrived."

Tears fell from Abigail's eyes, sad for the loss of one of their congregation. She held Jacob on her bosom as he cried for his lost soul. She kissed him and cried with him. He fell asleep in her arms.

Three months later, twins were bore to Jacob, Abigail and Nathan; one boy and one girl. Fortunately, they both looked mostly like Abigail.

The girl did have Jacob's green eyes and the boy Nathan's blue eyes and long black eyelashes.

Both men loved the babies; knowing that he had born a son Nathan was very excited.

After a few years, Nathan and Jacob became close friends. But Jacob never realized that Christian was Nathan's son.

Gabriela was definitely Jacob's daughter. She bore Abigail's fiery red hair and his ever-present smile.

Jacob never realized that he had been cuckold. But he loved his children no matter what.

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