The Agent Ch. 02


Ever since the first time I had seen my beautiful partner Laura I had often wondered about what happened between Chloe and my friend Leigh, it was not until last Friday night that I finally found out about not only Chloe but also Amber who works for my partner.


It was a typical week at work for both myself and Laura so as 6pm on Friday rolled around we had already arranged to meet in a local bar where we had become regulars and great friends with the management, The Bakers Arms was a non-scene gay pub in town and I had personally known the manager for some years.

Taking Laura in there had been an experience as the management welcomed anyone into the pub my friend had always assumed I had gone straight as he called it, it was not until one evening after sharing a few bottles of wine that Laura told him she was transsexual.

Of course it did not matter and in fact made her even more welcome to the loyal following of regulars and friends that frequented the bar.

Finishing up for the day and switching off my pc at work I was ready to drop but as I knew I would get to spend the evening with Laura and didn't want to work any later than necessary I pushed a pile of work I had yet to do in my desk drawer and locked it in case of senior management dropping in over the weekend and seeing I had not completed my chores as I called them.

Unsure what time Laura was due to finish I decided to go grab my weekend bag from the boot of my car and pulled out a pair of smart jeans and a stylish T-shirt, wandering back into the staff room I got changed and picked up my mobile to call Laura.

Seems great minds think alike as just as I opened my call log the phone began to ring and it was Laura, she had changed her mind and we were not going to our regular place in fact she had booked for us to go to a local Tapas bar for a change of scenery which I didn't mind.

Adding she had invited along Chloe and Amber as she had something to tell me and wanted her friends to be there when she did. Dreading to think what she may want to tell me I had just hoped we were ok as we had been through some rocky times since getting together but I knew she loved me and I her.

Suddenly and unexpectedly the phone rang again and as I answered it a voice I didn't immediately recognize was on the end of the line, it took me a moment to realize that it was Chloe and as she asked if Leigh was around I said he is but he is on duty until 10pm tonight, asking me if she could see him I asked him and he seemed keen so I said he could finish early if it went quiet and meet us in one of the local pubs.

Telling Chloe I could hear her smile down the line so knew the girls were up to no good as usual and as I told her I would see them at the bar she simply answered cool see you there.

I knew how to play the game too and told Leigh to go home and freshen up as I knew the girls would be going home before coming out for dinner, drinks and debauchery. Flying out of the door it made me wonder even more what had happened the first night Leigh had met Chloe, it was obvious he had fucked her but he had never said a word about that night to me since.

Sitting in our security office I sat watching the cameras and computers running the normal site operations and was bored out of my skull waiting, I could have gone and finished my paperwork but my brain was telling me it's time to relax so no more work was going to get done today.

About 20 minutes later the office door flew open and made me jump out of my skin, preparing to protect my office the adrenaline pumping through my veins it turned out to only be Leigh who didn't bother ringing the bell the way we do so we know its staff entering the offices.

Dressed smartly for a change I joked you must be gagging for it and he just smiled and went off to make a cup of tea as Laura still had not called.

Sitting around discussing life and plans for the weekend my text alert went off on my personal mobile and opening up the text it had an attachment, knowing it was from Laura I expected one of her usual weird texts but as the attachment opened there was a picture of Chloe and Amber both sat stroking their hard cocks in lingerie with a tag line of so now you know.

I had suspected for ages that Chloe was transgendered but I had no idea Amber was Ts as well, now tonight seemed it could be fun but also made me wonder what they had planned.

Sitting across the desk from Leigh I knew he had fucked Chloe and now I knew what she had between her thighs, I had always been open about Laura with him as we had been mates for years anyway and he knew I was bi and into Tran's girls.

Teasing him I said now I know you're secret too, looking up from his mobile he smiled and turned his phone round to show me a picture Chloe had just sent him of her sat on Amber's stiff cock.

In unison we could only manage two words, dirty bitch.

Asking him if he had fucked her he nodded and told me how shocked he was to find she had a cock but he couldn't resist her and took her tight butt anyway.

2 pictures had now been sent but Laura was in neither so I guessed she must have taken them, knowing she is completely passive and no longer gets erections due to the medication and hormone treatments she is on I started to wonder if the other two had fucked her already which made me hard as hell.

Texting Laura I asked what time we were to meet and got a reply back in seconds saying around 8pm which although was later than I had expected to be seeing her it meant I could let Leigh out of work around then with the emergency phone in case of any incidents.

As we sat around waiting my phone went off again and another picture had been sent, this time it said private as the title so I knew it must be of Laura for me and me only, opening up the file it was indeed my gorgeous girlfriend in new lingerie I had not seen her in before with the tag line of you get me later and maybe...

I knew she was up to something and it seemed tonight was going to be interesting, I had not seen Laura in 3 days as she had been away on a course for her company so I was eager and not to mention horny as hell for her and packing a large load of spunk I intended to empty.

Soon enough 8pm rolled around and as an alarm sounded from the computer system Leigh ran off to answer the call only to come wandering back and say it's the girls pulling onto site, knowing Laura would come and park down in the staff spaces I wandered out to meet her to see she had a brand new Audi, I had always been a car nut and now we had a new toy if she would let me drive it.

As the door swung open and the smell of the brand new leather seats filled the air Laura stepped out in a fitted satin mini dress and 5 inch heels followed by Chloe and then Amber, pulling Laura close to me we kissed like long lost lovers and she cheekily said did you enjoy the pictures.

Chloe went off to find Leigh in the office and Laura pulled Amber over and said go one kiss her, kiss her like how you kiss me as she is your present for later. Kissing Amber deeply I felt her tiny waist and perky breasts against my chest for the first time making me hard in the process, rubbing my cock she looked over to Laura and cheekily said no wonder you are always so cheerful he has a lovely cock.

Looking over I couldn't believe Laura wanted me to fuck her friend for her too, I hadn't had any sex at all in 4 days and that was unusual as Laura was always a bit of a nympho from day one.

Agreeing Leigh could secure the office as long as he brought the mobile along we walked up the main road to the restaurant and were welcomed in their usual energetic style by Lolitta the owner of the Tapas bar also named after herself.

Taking our seats Laura sat by my side with Amber at the end of the table and Leigh with Chloe on the other, it was a bit cramped but it didn't matter and as Laura got comfy by my side she discreetly slid her hand down against my groin as we kissed making my cock strain against my jeans, breaking away from her I said I missed you baby and we kissed again.

Expecting and awaiting Leigh's normal comment of ah how cute it didn't come as I looked over he was far too busy himself to worry what we were up to.

As we sat and enjoyed the food, drink and company I glanced at my watch to notice it was coming up on 10pm and Leigh had to do shift end and lock down on the site so telling him to run back and do it he shot out of the door only to return to ask where to find us, telling him we would finish up and come back to site he nodded and left.

Paying up and thanking Lolitta we wandered back down the street past a bar or two we usually go in and back onto the site as the alarms were being set, insisting we only had 30 seconds or so to get to the car I asked the girls to rush, watching 3 transsexuals in stilettos trying to run was interesting and as I knew it was only the office door alarm I also found it pretty funny.

As we got back to the cars Leigh was outside and asked what the rush was for, I soon got outted and then got in trouble for making them run.

Discussing what was to happen tonight Laura took my side and whispered to me you can have me and Amber if you want her, looking her in the eye she knew without me saying a word and Laura offered to drive us back to hers.

Wondering what Leigh and Chloe had planned I didn't have to wait to find out as they climbed into the back of Laura's car also, asking Leigh how he planned to get back to work for 7am he climbed out of Laura's car again and decided to follow us in his car instead.

Tearing through the town in Laura's usual style of foot on the floor driving we took minutes to get to their flat, dialling in the number to open the gates Laura shot through them so as Leigh could follow before they closed.

As soon as we were all settled in the flat and a couple of bottles of wine and lager were opened Laura came to sit by my side and said now I have to tell you all my news as we are among friends, looking at her like there's more to come she told me one of the 3 days I was away I was not on company business, now I was concerned as we had both been very casual at the start of her relationship and she had cheated more than once.

As she sat Laura slid her hand into mine and then came out with the truth, one of those days I was away to arrange my gender reassignment and I go in for surgery in a months' time to become the woman I have always felt I am inside.

Pulling her against me as she cried a little I told her how much I love her and that the change means nothing to me as she is and always will be the only woman I want in my life, kissing me she soon cheered up and announced we were to have some fun.

With Laura sat one side of me and Amber the other I felt amazing and as I kissed Laura I felt Amber kissing my neck from the other side, as I turned to kiss Amber I felt my flies being lowered and Laura's long slender fingers working their way into my boxers, stopping for a moment and looking over Chloe was already sat in Leigh's lap sampling his tongue passionately.

As I laid back against the soft leather of the sofa both Laura and Amber kissed passionately whilst I watched, as they broke and both looked my way I knew this was going to be amazing. As Laura looked back to Amber she suggested they retire to Laura's room, as they stood I went to get up and got told to sit and wait for them.

Sat with a rock hard cock I got to witness Chloe sucking Leigh deeply opposite me and as I offered her my cock in her arse whilst she sucked on Leigh she told me to chill out as I would need all my energy tonight.

Sitting back again both Leigh and Chloe left the room and I was alone but so horny it was unreal and thought I may have to have a wank if I had to wait any longer for the girls, finishing up my beer and clearing the coffee table up I heard the door handle click as the door opened and there stood Laura and Amber both in lace topped stockings and stilettos with the tiniest panties on barely hiding their clits.

They looked so amazing with Laura in a black and purple basque, suspender belt and very high heels with her long dark hair cascading down her back and Amber in a pink baby doll and suspender belt with white stiletto heels which made a fantastic contrast against her flame red shoulder length hair.

Laura wiggled her way across the lounge and into the kitchen area and as I took her into my arms she asked so who do you want to fuck first?

Replying I told her she is my wife and therefore she gets me first and last and with that she led me into the bedroom to be joined on the bed by Amber.

Releasing my belt and wriggling out of jeans and boxers it was obvious how turned on I was, as I pulled my shirt off I was instantly aware of the girls taking turns sucking my cock and it not only looked hot but felt amazing, Laura has always been amazing at giving me head but Amber blew my mind with the way she worked my bell end to dripping pre cum.

Still managing to control herself Amber had stayed flaccid the whole time but as the girls kneeled at the end of the bed and kissed with Laura rubbing her cock through her panties I saw the large member Amber had so far hidden so well, not being able to handle Laura playing with her she slid her panties off and out popped a thick veiny and at least 9 inch cock that looked massive against Ambers very slim but busty build.

I could not believe I was getting to see this close up and for real, I had seen this kind of fun in pornos throughout the years and been with transvestites who had fucked each other but two totally feminine looking girls and one with a huge stiff cock was all my dreams wrapped into one and tonight I would get to have them both to myself.

Watching them enjoying each other made me wonder how many times they had done this before Laura had met me, joining them and getting closer I kissed Laura hard then Amber and as Amber moaned in pleasure I realised Laura was sucking her off and taking near all of Ambers shaft deep into her throat.

There was no way I was going to hold back any longer and as I pulled away Laura's panties and sank my tongue into her butt she squirmed and moaned in pleasure as Amber instructed me to eat Laura's butt as she face fucked her, pulling her cute butt apart I managed to get my tongue even deeper into her ass pussy and as I slid a finger into her as I licked her she pulled off of Ambers cock and ordered me to fuck her deep.

Pulling her to the edge of the bed so I could stand behind her I spread her long slender legs and eased my bell end into her rose bud pussy, moaning in pleasure she pushed back slightly encouraging me to go balls deep in her, sliding my 8 plus inches inside her felt fantastic after not fucking her in a few days and I soon had her arse juices flowing and as wet as any pussy could ever be.

Reaching my balls I reached around to cup her breasts as I ploughed my cock deep into her slapping my full balls against her arse hard and loud enough to crack the air, once again Amber pushed her cock into Laura's mouth and managed to lean in to kiss me as we spit roasted Laura hard with two thick cocks in her.

Begging us to release her I grabbed what was left of her cock and began to wank her off as I fucked her arse harder and as she managed to pull herself off of Ambers cock she instructed Amber to get under her and take her cum, as Amber slid under her and took Laura's semi hard cock into her mouth and began to suck her hard as they 69'd and I continued to plough Laura's butt hard and fast.

Feeling her body and muscles lock onto my shaft I knew she was about to cum but as I grabbed her waist and drove my balls into her butt one last time she moaned loud and hard and dumped her cum into Ambers mouth setting off a chain reaction as Amber shot her load a good foot into the air and all over Laura and herself.

As the girls rearranged themselves and managed to lie back and relax for a moment, still rock hard I now needed to spunk my load and as Laura crawled to the head board end of the bed to recover Amber released her baby doll and sat massaging the mixture of her own cum and Laura's cum she had dribbled all over her breasts into her soft pale white skin.

Sat with Laura watching Amber play with their spunk she looked up and right at me, Laura then told me I think Amber needs that cock inside her now and as I looked at Amber she nodded and came my way coated in spunk already she looked hot as hell and ready to fuck hard.

Before I knew it Amber was sat in my lap kissing me and Laura who was knelt by her side, looking at me she brushed her tight butt against my stiff member and then asked Laura to guide me into her.

As she slowly slid down my thick 8 incher she locked her teeth as did I, Amber was so tight almost virginal but as she sat on my balls and relaxed she told me I am an anal virgin so be nice.

I couldn't understand how she could be but I found out Amber is usually dominant so I was the first guy to ever get to fuck her.

As she slowly rocked on my cock kissing Laura I could feel her anal muscles relaxing and accepting my shaft even deeper inside her, leaning in I so wanted to suck her breasts and as I flicked my tongue across her nipples she howled in pleasure and was soon rock hard again herself from my touch and Laura's tongue in her mouth.

As she had got nicely relaxed Laura asked her if she would like me to dom her as I did to her and with some hesitation Amber agreed but begged me to be gentle with her, rolling her onto her back and pushing her legs back I slid my cock inside her anus and lowered down onto her kissing her lips as I slid in and out of her butt hole.

Taking her thighs into my inner arms I began to pound her and as my balls slapped her butt she moaned in pleasure, telling her how sexy she looked being filled full of my cock Laura managed to get in-between us and started sucking Amber off as I fucked her harder and deeper making her almost explode as she moaned and wriggled trying to escape us.

Telling Laura to take it to the next level she slid the handcuffs we keep out and handcuffed Amber to the headboard as I fucked her arse hard Laura went to work on her nipples making her cock massively hard again, wanking her cock as I filled her arse there was no way she could handle our assault on her body and soon she showered Laura herself and me in her second load but as soon as she came Laura released her hands.

Laying down against her and kissing her lips gently she thanked me for such an amazing first time fuck, problem was I still had not cum and now I needed to badly.

As I looked to our side Laura had laid back and was beckoning me to fuck her again so pushing her thighs back and slipping inside her hot wet hole I knew she had planned to make me spunk this time.

Kissing her deeply as I took her butt as deep as I possibly could I knew she was enjoying every minute as she moaned deeply with each drive inside her wet pussy, I knew I would run out of energy before I managed to cum but as I slowed to make love to Laura I was aware of something wet and thick rubbing my arse.

Looking over my shoulder Amber was there rubbing her now stiff cum covered shaft against my butt and it was driving me wild as I love anal myself too, feeling Ambers long nails either side of my waist then the pain of her entering me, her thick cock splitting my tight arse open as she slid inside and with each push she got another inch inside me whilst she drove me hard into Laura's butt.

Whispering to me she was getting sore I slid my cock from Laura's butt and she told Amber to make me cum as I had done to her, as Laura slid under me and took my stiff cock in her throat Amber pushed hard and got all of her veiny 9 inch cock in my butt and didn't hold back as she rammed me hard and fast.

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