tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Airport Ch. 06

The Airport Ch. 06


The Girls Relive the Past

"I don't know if I can, Brad. I've never done it before. She's only done that to me. I kind of want to, but then again..."

"Do I get a say in this?" Ann asked. "I have been out of the loop as far as input to anything we're doing."

"Well, it is our house and you are our guest and you started all of this. Maybe you don't get a say," I stated as I pulled out of Lynn and smacked her ass.

Ann was definitely not used to not having her way, much less than not having a say in what was going on in her life, both in and out of the bedroom. My playful slap of Lynn's sexy fine ass and the satisfied smile on my face betrayed what I was really thinking.

"Well, Mr. Brad, I would love to suck all of your come out of her sweet little just fucked pussy," Ann stated forcefully as she walked over to Lynn. Both girls were totally naked.

I didn't know if Lynn was flushed from her orgasms or if she was blushing. Either way, she was beautiful. Her large breasts were leaking droplets of milk from her nipples and they were as red as if she was sun burnt. Ann's naked body was almost as sexy as Lynn's and she was shamelessly naked. Ann grabbed Lynn's hand and held it as she looked into her eyes.

"Lindy, do you want a repeat performance? A repeat of what we did all those years ago? I'd like to eat you right now. I'd like to taste you again and taste how you and Brad taste together. Besides, I'm all comed out from watching and playing with myself and having such a big O."

Lynn looked at me and I shrugged. Ann took that as acquiescence. Lynn took it as I was unsure and was leaving it up to her. She was at a crossroads. She didn't want to cheat with Ann, but she did want to relive what she had done before. Don't most people want to relive the best of all their sexual experiences? Who wouldn't want a repeat performance with Annie?

Ann made the decision for her and pulled her away from me and into our bedroom. The brazen woman was going to fuck Lynn in our fucking bedroom. I was a bit surprised and shocked. I sat there and I stared as two of the sexiest asses I have seen in a long time walked away from me and into the bedroom. I decided to follow them and watch. It was like watching the sexiest porn movie starring two extremely sexy, voluptuous and talented women. Only the difference was that they weren't acting.

As soon as they entered, Ann roughly pushed Lynn against the wall and kissed her. The kiss was fast, hard, deep and oh so sensual. She mauled Lynn's tits and I could tell that her right hand was going to raise deep purple marks on her breasts. Lynn kissed her back, passionately and didn't flinch at the rough grasping of her left breast.

Ann was not being gentle.

"Do you like that, bitch? Do you like that, my little slut? Does Brad do that to you?" Ann hissed as she moved down to suckle Lynn's swollen breasts.

"Yes. He does."

Ann was sucking Lynn's nipples hard and I knew from experience that she was getting a little bit of creamy milk in her mouth. She pulled off the left nipple and came off with a pop. She swallowed every last drop.

"Does he bite your breasts and leave his marks on them like I did to you?" Ann took the top of Lynn's right breast and bit and sucked on it.

"Yes. Brad does this to me," Lynn grasped Ann's head and pulled her closer.

I could see Lynn's hips were starting to move in a rhythm and she was rubbing her slick, wet pussy against Ann's thigh. Ann kept her leg stationary as Lynn did her sex dance against it. Lynn's eyes were closed and she let out a little moan. If Ann continued in this mode, Lynn would be in the throes of orgasm in a matter of seconds. I could sense that Ann knew this. In an instant, she dropped her leg and simultaneously roughly bit and sucked Lynn's right breast.

Lynn tried to move her pussy so she could find Ann's leg, but Ann would not let her. Instead she pulled off of Lynn's breast, grabbed her arm, dragged her over to the bed and pushed her onto it. Lynn was surprised by this sudden move and gasped as she landed on the bed with her legs and arms akimbo.

With Lynn totally exposed and her legs spread, Ann made her move.

She tightly gripped the inside of Lynn's thighs and held her down. Then Ann clamped down with her mouth on the tender flesh at the upper part of her right thigh. She was putting a mark on her leg that was matching the bruises on her breasts - a matching set. Ann moved with ease from one leg to the other leaving a trail of hickeys that led directly to Lynn's sweet wet little pussy.

Lynn was trying to gyrate her hips to maneuver her cunt into Ann's hungry mouth. She wouldn't have it. She strongly held Lynn in place; her cunt was millimeters from Ann.

"Does that fucker, Brad, mark his territory like I do? Does he hurt you in the way you love? Does he, slut? Tell me?"

"Yes," Lynn answered simply and breathlessly.

Even though Ann didn't show it, I could tell she was not happy with Lynn's answers. In their past experience, Lynn must not have had a lover like Ann - one who was voracious and dominant and marked what she thought belonged to her. Clearly, this was troubling Ann, but it wasn't bothering Lynn at all who was enjoying what was being done to her. And because she was enjoying herself, she was truthful in her answers, which was painful to Annie.

From the open doorway I could see that Lynn's pussy was glistening from the juices that were flowing from it. Those juices included some of my come that was running down Lynn's thighs and over the hickey trail. I felt a stirring in my cock and I started stroking as I watched the wild rough sex scene in front of me. It was the stuff that dreams are made of - two of the hottest women I knew fucking like wild animals and putting on a show for me.

Ann began her assault on Lynn's nether region. She started by lifting her up by her ass and licking that sexy hot little asshole that I loved assaulting myself. She rimmed Lynn and both ladies were thoroughly enjoying the sensation. Lynn's eyes were closed and she was fantasizing as Ann kept her tongue swirling.

"He makes me feel so dirty and I fucking love it," Lynn said to no-one.

"So...he licks your little asshole. Does he tongue fuck you like I do?"

"Yes," came Lynn's dream-like reply as she started more gyration of her hips. She was trying to get Annie to lick her pussy.

"I'll get to your pussy, you little whore, but I'm going to take my time."

"Please, Brad. Please, baby. Stop teasing me and eat me. Please," Lynn was pleading with me, but it was Ann who was performing the service.

My cock surged with Lynn's pleading, but Dreamboat Annie was not very pleased with the turn of events.

She showed her displeasure like athletes do. She strived for greatness in bringing Lynn to orgasm and multiple orgasms at that. She began her attack by going on the offensive. She dropped Lynn to the bed and licked her from her tiny butthole all the way up the he top of her pussy to her clitoris. Lynn was matching Ann's tongue movements with her hips. And she as moving her legs inside and out.

"Please, Brad, you know what I want. I want you to suck on me there. You know where. Please, baby."

Ann kept licking her, but Lynn wanted her to suck her. Ann was teasing her and the teasing was something that I did quite often before going in for the clit. Lynn's head was going from side to side as she tried without success to make Ann suck her off. The juices running out of Lynn's little pussy were incredible. It was like a faucet had been turned on.

Just then Ann moved up Lynn's pussy and began sucking. Lynn gasped audibly. Her face and chest were flushed and she began coming almost instantly. It didn't take Ann long at all to bring Lynn to one of the biggest orgasms I had ever seen her have. And I'd seen her have quite a few.

The words came out in a torrent, "Yes, baby. Right there. Don't stop. Eat me, Brad. Suck me, baby. Oh my gosh. I'm coming. I'm coming, baby. Please Brad. Oh my gosh. I love you. I love how you make me come. I love you, Brad. Thank you. Thank you, baby."

The Making of Lynn

Ann was finished with her oral pleasure of Lynn, but I soon found out she wasn't finished with Lynn. She climbed on top of her and put her pussy inches away from my baby's face.

"You will eat my cunt, you slut. I've been waiting years for you to eat me and you will eat me."

"No. I can't."

"Can't or won't, bitch?" Ann was angry and was holding Lynn against her will.

"No, Ann. Please don't make me. Please," Lynn was pleading.

"Now, do what I did, you whore," Ann lowered her cunt so that it was touching Lynn's lips.

I felt I had to step in, but I knew that Lynn didn't have a safe word and had fantasies about rape. I didn't know if those fantasies included a woman being the perpetrator. I was soon to find out.

"Open your mouth, Lindy, do not renege on your promise to me," Ann was hopping mad. And she pressed her dripping pussy against Lynn's now open mouth.

"Lick me, slut. Yes. That's it. Lick me like I licked you. All the way around my world, you whore," Ann moved so that her ass was in Lynn's mouth.

She did so, but reluctantly. I was still worried that Ann was raping her, but I didn't know. I never knew with Lynn and that was part of the excitement. Lynn was tentative in licking Ann, she knew what to do from her own experiences and what she liked but she was being shy and reticent.

"GODDAMMIT, LICK ME, I SAID, YOU FUCKING SLUT," Ann shouted at Lynn and grabbed her head and moved it even closer to her cunt, "YOU KNOW YOU FUCKING WANT THIS, NOW MAKE ME COME, BITCH."

Lynn began licking her little clit, and soon after started sucking on it. Lynn was a stellar cocksucker and if she was sucking a clit like she sucked my cock, Ann would be coming like a madwoman. Lynn moved her arms so that they were now around Ann's thighs and she was controlling Ann's motions. She was getting into it. I was shocked and utterly turned on at what she was doing. I didn't think she was going to go through with eating Ann's pussy and rimming her, much less enjoy what she was doing.

Ann started coming. Her head was back, her back was arched, and she was pinching her nipples, "That's it, baby. Make me come, like you promised me. I fucking love it. You're eating my pussy, Lindy. My cunt. You're eating cunt. Yes. Fuck. Yes. Lindy. You're eating me. Holy fuck. FUCK. FUCK."

Lynn pushed her off of her and literally threw her on her back on the big bed. She was now in the same position that she had thrown Lynn into. She was like a little Raggedy Ann doll. I could see Ann's pussy was throbbing and she was almost passed out she had come so hard.

The Turnabout and Fair Play

Lynn walked up to me and whispered, "help me, Brad, we're going to tie this bitch up."

I silently crept to the bed and as soon as I was there, I quickly jumped on top of Ann, pinning her to the bed with my body. I grabbed hold of her wrists and held her there while Lynn opened our night table drawers to get our restraints. Before Ann even knew what was happening, Lynn had tied her ankles down to the bed.

"What the...WHAT THE FUCK? What the fuck do you think you're doing, Brad? You are not fucking me."

Lynn answered, "not yet. Not until I'm done with you, you fucking bitch. Now shut the fuck up. You think you can do things to me without repercussions? Well, I am not the same little girl you took all those years ago."

We restrained her arms; Lynn doing her left wrist and I took care of the right. Ann was fighting and it took us some effort to get her tied down spread eagle on the bed.

Ann still protested, "I do not want to do this, Lindy."

Lynn slapped her right across the face, without mercy, 'did I tell you to shut up? Why are you still talking?"

Tears welled in Ann's eyes and I almost felt sorry for her, then I remembered how she made Lynn eat her despite her refusals. It wasn't an act on her part and Lynn was really mad. I had not seen her this angry before.

"See my breasts? All bruised? See my legs all marked? You are leaving this bed with the same marks. THE EXACT SAME MARKS. Do you understand? And if you fight us, they will be worse than mine. If you understand, nod your head."

"Let's go, Brad, let's mark this whore."

Lynn grabbed her left breast and started biting and sucking to put her mark there. I blindly followed what she was doing on her right side. Even though Ann's tits weren't quite as large as Lynn's they were still a nice size and they were very plump. We were puting deep crimson marks on her tits.

"Please, Lindy, not the tops...I have to go to work tomorrow."

Lynn stopped. She looked at Ann menacingly. I stopped, too. Then Lynn moved up to the upper part of Ann's breast and bit her and then sucked. Again, I followed what Lynn was doing and did the same to her other tit. It looked as though she was going to be indelibly marked. Ann shut her eyes and took what was coming to her. Lynn and I added more hickeys until her breasts were swollen and bruised. I didn't see how she could even think about putting a bra on for a few days.

"Her thighs, Brad, we need to mark her like she marked me."

Our heads moved down to her tender thighs. We started just above the knee. I thought that if Ann was going to wear a short skirt tomorrow then her co-workers were going to know she was in a battle royale. I was going to leave a slight mark there, but Lynn touched my head in such a way to make it clear that I was going to match her hickey for hickey. We moved up slowly and although we were being forceful and Ann had to be in quite some pain, her pussy was telling the real story.

Ann liked this. Her pussy was drenched and it was visible to the eyes, it was apparent to the scent, and both Lynn and I got a taste of her as she dripped out and onto her thighs. She was thoroughly enjoying being taken.

"Do you think Mr. Hi Tachi will do the trick for her, Brad? Or do you want to fuck her?"

"What do you think, baby? Do you want to watch me fuck her?"

"No. I do not want him to fuck me. That wasn't part of our deal," came Ann's response.

"Like we give a shit what you think, Annie," said Lynn, matter-of-factly, "Did you care what I thought? The answer to the question is no...So fuck you."

"And the answer to your question, Brad, is yes. I want to watch you fuck her. And looking at your cock, you need to do something with it. Do you still have your condoms lying around the house?"

"Yeah, baby, I do," I said, opening up my nightstand drawer and grabbing one. I handed it to Lynn and said, "Will you roll one on to my cock? I'd like you to do the honors of shoving my cock into this whore's cunt."

Ann started trying to shake loose from the restraints and she was protesting, "NO! No, Lynn, I do not want his cock in me. I do not want to fuck him. Please, Lindy. Please don't let him fuck me."

The restraints were tight but they were making quite the racket against the bed rails. Lynn just slowly opened the condom wrapper, unrolled the condom, and sheathed my cock in the latex. She then stroked my cock and gave it a nice wet kiss.

"Fuck you, Ann. And shut the fuck up."

I knelt in between Ann's legs and held them wide apart. She was bucking the bed, like she was riding a brahma bull, trying to fight me and the restraints. Lynn held her down, grabbed my cock, and put it at the entrance to Ann's cunt. She was still fighting.

Lynn then rubbed my cock against Ann's wet slit to lube my cock in preparation for my fucking. Then she shoved into Ann's sopping wet pussy. And I thrust it into her with all my might. I fucked her really hard while Lynn mauled her tits.

It was the most angry fuck I'd ever experienced. I was mad because she goaded us into this wicked threesome, I was pissed because she treated me like shit most of the night, I was mad because she was seducing Lynn into doing something that she didn't really want to do. I was just overall pissed and I fucked her as if I was mad at the world.

With the condom on, the fact that I was on my second wind (if you will), and that I was fucking Ann and not Lynn, I felt like I could have thrust myself into her cunt all night. I had what I termed the donger of death. I was not going to stop my assault/fuck of Ann until I was told to by Lynn.

Lynn was busy putting bruises all over her tits - rose tattoos - and being a little feisty shit to her friend, Ann. She was asking her, "Do you want him to stop?" Over and over again, with Ann answering almost in tears, "yes. Please. Please Lindy." And Lynn telling me to go faster and harder.

Even though Ann was saying all the negative things, her body belied what she really wanted. Her pussy was soaking wet and she started matching me thrust for thrust. She was starting to breathe really heavy, panting like a bitch in heat. Then it hit. The big one. It seemed like she had just come and told Lynn that she was all comed out, and this time, it was explosive.

Ann's voice was guttural, "Fuck me, Brad, you motherfucker. Fuck me harder. Fucking fuck my cunt, you motherfucker. Fuck."

Her pussy muscles were grasping my cock, as she kept up the expletives, "Fuck me, you DICK. You're such an asshole. You fuck. Fuck me, Brad, you sonofabitch. Oh my fucking god. I'm coming. Holy fuck, Lynn. I'm coming. I'M COMING! FUCKERS. YOU'RE A CUNT, LYNN, FOR LETTING HIM FUCK ME. BUT YOU WERE RIGHT! FUCK."

I stopped my fucking, pulled out of her, yanked the condom off an d walked out of the bedroom. I could hear Ann screaming at me, "GET BACK HERE, BRAD AND FUCK ME SOME MORE!"

I went to the kitchen and got myself a beer.

The Aftermath

I could hear Lynn and Ann talking in the bedroom, but I couldn't make out the words. I really didn't care what they were saying, except that I knew they were talking about me. I'm sure they were disappointed and again, I really didn't care. I knew I was going to get an earful from Lynn and I really wasn't troubled about that. I had a bit of time to think and figure out just what the fuck happened n there and I wasn't the happiest camper. I guess I should have been, having just had a threesome with two very sexy attractive women.

I heard the water to the shower in our master bathroom turn on and I figured it was Ann cleaning up after the evening activities. And I was right, because Lynn came into the kitchen wearing nothing but her sexy silken robe. I was still naked.


"Hey, yourself," I replied.

"Are you mad?"

"I wouldn't say I am mad, I'm just not happy."

"May I ask why?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything, baby, I've told you that."

"OK. Why are you unhappy? I thought you'd like it."

"Well. I don't know really. Except that we talked about sharing and we agreed that we wouldn't. So, when it came down to it and we did share our bed, I thought 'OK, this isn't really my decision and it's just happening.' But then Ann said some things in the middle of it which made it seem like I was set up. So let me ask you, was I?"


"I take that as a yes, Lindy. So my feelings are warranted, I'm not just making it up."

"No, but I don't see why you're mad about it."

"Sweetie, I'm not mad, I'm ...um...disappointed. And I feel kinda used."

"Aww...poor baby," Lynn said, then punched me on the arm.

"Yeah, I know. I thought about that, too. Sucks to be me, huh?"

"Yeah. You just got to fuck two ladies and you're disappointed and feeling used. OK Rod Stewart," she was smiling at me.

I gave her a hug and kissed the top of her head, "Is Annie OK?" This came out just as Ann entered into the kitchen. She, too, had a robe on.

"Am I OK? Well, I don't know, Brad. Even though you didn't finish the job...hint hint...I did get royally fucked and I did get my pussy eaten and I did watch you two and it was all in all a memorable evening of living out some fantasies. I hope you're not too mad at us. It was all in good fun."

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