tagLoving WivesThe Airport Hotel Ch. 04

The Airport Hotel Ch. 04


"No sexual intercourse for at least four weeks. That includes anything that involves ejaculation. After that, be aware that you might be sore."

Jerry nodded and grabbed his things. The surgeon had completed his postoperative exam and Jerry was free to go home. He was in a little pain, but he had suffered through worse.

Not until Jerry pulled out of the parking lot and was driving down the long stretch of highway back home did he realize what he had done. He had gotten a vasectomy reversal. After six years of being infertile, he had taken the plunge. He had made a decision that would affect the rest of his life.

It was summer time and the sun was glaring off the black pavement. He was thankful for air conditioning in his car. He hadn't even turned the radio on, choosing instead to sit quietly and review exactly what had happened over the last few months.

It had started innocently enough. He had finally gotten the courage to meet Kate at the airport hotel, and one thing had led to another. They met every few months depending on her schedule. There was no guilt, no shame, and no worries about being caught. They loved each other, and that was all that mattered.

Jerry's cock swelled as he imagined what Kate was doing at this moment. She was probably at the beach, or maybe sitting in a coffee shop with her laptop. He imagined her beautiful blonde hair and pouty red lips. He squirmed around a bit, his cock uncomfortably pressing against the zipper of his shorts. He took a deep breath, trying to distract himself from his thoughts. He was going to listen to his doctor's orders very carefully. He didn't want the reversal to be messed up.

He had researched everything very carefully and had begun saving up over six months ago. He was thankful that everything had fallen into place. He had told his wife that he needed another hernia surgery. She had not asked any questions and agreed that it would make sense for him to go to the hospital himself and return home after he was healed, since they lived in a small town and the nearest surgical hospital was a two-hour drive.

She hadn't asked any questions at all. In fact, she hadn't really seemed to care what happened. All she'd been concerned about was the fact she would be alone with their daughter all week. He couldn't bear to tell her then that instead of going to the specialty hospital for hernia surgery, he was actually going to a different hospital for a very different procedure.

Jerry's phone rang and he answered it.


Jerry's cock swelled again at the sound of Kate's voice. He needed to calm down. He had not even been discharged for an hour and was already desperate to jerk off. There was no way he would last four weeks.

"Hi, Kate. I'm just driving home now. Everything went well. Yep. Love you."

Jerry hung up the phone and smiled. She had just called to make sure that he had been discharged without any problems. He knew that once they started talking, it would be hard for either of them to hang up. They would talk a lot longer tonight on the computer. He almost missed his exit but the Sunday morning traffic wasn't busy enough as he glided across two lanes to get off the highway. He weaved his way through the side streets and pulled up to his house.

It was a small home. It was what he and his wife could afford when they first got married. They had lived there nine years now. Not much had changed in those years. She still worked as a teaching assistant at the local school and he was still employed with the government. It was a boring life. It had to be boring for him to look elsewhere for love and romance.

"Hi sweetie. Welcome home."

Jenna rushed over and hugged Jerry tight. They had not seen each other in over a week and she was giddy with excitement.

"Hi sweetie. How are things?"

"Wonderful. Danica missed you so much. She's over at a friend's house but will be back by dinner. I was so lonely without you." Jenna leaned over and began to nibble on Jerry's earlobe. She knew that would always get him in the mood and Jerry was trying to figure out the best solution to this problem. He could not have sex with her no matter what.

"Baby I'm really tired and sore. Can I just go sit down?"

Jenna ignored Jerry's pleas and began to rub his cock through his shorts. She was never this aggressive but then again it had been a long time since they had been apart for this long. The only phrase that was running through his head was the idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Of course, that was only the case with Jenna. For Jerry he always missed Kate.

"No seriously. I'm really not in the mood." Jerry didn't mean to but he pushed her away gently.


Jenna turned and walked into the kitchen. Jerry noticed that her scrap booking stuff was all over the table and she quietly got back to work on her latest project. Jerry grabbed the remote and decided to catch up on his fill of television shows.

Jerry kissed Danica gently on the forehead as he tucked her in. The moment she had come home from a friend's house she had talked non-stop about her whole week. She was a bubbly seven year old and had finally calmed down enough to go to sleep. Jerry loved her with all his heart and hated that what he was doing could potentially hurt her. It wasn't her fault that things had happened a certain way.

Jerry turned off the Disney Princess lamp on her night table and then closed her door. He did miss being at home. It was a long week but was worth it. He turned into his bedroom and saw Jenna lying naked on the bed.

"Now are you in the mood?"

Jerry had had enough. He tired to remember the last time she had initiated sex. It was on Valentine's Day. He had remembered that he had vowed not to initiate sex and was reluctant to know that they would probably go months without sex. She had surprised him and seduced him with a sexy red and white nightie. That was over five months ago and they had not had sex since then.

"No I'm not Jenna. I was in the mood a few weeks ago. And a few weeks before that. Do you remember all those times that I tried to seduce you and you pushed me away? Do you remember those times you told me to go jerk off to porn? I am not in the mood Jenna and don't you dare expect me to fuck you just because you are in the mood."

Jerry was almost screaming now and emphasized the fifth last word of his last sentence. He was mad now because if Jenna had been like this a year ago then things would be different.

"You are so fucking annoying. This isn't a double standard. I have to be ready and willing when you want sex, but you can't be ready for me. Fuck. It's been five months, Jerry. Never mind." Jenna got off the bed and stormed into the bathroom to put on her nightie, and then got under the covers and pretended to sleep. Jerry watched her, lacking the energy to say anything else. Grabbing a pillow and blanket he decided that the couch was the best place to stay, for the night at least.


"Hi baby." Kate was lying on the large bed completely naked. Her phone was in one hand while her other was stroking her nipples gently.

"Finger fuck yourself. Tell me everything you're doing." Jerry was sitting on his couch talking to Kate on the phone. Jenna and Danica were out shopping and he had the house to himself. He was thankful that Kate was on a book tour and could have some time alone.

"I'm lying on my tummy now with my hand between my legs. I'm so wet baby. I'm rubbing myself gently. I think I want to gush all over the bed. Do you want that?"

Jerry sucked air into his lungs fast. He had to wait another week before cumming but this was driving him over the edge. The images that she had taken of her doing exactly this flashed before his eyes. He wanted to be there, under her, while she gushed.

"Fuck, you're turning me on. I'm not supposed to cum, but damn it you're driving me crazy."

"I'm sorry, Jerry. Do you want me to stop?" Kate sat up and stopped touching herself. She had done the exact same research as he had and knew that it took four weeks for a man to heal from a reversal surgery. She wanted him to have the best chance of been fertile again. She could forgot her need for his cock for a few more days.

"No. I guess. I'm sorry, Baby; you just turn me on so much. I thought I could just tell you to masturbate, but I want you so badly."

"I know, Jerry. We'll be together soon. Everything is arranged with the divorce lawyer. We just need to wait."

"I know, Kate. I have the papers being delivered tomorrow. It will be a long wait, but it will be worth it.

Jerry frowned when he heard the distinctive sounds of Kate's whimpers. They were not the whimpers of her approach to climax. She was crying, and he felt desperate to reach out and hug her tight.

"Please don't cry. We have to do this. Just imagine when our divorces are final. We'll see each other and know we can be together forever."

"Thank you."

"I love you, Kate, with all my heart."

"I love you too, Jerry."

"Can I tell you something personal?"

"Yeah, of course."

"I'm in love with a married woman."

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