tagFetishThe Research Facility Pt. 02

The Research Facility Pt. 02


Still day 1.

Frank lay in the cold research facility room and shivers of fear ran down his back as he wondered what the scientists would do to him. He pulled hard at his restraints and they held him perfectly. Frank felt so angry with himself for putting himself in this situation and he couldn't help but think back to when he read the contract. He now wished he had of read the whole thing and not just some of it. Frank studied the room he was in and he guessed the room was about 12 square feet by 12 square feet in length. The walls were made of thick concrete and he had a feeling the room was soundproofed because he could hear nothing outside at all. He realized this was a big problem because if he tried to yell for help nobody would hear him. Frank wondered if the two secretaries he had met earlier would hear him scream for help once the door to the room opened. They aren't that far away they are only at the other end of the corridor Frank told himself.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and Frank saw Dr Sophia and her two assistants walk into the room. Frank opened his mouth and yelled help as loud as he could, hoping that one of the secretaries would hear him through the half-open door. After only a few seconds of yelling the door automatically closed and locked itself. The door had only been open for five seconds before it had closed. As soon as the door closed Frank stopped yelling because he knew it would do no good.

Dr Sophia and her two assistants looked at Frank and smiled at him. Sophia had a very amused look on her face. She came to the head of the table and she cupped his face in her hands. "This room is soundproof Frank so please don't scream for help, nobody will hear you," she said.

As soon as she said those words Frank realized he was right about the room. Sophia smiled down at Frank warmly. "By the way calling my secretaries for help was pointless Frank, the whole corridor is soundproof too so they wouldn't have heard you even with the door open, so just relax okay there is nothing you can do," she said softly. She gently stroked his head with her hand as if he were an animal and her doing that to him made him angry. "Don't touch me! I'm not your lab rat!" he yelled angrily.

Sophia laughed. "Actually, Frank you are, you became my lab rat the moment you signed that consent form, and I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about it now."

Frank pulled hard at his restraints and he struggled to break free but after only a few seconds he gave up because he could see how useless it was. Sophia acted as if he hadn't even struggled and she turned to her two assistants. "I would like you to meet my two assistants now," she said in a cheery voice.

She pointed to the girl on the left. "This is Chloe," she said. Then she pointed to the girl on the right. "This is Elouise," she said.

Frank looked at both of the girls and he noticed that their features were similar, they both had white skin and dark hair, they both had cute faces and they both looked about the same age. Frank guessed they were about 26 or 27 years old only a couple of years older than him. Both girls had such similar looking features that they could have been sisters. A crazy part of Frank hoped they were sisters because he had always had a thing about sisters, especially sisters that were twins. Both girls had their fingernails painted a blood red and Frank thought their nails looked sexy. Girls wearing red nail-polish had always turned him on.

Frank studied Elouise closely and he noticed she had long brown hair that went down past her shoulders. She wore a white lab coat that ran down to her knees, she wore white stockings and a white blouse and a black skirt along with black high heeled pumps. She also wore round glasses, and Frank thought she looked sexy. Women in uniforms had always been a fetish of his, and just looking at the two women in front of him made his dick get hard. Frank looked at Chloe and noticed she was dressed the same, black skirt, black pumps, white stockings with a matching white blouse and a white lab coat. The coat went down to her knees so her sexy legs were still visible. Chloe saw Frank checking her out and she smiled. "Do you like what you see perv?" She teased him and ran one hand down her smooth leg. "Was it my legs you were checking out? Or was it my boobs?" she teased. Frank felt his erection grow and when the ladies noticed him getting harder he felt so embarrassed! And he closed his eyes in shame.

"You shouldn't be ashamed of your erection," said Chloe with a smirk on her face. "I'm flattered that we get you so excited." She stood at the side of the table and she grabbed his dick in her hand. As soon as she touched his dick Frank's eyes widened in excitement. Her warm hand felt great wrapped around his growing member. Chloe slowly stroked his dick in her warm hand and Frank moaned in pleasure. Frank's moans brought the biggest smile to Chloe's lips. "I've always turned men on I guess I just have a way with them," Chloe said in a seductive voice. Frank grew harder in her hand and he hoped she would keep going but to his surprise, she stopped stroking his dick and she moved her hand away. "Oh didn't Dr Sophia tell you? This experiment is all about tease and denial, and seeing how long it takes to drive a man insane from our teasing," said Chloe with a wide smile on her face. Frank looked up at the mean girl and he knew she was serious about the teasing, he knew she would do it for hours, and he knew that she knew there was nothing he could do about it. Frank thought the makeup she had over her eyes made her look pretty sexy and he liked the red lipstick she wore. He thought Chloe had a nice pair of lips and he wondered what it would be like to kiss those lips.

Elouise came to the head of the table and she looked down at Frank with a smirk on her face. "You do realize we can do absolutely anything to you and you can't do a thing about it right?"

Frank looked up at her and nodded his head yes. The girl was so beautiful she made him speechless. She had such a cute face, and the glasses looked sexy on her. The girl also had nice curves, she was one of those girls that was slightly chubby but slightly slim at the same time. Her body was just the right build and he thought the girl was pretty. The make-up over her eyes made her look sexy and cute, and he thought her red lipstick was sexy too. Elouise looked down at Frank as if he were a toy and without warning, she grabbed both of his nipples in each of her hands and she gave them both a hard squeeze. Frank yelled out in pain. The three women smiled at his reaction.

"Okay Frank we are about to start phase one of the experiments which is provoking, and we will do a few more experiments later but for now we are going to test you to see how long it takes for you to get hard," Dr Sophia said. Then she laughed. "Well technically we've already started and you got hard in no time, but we'll try it again okay." Dr Sophia nodded to Chloe. "Go ahead and continue," she said calmly.

Chloe smiled brightly. "My pleasure," she replied. She grabbed his limp dick in her hand and slowly stroked it up and down. Frank tried not to get hard because he felt if he did he would somehow be admitting that he couldn't control his dick and he didn't want the women to think he had no self-control. Elouise ran her hands slowly over his chest to tease him and Chloe stroked his dick at the same time. "Get hard Frank we know you want to," Chloe teased him. That was all it took and Frank got hard in her hand which made all three women laugh. Frank closed his eyes in embarrassment. "Wow, you got hard within ten seconds, that's not very impressive," said Chloe.

"She's right Frank, men should learn to show a little more self-control, imagine if a girl masturbated you under a table in public and you got hard that fast, and people saw your boner, just imagine how humiliating that would be," Elouise said.

Despite her words about humiliation, Frank was still rock hard and he couldn't help it. Dr Sophia looked down at Frank and frowned. "Most people seem to think men can't control themselves when pretty girls touch them but I was willing to test out that theory just too be fair, and it appears most people were right after all. Congratulations Frank you're just like all the other men in the world," said Sophia with a smirk on her face.

Her words made Frank angry, there was something very patronizing about her demeanour and the woman annoyed him. He looked up at her and pulled hard on his restraints.

Sophia saw the look of anger and frustration on his face and she smiled. "It's okay Frank feel free to get as angry as you like, you can even swear at me if it makes you feel any better, but there is absolutely no way you can physically harm me or my assistants, we have you locked down and you won't get out."

Her words made him angry but he knew she was right, he had pulled at the restraints earlier and they had been very solid and tight.

Chloe was still holding his dick in her hand and he was still rock hard. "Our test subject is pretty weak-willed," she said in a scientific manner.

"Don't worry Chloe we will work on that later," Dr Sophia replied.

Elouise noticed Frank looking at her legs and she smiled. "Wow look here girls! I think we have a leg man in the room!" she laughed.

Chloe saw Frank staring at her assistant's legs and she smirked. "You really need to learn to control yourself you, bad boy!" she teased him. Without warning, she reached out and grabbed his balls in her hand then she gave them a hard squeeze.

Frank screamed out in pain and he jerked his limbs against the restraints. They held firm once more. Chloe saw the pained expression on his face and she laughed. "It seems our test subject doesn't respond very well to the pain we will have to work on that too," she said in a scientific tone of voice. Frank looked up at the cruel girl and he felt angry and afraid at the same time. He hated her calling him a test subject after she had just hurt him badly.

Elouise gave both of his nipples a hard squeeze again which made Frank wince in pain and jerk his arms and legs. Elouise smiled down at Frank like the cat that ate the canary. "We definitely need to work on your pain receptors," she said calmly.

Her words sent rolls of fear down his spine and he wondered what she was talking about. He hoped she wasn't going to inflict more pain on him later, he prayed that wasn't what she meant.

Dr Sophia had walked across the room and she was now coming back over with a pair of white latex gloves in her hands along with a bottle of oil. She stood at the foot of the table and Frank watched as she snapped a glove on each of her hands in a very clinical manner.

"Okay subject I want you to relax your buttocks now," she said in a clinical manner.

Frank's eyes widened in fear when he realized what she was going to do.

"I am going to shove my finger up your anus now so just try and relax okay," Dr Sophia said in a calm clinical voice.

Frank's eyes widened even further and he started pulling hard on his restraints in an effort to escape. "Please don't do this! Please don't shove your finger up my arse!" he yelled in fear.

Dr Sophia totally ignored him and she nodded to her two assistants. "Hold down his waist," she said calmly.

"Yes, Ma'am," they replied at the same time.

Both girls stood at the foot of the table on either side of Sophia and both girls pushed their hands down against Frank's stomach to hold him down. Frank struggled and tried to buck them off him but it did no good, they were quite strong and in his spread eagle position he had no leverage and it was hard for him to squirm away. Once the girls made sure the lower part of his body was held down firmly to prevent bucking, they nodded to Sophia. "He's all yours," Chloe said with a grin on her face.

Dr Sophia nodded then without saying a word she put some massage oil on her gloved finger then she shoved her finger slowly into Frank's arse. The feeling was strange and it made him gasp in shock and surprise. She increased the pressure and slowly shoved her finger deeper into his arsehole.

Frank gasped and he tried to squirm away but the girls had him pinned down hard.

"Just relax, and let it happen," Sophia said sternly, "the more you clench up and try to squirm away from me the more it will hurt! So relax your buttocks!"

Frank couldn't relax! Her finger was getting deeper inside him and it was starting to hurt. He bucked and he squirmed as hard as he could and he yelled on the top of his lungs but his yelling had no effect on the women whatsoever, they ignored him as if he weren't even there. This made him angry and he yelled louder and he bucked and squirmed, and he tried to free his stomach from the cruel girls, but he could barely move an inch.

Sophia shoved her finger deeper into his arse, and Frank squealed in pain like a pig.

"Just Relax! The more you struggle the more painful it will be!" Sophia yelled.

Frank obeyed her and he stopped clenching his arse cheeks and he stopped moving his body and strangely enough it hurt a little bit less. The pain lessened but didn't stop totally. Sophia pushed her finger into his arse as deep as it would go then she wiggled her finger around inside of him. Frank moaned in pain and he closed his eyes in fear. Sophia moved her finger slowly out of his arse and once it was out she slowly pushed it back inside again which made Frank moan in pain and squirm all over again.

"Just relax your muscles and you'll be fine," Sophia said calmly.

Frank relaxed and the pressure of her finger was not as bad, it still felt very strange to him though and he tried to stay as still as he could in an attempt to lessen the pain. Sophia continued to thrust in and out of his arse, she started slow but then picked up speed and went faster and faster which made Frank squirm and moan in pain again. She took her other hand and grabbed his dick and she slowly stroked it up and down, and she penetrated his arse at the same time with her other hand using one finger. The feeling was intense and strange, but Frank got a certain excitement out of the feeling and he felt his dick slowly growing. The two assistants did not say a word throughout his whole ordeal, they just held his stomach down and watched Sophia penetrate him with looks of amusement on their faces.

It took Frank twenty seconds to get hard which the ladies noticed.

Sophia continued to stroke his dick with an amused smile on her face. "You got hard pretty quick which surprises me since I have my finger up your arse," Sophia said.

Frank closed his eyes in humiliation.

"Don't be too embarrassed Frank, before you got hard in only ten seconds, at least this time it was twenty seconds which is a small improvement," said Sophia with a smirk on her face.

Frank knew she was making fun of him and trying to push his buttons and get under his skin. He tried to remain calm to show her she wasn't getting to him, unfortunately, she knew what he was trying to do and she smiled. "It's okay Frank we can all see you're very angry and frustrated and trying to hide it," she said calmly.

Frank looked up at her angrily and he pulled hard against the restraints. "You can't treat me this way I want to leave!" he said angrily.

"We can treat you any way we like and there is nothing you can do about it, remember Frank you are a test subject now not a man and we will treat you as a subject and nothing more," said Sophia calmly.

Her calm and scientific clinical demeanour infuriated him! And he struggled wildly against his restraints to try and break free. "I will sue you bitches for this!" he yelled angrily.

Dr Sophia raised her hand and gave his dick a hard slap.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Frank yelled in pain.

Dr Sophia looked down at Frank with a very calm expression on her face. "I thought I already told you, Frank, we cannot be prosecuted by the law, not when you signed a consent form. That form stated we could do anything we wanted to you and it's not our fault you didn't read the whole contract," she stated calmly.

Frank knew she was right and that angered him more and he struggled again. Chloe and Elouise didn't even need to hold him down anymore since his arse probing was nearly over. The two girls stepped back and watched him struggle with amused looks on their faces. They both smiled and giggled finding his whole ordeal quite amusing.

"It looks like we have a struggler," Chloe said.

"I love seeing the test subjects struggle, it really gets my juices flowing," Elouise said. She reached over and she grabbed Frank's dick in her hand and gave it a squeeze and a stroke. "Wow, you're as hard as a rock! You naughty boy!" she teased him. She let go of his dick and stepped away from him. "You really need to work on controlling your penis!" she said with a laugh. Dr Sophia pulled her finger out of Frank's arse then she smiled down at him. "Phase two of the experiment is complete," she said in a calm clinical scientific manner. "Phase two was seeing how long it took the subject to get hard when his anus was being penetrated, sadly it didn't take the subject very long."

Frank was afraid of these women and he needed to get out of there! He dreaded what they were going to do to him next. Frank struggled as hard as he could left then right then he bucked his stomach up and down in an attempt to somehow break free but deep down he knew it was a losing battle, he could not escape from metal cuffs.

"Frank remain passive!" Dr Sophia commanded.

Frank ignored her and he continued to struggle as hard as he could.

"Frank, I want you to remain passive! Right now!" Dr Sophia commanded him again.

"Fuck you! Let me go!" he yelled angrily. He struggled harder and harder.

"It seems our test subject does not want to cooperate with us, you girls know what that means don't you?" Sophia said calmly.

Both girls got wide excited grins on their faces.

Dr Sophia nodded to them.

They knew what the nod meant and they went over to the cabinet in the corner of the room. Chloe pulled out a white rag and Elouise pulled out a bottle of liquid. She took the lid off and held the bottle up for Chloe then she poured some liquid over the rag. Chloe looked at Elouise with an excited look on her face. "I love seeing Sophia do this to test subjects," she said.

Elouise grinned at her. "Me too it gets me really excited!" she said.

The two girls came over to Sophia. Chloe handed the rag to Sophia who thanked her and took it. Sophia came to the head of the table and looked down at Frank who had stopped struggling when he saw the woman approach him. He looked up at the rag in her hand with wide scared eyes. "Sophia, what is that? What are you going to do to me?" he said nervously.

Sophia smirked at him. "Put you to sleep of course," she calmly replied.

When Frank heard those words he yelled out in fear and begged her not to do it.

Sophia totally ignored his cries and lowered the rag to his face. "I'm sorry Frank but you need to learn that there are consequences for your actions, and failing to obey me warrants you the rest of your stay here in the punishment room."

Frank wondered what the punishment room was and he was about to ask her about it when she shoved the chloroform soaked rag right over his face!

"Mmmmmmppppppppppp!" he screamed out in protest.

The rag muffled his screams of fear. Frank struggled as hard as he could left and right. He tried to shake his head free from the rag but Sophia held his head down with one hand and smothered him with the other hand holding the rag. Frank could not free his head and he looked up at Chloe and Elouise hoping that one of them would help him, and to his horror, both girls were smiling and laughing at him.

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