tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco Ch. 04-06

The Alien Invasion The Fannie Zarco Ch. 04-06


Chapter 4 Fannie and Zarcoff the Couple

Once Mary walked out the door, Fannie's and Zarcoff's life changed. They started to pour all their energies into the "Xellidon Gazette." They both wanted to make it the best and biggest little paper in the area. In order to accomplish their goals they literally had to spend 15 to 18 hours a day at the paper. Their life consisted of work, sleep and more work. There was no time for the pleasures of the basement.

Zarcoff and Fannie seemed to grow together sharing their life at home and at the newspaper. One day, Zarcoff proposed marriage to Fannie and of course, she accepted. Their life soon took on a whole new meaning. They had each other and they had the newspaper to run together. It was an exciting time for both. Zarcoff's feelings for his Stepmother were push aside, and, he began to concentrate solely on Fannie and the newspaper.

Fannie became the lead investigative reporter and was always trying to improve the reporting staff. She was constantly interviewing people trying to find talented prospective reporters. But most of her time she was spent either writing the lead articles for the paper or doing research. She was really becoming a respected editorialist in their small community. In addition to her reporting responsibilities, she also had the financial responsibility of the newspaper. She supervised the people collecting and paying the bills.

Zarcoff, on the other hand, was always looking for new advertisers and customers so he could increase their bottom line. He also was in charge of the press gangs and ensuring the actual delivery of the newspaper. Zarcoff would arrive before dawn, while Fannie would come in a little later with the rest of the editorial staff. But they would be the last two out the door at night. Some nights they staggered home and went right to bed.

There were those nights; however, when everyone else had left they both would just enjoy each other. Both would strip off their clothes and Fannie would get down on her knees and suck Zarcoff's cock for the pleasure of it. There was something of about doing this in the office that made her just feel a little slutty which she liked. Plus she wanted to keep Zarcoff's mind on her and not on the other women in the office. Besides, she just loved looking up at his face when she stroked his hard-on and she loved the taste of him. Usually, it was always a prelude to what they would do when they got home. Then there were the nights they would just lie in bed holding each other after a hard days work and discuss the days happening. It generated a feeling of closeness like no other.

Since Zarcoff's day usually began with him rushing off to the office early to get the paper ready for delivery, Fannie was left at home alone. That meant that she could do her early morning workout naked at her favorite secluded spot behind her house. She loved to practice yoga and stretch her mind as well as her body. It kept her in shape mentally and physically for her job and home life. She really loved the feel of the cool early morning air on her body. She said that it made her a more alert reporter.

Once she reached the office, Fannie would immediately begin checking the local news databases for any exciting or at least interesting news. One day, during one of Fannie's random searches she came across several old reports concerning the Alien abductions of women in the Xellidon area. Fannie thought this was great human-interest stuff and thought follow-up to these reports would boost circulation.

After they got home that night and had changed from their work clothes she went up to Zarcoff, hugged him and said, "Honey while doing some research I found all sorts of old reports on Alien Abductions of women in our area. I think it would be a great human interest item if we could bring the material up to date."

Zarcoff just laughed. "Fannie those quote Alien Abductions unquote are nothing but a bunch of made up stories by women who got themselves pregnant by someone other than their husband. My Dad never put much store in those reports and neither do I."

"I think this a story worth digging into," Fannie told him, "and I am going to do just that."

"Go ahead and waste you time, but there is nothing there," he replied and turned and walked away.

Fannie thought to herself, "Since the rumored abductions concerned only women and since Zarcoff has such a negative reaction to the stories; maybe only women would be interested."

The next day, Fannie called in Mandy Monahan and Sally Dingo, two of the human interest reporters on the paper, into her office. Once they were seated she said, "I have found information concerning female abductions by Aliens in the local data bases." Then she asked, "I would like your opinion if there is something there."

Mandy, a cute brunette looked at Sally, a slight blond, and commented, "I have heard about this stuff for as long as I lived here. I did check, however, out one woman who said that she had been abducted a Mrs. Ramirez and all I got was denial. However, the Ramirez woman did have a strange look about her and there was something in her eyes that seemed to say something different."

Sally replied, "I have heard the same stories, but have not been able to nail down any leads."

Fannie thanked them both and made plans to try and get an interview with the Ramirez woman.

That night when they got home Fannie tried to tell Zarcoff about what she found, but before she could get a word out he began to caress her cheek. She could see that he had something other that the newspaper on his mind.

"Honey, I had a bad day, first the printers then the delivery guys. I really don't want to hear about anything to do with work. All I want is your body and I want it now," he whispered.

Before she could react, Zarcoff had stripped her of her clothes and then followed suit. The next thing she knew he dragged her into the kitchen, spun her around and bent her over the counter shoving his hard cock into her. Once buried to the hilt, he began to pound in and out of her canal for all he was worth. Her body quickly reacted to Zarcoff and her sexual hunger began to take over her thoughts. She was almost on the verge of cumming when Zarcoff pulled out, turned her around, lifted her on the counter, spread her legs wide apart and drove himself again deep within her. She became engulfed in the throws of passion. Soon her mind was over taken by as series of orgasms as Zarcoff sperm slammed into her. The thought of Aliens seemed a long distant idea.

"More?" Zarcoff asked

Fannie panting just smiled.

"The basement?" he asked.

Fannie nodded yes and down the stairs, they went. As soon as they got down in the basement, she jumped into Zarcoff's arms wrapping her legs around his waist and he lowered herself onto his throbbing hard-on. She loved riding up and down on his hips. After a short period, Zarcoff laid her down on the floor, climbed between her legs and stuck his still hard cock back into her cunt. Looking into his wife's beautiful blue eyes, he began to move his hips slowly up and down. Fannie, smiling began to squeeze her thighs together each on each of Zarcoff's up stroke adding to both their pleasure. "Life is good to us," Fannie thought.

These thoughts were soon replaced by a giant tidal wave of emotion as their bodies exploded as the dam broke. Fannie lay there with Zarcoff on top of her and she thought to herself, "I do love this man." After long period of time, they both got up and staggered upstairs to fell into their bed exhausted.

Later that night while Zarcoff slept, Fannie quietly got up and got on the computer. She managed to contact Mrs. Ramirez on-line. The woman was reluctant to discuss anything on the computer and refused at first to meet. After a lot of persuasion, she finally agreed to a meeting the next morning at a secluded spot in the hills outside of Xellidon.

The next morning after Zarcoff left for work, Fannie went to the arranged spot for meeting with Mrs. Ramirez. Fannie spotted a beautiful woman dressed in red and went up to her. "Are you Mrs. Ramirez?" she asked.

The woman replied, "I am. You must be the nosy reporter that's trying to embarrass me."

"Mrs. Ramirez all I want is the truth," Fannie explained. Were you abducted by Aliens? And if so, what did they do to you. I promise that I will not publish the story unless you give the ok."

"Call me Maggie and what are you willing to do to get the truth," Mrs. Ramirez asked?

"Anything," Fannie answered.

"Are you willing to show up here tomorrow at the same time naked?" Maggie asked. "We do not want any of this recorded." Then Maggie laughed and said. "Of course we may conduct a cavity search with our tongues just to make sure you have do not have anything hidden."

"I look forward to that." Fannie replied also laughing. Fannie turned and started to the office feeling an air of excitement. She was going to make Zarcoff eat his words of skepticism concerning Alien Abductions.

The next morning naked as requested, Fannie was at the appointed place at the appointed time; and, there were the women that Maggie had promised just as naked. Maggie called Fannie over and said, "Bend over."

Fannie complied. Maggie's shoved her finder all the way up into Fannie's cunt twisted around and then shoved it into her ass performing the same maneuver. After she had finished she told Fannie to join the rest of the women. When Fannie sat down with the group Maggie began to give a brief history of the group.

Maggie started by saying, "This group or ones like it had been in existence for over a hundred years in Xellidon. It all started back in 1901 when two women revealed that they had been abducted by the Aliens became pregnant by them. Both of these women were ridiculed and were driven into seclusion. The only thing they had was each other. From then on, the women have kept their abductions secret and formed groups like this to help each other survive. That is why we all meet in the nude. It is hard to hide recording devises or cameras when you are naked and as you found out, we do conduct random cavity searches."

Fannie laughed and the turned serious asking, "What was your experience like with the Aliens?"

Maggie answered, "I think I can answer for the entire group, we all experienced the most mind-blowing sexual experience of our lives. Our entire captivity was one long horrendous orgasm. After our abductions, we could never reach the heights of sexual pleasure that we experienced at the hands of the Aliens. I guess that when we returned to our mates it was evident that things could never the same. In the end, our abduction has resulted in separation and loneliness for most of us.

"What about the children that resulted from the abduction?" Fannie questioned.

Maggie continued to speak for the group, "Those of us who became pregnant had kids that were bigger, smarter, and stronger than any quote human children unquote. Our children matured rapidly, spending just months as babies, toddlers and children respectively. All of our children are above normal by earth standards, but they can still fit into earth society and most really prosper. Some have become great athletes, scholars, and so on. There was a downside, however, there were a small number of children that were very difficult to handle. These offspring for some unknown became overcharged sex machines. Once our group was able to identify these "special" kids we quickly try to pair them up hoping that would solve the problem. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. The difficult part was identifying these "special" kids in time. The sexual tendencies did not always show up at the same age, some showed these tendencies early and some not until they were adults.

"It sounds as if you have resolved most the problems with your special kids," Fannie commented.

Maggie took a deep breath and said, "We do have one fear, however, and that is on a very rare occasion one of the children turns out to be very dangers. It had only happened once that we know of. This rare exception occurred when a woman who was already half-Alien was abducted and impregnated. That combination produced an individual who looked human, but was really alien in everything else. This person did not consider themselves bound by any rules whatsoever and this individual had the mental and physical power to back it up. Lucky for humanity he did not live long.

"How did you identify that individual?" Fannie asked.

"I really don't know it happened long before our time. The warning has been passed down in this group from the earlier members. We don't know what he or she did or how they died. We were warned only to be on the look out for any children resulting from that combination. Lucky for us it has not happened to our group. Again that we know of."

Fannie said, "I want to thank you for allowing me to come and listen to you. I'm not sure how I can help you but I intend to try."

Some of the women stayed late into the night talking with Fannie. This was the first time they could share their changed lives with an outsider and not be ridiculed. It was pure relief finally to pour their problems out to someone not involved with their situation.

When Fannie finally left them with it was with mixed emotions. She knew that people should know the truth about the Alien Abductions, but she also knew that she could not expose these women to public ridicule. There was so much to think about. Some how there had to be a solution.

After a couple of weeks of intensified surfing of the internet looking for non-existed solutions, Fannie decided to just go back to her favorite spot and just run the problem of these women and the their changed lives.

The next day, after finishing her yoga routine, she sat down and let her mind wander looking for a solution. Suddenly she felt a strange sensation that everything around her was becoming detached. It was as if the entire world was beginning to evaporate before her. Then she passed out.

Chapter 5 Fannies Abduction

A. Integration

Fannie slowly opened her eyes and realized that she was suspended from the ceiling and she was still naked. She looked up and saw a head with a green face behind a computer screen. She could tell there were three strange looking green men behind her each wearing a strange uniform of some kind.

"Well I see you finally woke up," said the person behind the screen. She really had an unusual accent.

"What happened to me?" Fannie asked.

"All in due time," the head answered. "My name is Kara and I have some questions to ask you and you will answer them. First of all, I want to know everything you learned from your investigations into what you call Alien Abductions."

"I'm not telling you a damn thing," answered Fannie with anger in her voice.

Kara's head seemed to nod, and then suddenly, something struck Fannie's back causing the nerves ends throughout her body to explode in searing hot pain. She screamed at the top of her voice. She had never felt anything like this in her life.

"I said I want to know what those women told you." Kara repeated.

"What are you talking about?" Fannie groaned

Kara nodded again and this time the object began to strike her in a series of blows. Each blow was timed to ensure that the pain exploding throughout Fannie's body never stopped. Soon the high level of pain just overwhelmed Fannie and began screaming at the top of her lungs "Please stop, I tell you everything I know."

"Good," replied Kara. "But let me warn you, that chain you are hanging by is attached to a lie detector. If you lie I will know it and believe me you will suffer for it."

With tears streaming down her face, Fannie told Kara everything she a learned about Maggie and the women she met.

"Now I want to know about your sex life." Kara said

"What?" Fannie exclaimed.

Again, Fannie felt the searing pain rip through her body. "Please, Please no more, I can't take any more I'll tell you everything you want to known," She moaned.

Then Fannie told them about the basement, her training in using a vibrator, sex with her mother and her sex life with Zarcoff. After she finished Fannie hung there completely drained and her willpower destroyed. She was now at the mercy of her captors. They could do anything to her and she was unable mentally and physically to prevent them. They owned her.

Kara nodded her head again and Fannie felt someone come behind her. The she felt the shock of the largest cock in life begin to enter her ass from behind. She screamed from the pain, while the perpetrator continued to ram his huge shaft in to her. When he was all the way in, she could feel his legs against her. He began to move his huge rod and out of her; and finally after what an appeared to be an eternity, he let loose, filling up her cavity with his juices until over flowing.

Kara studied Fannie body hanging in front of her. You have had just a taste of what we can do to you. You will do exactly as I say or it will be back to the whip and this time I will not be so nice," Kara growled.

All Fannie could manage was a weak "Yes."

Kara pressed a button and Fannie was released from her chains. "I want you to stand over there put you hands on you hips and show us what you have to offer.

Fannie now could see there were only the three men in the room besides the woman called Kara. She could feel their eyes traveling over her body evaluating it. Then one of the men said what sounded liked "Beznut Muke tana de hydray muktan."

"Berjes says that since you are such a good cocksucker you should try sucking his," Kara said. Then she ordered "On you knees."

Fannie obeyed without hesitation.

"Berjes," Kara ordered, "Would you be the first to enjoy this earthling's mouth."

Fannie watched at the one with red hair removed his suit.

"Suck him," Kara ordered, and make sure he enjoys it."

Fannie could not believe the size of this guys cock. It was huge she could barely get it in her mouth. Fearing the whip, Fannie just forced herself to take it all. After what seemed like hours, Fannie's efforts paid off and when Berjes blew a load of the most evil tasting stuff into her mouth. The shock of it almost made her pass out

She was then dragged over to a set of chains attached to one of the walls and hung there. While the others watched, a second male began to fuck her ass this time she tried to adjust to the size of the intruder. Soon he too had released his load into her ass. Finally, the last male waked behind her and began to use her. By this time she was just trying to keep from passing out. Fannie could hear Kara laugh as the last man finished. As he pulled out of her, Fannie did pass out.

B. Harvesting

Fannie awoke on the floor in a bare room. She still had no idea where she was. She rolled over and still there was nothing.

Suddenly out of nowhere, the man with the ponytail came in and in his hand, he held a strange devise. He walked up to her, grabbed her and began to touch her body with it. At first, the implement shocked her and then she began to feel a series of strange sensations throughout her body. Soon she became relaxed and a feeling of wellbeing over took. Although her mind knew what was happening to her, any resistance she might have had was gone. With no willpower, she would do what ever she was told.

Fannie taken to another room and there again was Kara "Welcome again," Kara said. "I know you have many questions; and, I will answer them. First, I want to say is that we are the so called Aliens that you have been hearing about; and, we are responsible for the abductions. Let me give you a little history of our race so that you will understand why we are doing this. About a thousand of your years ago, the women of my race decided to give up child bearing because it was too hard and the genetic combinations were too random. Instead, we opted for artificial insemination and used incubators. In this way, we could get the best genetic combinations without the randomness and we did not have to go through the pain of childbirth. After a period, we found out that our women's ability to produce the needed eggs of reproduction began decreasing and soon ceased entirely. Without our eggs, our race would disappear from existence. Luckily, for us we had discovered your planet and found for the most part your species and ours were compatible. So we began to take some of your earth women and extract their eggs and artificially inseminate them with our male's sperm. At the same time, our males began use the earth women to satisfy their sexual desires. Generally the earth women seemed to enjoy it and yes, there were pregnancies. Through our spies, we did find there were initial problems with the first pregnant earth women. The majority of them who became pregnant from the union with our men died in childbirth along with the child. According to our records there was one exception and as far as we know he thinks he is human."

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