tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 009-010

The Alien, Report 009-010


Report 009 Hormones are a Bitch

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zod of the SS Venus, Star Date 5960

Subject: A New Order. Well things have changed just a little since my last recorded report. For one thing, I ran out of Quilifill and you know what that means. Ah yes, good old Quilifill, the drug that is supposed to keep those dear old sex hormones in check, well when you run out of them guess what? The drive to propagate becomes all-consuming. Those poor earthling bitches have no clue as to what happens to a male of our species with that drive is unchecked. We metamorphose into what the earthling females once referred to as a Neanderthal. I now wanted to do was fuck the all those little earth bitches and fill them up with my seed until their belly is full of my offspring. That's right my new mission is to fill this world with my progeny. You might say I preparing the way for us to take over this world by fucking all the earth women I can get and fill them with my sperm. Poor Samantha Swallow was the first.

Just as she pulled out of her car out of the driveway and started to go to her place of business, where we were to meet with someone named Louisa; the first attach hit me. I tried to ignore it, but it was too strong. We had only gone about 20 miles when the metamorphose took place. The nice loving Zod that she knew died in an instance and was replaced by his alter ego, me. The new me knew I had to get her to the ship so I just said, "Sam if we are going to be gone for a while, I need to get to my ship and prepare it for a long absence."

She smiled and said laughingly, "Sure, where do you want me to drive.

"Honey," I said in my most loving old Zod voice, "you know I have to blindfold you. It is for your own good." She pulled the car over and said in a sultry whisper, "You just want to have your way with me, that all."

I just smiled and blindfolded her helped her into the passenger seat. "You dam right I want to have my way with you and I going to do just that," I thought to myself.

Once we got to the ship, I led her into the training room. Once inside I asked her, "How would you like to bear my children?"

"My darling I would love to marry you and have your children," she laughed clapping her hands. "She really doesn't know what that means," I thought to myself.

Then I began to explain. "I did not quite tell you the truth before about the women on my planet. You see they can only bear children once, but when they do they bear six at one time. Our children take everything from the mother during the pregnancy and after the birth; the woman is nothing but a shell. That is why most of the males on my planet take a drug called Quilifill to prevent us from impregnating a women who is not chosen. That's right women are chosen at birth to become the bearer of children. They live a very special privileged life and after the birth, their broken shell is taken care of until they die. Of course they do not live long after the birth."

She asked, "How long have you been taking this Quilifill?"

I smiled, "I stopped right after we crashed. My entire supply was destroyed in the impact. The problem, my Dear, is that once we are off the drug our personality changes and we seem to lose all compassion for anyone."

She asked softly, "What about those that father the children on your planet?"

I laughed, "They are put back on the drug as soon as the female is pregnant."

Then she asked, "What about you?"

"Me," I replied, "I intend to strap you that machine that you love so much.

"What are you out of your fucking mind, you Bastard...," she screamed at me.

I pulled out the stun gun and shot her before she could say anything more. She moaned and sank to the floor. I dragged her body over to the chain and hung her up. Then I just stood back and looked at that sexy creature that I would soon be fucking.

When she came too, I went over to her removed the blindfold and ripped her top off. The big beautiful tits just shook as she struggled. Next I ripped her skirt off and put on the special harness that was used for strictly for sexual stimulation. Once the harness was on, I hooked up all the wires. I smiled. "You, I began, "will see that this harness is different than the other ones you used before. This one is specially designed to keep you constantly stimulated. Not enough for you to reach orgasm, but hovering close. No there will be no pain this time. I like even your earth males need some time to recuperate, so I need you to be ready when I am.

That machine will do two things keep you stimulated and destroy your memories. By the time, you will leave here you will be nothing but a blank pregnant slate. You will have no idea who you are or where you came from. When I talk to your Louise, I will just tell her that you came on ahead because I had some last minute details to take care of concerning the money. And, when you're found and identified, I will be shocked at your state and feel very sorry that I did not have you come with me. Of course, I will not know who is father of your children. However, I will remember that you did mention someone special, but no name. Since I own fifty-one percent of your property, your business will go on and I will of course provide for your care for the rest of your life and your children's care as well."

"Zod please," she begged struggling in the wires, "don't do this. I love you and will do anything you want."

I threw the switch and watched as a look of wonderment crossed her face. Then I turned and walked out the door. I knew it would take about an hour and she would be ready to be fucked. In an hour, I came back, naked of course, and unchained her. I stood behind her, "Back up I commanded.

She moaned, "You Bastard I need the green dick of yours in my cunt."

Then she bent over and slowly back into my prick. Yes, she was ready to be fucked. I just stood there as she rocked her hips back and forth impaled on my cock. She began to grunt and groan like an animal, I could feel her canal squeezing my throbbing cock. I knew I would be ready to release my cum. This would be the first time I ever shot my load into a woman's cunt. The I felt my balls begin to swell and the pressure build finally after all these years. My cum shot into her hole filling her up and spilling out down her legs. She screamed as her cunt grabbed my cock. Our mixed fluids just poured out of her in a study stream. All at once, I felt drained. I picked her limp body up and chained her once again. Just before I left the room, I turned on the machine.

As I walked out the door, I heard her cry, "Not again, please not again.

Before I shut the door, I turned to her saying, "Yes again and again until you are pregnant."

Report 010 Out with the Old

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zod of the SS Venus, Star Date 5966 Subject: A New Order 002.

As I last reported, I began using the sexual stimulating program to prepare the earthling Samantha Swallow to receive my seed. Needless-to-say the program worked wonders. The little bitch, excuse me, the subject, was turned into a fucking machine in no time.

After I had finished with her the first time I went back to my bunk and rested for an hour or so. When I came back to the room, she was moaning and crying, "I need to fuck, please someone fuck me. I can't stand this anymore." Since I was the only one there, I guessed she was begging for me.

I unchanged her forced her down on all fours and mounted her as if the earthlings say "a stud horse."

Once I buried my dick deep into her cunt I could feel the walls of her canal begin to squeeze around my shaft. She began to rock back and forth grunting like a sow in heat. I just kneeled there letting her do all the work. Faster and faster she rocked, her juices flowing around my dick down the front of my legs. She did not say a word just grunted and groaned. Time seemed to stand still while all the wondrous sensations spread from my dick throughout my body. She let out a very loud grunt and a floodgate was opened as juices seemed to pour out of her. I once again I felt my balls expand to the bursting point just before my dick released its' cum into her waiting cunt. She screamed as my juices shot into her. Her head, shoulders and tits all collapsed in a heap. I still held onto her hips as I kept pumping my dick in and out of her to ensure that she received every drop of my seed.

Again, I dragged her limp body over to the chains and strung her up again. This time I changed the program and set it to put her into stasis. I shoved a tube down her throat, one up her ass and a third into her unary canal. I needed her to be alone for quite a while. If she were pregnant then the seed growing in her would be fed. If not, she would be waiting for the next go round.

The next step was to find this Louse person. The bitch said that she now we own a large whorehouse and an employment agency for women only. Both of which offers me all sorts of opportunities. I just got on the computer and as the earthlings say Goggled Samantha's name. Low and behold, I found that we own the "Shady Hideaway" and the "Swallow Employment Agency" and got their addresses. Once I was on the net, I looked for some more properties to buy and found the Ebon Real Estate Company for sale and thought why not so I bought it. It was located near the Swallow Employment Agency.

When I had finished with the computer, I started the next phase of my plan. I went out to her car, got in and drove it back to the highway. I drove for about 30 miles until found a secluded spot with a large ravine alongside the road. I stopped the car got out and looked around. The place was perfect if a car went into that ravine it would take a week to spot it. I smiled as I drove the car off the road into the ravine making sure that I smashed it into a large rock hard enough to deploy the air bags. I had to make it had to appear as if she ran off the road, hit the rock and, in her dazed state wandered into the desert. This would send whoever was searching for her off in the wrong direction. Of course, when she magically appears she will mindless and pregnant.

Now I changed clothes and began my cross-country hike. The first thing I needed to do was to buy new car and then travel to find this Louise person. By the time I found a car lot, it was midmorning. I didn't have any problem picking out the right car; I think I am a Mustang Cobra person don't you. The sales man was very happy especially since I paid cash for the car. I got in my bright red Mustang and I headed to the Shady Hideaway.

By the time I got to the Shady Hideaway, it was dark. I had to drive down a secluded road to get to the place. It appears that the customers like their privacy. When I finally got to the building, I was surprised to find that it looked like a midlevel castle. I parked the car, walked up the gravel path to stairs. I couldn't believe my eyes two statues of Venus flanked the entrance. Then I though why not. So up the stairs I went.

I looked at the huge door before me. It was strong enough to withstand a battering ram. I walked in, looked to my left and saw what appeared to be a kitchen area. Then I looked to my right and saw an office are with two people by a desk. As I approached the desk, my heart seemed began to race and my prick started to get very hard. Standing beside what appeared to be a woman on a computer was a stunning half-naked beauty.

When I said hello the second woman stood up and again my heart skipped a beat. "Hi," I said, "I'm Emanuel Zod and I'm looking for Samantha Swallow. I'm her new business partner."

Both women immediately came from behind the desk and stood before me. My heart began to pound at the sight of these two ravishing beauties. I continued, "Sam, Samantha told someone named Louise that I was coming."

The Brunette said, "I'm Louise." "Then you know I am to meet with Samantha," I said.

In a very concerned voice Louise gasped, "Isn't she with you?"

"Why no she came on ahead and I was to meet me here. Isn't she here," I said putting as much concern in my voice as I could.

Louise, burst out, "I thought she was coming with you. When did you see her last?

"It was four day ago," I replied. I had to complete some business transactions before I came here."

Louise moaned, "Do you think something happened to her? Oh my god, we need to contact the Police and report her missing."

Louise turned around, grabbed the phone off the desk and began to punch in a bunch a numbers. Louse spoke into the phone, "Hello, Leland Sheriff department I want to report a missing person Samantha Swallow. Oh, you know who she is good. When can you start looking for her?" Then her voice got agitated, "What do you mean you will send out a bulletin letting your officers know she's missing. You're not going to send out search parties?" Then in a quite subdued voice she said, "Oh, I see," and hung up the phone.

Louse turned to me saying, "They said they don't have the man power to go searching for every lost stray. According to Detective Sharon Begley, most missing persons turn up in a day or two." I smiled to myself everything is going according to plan. To Louise I said, "Look why don't I back track and see if I can find her car and if you hear anything call me on my cell number 997 989 6655."

She looked me with the sweetest expression, "Would you, we both would appreciate it very much. Oh, shit I forgot to introduce you. This is Shankar she is my assistant here."

I turned and looked into the sexiest brown eyes I had ever seen. They were the only brown eyes I had ever seen so far that is. She had the craziest nipple rings they just shook when she moved.

She smiled, "It's nice to meet you and I have heard about you. According to Louse, you saved our pension plan and our jobs. I do want to thank you for that. If there is ever anything you want and I mean anything all you have to is ask. She smiled ever wider; I do have a special talent though. I am known for what I can do with my tongue on the head of man's prick." Then she laughed."

My prick jumped to attention in my pants. The thought of those lovely lips on the head of my prick just drove me wild. But I need to stick to the plan for now. "Later," I thought to myself, "later; however, out loud, I said, "I had better get going and find our missing Samantha." Then I turned and walked back out the door.

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