tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 017-018

The Alien, Report 017-018


Report 017 One Must Suffer to Make Amends

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 5990, and New Order report number 010.

There is no doubt in my mind that Louise needed to be punished for her transgressions against me. It was now time for Louise to receive her punishment. I brought Shankar along so that she could witness what happens to people who cross me. Thus, I said to both, "Both of you follow me," and I led them to the jail room.

When we entered, I could see both women begin to tremble. "Louise there is a platform behind, you get on it," I ordered.

She walked around to the stairs and got on the platform. "Now what," she asked hesitantly.

I reached down and pressed the button to turn on the probe machine. There was a slight whirling sound. As Shankar and I watched, all of Louise's clothes were ripped from her body as she was slowly forced down on her knees by the invisible force field. Once on her knees and she was forced forward on all fours, groaning, "What's happening?"

The anal probe came out of the platform floor moving like a snake's head. When the probes electronic eye spied Louise's anal opening it immediately rose up, pressed its tip pressed against entrance and began to push forward. She grabbed at it and with her right hand began moaning, "No not there, please not there."

I thought to myself, "She likes a dick or dildo shoved up there but not the probe, very interesting."

However, nothing would stop the probe from its task of mapping Louise's internal organs. As the probe expanded into her cavity, Louise began to pant. Further and further up the canal the probe sent its tip. Once it reached the end, the probe began to emit a whirling sound, juices began to drip from Louise's cunt and she started to moan. As Shankar and I watched, Louie's body started to rock back and forth, as the dripping from her cunt became a stream.

Louise moaned, "I can feel it growing inside of me. Oh my god, I'm cumming."

Suddenly the whirling sound stopped, the probe shot out of Louise's ass and retracted back into the floor. As soon as the probe disappeared, Louise's body rolled over on it back and a second probe appeared out of the floor between her legs. Like a snake coming out of its hole, the probe lifted up its head with its electronic eye looking for and finding its target. The head of the probe pressed against the lips of Louise's cunt and slowly entered the wet cavity. As the probe slithered deep into her canal, it began to emit a whirling sound just like the anal probe. As it did, a startled expression appeared across Louise's face. Within seconds, she was groaning, "its growing is side of me, it's too big. Oh my god it is spreading my cunt walls. I never had anything this big inside of me. Oh, it feels so good."

She leaned her head back and let out a shriek as cum spewed out of her cunt in a flood. When the flood began to subside, like the anal probe, the cunt probe whipped out of Louise's canal and back into the floor. Louise slowly got to her feet. Her body was drenched in sweat and her legs were shaking so bad she could barely stand. I put the handcuffs back on her even though they probably weren't needed, as her body was worn out from the on the platform exertion.

As she stood before me, I smiled and said, "I have surprise for you. I think you're going to like it." Then I laughed, "You remember Bruno and Conan don't you?" I called, Bruno Conan come in here now."

Louise and Shankar gasped when they saw the two men appear.

Louise cried, "What did you do to them?"

"Well," I began, "I kind of removed their memories and gave them some spare hormones that I had lying around. It kind of enhanced them just a little don't you think? I understand that one of the things you promised the boys here was that you would, I think the phrase is fuck their brains out. Well I think it is only right that you should keep that promise, don't you?" Turning to Bruno I commanded, "Fuck Louise!"

Bruno walked over behind Louise shoved her down on her knees and shoved his huge cock into her wet cunt.

Louise groaned, "It's even bigger than the machine's dick."

Bruno kept pushing his hips forward shoving his cock further and further into Louise. As soon as it was shoved all the way in, I gave him the key to her handcuffs and he unshackled her.

As soon as she was unshackled, I ordered, "Conan fuck her in the mouth. Both of you keep going until your balls are empty. Oh, Louise if you bite Conan I will skin you alive."

Conan walked over to her and shoved his monster cock between her lips and down her throat. I could hear Louise gag as it went into her mouth. Once Conan was all the way in, the two men pumped in and out of her like jackhammers. In no time, they released a torrent of cum that filled Louise's mouth and cunt to over flowing. In the midst of all of this, I could hear Shankar weeping for her friend.

When they had finished I said laughingly, "All right men, it's time for you to seek your revenge. String her up."

They dragged Louise over to the chains and hung her. Bruno grabbed a paddle and Conan a whip.

"Bruno," I directed, "I want you to paddle her ass until it is bright red and Conan I want you to use that whip on her tits until they bleed."

Bruno's paddle descended on Louise's bare ass with a loud splat while Conan's whip whistled thru the air and landed on her tits with a snap. Louise screamed with each stroke of the paddle and whip. When she stopped screaming and hung in the chains apparently unconscious, I ordered the men to stop. "Leave and to back to the other room," I ordered.

I got some water and threw it into Louise's face to revive her. I picked up my special harness and ordered her to put it on. She followed my instruction without a word. She didn't even whimper when I hung her back up in the chains.

Once she was chained, I said to Louise, "The first earthling I used these on was Samantha. Our women used this system for sexual stimulation. When Samantha used it I found that at the higher settings instead of sexual pleasure you earthlings suffer excruciating pain."

To Shankar I said, "The harness itself is interesting it has two dildos one is inserted into the cunt and into the anal cavity. You will note that I am hooking up wires directly to the ankles and the dildo in the ass. Then in the front, I hook up wires to the dildo in the cunt, to a ring around the stomach, each nipple, the two rings at the top of the tits, the ring around the throat and the collar. Once I turn this system on and set the intensity that I want, all I have to do is watch her squirm."

When I threw the switch, Louise let out a scream just like Samantha. As Louis's body jerked and twisted, I removed Shankar's handcuffs, turned and started to walk away. "Come Shankar it time to leave," I said.

Shankar cried, "You just can't leave he like this."

Shankar dropped down on her knees, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and began to caress it. "Please Master you can't just leave her like this."

Then she put my cock into her mouth still pleading with me.

As she sucked on my cock, I growled at her, "You fucking little whore, when I say something you do not question me. I can see you need to be taught a lesson too."

Report 918 No One Talks Back to the Boss

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 6005, and New Order report number 011.

Can you imagine that little bitch Shankar talking back to me? Well I couldn't have that so she had to pay too. I grabbed that little slut, threw her on the platform and started the mapping program. In seconds, she was on her knees begging me to stop the machine. I just laughed as I watched the probe rise up and zoom into Shankar's ass hole. Behind me, I could hear Louise; her screams were now just horse moans. I had set the program to begin wiping her memory after she had reached her maximum threshold of pain. In front of me, I had Shankar groaning and behind me, I had Louise moaning.

I watched Shankar as the program began to make its whirling sound. I could see the juices begin to flow from her cunt and I could hear her begin to pant. The ass probe finished its task, zipped out of her ass and the program rolled Shankar.

The second probe rose out of the floor and entered her cunt. In no time, she was moaning and the cum began flowing out of her like a river. After a time, the whirling sound stopped, the probe pulled out of her cunt and went back into the floor of the platform.

Watching all of this made me so fucking horny. I tore off my clothes grabbed Shankar off the platform and faced her toward Louise. I wanted to watch Louise as I fucked Shankar. I bent Shankar over shoving my dick all the way into her wet cunt. I could not believe how tight she still was. The walls of her cavity immediately grabbed onto my shaft and began to pulsate.

I stood there slamming my hips back and forth while looking at Louise's body jerking from the shocks she was receiving. She no longer screamed, she just uttered raspy sounds. Fucking Shankar and watching the pain on Louise's face drove me to fuck Shankar even harder. Soon I was releasing load after load of cum into Shankar's throbbing cavity. It felt so good to let it all loose.

After I was finished, I let go of Shankar and she fell to the floor. I looked at Louise not moving, just hanging there. I went over, released her, removed her sweat soaked harness and pushed her body aside. She fell to the floor with a flop. I dragged Shankar over to the chains and hung her in Louise's place. I grabbed a second harness on put it on Shankar and began hooking the wires up to her. I hooked two wires to a dildo in her ass. Two wires to her vulva ring, wires to each of her nipples and two to the collar around neck.

A naked Louise staggered up to her feet just as the first shock hit Shankar causing her to scream at the top of her voice. Louise just stood there expressionless watching Shankar's body jerk back and forth. While Shankar's body was being jerk and twisted around, I grabbed Louise pushed her down on all fours. I was not finished by a long shot. I kneeled behind her, shoved my semi-hard dick into her cunt and began to pump in and out of her like a jackhammer. As I do so, my prick got harder and harder.

Behind me, I could hear Shankar pleading for me to stop the program. I paid no attention I just pounded away at Louise. Suddenly my balls filled up to the breaking point and I shot load after load into her cunt. As my cum filled her cavity, all Louise did was grunt. Exhausted I got up and staggered to my bed leaving Louise on the floor and Shankar jerking in her chains. I knew that the program wiping out Shankar's memory would kick in when she reached her pain threshold.

An hour or so later I came back into the room unchained a mindless Shankar, laid her down of the floor and fucked her again. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I kept fucking my mindless whores rotating between the two. Soon I received the results of my efforts. First Louise became pregnant. Soon after Shankar became pregnant Yes, more babies containing the genes from our planet will born into this world. The machine was doing its work in speeding up the pregnancy period. Everything was going according to plan.

With their pregnancy assured, I took the two mindless naked women, led them out to the car and put them in. Then I drove them to Leadville just as I did with Samantha. In fact, I parked in the same alley, opened the door, let them out and told them to go to the diner. As they walked toward the building, I turned around, got into the car and drove away. I did go back to the ship to get Bruno and Conan before I headed back to the Hideaway. I thought, "You never know when you will need mindless muscle." Yes in that regard, Bruno and Conan would come in handy.

When I got back to the Hideaway, I went right to the office. I needed to think what I was going to do next. After all, I had just gotten rid of my two playthings and needed time to think of getting more. When I walked in to my surprise, there was a grey haired stranger waiting for me.

"You must be Emanuel Zod," the strange said.

"You have the advantage of me Sir," I replied.

"Oh I am sorry, I thought that Samantha, Louise or Shankar would have mentioned me," the man said. "I am Reginald Deveron. I represent an organization that Samantha had been supplying with shall we say young women. I just dropped by to see if I could place an order."

Looking at him I said, "Samantha did mention that part of the business but she did not identify any one in particular she was dealing with. Oh by the way if you haven't heard, Samantha is no longer with us."

"Yes I did hear that," he replied. "That is one of the reasons I dropped by. I heard that you had taken over Samantha's business interests and wanted to introduce myself. I also wanted to see we could establish the same working relationship with that we had with Samantha. It is my understanding that Samantha considered it quite lucrative. I know it was from our end."

"Well," I said, "I need to know what kind of women you are looking for."

He smiled replying, "Young, but not too young say at least 18 to 30. Must be good looking and willing to do anything they're told. They don't have to be smart just willing."

"How many are we talking," I asked.

"Well from our point of view as many as you can supply," Deveron answered. "Give me a call, my number is 999-123-0987 and let me know you decision. By the way, it is nice meeting you Mr. Zod."

I smiled, "Nice meeting you too Mr. Deveron.

Deveron turned and walked out the door. He had no sooner left when I heard a knock and a female voice say, "Leadville Police I would like to speak to Mr. Emanuel Zod.

I opened the door and there stood two of the sexiest police officers I had ever seen; of course, they were the first police officers I have ever seen. The dark haired beauty said, "My name is Officer Molly Murphy." She pointed to the blonde-haired person and said, "This is my partner Mary Charles."

"Are you Emanuel Zod," She asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"Mr. Zod," Officer Murphy began, "We are here investigating a case concerning two women, a Louise Hall and a Shankar Golden who appeared out of nowhere in Leadville and are suffering from complete memory loss. In addition, they are very pregnant. I understand that they work for you."

"Are they all right," I asked trying to show concern.

"Physically yes," Officer Murphy replied, "But they have no memory at all. We identified them by their fingerprints."

"That is a shame. I just bought the business and they worked for the previous owner," I replied.

Officer Murphy stated, "I understand that the previous owner was Samantha Swallow. According to our records, she seemed to suffer the same fate as Ms. Hall and Ms. Golden. That is why we are investigating we think it is too much of a coincidence."

"It sounds like it doesn't it," I commented. "Like I said they worked for the previous owner. I did not keep them on because I wanted to start with a fresh approach to the operation and was looking for some new talent."

"Then you wouldn't know who the father or fathers of the pregnant women's babies," Officer Murphy asked.

"No," I said, "I don't. I had just met the two women when I took over this business."

Just then, both Conan and Bruno walked into the room and stood behind the two female officers.

Officer Murphy said to me, "Some point in our investigation we may require you to down to the station, if you don't mind." Officer Murphy nodded her head to Officer Charles and the two women then turned and walked out the door.

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