tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 021-022

The Alien, Report 021-022


Report 021 The Power Behind the Throne

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 6020, and New Order report number 014.

I found out on this world when one makes an assumption it is most likely wrong. The next day after I had sold Mandy and her Daughter to Reginald Deveron, I was sitting at my desk when the front door burst open and in walked one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen followed by a handcuffed Mandy dressed in a harness.

The beautiful woman looked at me and said," Emanuel Zod I believe."

I just stared at her. The clothes she was wearing left nothing to the imagination. "Yes," I replied, "and what the fuck are you doing with Mandy Randy? I thought I sold her and her Daughter to Reginald Deveron."

Putting her hands on her hips she looked and me saying, "How can you sell what you don't own."

"What do you mean," I asked. "I own this place Samantha Swallow sold me fifty-one percent of the business."

She laughed, "She could not sell what she did not own. If you read the contract closely, you would have seen that she need authorizing signature; and, I am the only one that can provide that. By the way, my name is Morgana Blackwitch. I own this place and in fact I owned, Samantha, Louise Shankar, Conan and Bruno."

She reached over and caressed my cheek saying, "Zod, Darling, don't even think of reaching for the stun gun of yours. This place has video cameras all over the place and my people are watching us now. If you do anything stupid, they will blow this fucking place to hell and you with it. Do you understand me?"

The tone of Mortgana's voice and the look in her eye gave me no choice but to believe her so I say quietly, "Yes I understand you."

"Good," she said, "let's sit down and talk."

As we sat down, Morgana turned to Mandy saying, "On the floor Slut."

Mandy dropped sat on the floor as she was ordered. We followed suit. Once seated, Morgana looked at me, "Like I told you this place wired with video cameras; and, so was Samantha's home and the employment agency... I like to keep track of the people who work for me. Now I have reviewed all the tapes, so I know all about you and that you are shall we say not of this world. I also figured out about the pregnancies of Samantha, Louise and Shankar. In addition, I have all of your offspring in a private orphanage. Needless to say I did some DNA testing on them to prove my theory about you."

I sat there stunned; I had no idea of this place let alone Samantha's place being wired. "What are you going to do, turn me over to your government so they can turn me into a lab rat?"

She laughed, "Of course not, I want to make you a proposition. I want to make you my partner. I saw the tools that you used on the two cops. Wiping their memory and implanting another one, that is priceless. I can use someone like you. As Samantha told you at her home, you need someone like me to teach you about our world; but, I can offer you more I can provide you with the protection that Samantha could not."

"That sounds good," I said, "but what do you want from me?"

"Why Zod Honey," she said, "your machines will provide me with the capability to wipe out memories of my enemies and turn them to my assets. Plus, I can supply you with all the women you want to impregnate and I will provide the resource to take care of all your offspring. Hell, Honey, who knows your offspring, when they grow up, could become a major part of my organization. What do you say to that?"

What could I say, "Ok, you win. The offer is too much to turn down. What do you want me to do?"

"Easy," she said, "take me to you ship and not blindfold or handcuffs. You have to trust me for this relationship to work. If you don't then there is no use in going on."

"That is asking a lot of me," I told her. "You could turn me in and my ship for a lot of money."

"Not really," she replied, "the government would take it, impound it and tell me good work. Then they would probably lock me up somewhere for knowing too much and like you said make you a lab rat. That would not benefit me one bit." Then her voice got husky, "Besides, I have seen you fucking Samantha, Louise and Shankar, you are quite good even if you have a green prick and I could always use a good fuck."

What could I do but agree. "When do you want to leave?"

"How about right now and we will take the Slut with us so you can demonstrate your equipment," she said.

"Oh," I said, "speaking of Mandy, what happened to her Daughter?"

She got a half smile on her face, "Oh I sold her to someone named Prince Rashid. Apparently he likes to rub baboon phermoans on his young women slaves and then put them in a cage full of the baboon males and see what happens."

I heard a gasp from Mandy on the floor followed by weeping.

Looking at Morgana I said, "Shall we be off then?" Morgana nodded her head and got up from the table.

Report 022 Demonstrations

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 6025, and New Order report number 015.

It is always interesting when one has to demonstrate the equipment. After the customary three-hour drive through the desert, we arrived at the crash site. Both women looked at the wreckage and gasped. Then Morgana noticed the grave. "Who does that belong to," she asked.

"Sunsearay my partner and mate," I replied. "She was killed in the crash. Now shall we go inside?"

"One more thing I want to explain to you before we continue," Morgana began. "I have left instructions that if I do not return within three days I am to be considered dead and that you killed me. That means my dear Zod you will be hunted down and killed. My people know what you look like and have access to every locator database there is. They are under orders not to track me here; however, but if I do not contact them in three days, all bets are off and you are a dead man. Do I make myself clear?"

I nodded my head yes, turned and headed to the entrance hatch.

I began with a small tour, "This is the control room. The blood on the console over there belongs to Sunsearay. Please follow me."

"This is the examining room and the training room as well," I began. That machine over there takes reading of a woman's internal organs."

Morgana said, "Show me how it works."

I turned to Mandy, "Get on the platform," I ordered.

As soon as she got on the platform, I started the machine and Mandy was on her hands and knees while the probe went up into her ass. Amid the buzzing sound of the probe, Mandy began to moan, "It's too big, I, oh, and no it can't be." Then she started to grunt.

Once the machine had finished with her ass, it turned over and the second probe came out of the floor and entered into her cunt. Again, Mandy began to complain about the size only to end with panting and grunting. Soon this was followed by moans and cum flowing down her legs. All at once, I began to hear moans coming from Morgana. When I looked over, to my surprise, Morgana had stripped off her halter, dropped her shorts and was finger fucking herself. Between the two women, the moans were almost deafening. Both women appeared to be lost in the throes of sexual gratification.

Suddenly the machine stopped whirling, the probe jumped out of Mandy's cunt and dropped into the floor with a loud snap. The bodies of both women remained fixed in positions, only their chests moved in heavy breathing.

Morgana reached down and slowly pulled up her shorts and Mandy in turn slowly sat up. When Morgana got her breathing under control, she looked at me and said, "I want to try that."

"Are you sure," I asked.

"Yes, very sure, I'm still horny. Finger fucking myself," she said nonchalantly, did not cut it."

"Ok," I said. Turning to Mandy, "Get off the platform and put these on," I said as I threw here the handcuffs to put on.

Within seconds, Morgana was on the platform, stripped and being forced to her knees as Mandy and I watched. Once the program began all Morgana did was moan, "Oh my, this is wonderful I need more, please give me more."

When the program finished, Morgana slowly got up put her shorts back on but left her beautiful tits bear. Looking at me, she said, "That was awesome, I could have stayed there for hours. I never had anything fill me up like that. It reached every sensitive spot in my cunt and my ass. Can you build one for me or can we take this back with us?"

I was amazed this woman loved the machine. All I could do was I look at her and answer, "I can build one for you if that is what you want."

"Good," she said, what's next?"

I took Mandy over to the chains, made her put on the harness. I hooked her up attaching the wires to the dildos in her ass, in her cunt and to clips on her nipples. Turning to Morgana I said, "This machine was used by Sunsearay as a sexual stimulator, but I found that you earth women cannot take the full range. There comes a point where the sexual pleasure generated by the machine becomes excruciating pain for you." Morgana walked around the machine looking how Mandy was hooked up and said "Interesting, very interesting."

When Morgana reached the front again, I threw the switch and turned the dial up two-thirds of the way. I knew for experience that any more than that could cause Mandy to suffer a stroke. Mandy began to scream right away begging me to stop. Morgana just stood there watching Mandy's body jerk back and forth in agony.

"Please," Mandy screamed, "please stop, no more. I can't take any more of this"

Morgana just looked at her, "What a fucking pussy you are. I bet you suffered more in childbirth than what you're feeling now."

Mandy just continued to scream. Finally, Mandy passed out and I threw the switch. There was no sense in keeping it on since Mandy was unconscious.

Morgana said, "Zod did you say your mate use to use this for sexual stimulation?"

"Yes," I said, "every ship has one for use by the female crew."

Morgana asked, "How high a setting did she go to?"

"Why all the way from the lowest to the highest," I replied.

"Good," I want to try it just like your mate did," Morgana said.

By this time, Mandy had regained consciousness and when she heard with Morgana wanted she let out a loud gasp.

"Are you nuts," I growled. "No earth woman has been able to do that. I made a mistake with Samantha and she almost died on the machine. Dam it, if anything happens to you, you said it yourself I'm a dead man.

Morgana growled at me, "Look there is no question in my mind that I can take anything your fucking mate could. I don't care if she was from another world. I said I want to try full range of the dammed machine and I mean it. Do you understand me?"

All I could do was shake my head. I had this awful feeling that I was a dead man.

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