tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 023-024

The Alien, Report 023-024


Report 023 Falsehoods and the Punishment they lead to..

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 6030, and New Order report number 016. Paybacks are hell.

I unchained Mandy, her body just slumped down to the floor in front of the sexual stimulator and I removed her harness. I turned around put Mandy's harness on Morgana and attached the electrodes to the appropriate places. As I did so, Morgana looked down on the inert body of Mandy and chucked. "The little Bitch has no stamina," she said.

That comment pissed me off. This Bitch was going to suffer and I don't give a dam what happens. When I turned on the current, Morgana first began to smile and the pleasure phase of the program began. However, I quickly jumped the program to the end of that phase. When the pain phase of the program started, Morgana began to scream and her body began to jerk just as Mandy's did at this phase.

"Please stop this," she begged, "I didn't expect this."

I looked at her jerking around and said, "I need you to answer some questions"

"Fuck you," she screamed.

I turned the dial higher. As I did her body arched and she let out a scream, "Please I'll answer any question you want."

"Good, what is the number do you need to call to let them know you are all right," I asked.

"778-776 -0983," she replied.

"You fucking little liar," I said, "I have a lie detector in this machine and I can tell when you lie." I threw the switch to high.

She screamed again. "Please, there is no number. I lied I have no contacts. It was all a bluff," she screamed. "I am or was Samantha's assistant." I turned down the power, but left it to the point where she would still feel a slight pain as a reminder. She just hung there tears streaming down her face.

"Good," I began, "we understand each other. I want to know all about you. Where you came from and how you got into Samantha's organization."

Morgana began slowly, "I was born in a small village in Transylvania. When I was sixteen my father traded me to Ivan Ranavic for a prize cow. Ivan wanted a wife and my Father wanted the cow. As soon as we got to Ivan's farm, he dragged me into the barn ripped off my clothes and fucked me. When he was through, he dressed and handed me a shovel and told me to clean the stalls. When I tried to dress in what was left of my clothes, Ivan handed me a loincloth and said, "This is your dress from now on."

Morgana, continued, "That was my life for the next month, he would fuck me and I would clean the stalls after he was finished. When I became pregnant, the routine continued. When my time came he did call a midwife, but I still lost the baby. When the midwife informed Ivan that I could not have another, he got angry. He screamed that he needed sons to run his farm and I was a useless whore that couldn't do the job. When the midwife left, Ivan dragged me over to his prize bull and said, "Since I was useless providing him with sons, I should be useful in keeping the bull happy." He ordered me to suck the bull's cock. When I refused, he dragged me over to a sawhorse and spread-eagled me on it. Then he grabbed a pair of pliers and began to squeezing my tits and my clitoris causing me such pain that I was willing to do anything. I willingly crawled over the bull and began sucking on its monstrous cock. The bull seemed to like it and soon I had his cum all over me. That seemed to excite Ivan because he grabbed me and began fucking me in the ass. Soon this became routine, I would clean the stalls, suck the bull's cock and Ivan would fuck me in the ass."

Morgana stopped and then began again, "One day Ivan dragged me out of the barn and threw on the ground in front of William the Trader. He was making his yearly rounds of the area. Ivan said, "You belong to him now I have a new wife coming and she will give me the sons I need." William the Trader was an elderly man who traveled throughout the countryside from farm to farm selling everything from knives to pots. William bent over me and gently helped me to my feet. He told me to get in the wagon, he followed me and we drove off without another word. That night we made camp by and stream and said that I stunk, went into his wagon and dragged a huge copper pot big enough for a person. He told me to grab the bucket and fill the pot with water. As I did, he built a small fire under the pot in what appeared to be a draw. When the water began to steam, he told me to take off the loincloth and to get into the pot. I thought sure he was going to cook me, but I was afraid not too get into the pot. At first, the water felt hot, but soon my body seemed to adjust to the temperature. He went back into the wagon, came out with a rag and a small bar. He rubbed the rag on the bar and began to rum my body with the rag. The warmth of the water and wonderful smell of the rag made me feel relaxed and wonderful. When he finished he told me to stand up, when I did he wrapped me in a large cloth and began to dry the water from me. When he finished he carried me into the wagon, handed me a dress and put this on. One I did he laughed and told me I would sleep in the bed he made for me. He was the first person to treat me as a human."

Morgana stopped again caught her breath continued, "In time, I began to love this old man and after a while I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He just laughed and said that he could not remember the last time he was with a woman and had a hard on. Then I thought about the bull and dropped on my knees in front of him opened his pants and began to suck on his cock. He was startled to say the least but in no time, his cock got hard. Soon he began to cum as he did; he began to cry. When he finished I took him in my arms and we went to bed just holding each other. I stayed with William until the day he died a month later. When he did, I gathered all our things together, sold them and came here. That is when I met Samantha and joined her organization and worked my way up in the organization." I asked, "What about the videos?"

"That part is true, they are stored in the employment agency office," she said. "Why did you lie to me and get me to come out here?"

She answered, "I saw what you could do when I reviewed the videos and I wanted to get you to do my bidding. I wanted to completely take over Samantha's organization."

I was so fucking mad I turned to switch to the setting that would take her between the height of pleasure and the beginning of pain. I stood there watching her and got so fucking horny I wanted to fuck something now. I stripped and I grabbed the limp body of Mandy. I pulled her to her knees and shoved my hard cock into her mouth. It didn't take her long for her to respond and she began to suck on it. Almost at once, my cock was spitting cum into her mouth. I wanted to fuck this little Bitch.

I spun her around and shoved my cock into her wet cunt. Morgana was going from moans to screams and back to moans again; while Mandy began to grunt as I rammed my dick in and out of her. Soon I was shooting load after load into the waiting pussy of Mandy.

When finished with Mandy I let her drop to the floor, unhooked Morgana pushed her to her knees and began fucking her in the mouth. As I shoved my cock in and out of Morgana's mouth, her eyes began to light up and she started to use her tongue in ways I never experience before. Not even Shankar could do that. The next thing I knew I was on my back and Morgana was on top of me with my cock imbedded deep into her cunt. She leaned back and stared to ride up and down my throbbing shaft. The sensations that she was causing ripped up and down my spine causing my brain to explode in pleasure.

Just as I was ready to cum, she leaned back, squeezed my cock between her pussy walls stopping it before it could begin. Her actions sent me between pure pleasure and pain. She kept squeezing me until I thought I would die. Then she let go and I began to flow like a broken dam.

I spent the next three weeks rotating the between fucking them and putting them on the sexual stimulator. Just like the other three, Mandy became pregnant. This time however; Morgana and I took her right to Morgana's clinic. There she delivered six boys and within a month died of old age.

Report 024 New Beginnings

To Headquarters Science Exploration, Alpha Centauri; From Mission Commander Zed of the SS Venus, Star Date 6035, and New Order report number 017. Morgana explains her rise in the Samantha's organization.

After we dropped Mandy off at the Clinic, Morgana and I came back to the ship. I took her right to my quarters we stripped and got into bed. All I could think of was fucking this little Bitch. I had no worries since she could not get pregnant. That meant that I no longer had to hold anything back.

I took her into my arms, "Slut you mine to do with as I wish and right now I wish to fuck you until you scream."

She just smiled, "Yes Master," was all she said. I flipped her around and mounted her like a stud horse. I was free to cum and cum as much as I wanted into her and I did not have to worry about replacing her at least not for a while. As my dick pounded in and out of her cunt, her juices began to flow spraying our legs, as well as her ass and my stomach. In no time, I was cumming and blowing my juices deep inside of her. She began to moan, "Yes that feels so good keep it up."

I did just that pumping in and out until I had nothing left. When I finished we both crawled back to the head of the bed and just lay there. After I had caught my breath, I turned to her and asked, "Tell me Morgana, how you ended up in Samantha's organization?"

Morgana turned, looked at me and asked, "Do you really want to know?" " Of course," I replied.

Morgana began her story:

Well when I first got to this country, I kept hearing about Samantha's employment agency and how it was designed to help women find well-paying jobs. So, I sent a resume in with false information of course. The next thing I knew was

I was sent a reply asking me to come in for an interview. I quickly made an appointment to meet with Samantha.

When I showed up at the appointed time, I was ushered into her office. A voice from behind a computer said,"Morgana Blackwitch I presume, I am Samantha Swallow."

I replied, "It is nice to meet you." Samantha began to type something into her computer. Then she said in a soft voice, "I see you are in this country illegally and that you resume is a bunch of bullshit."

I sat that not knowing what to say or do. At first, I thought she was going to call the police and report me.

When I got my senses back, I started to get up to leave when she got up from her computer saying, "Easy Honey, I'm not going to report you, not yet anyway. Look I have a proposition for you, if you will listen to me."

I heard her, but my eyes were looking at the most beautiful pair of tits I have ever seen. They were so full and round just looking at then made my cunt moist.

"Morgana how about looking at me for now instead of my tits," she said laughingly. Then she smiled and caressed my cheek. "Look Honey," she said in a very husky voice, "let's get out of the office and go to my place where we can talk about your problem and maybe come up with a solution we both would like."

All I could think of was how the touch of her hand was making my pussy literally drip with anticipation. I don't remember much about the house on that day I just remember her. When we got to her room she looked at me, "Honey I want you so much."

I could not believe that, it was the first time any said they wanted me. Even the old man never said that. Samantha took me into her arms and kissed me. I had never been kissed by a woman before. I found that her lips, soft and pleasant and her probing tongue made my toes curl in my shoes.

The next thing I remember was that we were both naked. All I could do was gaze at her beautiful body with those magnificent tits. Then she was back in my arms kissing me again. That tongue that wonderful tongue just kept dancing in my mouth sending shivers up and down my spine.

She put both her hand on my shoulders and pushed me down to the floor. Once I was down on my back, she parted my legs and slowly crawled between them licking both my thighs as she moved closer to my dripping pussy. No one had ever done anything like that to me before. Her tongue was sending shivers all thought my body. Finally, her mouth reached my cunt and her tongue began to tease my clit. She switched between teasing and gently bighting it with her teeth. I felt her finger slowly push against my ass hole spreading the lips until it was all the way in. At the same time, she inserted her thumb into my cunt. These sensations were sending my mind impulses that it that never received before. Then I felt a boiling deep inside and a flood of juices began to squirt out of my cunt like a fire hose.

I raised my head up and screamed in pure pleasure. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. It was the first time I had ever cum and it was wonderful. All I knew is that deep down inside I now belonged to this woman body and soul.

So when she got up, put on these panties with a monster cock attached and said, "I want you to back up and slide your cunt on this monster. I did as I was told.

I bent over slightly and positioned myself so that the cock slid down between the cheeks of my ass to the lips of my pussy.

Once I felt it part the lips, I shoved my hips back so that the monster would enter me. I was so huge I thought it would split me in half. As I did, Samantha pushed my shoulders down until I was on all fours with her mounted behind me. She was attached inside of me with her monster cock.

I heard her say, "I'm going to give you the ride of your life," and began to ram her hips back and forth driving that thing deep inside of me, She moaned, "This is a double dildo and you are fucking me as I fuck you. Oh god that feels so good."

I had never felt anything like this in my life. All I could do was to moan with her and feel myself cum again and again.

Exhausted, we staggered to our feet. She took me in her arms and said, "You are very special to me, but I run a whorehouse; therefore, you will have to use that gorgeous body and fuck whom I say to fuck. Do you understand?"

I held her in my arms and said, "Samantha, you have given me more than anyone ever has. I have never cum before now. I will do anything you want as long as we can do this again and often."

Samantha laughed, "Of course Darling as often as I can. But you have to know this, my love, you are not the only one and you have to share me with them."

That's when I knew that she had other lovers and I now knew the rules. But for me, my life had changed again maybe this time for the better.

Morgana finished her story.

I smiled took Morgana in my arms and fell fast asleep.

The next thing I knew I sitting at the console sending my report and thinking, "Well now you have the new report...."

Suddenly an intruded dressed in a space suit and carrying a weapon burst into the room, I screamed "What the fuck! Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing here?"

"Simple Captain Zod," The intruder replied in a deep voice, "I am Colonel Zander. I have come to relieve you of this command and have been ordered to cleanup this fucking mess you have created."

I exclaimed, "What do you mean mess. I was helping our planet take over this fucking place and you have the gall to say I have created a mess."

"Zander replied as he fired, "My orders are to rid this planet of you and hope the mess you created can be rectified.

As I lay dying on the floor, I looked up and saw Zander say shaking his head, "Dam what a mess what a fucking mess."

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