tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Alien, Report 025-26

The Alien, Report 025-26


Report 025 Nightmares May Come True

I woke up in a cold sweat, it was the worst nightmare I have ever had. Colonel Zander sent down here to kill me; then it hit me, my god the General Orders. I did not check them after we crashed. I quickly got up, dressed and went over to the case containing all the standing orders generated by the Alpha Centauri Headquarters Science Exploration.

I searched through the binders and in the back of the binder containing General Orders 1 through 10 I found a small envelope labeled "To Be Opened in case of Crash by the Ground Commander only."

Sunsearey was in charge of this part of the mission. Anything to do with ground operations was under her command. I was just a flight jockey, but in truth, if for any reason we were to land she would be in charge. She had mentioned a general order concerning any Earth landing, but in the confusion of the crash and the death of Sunsearey I had forgotten all about it.

I quickly opened the envelope and it read: "If you have been forced to land on Earth, you will open the door to the panel behind this bookcase containing a keypad and type 0765. I went to the small panel opened it, found the key pad and typed "0765. As soon as I did the top shelf of the bookcase swung out revealing a second envelope titled "To be opened by the Ground Commander Only."

Since I was the only one alive I assumed the role of Ground Commander and began to read: "If for any reason your Space Ship is forced to land on the planet called Earth you are to set the solar panels and run camouflaged program. Once this is done, you are to send a message to Headquarters stating your situation. At no time, repeat no time are you to have contact with the Earthlings. If for some reason, however, contact cannot be avoided; then those Earthlings contacted are to be eliminated and the ship destroyed. You must ensure that you are destroyed along with the ship. This destruction is to be accomplished in such away to leave no indication of your existence."

"Darling," a voice called.

I looked over and saw Morgana lying on the bed dressed in a skimpy halter and very short shorts.

"Darling," she repeated, "let's fix something to eat I'm starved." Then she got up.

I put the letter down got up walked over to her and said, "I or we have a problem."

"Honey we don't have a problem. I have told you that I belong to you and together we can solve any problem you or we may have."

I grabbed a pair of handcuffs that I had used earlier, handcuffed her hands behind her and quickly blindfolded her. "There are things that you have no clue on. That I have to do."

"Master and I call you that because you are my Master and I will do whatever you wish."

I was so mad over the dream the standing orders I had just read that I struck out at her and hit her as hard as I could. My blow knocked her off her feet and she fell to the floor.

She lay their crying softly. "What have I done to displease you Master?"

She struggled to her knees. When she did I saw that somehow I had ripped her off her halter and she was naked from the waste up. She stayed on her knees resting her head against my groin. She whispered, "Master please, I don't know what I have done to offend you. Please tell me." She slowly staggered to her feet. "Please Master, what do you want of me to do?"

I just stared at her for a few moments realizing that I had only myself to blame. She was not the cause of this mess I created. I removed the blindfold, handcuffs and helped he put her halter back on.

"Look," I said, "I just realized that I am supposed to kill any Earthling that I come in contact with and destroy the ship with me inside."

She smiled at me caressed my cheek and cooed, "Darling there is no problem the two of us can't solve."

She dropped down on her knees, unbuttoned my fly, pulled out my cock and said, "Destroy the ship if you must, but leave this wonderful prick and its owner alone." Then she kissed the tip. "I love it," she said huskily. Looking up at me she said, "Zod," that was the first time she called me by my last name, "I just love the taste of your cum, it is so sweet."

She put her mouth back on my now throbbing cock and slowly moved her mouth down. Down and down she went, until it was buried deep within her throat and all the time sucking.

It felt so good and I knew there was no way I was going to destroy this woman. She was right. I will destroy the ship but not her and definitely not me.

As my balls filled up and I began to shoot my juices into her waiting mouth I groaned, "Your right, I will destroy the ship, but only the ship.

She gulped down the entire flood that I released into her mouth. Once she finished the last drop she looked up at me. "That is a good idea Master. How can I help?"

I don't know," I replied, "I will have to find out how. Blowing the ship up was not under my responsibility."

She stood up and again caressed my cheek. "I just love the way you make me feel and the things you do to me and I mean all the things you do to me."

All I could do was smile and turn to the task. I had to find out how to blow this fucking ship and begin to cover my trail. Colonel Zander would be coming after me come hell or high water. He was in charge of cleaning up the messes created by ships that crashed in the wrong place. Was my dream just that a dream or was it a premonition?

Only time would tell. In the mean time I needed to destroy this fucking ship. And lo and behold, there it was the destruction manual. Well things were turning out better than I thought.

Report 26 Cleaning up the Mess

Before I set the charges around the ship, I told Morgana to get dressed and go to the car and wait for me. When I had completed the task, I went out to the car and directed her to get in. She did so without saying a word.

I watched her get in, once she was in I walked around the car took one last look at the ship and glanced at Sunsearey's grave.

"Sorry dear one," I said to myself, "I hate to leave you on this god forsaken planet."

With my stomach turning in knots, I walked around to the driver's side, got in, started the engine, and pressed the remote control that started the destruct sequence. Once the car was 200 yards away from the ship, I heard as soft "WHUMP" and suddenly we were enveloped by a cloud of dust.

When I turned around and looked back all I could see was a barren landscape where the ship had once stood. There was nothing to show that the ship had ever been there. Even Sunsearey's grave had disappeared. I was now alone on this world and would have to make my way the best I could.

The next stop was Samantha's office to destruction of the surveillance tapes. When we got to the office, Morgana directed me to the surveillance computer. I sat down and she began to step me through the procedure deleting all the data that it had recorded. When I finished, I heard Morgana ask, "Are you finished yet?"

I turned in the direction of her voice and saw she was sitting on top of a cabinet completely naked. "Fuck me," Master. I want to feel that green prick inside of me."

"Look," I groaned, "I have to clean-up the mess I caused so that I can't be detected."

She closed her eyes and begged, "Please Master I have never been fucked in here before and I want you to be the first. I want you to shove that hard green prick into my cunt so I can leave my cum all over the floor. I know that Samantha fucked half of her clients in here, but never me. Please fuck me."

She slid off the cabinet turned around, as she did so I stripped, walked up behind her and shoved my hard cock into her wet pussy. She groaned as it slipped between the lips up deep into her canal. I really did not have time for this shit. For all I knew Zander was on my trail now.

Once I was inside of her, however, thoughts of Zander vanished and all I could think of was how good this felt. Then I heard, "Grab my tits Master and twist those nipples make them hurt. I love when you make me hurt it feels so good." I did just that. This little Bitch was causing me to lose precious time, but I could not stop. She moaned, "You feel so good inside of me Master, oh god so good," suddenly she screamed, went limp and I felt wetness flow down my legs as she began to cum.

When she finished I coldly said, "Get dressed, we have lost time I need to get to Samantha's house to check for any more tapes. You drive."

We got dressed, locked up the office and went out to the car. She got into the drives side and I got into the passenger side.

"Go to Samantha's house you know the one in the desert." I directed

Morgana nodded her head, put the car in gear and drove. Once we got the house, we went in and I did a thorough search of the entire house and Samantha's computers. When I finished I sat down trying to think of what to do next.

Morgana sat down beside me and asked, "Do you know about Deidra and her little school?"

"I read an email that she had sent Samantha and it sounded as if she and Samantha were lovers; and, that Samantha was helping her with some money problems," I replied.

"It is a little more than that," Morgana said. "Deidra gets these young girls from broken homes, or that are runaways, or those that are just having major discipline problems in school. Once she has them, she trains them so that Samantha can sell them or rent them out as whores. This was how Samantha kept her stable running. It was not easy to find enough females to blackmail to meet the demand."

Morgana reached behind herself and unhooked her bra saying as she did so, "Talking about the young girls made me horny again. Tell me Zod do you like my tits. I love the way to treat them." She stood up and removed all her clothes. "Strip," she ordered."

The next thing I knew I was as naked as she was. She smiled at me and pushed me down on the couch. She climbed up on top of me, straddled my legs maneuvering her hips so that the head of my prick was engulfed by the lips of her pussy. Slowly she slid down my pole until her ass was on top of my thighs. She sat there for a few minutes squeezing my prick with just the muscles of her cunt sending impulses of pure delight up my spine.

She smiled, "I'm going to give you the ride of your life," and began raise and lower her hips so that her cunt was riding up and down my throbbing pole.

Shortly she moaned, "Oh my god, you always make me cum so damn fast."

Fluid began to flow from her covering my lap and running down the crevasse between the cheeks of my ass.

She leaned forward, buried my face between her tits and groaned, "Oh you feel so good inside of me. I hate to let you out."

She held me there for a good while until my prick got soft and came out of her with a plop.

After we both got dressed, I turned to her and said, "We need to go back to the Hideaway. I have some unfinished business there I have to complete."

She smiled and nodded. We got in and I drove all the way back. Still there was more to do to cover my ass.

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