The Alley


She noticed his hands first.

Large, calloused and steady, she noticed those hands before she ever glanced up to meet the eyes and the lips they belonged to.

Sitting in the corner of that smoky bar, she never expected to draw attention, which was the way she wanted it. A long week of catering to the needs of others had left her drained, in need of a quiet drink and a moment of peace.

Yet here he was, towering over her, an air of authority and confidence in his pose. "A soldier, perhaps, or a cop", she mused. She glanced up at those light colored eyes, and nodded as he again offered to buy her a drink. He smiled, and sat down on the stool next to her.

"I'm Eric," he said, in a soft voice that belied his broad shouldered, powerful form. She smiled and accepted the drink the bartender pushed towards her. "Emily." She held out a hand, sizable for her frame, and felt her body flush when it was engulfed in his larger one. She took a gulp of the cold beer before her to calm the instant heat his touch evoked.

They chatted of mundane topics, the weather and generic ramblings. The drinks continued, and as they did, they drew closer, topics switching from impersonal to those of a more intimate variety. Her modest suit skirt slipped higher over her knee, and he rested his large palm on it, hot, the heat from his fingers spreading through her skin like electricity, as he leaned forward to listen intently. She blushed, and he followed with his gaze as the rosy glow progressed from the nearly hidden cleft of her breasts, up across the column of her neck to stain the apples of her cheeks.

Deftly, he slid one finger under the hem of her short skirt, and she clasped her hand down upon his, looking up at him with startled eyes. "Shhh.." He smiled at her and laid one long finger against her lips, then spread his fingers against her flesh, pressing thumb against the soft inside of her thigh. She sighed, and spread her legs slightly, looking to the rest of the bar as if merely shifting in her seat. Only the flush in her cheeks and the way she grasped her glass like a lifeline betrayed the growing arousal being stoked within her with every strong caress of the large man's powerful fingers.

Higher they climbed, as she thrilled with sensation and with the fear of discovery. He leaned towards her, whispering into her ear. "Trust me... let me give you what you need..." His low voice hummed deep in her head, his breath tickling the soft hairs at the nape of her neck. His fingers reached the apex of her thighs, stroking against the damp satin he found there, and he turned his face against her, running his teeth over the soft flesh of her neck.

"Finish your drink and come outside." It wasn't a request, but a command, one that her body knew she could never disobey. He drew away from her and she swayed, longing again for the heat of his caress. He stood, paid the bartender, and with one long look into her eyes, strode out the back door. She started down at the half finished beer in front of her, noticing the amber liquid shimmering as her hands trembled against the glass. For a moment, she considered leaving, walking out the front door and not looking back. Taking a last gulp, she rose, and found herself walking, not to the front door, but to the back.

She pushed the heavy door open and stifled a shriek as a firm hand clamped down over her mouth. She felt herself pulled against a tall, muscular form, and reveled in the feeling of being so small against his more powerful frame. Bending low, he whispered into her ear. "Tell me this is what you want. Tell me now. I'll let go if you say to... but you have to tell me now..."

The intensity of his voice made her knees weak, and only the strength of his arm around her kept her upright. She kissed the hand that had been over her mouth, and ground back into him, begging him with body only to take what he would. Releasing his hold, he turned her around and pulled her into the shadows of the dark alley, so they were both silhouettes against the darker brick. He pushed her up against the brick wall, his mouth at once soft and insistent against her yielding one. She moaned into his open mouth, wrapping her arms up around his broad shoulders.

Smiling, he pushed her skirt up to her waist and drew her satin panties down over her legs, helping her stand as she stepped tremblingly out of them. He looked down at her, ample breasts half exposed through her unbuttoned shirt, flushed and wonton, and he felt himself begin to throb against the confines of his pants.

Sensing his discomfort, she slipped her hand across his chest and down to his fly, working swiftly to free his erection from the confines of his pants. She grasped his shaft in her warm hand, feeling it pulse against her skin, hard and hot, like satin covered steel. Smiling coyly up at him, she took a hesitant lick and then opened her mouth to swallow the thick head between her soft pink lips. He rested his hands against her head as she bobbed lazily against his legs, her hands caressing whatever part of him she could reach with nearly frantic movements.

With a start, he pushed her away, shoving her roughly against the wall. With a hard kiss, he lifted her legs to wrap around his waist, pinning her against the cold bricks with his body. Positioning his hardness against her soft, moist center, he parted her lips and entered her, slowly.

She thew her head back, sighing deeply, the action throwing her breasts up towards him, the pink peaks of her nipples teasing him from just below the lacy confines of her black bra. He thrust deeply, holding her plump rear in his large hands as he began to pound into her with abandon. Their breaths came harshly, only the fear of being discovered stoppering the moans they both stifled in their throats. She clung to his shoulders, shuddering as her completion broke upon her. Kissing her deeply, he shouted his own into her mouth as he spilled himself inside her.

Spent, they stepped apart, smiling shyly. She lowered her skirt, picked up her purse, and, after he had made himself presentable, allowed him to escort her around to the near-empty parking lot.

As she drove away, she smiled to herself. Sometimes, attention is exactly what you need.

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