The Alley


He knew, by the glazed look in her eyes, that she was high on something, or perhaps drunk, a little too much wine. Her eyes, blue by day, were dark now, almost midnight, glassy with whatever she was on. Her hair was a dark blonde in color, now tousled, and slightly tangled, hanging in ringlets around her shoulders. She was dressed all in black, a sheer black blouse over a black, lacey bra, the ends tied in a knot at her midriff, showing a tanned, tight stomach; a black leather mini skirt covering what was sure to be a fine ass, with legs encased in silky thigh-high stockings, now torn and ragged, yet still, strangely enough, sexy and enticing. She wore a pair of knee high black leather boots, stiletto heels narrow and dangerous looking. He was sure she had been stunning and sensuous when she left her home for the night, heading out to the club on this Friday evening, to be surrounded by strobing lights and loud, gyrating music.

Looking at her, he could picture her moving her body to the beat of the music, her hips swaying, perhaps her eyes closed, losing herself in the sounds, the lights, the surrounding bodies crushed against hers, brushing against her. He could even see her, drink in hand, maybe laughing softly with a girlfriend, while her eyes surveyed the crowd before her, choosing which lucky man, or woman, would go home with her this evening. He wondered when her fun-filled night had ended; when she had realized that this night, it was she that had been chosen, she that had been watched and studied, before being led like a lamb to slaughter, into the grimy, cobblestoned alley, right below his window, where he watched her getting fucked, pressed against the cold cement wall.

He had spent many a night looking out this window, into the alley below, watching the party-goers leaving the club, laughing and giggling, drunk and stoned, stumbling to their vehicles and hanging onto their chosen lovers of the night. He had watched people getting into fights, getting high and then throwing up, making out like teenagers in the darkness. He had watched cars getting broken into, beer bottles thrown and glass shattering everywhere, listened to vile curse words and doors slamming, the people embroiled in their anger. This alley behind the club was like a dark, campy movie, filled with Hollywood beauty and good looks; the scenes, actors and lines changing, yet still the same. Tonight, however, the end scene was a bit different, a bit darker; a bit more morose. Tonight, someone was left in the alley, as the new dawn emerged.

He wondered, as he stared down at her, how she had been enticed to come play with the black haired man. Had she been plied with charm, with sweet-talk? Perhaps with drinks, laced with something, downed with laughter as the black haired man whispered naughty jokes into her ear. He remembered the two of them emerging from the club, she first, her face flushed with drink and laughter, the black haired man coming behind her, his hand on her shoulder, guiding her as they exited. He remembered the man steering her to the wall, her back now against it, as he continued to whisper into her ear, tucking her hair back behind her other ear, making her feel at ease in the dark alley behind the club. The streetlights had not been kind to her, he remembered, the glare shining too bright on her face, highlighting the years she had spent in clubs like this one...too much drink, cigarette smoke and dim lighting. Yet, this night, she had laughed at the black haired man's jokes, giggling quietly as her face blushed and brightened, not realizing that as the man plied her with laughter and jokes, he was steering her further away into the darkness of the alley, away from her fellow club-goers and partiers.

He remembers the two of them below him, in the darkest part of the alley, the blonde woman and the black haired man. He remembers the man continued his naughty whispers, the blonde still giggling as the man pressed her back against the cold alley wall, leaning in to kiss her, opening her lips with his tongue, kissing her deeper and harder. She pulled him against her, holding him to her, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, fingers tangling in his hair, as she kissed him back almost feverishly.

He remembers her eyes closing as the man stroked her arms, from her shoulders down to her dainty wrists, removing the sheer black blouse as he did so, sliding it from her shoulders inch by inch, finally letting it fall to the dirty ground below. She had put her head back, giving a laugh as the shirt tangled around her feet. He remembers her kicking it away with a booted foot, it coming to rest besides a clump of grassy weeds. He remembers the black haired man putting his hands back on her now shirtless shoulders, sticking his thumbs under the bra straps, pulling them downwards as he kissed her neck, slowly moving from her shoulders to her back, silently undoing the hooks of her lacey black bra.

He remembers her face as she realized her chest was now bare, her beautiful tits on display to any who might see. She had seemed like she was about to protest, before the black haired man quickly moved to cover her mouth with his own, effectively silencing her with a deep kiss, while at the same time, rubbing his thumbs over her bare nipples. Stepping back, he had smiled down at her, watching as the cold night air raced over her nipples, hardening them with its chill. Perhaps he even whispered something about the thrill of the risk they were taking in the black alley, knowing that at any time, someone could encounter them, could see them...could see her. He remembered her face relaxing slightly, even as she blushed further; he could tell that she enjoyed the possibility of being discovered.

He remembers watching the black haired man lean down, taking her nipple in his mouth, sucking on it, drawing it further and further in. He remembers the man tweaking her other nipple with his hand, rolling it between his fingers, pulling on it and twisting it. He remembers her eyes closing, her mouth parting slightly, her tongue emerging from her mouth, slowly licking her bottom lip as the man continued his nipple play... sucking on one, nibbling on it gently with his teeth, while playing with the other with his fingers. He watches her face as the man reverses, moving his mouth to the other nipple, sucking on it, while letting his hand close over the first one, the nipple still wet, pulling on it, twisting it. Letting his free hand roam over her bare back, over her hip, over her ass, squeezing her ass cheeks beneath the leather skirt.

He remembers the black haired man leaning back suddenly, exhaling sharply, and turning her roughly in his arms, shoving her against the cold cement wall. Her bare breasts are pressed into the cold, hard cement, as the man raises her arms above her head, and presses her hands against the wall, holding her there with one hand as his other hand roams over her back, her shoulders, and the back of her neck. He lifts her hair from her shoulders and kisses the nape of her neck, letting his lips trail down her back and over her shoulders. As he kisses her, his other hand moves further downward, over her hips, her ass, reaching under the skirt and dragging it up, bunching the skirt around her waist, exposing her ass clad in black lacey panties. He leans against her, letting her feel his hardness against her ass cheeks, grinding against her thru his pants as he continues to hold her hands up above her head with one hand and reaching around, squeezing a breast in the other, rolling the nipple between his fingers.

He remembers the blonde's eyes are still closed; he can tell she is breathing heavy, her head back, her hair trailing down her back, her body virtually nude to anyone who might pass by. Her breasts still pressed against the cold alley wall, the black haired man holding her there, sandwiching her body between his own and the hard cement. He remembers watching the man run his hand over her ass and down between her crack, down towards the junction between her thighs. He can tell the man is sliding his hand over and around her pussy, perhaps letting a finger up inside her tight warmth. He can see her body tense up, her eyes closing tighter, her breathing getting heavier, as the man continues his movements, sliding around and all over, up and inside her pussy. Removing his hand, he brings it to her face, her wetness glistening from his hand even from here, and he remembers watching the man insert his glistening wet finger, wet with her juices, into her mouth, making her suck on it, making her taste herself.

He remembers seeing the black haired man reach down, moving her thighs apart, her black panties pulled off to the side, exposing her to the air. He quickly undoes his fly, letting his hard cock free, straining against her bare ass cheeks, seeking entry into her tight, wet, warm pussy. The blonde, her eyes still closed, her breasts still pressed into the cold, hard cement of the alley wall, her legs spread apart...breathing heavy, her face flushed, exhaling sharply as the black haired man plunges his hard cock into her pussy, encasing himself inside her, feeling her wetness, her tightness, sheathing himself in her, pumping inside her, back and forth, in and out, her tightness closing around him with each stroke, as he buries himself inside her. He kisses her neck, her shoulders, pulling her head back by her hair, turning her head and kissing her hard on the lips as he fucks her, fucks her faster, harder, deeper, burying himself further with each stroke, feeling the tight walls of her pussy all around his cock, so warm, so wet.

He remembers them both, straining against the hard alley wall, breathing heavily, deeply, as the black haired man fucked her. He could tell when they both climaxed, her body almost crumpling forward as she let out a moan, her eyes tightly closed; his body tensing up as he gave one last hard thrust, slowly relaxing as he came, spilling into her.

He remembers watching the black haired man straighten up, tucking his spent cock back inside his pants, tucking his shirt back in the waistband, straightening his tie, smoothing his hair, and giving the blonde a quick peck on the cheek, walk away... leaving her there, leaning against the wall, mostly nude, legs still apart, his seed spilling down her bare thigh. Leaving her there, her tits still pressed into the cold cement alley wall, her eyes still closed...but closed now not in passion, but in finality, as she realized he was leaving her there, kissed, fucked and forgotten in the cold darkness of the alley behind the club.

He remembers watching her crumple slowly to the ground, sitting with her legs drawn up, her knees tucked under her chin, her back against the cold wall, her arms crossed over her bare breasts. He remembers watching one tear trail down her face as he walked up to her, picking up her shirt and draping it across her shoulders, giving her his cell phone to call for a ride home. He remembers her broken smile, the way she avoids his eyes as she covers herself slowly...perhaps still in a daze from her fucking, perhaps just tired and already picturing herself wrapped in warm blankets in her bed.

Shaking his head slightly at all the memories of the night before, he uses his thumb now to wipe away her tear, giving her a soft smile under the harsh streetlight, as he takes her hand and pulls her to her feet, leading her away from the alley, towards the dawn's light breaking through, towards another morning, another day...

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