tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 01

The Alley of No Return Ch. 01



The 38 year old in the black velvet figure hugging dress bit down on her full carmine lips. She needed a cigarette.

Jane Matthews put down her half drunk glass of wine on the bar, and slipped quietly into the crowd. Her friends were all busy discussing the play. God how she hated the monthly staff trip to the theatre. Very occasionally there would be a good production, and sometimes she would get to see a ballet which she loved. But the staff at the school where she taught were not her kind of people. In any case, she knew that they disapproved of her in several ways; though were too polite too actually mention it. And now the smoking ban which had come into effect meant that even the interval after an hour of intense boredom was no relief.

She had decided to skip the second part and wait outside for the others, where she, the only smoker at the school, could have some respite. She wouldn't mention it as they would try to get her to stay. Right now though they were so engrossed they wouldn't even noticed she hadn't rejoined them. After the theatre they would go on to eat at the local pizzeria ; she knew the owner had a thing for her and she was looking forward to seeing him again so had to join her colleagues again later.

Descending the spiral stairs discreetly she went to the cloakroom for her fur. It had been snowing outside earlier, and it would be a cold hour but at least she could chain smoke and would be warm. As she passed her ticket to the attendant, a young man came out of the gents toilet. He glanced at her, and looked like he was about to speak. He looked familiar, but she couldn't place him, so merely touched her raven bob behind her ear to show off her sculpted cheekbones, and smiled back. Again the guy looked like he wanted to say something, but looked acutely embarrassed, and started up the stairs presumably to see the second half of the performance. Well , despite his good looks, no real man would actually be at such a dreadfully boring production. She sighed, put on her full length blue fox coat and pulled it around herself.

She smiled; enjoying its luxury; the luxury her colleagues detested she knew. The few ill informed comments she had from them were always put down by Jane easily....and they had no stomach for argument. They also clearly disapproved of her smoking too; but she was not the sort of woman that submitted easily to the consensus of the combine. She was her own woman; and enjoyed the fact that she was different to the others; relished it. Jane Matthews was glamour and elegance personified; and she revelled in it. To her smoking was part of seduction; so much so it had become a consuming passion. She had nothing but contempt for non smokers; despised their lily livered timidity.

As she went to open the double doors, an outstretched hand pushed the door before she could reach it. She turned, and again the guy who had smiled at her was there.

"Allow me" he said, a tremble in his voice.

"Thank you" she smiled. "Nice that there are still some gentlemen".

She glanced back and smiled at him again. He was a looker alright. Shame he didn't have more courage; but then he was only around 19 years old. Certainly didn't look like a smoker. Jane Matthews liked men who smoked.

Her husband of eleven years hated smoking; and she had moved to a new town as soon as her divorce had come through, and taken up a new teaching post. In the year she had been here, she had only had three sexual encounters. All "unsuitable" men; all exciting, all married. It suited her and it had suited them. They had all smoked....so refreshing to have bad boys after her lame husband....and she had relished the taste of nicotine and hard liquor on the breath of the three of them. Maybe later tonight if she was lucky Carlo would be the fourth. Dark, swarthy, confident, well dressed and Italian. And a smoker too. She paused to light her cigarette as she rounded the corner, and inhaled deeply, eyes closed at the thought of his manhood inside her; his leather clad thighs against her nakedness; pumping her full of nicotine laced fluids. She couldn't wait to see him again. The last outing to his restaurant, at the end of the evening he had helped her on with the same fur coat she was wearing now, and she had noticed how he had clenched his hands into the fullness of it as he had helped her on with it. She recalled his words.

"So soft; so beautiful....it is nice to see a stunning English lady to wear such a fine coat...in my country every woman wears; in England it is so sad that you don't see so many".

He had also accompanied her outside and lit her two cigarettes during their time there; and even had one himself with her. Yes tonight she would have him; and right now she was becoming aroused at the prospect.

She pulled on her leather gloves from the pocket of her fur, and put them on. It was minus 6 maybe; but she was dressed for it. She placed the cigarette to her lips in her now gloved hand, and pulled hard on it once again. As she rounded the corner her exhale was illuminated bright against the theatre lights, and the silver cloud lingered in the cold still air. Lingered long enough for Jason Peters to inhale it.

He had to pluck up the courage. Did she remember him? Twice he had missed his opportunity to speak. He remembered her words to him in class some years before:

"Seize the day".

He tried to recall a quote from Shakespeare's Caesar that she had taught him too. Well now he breathed in deeply; enjoying the smoky essence of her that hung there .....he would now try to seize the night.

Jane Matthews stopped in the darkness of the alley, and as the end of her cigarette glowed slowly , she paused. Then it hit her. The boy who had opened the door for her; it was Jason Peters. How could she forget? The kid had a crush on her for years and she has coached him to be the best student in her class . He had gone to Oxford University after 6th form college she heard, and was doing well studying Chaucer and Middle English. She smiled; another success story...she was a good teacher and always took great pride in getting her pupils to appreciate Shakespeare in particular; and Jason had a real talent for reading aloud with great inflection. He could have been an actor she thought. How she wished she had pursued her early acting career. Oh well lost opportunities she almost said aloud. Her mind wandered back to Jason Peters. He was always a good looking lad but now he was a man. She thought back to how she used to catch her looking at her sometimes in the school they had both been in for several years miles from this new town near Oxford. She missed Southampton. Missed the boats, the nearby villages, the drives along the coast when she needed to get away from her miserable husband. But she certainly didn't miss him. How had she wasted so much time with him? Oh well, she was free now. Free. Again she wrapped the blue fox she had bought in Copenhagen on a holiday with her divorce settlement money; her husband hated fur, and hated smoking. She loved both. She also remembered that Jason Peters was mesmerised by her smoking; as men and boys alike it seemed often were. She smiled and inhaled again; end glowing. As she breathed toward the light at the end of the alleyway to enjoy the fullness of the exhale, she saw a silhouetted figure of a man. Yes it was a man alright; muscular, athletic. It was Jason.

He was watching her. She took another long drag on her cigarette.

"You bored with the play too?" she asked. "It's Jason isn't it? Jason Peters?"

The hypnotised Jason Peters walked toward her.

"Yes miss" he said; the tremble in his voice still evident. "I thought it was you but I wasn't sure. Wow you look so beautiful tonight...the fur is awesome. I remember that long black fur you used to wear...that was lovely too. And you still have the dark bob...its glossy; lovely. You look stunning. He paused; a little unsure of himself. "So....So... how are you?"

"I am fine Jason; really good. And thank you for the compliment. I hear you are at Oxford....course good?" Jane Matthews said with a soft cascade of smoke which floated toward him. She flicked the cigarette in her gloved hand which she held outstretched at her side. Jason stared at it, and the thick soft pelts that framed it . Ever since he had first seen her smoke all those years ago he had a thing for women that smoked. But he had never actually dated a smoker; or even dreamed of a woman in a fur this magnificent.

"Yes it's fine Miss; really good. Miss....may I ask you something?" Jason asked, his courage growing by her relaxed attitude.

"Fire away" Jane responded, raising the long white tube to her lips again , the fiery glow illuminating her narrowed eyes and seductive smile "and you don't have to call me miss anymore...it's Jane..." With the nicotine caressing her veins and fur caressing her face; Jane felt sexy. She also knew that Jason was aroused by her smoking. She also recognised that he had grown into a good looking guy. And they were in a dark alley together; and there was electricity in the air as well as luminous blue dancing smoke.

Jason straightened himself and cleared his throat. He moved closer to her, and she straightened too, their eyes meeting; neither averting. "I remember a quote from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Miss...I mean Jane. You taught it to me. You said people should live by it. You mentioned about seizing the day..."

"Wait Jason" she said softy. She turned to alley entrance to see nobody could see them. She took a long drag on her cigarette, and their eyes met again.

As she exhaled her words in a deep husky whisper:

"cowards die many times before their deaths...."

Jason took it up, as he put his arm around her back and pulled him toward her

"....but The Valiant never taste of death but only once..."

The scream of an owl and the rumble of a nearby goods train did not disturb the intimacy as his mouth opened to meet hers, and smoke filled his lungs for the first time in his life. He melted into her soft fur coat, which opened as he pressed his erection against her.

Jane broke off the kiss; running her gloved fingers through his hair and looking deep into his eyes.

"You always liked me smoking didn't you Jason? Well...I like guys who smoke too. Do you mean those words...?", she dared, knowing he was a non smoker, and taking another deep drag herself. She exhaled slowly the thick stream of smoke just past his face and held the cigarette close to his face, beckoning him to try. The chiselled young face turned to the cigarette and as his lips were about to close on it, she moved it fractionally away.

"Are you sure you want this Jason? It's a path of no return. Addiction will grip you forever. Its beautiful; all that is truly beautiful is deadly. Do you really want? I mean really want?"

He looked toward her, this time his eyes narrowed in focus on hers, as he took his first puff.

Jane moved her body rhythmically against his as her corruptive charm worked its magic. "Again" she demanded, with more than a little twisted wickedness in her voice. The end glowed again and gain. And his firm grip on her started to relax as she knew his head was spinning. Spinning so much as the nicotine ravaged his veins for the first time; pumping blood faster to his already swollen phallus. She kissed him hard, leaned back against the wall, and her leg rose up behind him, her stiletto boot digging the back of his thigh. Their entwined tongues danced in the blue fog that passed between them, only the odd curl drifting away from them.

Jane discarded the cigarette and her gloved hand reached into his black jeans. She slowly took hold of him and pulled him against her. She groaned with a smile as he broke through the thin nylon veil between them and entered her.

Once she had him inside her she reached into her pocket for the Marlboro Lights 100s and her lighter. "Light two for us", Jane begged, this time it was her voice trembling. Jason did as he was asked, trying not to move too much despite her slow dance. Lighting both, he placed one in her lips. "Mmmmm " was her response as she drew deeply on it, and turned to fill his mouth with her exhale "how does it feel?" she whispered seductively. "Like I am one with you at last Miss...I mean... Jane" .

He took a long puff himself, his head now bowing a little with the headiness of the nicotine rush, and she slammed her hips against his with teeth gritted. "You know what I have done to you don't you Jason? I have changed your life forever. I have turned you; like a vampire; made you one of us. We are now both in its grip. Nic...o....tine . Feel it's caress; savour it. We have communion with it" .

Jane laughed huskily. "Fuck me Jason Peters, my handsome sssssssmoke slave" .

The athletic figure inside her lifted her against the wall , and this time both her legs wrapped around him as he penetrated her even more deeply, his face buried in her fur clad breasts as he heard her cigarette sizzle above his head.

It was protracted. Violent. Beautiful. Evil.

As she slipped to the ground ; satisfied for the first time in two months, she took a last drag on the cigarette, eyes closed and lips smiling. She exhaled the last luminous blue stream vertically into the night and Jason watched ; smiling too. He realised then that despite his many conquests at college, he had actually never experienced anything remotely as passionate before. Though he had had sex with dozen girls before; only tonight had he truly lost his virginity; and gained a lover who would be his Mistress forever.

It has all happened so quickly; suddenly. Truly the words had meant something....she may have given him a death sentence but it was a valiant one; until that moment he knew he had been a coward all his life. And now for his courage all his fantasies about her had come true. She was as bad and beautiful as she looked; and the reason she always looked like she was sexually aroused when she smoked was because she was.

Jane slipped her phone number scrawled in dark red lipstick on a piece of paper into his pocket as he dressed himself.

"Call me sometime Jason. I have to get back inside before my friends come out. And you...you are with someone?"

"Just some friends from college Jane. A girl....but nothing serious...I...I don't think anything else will be as serious as that ever again" .

Jane smiled, and kissed him on the cheek; her smoky breath starting to arouse him again. They embraced firmly and kissed deeply once more.

Then Jane broke it, put two fingers to her lips then his, turned and walked down the alley to the theatre alone. He just watched as her full blue fox flared behind her as her boots stabbed the pavement. She turned and waved another kiss at him; lighting another cigarette. Then she was gone. Jason collapsed against the wall, closing his eyes with satisfaction. He opened them again; smiling, as he saw the ethereal essence of his former teacher hang in the cold air. Jane took four deep drags and threw the cigarette away. She opened the theatre door, biting her lip and closing her yes again at what she had done; and how pure it was for both of them.

Then she abruptly came to a halt as in front of her stood one of her colleagues, hesitantly, at the foot of the staircase. The girl , in her probationary year as a teacher, looked nervous.

"Is the play finished Elaine?" Jane asked, as she heard the door open behind her, and caught with a glance Jason walk into the gents washroom. She looked back at Elaine. She watched him too.

"No no...its still on...I just volunteered to come and see where you were....everyone was worried" She fidgeted with her glasses, and with her golden tressled locks.

"Oh I am so sorry Elaine...I just wasn't enjoying it and ...well you know...I needed...."

" ...a cigarette..." Elaine finished.

Jane Matthews mouth fell open for a moment before she gathered herself . She had seen. They had been seen.

"Nice looking guy. Really handsome...." Elaine said, red faced and staring at the floor.

She looked up.

"Jane...I....I mean....I ....would you....oh dear how do I put this. I have always wondered...I mean it just looks so fascinating and I have always avoided it ...but...well I was wondering....I never tried it see; and I always like the boys who do...you know how it is... and well I don't want to show myself up and well...and I ....well there is another 15 minutes of the play left; and well you always have to go out on your own to smoke...and well I really was thinking well maybe I would maybe...if..."

"Elaine" Jane Matthews said firmly. "Would you like to join me for a cigarette?" If we have fifteen minutes its time. Are you sure it is what you want?"

Elaine looked over at Jason Peters as he sailed quickly up the stairs in a few three step bounds.

Elaine Gregory looked at Jane Matthews.

" Yes" she said purposefully " I would very much like to try a cigarette."

"Come with me...." Jane said smiling; her gloved hand invitingly outstretched...

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