tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 03

The Alley of No Return Ch. 03



Ben St James could not concentrate in the lecture hall all morning. He couldn't wait to see Rebecca Simmonds at lunchtime. But for the first time in his life; it wasn't just the feelings he had for her, or her looks. It was more. A hunger. He need her; craved her. The night before they had spent four hours just having sex and smoking between. Each time she lit up after one romp, he became almost instantly aroused again, and by the end of the night he had smoked ten cigarettes himself. He had no cough, no side effects. All that time he had feared it; he now knew that was just denial. He never wanted to fuck a non smoker again.

He was never so grateful for the end of the two and a half hour lecture. He had arranged to meet Rebecca outside the main entrance on the steps as their lectures both finished at the same time.

He gathered his physics textbooks and hurried to meet her. As he climbed the stone steps to one of the most gothic of the Oxford college buildings, Rebecca he could see was stood alone, and already lighting a cigarette. She was wearing her expensive shearling again, and with long brown suede boots. She looked even sexier than the night before...less "studenty". Her long blonde hair looked fuller and less unkempt; she had given it amazing corkscrew curls he saw as he got closer. As he rushed to meet her he put his arms around her waist inside the soft coat, and saw she was wearing a tight green and black hooped top which showed her breasts heave as she inhaled the smoke. He just got to her lips in time to get the full exhale inside him. Heaven. The nicotine spin was almost immediate; and straight away gave him an erection which he pressed against her thigh.

"Easy Tiger," she said taking another seductive puff. He growled hungrily in her ear with gritted teeth and whispered "give us a drag Rebecca."

She smiled; knowing she had him completely addicted; and she loved the new bad boy desperation in his voice.

As he drew heavily on the Dunhill menthol cigarette her impeccably manicured nails held against his lips, she purred.

"mmmmmm...Nice no?"

"Nice yes..." He drew again ; "...I think I am addicted already."

A rush of ecstasy came over her as this time she met his exhale with her lips; enjoying the completeness of her corruption of Oxfords finest rower, rugby player and athlete. Wave after wave of gushing ecstasy came over her, and made her already nicotine head spin worse....no...better.

Ben studied her face and hair. "You look well...beautiful Rebecca...different. Glamorous. I like the look; its sexy."

"My lecture was only an hour so I thought I would preen myself a little when you left this morning. Glad you like it."

They paused, admiring each other nose exhales and periodically biting one another's lips, giggling smoke in the cold.

"I got to have you now Ben. Take me my naughty hunny bunny...pleeeease."

"What here?" he said anxiously.

"Ben St James. Girls don't just wear long full furry coats to keep warm ya know. They hide a lot."

Checking the coast was clear, he unzipped himself and entered her. She pulled the ankle length shearling that has been her eighteenth birthday gift from an ex boyfriend around her and closed her eyes, sending a thick exhale into the frosty air.

"Now slowly slowly Ben. The movement will give us away. Here; lets have another cigarette..." she said, flicking the old one sexily with her nails and watching it tumble down the steps . With his back to the steps, Ben didn't see the woman that was walking slowly up them , talking into a mobile phone. Rebecca placed two menthols in her lips and lit them. She shuddered with pleasure as Ben swelled and throbbed inside her. Smoking may after years cause impotence, she thought, but there was no doubting that short term a nicotine stiffened cock was awesome.

She handed Ben a cigarette just as Fenella Craven came alongside them.

"Ben St James! You are smoking!" she said in part horror, part disbelief and part envy of their embrace.

But Ben was long beyond redemption; and disguised by the soft sensual fullness of Rebecca's mouton fur lined tan shearling coat,

he felt no embarrassment either. She could never know as long as Rebecca didn't lift her coat he was actually penetrating her.

"Oh yeah hi Mrs Craven. Yeah I just started smoking." He gave her a slant eyed look and a heartbreaker smile, and whispered "want one? "

Fenella Craven was Ben's rowing instructor; though her main subject was 19th century French Literature lecturer. She had taken Rebecca a few times, and was a little crushed that she had clearly misinterpreted Rebecca's signals to her. Fenella was bi sexual, and despite her quite muscular upper arms from twenty years of rowing, she was actually very feminine. She loved French couture, and was as usual dressed in a Chanel suit and a vintage brown mouton coat over her shoulders against the cold, her long layered hair falling softly around them and own the front of the suit which gaped to reveal the cleavage given by excellent support of a French Mugler bra. Her spending sprees on clothes in Paris had caused a separation from her husband, and while she hoped it temporary, she was enjoying herself in the meantime...with both sexes. Though it was inappropriate to encourage a relationship with one of her students, she had to admit she would be pretty powerless if anything should develop with Rebecca Simmonds. She felt bitter disappointment at first at what greeted her at the top of the steps. And now her star rower was smoking too. She was hurt and at the same time more than a little aroused.

"Hi Fenella," Rebecca said pulling hard on her menthol with a delicious tease in her eyes. "You want to join us for a cigarette?"

Fenella's heart banged like hoof beats in her chest with excitement

at the prospect. She had once smoked twenty years before and knew its allure well; tried to block it out of her mind for years. Then all those old French posters by Helmut Newton came flooding back; all those stunning women, smoking in long gloves. She looked at her hands. her black leather 3/4 kidskin gloves would look ssooooo good with a cigarette....so French. And she trembled all over at the thought of nicotine inside her again.

Ben started to panic as he could see that Fenella was wavering. Her initial disgust at Ben smoking had completely vanished, and she was biting her lip hungrily and glancing around. Afternoon lectures had been cancelled due to the snowfall, and there was nobody else in sight on the steps. She shook the snow off her boots, and said.

"I would love one."

She walked across the stone steps to place her files and books on the columns opposite, and Rebecca whispered in Ben's ear. "Ssssh play your card right; don't panic. Your dreams could come true."

Ben had no idea what Rebecca meant; but he did at that moment know what Cleopatra's grip was. She had him held firmly with her powerful control of her own bodily functions.

As Fenella turned back to them; she could see something was strange in the way Rebecca had to fumble to get her cigarettes from her pocket and hold the outstretched pack. Rebecca however winked at her, and Fenella melted inside. She accepted and Rebecca then flicked the lighter she held in the same hand into action. Fenella had to lean in close for the light, and her soft cold mouton padded shoulder touched Ben on the side of the face, as the end of her cigarette glowed in the tete a tete menage a trois.

He moaned audibly, and as nicotine began to pump around her body bringing memories and adrenaline flooding back with an evil caress, she smiled. He was inside her. She knew. She flashed a huge knowing smile at Rebecca:

"You are encourageably wicked Rebecca Simmonds."

"I know Fenella. I am. I lurrrvvv your fur too..." she purred, stroking it and exhaling her smoke to mingle with Fenella's as it cascaded down her tweed and gold suit, a curl of smoke trapping in her tanned cleavage, and her huge soft mouton coat. Both exhales engulfed Ben and he almost came.

"I haven't worn it for a couple of years, but that whole PETA thing seems to have died down now and its on the catwalks and well its vintage anyway and..." Fenella started babbling, feeling a little embarrased about Ben's predicament. Rebecca stroked her face with her hand.

" You don't have to explain Fenella...I love furs...though chickened out and went for a sheepskin with fur lining.....sssshhh its sexy..... I like it.....You have beautiful big eyes Fenella..." she said, starting to move rhythmically on her steed.

Fenella looked into Rebecca's eyes, and took a long puff on the long white menthol rod . Rebecca cooed at the sight of the cigarette in such elegant hand, and the awakened hunger of evil in the soul that she glimpsed in the older woman's eyes, and began to groan quietly in ecstasy.

"Kiss me Fenella; please. I want...."

"Rebecca..." Fenella said helplessly herself. "This is wrong. So beautifully wrong..."

But Ben was helpless too, and she could see he was staring at the cigarette she held in her gloved hand aloft too.

"Oh God why did I ever give up?" she said aloud, and took a long puff. She exhaled as she met Ben's lips, and she felt him melt as her fur enveloped him. Ben was dizzy with feelings he had never known before. He was completely without resistance. The sensuality of furs, and smoke, and two beautiful women against him and inside the vice like grip of one, was overwhelming. He nearly passed out as he exhaled to one side and watched Fenella's tongue this time probe Rebecca's . She broke it off, scanned around for people, and took an eye narrowing drag on her menthol. Again he nearly came.

Rebecca groaned with passion, and again moved rhythmically on Ben.

Fenella smiled; her morality evaporated into the ether of the blue smoke that softly surrounded them.

"I am going to go to take these reports inside. Then I will be back. Extract yourselves from your predicament, here are my BMW keys. Go and sit in the car....we will pick up some champagne and cigarettes on the way to my apartment and do this properly."

She flicked her cigarette down the steps, ran her gloved fingers through her thick brunette hair, and left a possessive cloud of her exhaled smoke lingering between them.

"Are you okay with that?" she said as she walked away, smiling, and Rebecca gripping the keys of her top range BMW in excited anticipation.

"I thought I was in control here?" Rebecca giggled, then nodded furiously looking at Ben's shocked eyes and feeling him shoot hot semen inside her.

"I think you will be missing rugby training tonight Ben..." she said lovingly kissing him.

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