tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 05

The Alley of No Return Ch. 05



Ruth Mears wandered slowly down the alley, as if suspended by some invisible puppeteer. She had lost all will of her own, and was naked beneath the deep pile blue fox coat that licked her bare ankles, sending delicious shivers all over her body. She flicked the cigarette at her side and watched the end glow , then raised it to her lips again. She closed her eyes, and inhaled. Another layer of resistance vanished as the nicotine held her in the firmest of embraces yet caressed very part of her ; a feeling of ecstasy she had never dreamed was possible. It was a thousand times more powerful yet tender than her best lover...male or female...had ever been. She followed in the footsteps of the rag doll dance of addiction.

Now she was completely entranced, and had no desire left to resist Jane Matthews. She knew know why she had hated her so much. Now envy and hatred had no place in Ruth Mears relinquished body, and she was through with the self flagellation that such hatred brought to the soul. "If you can't beat them join them" she said aloud as she exhaled another beautiful stream of luminous blue smoke into the frozen night air; more corrupt thrills racing all over her as she revelled in her surrender to the vampire the had poisoned her blood.

When Ruth Mears was a teenager, all the boys she had had crushes on had succumbed not to her, but to girls that smoked. She had grown to detest the habit, seen it as the seductive tool of the over made up tart. Ruth's first boyfriend , who she had thought would be forever hers, had come back to her first year college little flat with smoke on his breath and perfume on his neck had been the final straw. He had confessed under her interrogation that he had been with another girl, one he said "was everything she wasn't...wild and free and full of passion". Those words had killed Ruth Mears, and she had sought solace in the bosom of her lesbian flat mate; and had only had two drunken and fumbling encounters with men since. She had had seven female lovers, and sensitive and wonderful as they had been, Ruth had never climaxed so uncontrollably till a few moments ago in the alley. She had always detested the painted woman, the symbols of ostentatious femininity like furs, and smoking ...because they gave women an artificial power over men. A man should want her for her, not for the trappings of seduction. But now all that had changed, as Ruth Mears herself had succumbed to the things that she had denied to herself all these years. Now she was hungry to make up for her foolishness.

As she stepped out into the brightly lit neon signs and shop windows of the main street, she fumbled in the pocket of Jane's fur for the keys. Her gloves were also there. She took them out, and dangling the cigarette from her mouth, put them on. Taking the cigarette from her lips after another long draw, she opened her eyes to see her silhouette reflected in a shop window. It thrilled her to see the perfect illuminated exhale come for her previously virgin lips, and smiled as she shuddered as wave after wave of nicotine swamped her body.

Jane Matthews had infected her with a glorious venom , she thought, and succumbing to it was sweet surrender indeed. She felt unearthly, like a spirit had taken her over.

Just then she became aware that a couple were watching her.

"M..M...Miss Mears????" said 19 year old Julie Calver, staring at her transformed former teacher in disbelief.

"Wow" said the boy at her side, who Jane took a while to focus was another of her ex pupils.

"Hi..." Ruth said in a new deep husky voice she didn't recognise as her own "...you're out late." Ruth took a long puff on the Marlboro light in her gloved hand, and pulled the fur around herself so there would be no danger of revealing her nudity.

"Phoaw! Miss you look amazing!" Paul Jacobs said , unable to control his excitement at the vision in front of him. His girlfriend in woollen bobble hat and drab washed out hoody sniffled in the cold and nudged her boyfriend in the ribs with a frown.

"Miss I hope that isn't real fur....and...and you're smoking...that's disgusting."

Ruth Mears took a long drag on the half smoked marlboro, exhaled a steady stream upwards and then looked at Paul and Julie with black eyes; her red spikey fringe falling over them putting them even darker in shadow. Paul's erection jerked. She was amazing.

Ruth could see the boy was in awe of her.

"You smoke don't you Paul?" she said, eyebrow raised.

"yy...y...y...yeah sometimes Miss..." Paul said; excitement evident in his voice.

"Sorry it's my last one, but you are welcome to share it with me..." Ruth found herself saying against her will.

Paul was held in her hypnotic gaze, and he couldn't help himself. He took the cigarette from her outstretched hand and eagerly took three hard drags on it, enjoying the kiss by proxy, before handing it back to her. Paul savoured the smoke of his sexy former teacher in his lungs, oblivious of his own girlfriend, who stared in open mouthed disbelief disdain and at the same time awakening desire.

Ruth took anther puff on the white tube and narrowed her eyes at the helpless girl, and exhaled into Paul's exhale; their swirling mix now floating towards Julie and engulfing her.

"Julie...I admire you encouraging Paul not to smoke...smoking is bad for you. But sometimes, as I have found to my cost, it's the things in life that are bad that are also truly beautiful. Don't judge him too harshly; especially when you have never tried it yourself."

Julie's mouth turned downwards and tears welled up in her eyes. She had admired Ruth Mears; never expected her to be like this. She gazed at the fur.

"Yes it is real Julie..." she anticipated "...touch it....then tell me a thing of such beauty is bad."

Julie tentatively felt the fur, revulsion being replaced by curiosity.

"Oh its so soft...I never thought..." but then she recoiled. "...it would look better on the animal though."

"Julie; until very recently I would have agreed with you. But then I eat meat and wear leather, so I would just be a hypocrite wouldn't I?"

"But this...this is for vanity not for food or function!" Julie appealed, shaking her head as she watched Ruth flick the cigarette into the street and exhale beautifully against the star spangled blue midnight above them.

"But Julie; meat is not necessary either. And this coat is enchanting; it is like the animal has become revered...its beauty will last a lifetime..... and the meat one eats? Its energy gone in just a few hours. Only now am I beginning to understand that. Fur has been regarded as beautiful by man for thousands of years...who are we to suddenly say it is so immoral?" Ruth stroked the fur again, and so did Julie and Paul.

Paul took out his own cigarette and offered one to Ruth. Ruth accepted, Julie still stroking her fur.

"Julie" Paul said, a tremble in his voice " would you please not try one with us? I love to smoke and want so much to share with you."

"Aww that is so sweet Paul" Ruth said as she saw the girl grow weak. "Again Julie...a little while ago...I would have gone beserk with Paul for suggesting you smoke a cigarette and pollute your body but now? Well how can I deny you this?" Part of Ruth Mears struggled inside to resist the wickedness of tempting the girl into this ; but that part of her remained gagged as tonight the song of corruption was to be sung loud among the dreamy spires, their silhouettes diffused in her exhale against the stars that twinkled through.

"Kiss her Paul....deeply...you know what I mean." Ruth turned on her heels and bade them goodnight, watching as Paul put his arm around his girl who awaited the inevitable, a smile growing on her face as the tip of her boyfriend's cigarette sizzled red.

"You two make it seem so sexy...." Said Julie, aroused by the whole encounter.

Paul paused, and looked one last time at Ruth Mears.

"Miss" he called after her "about the fur...is it true what they say...no knickers and all?"

Julie's eyes glared at such laddish devilment in her boyfriend and she thumped him playfully. Then she turned to see if Ruth Mears reacted.

Ruth Mears spun around 360 degrees, swirling fog from her smiling lips, and the answer made their mouths drop open as the glimpse was enough to confirm what Paul had never really expected.

"Wow" he whispered; then turned to look his girlfriend in the eyes.

"Paul...I think I want to be like her. She is sexy isn't she? I know."

Paul took another drag on his Marlboro red and didn't have chance to exhale as Julie's tongue pride his lips apart and her lips clamped on hers until she took the toxic vapour inside her. She exhaled, eyes closed and felt the nicotine rush around her body. It was nice. There was no cough. No struggle. Her body immediately craved more. Paul's erection stiffened against his girlfriend as his heart pounded at his sweet girlfriend's lips closed on his cigarette and he saw the same dark look in her eyes as he had seen in the eyes of the temptress they had just encountered. There was a wicked twinkle in her eyes as she exhaled over his shoulder.

"You had better get a promotion at work Paul...that record store needs to recognise how hard you work and you now need a rise..." she teased with a smile...and not this kind..." she added in a whisper, squeezing his formidable and throbbing erection gently. "It is bad enough that you are going to have to keep me in cigarettes now...but I also want a fur for my birthday next month. I heard there are some good buys on ebay...don't look so nervous. And wouldn't you like me in bed with all that soft, soft, sensual fur?"

Paul turned her around and put her against the wall, his arousal now demanding relief as they became one ; nicotine coursing their bodies in unison. As he entered her, and she gasped, his body shivered all over. His beautiful girlfriend was now a smoker; something he had always secretly wanted but was afraid to tell her.

Ruth Mears heart pounded inside her body at the wickedness she had just revelled in. She stroked the fur over her breasts as she pulled the coat around her, her now ungloved hand enjoyed its sensual thickness. She felt warmer than she had ever felt before; more fulfilled than she had ever felt before. Something this god could not be bad; and if it was, then she was as bad as they come.

Her gloved hand held the full flavoured Marlboro to her lips again, and the higher strength of the smoke strangled the life out of what was left of the old Ruth Mears. She stopped a moment to get her bearings and remember Jane's instructions., then walked on, addicted and entranced, and in tantalising anticipation that the evening had only just begun. She placed a leather sheathed finger inside her wetness as she walked and groaned , smiling. Soon she would be in Jane Matthews bed; and would be enjoying communion with the devils she had always denied herself; all her rotten torment and screwed up morality a thing of the past; expelled from her body through her baptism with every exhale, and fox pelt lashing at her naked thighs.

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