tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 07

The Alley of No Return Ch. 07


PART SEVEN: By Dawn's Early Light

Jane Matthews eyes opened and she yawned. Light flooded through the thin gauze at the bedroom window. She arose, naked and pulled the long black sheared beaver coat from the bed and placed it over her shoulders. She took the last cigarette from the pack that she and Ruth Mears had worked their way through, and lit it at the window as Ruth slept. She glanced around to make sure she had not disturbed her, and breathed in the smoke from the long white stick in her lips.

Looking out of the window, she could see sometime between 3am and now it had snowed. The sun had just risen, and she let its weak beams fall on her nakedness as she felt the incredible softness of the sheared nap of the beaver against her face as it sat on her shoulders. She had dozed for an hour since the phone call she had received from headmistress Lydia Keith.

She smiled at the thought of what Lydia had experienced the night before. She had heard the unmistakable flick of a lighter and soft sounds of lips and breath of a first cigarette over the phone, followed by a slight moan of surrender and at the animal sounds of guttural Russian.

"School is out today Jane; boiler....minus 10...snow... maybe...she managed to blurt out through unsteady excited breathing.....we can meet up for coffee or a light lunch later?"

"That would be nice..." Jane had whispered "call you later...have a...nice lay in Lydia."

"Oh I will..." was just heard as a delicate exhale from the sixty year old.

Jane had snuggled down into the furs and drifted in and out of sleep enjoying the warm girl and luxury of the six furs on the bed against her naked body. And now she stood at the window, smoking with a smile on her face.

"They all want underneath it" she said on an exhaled stream illuminate in the weak winter sun, as she pulled the coat around herself , gliding her open palms on the fur as it hugged her hips, closing her eyes as the cigarette dangled in her smile.

Smoke drifted from the window to Ruth Mear's nose, the high sweet aroma immediately making the skin all over her body tingle as she writhed in the furs , turning and smiling at the vision in front of her through bleary eyed content.

"Me some..." Ruth Mears demanded in baby talk, and Jane pulled hard on the cigarette knowing that Ruth Mears was now experiencing the devotion of addiction. Kicking off her mules, Jane moved as elegantly as a cat towards the bed exhale billowing from her still red lips and out of the window she had opened.

"Bad Girl; naughty," Jane returned the baby speak.

Ruth touched herself and groaned as Jane Matthews soft beaver caressed her breast, and she held the sacred tube to her lips and she took of it with all her devotion of spirit. She purred with pleasure s she exhaled, thrilling at her seemingly bland words; yet they held a power which made even Jane shudder

"We're smokers, aren't we?" she said gleefully in child like mischief.

Jane said nothing, and threw her leg over the naked body writhing beneath her as she would have mounted a horse. Again her shoulders rose to feel the excruciating soft caress of the beaver around her shoulders, as the animated fox pelts over Ruth flicked her thighs.

She rose over Ruth Mears and the symmetry of her dark frame in the vintage 80s fur was a frighteningly dark apparition, and smoke from the smiling crimson gash across its face obliterated the form of the creature whose pelvis thrust against her. She pulled the sheet of heavy fur pelts, black as night with just the sleek glossy highlights sparkling in the light , up in the air, which brought even more darkness, over Ruth's head . She caught the reflection of the profile of Jane's stunning falling bobbed hair breathing smoke over her in the mirror opposite and clenched her legs around Jane's body in sheer lust.

"A raven..." Ruth whispered as she surrendered her soul entirely to the carnal predator over her in the misty haze of blue that filled the room in swirling layers that drifted to the window "... breathe your evil into me; take me , devour the carrion of my flesh ."

Jane extinguished the cigarette in the ash tray after taking the deepest darkest inhale she had ever experienced. Her head spun form it as she descended on to her victim, pouring thick smoke into her whimpering mouth and violating veins with the wicked stroke of nicotine, as the silken smooth softness of each woman's skin became one flesh; moist heat exchanging as their thighs tingled at mutual contact. Though she longed for the brutality of penetration; the entry of smoke violating her was a nice substitute; Ruth also knew that a lifetime without a man had developed her responsiveness to touch of skin alone to heights most people could never know. Maybe that is why the touch of furs and nicotine had such heightened sensuality for her too she mused ; she didn't know. She shivered as their legs wrapped around each other, pert breasts tenderly clashing in playful exchange, their pelvic actions seeking friction and moist succour, when Jane thrust thick blue fox against the helpless girl's open crotch. Ruth groaned.

"Wait till you feel mink," Jane said , laughing wickedly; "I can tell you with conviction diamonds are NOT a girl's best friend..." she smiled as they immersed themselves in fur and Jane sough out her blackglama jacket with probing hand.

Two hours ten cigarettes and multiple orgasms later Jane Matthews was making coffee; another stimulant she loved. She yawned and wished she had a line of coke to wake her further to a higher sensuality again. As she stirred the steaming black broth she reflected on the outbreak of infection she had brought on to this suburb of Old Oxford Town.

"You are a witch Jane Matthews," Ruth Mears said as she placed a cigarette in the lips of her mistress;

"you have stirred something in all of us..."

"It was something you all already craved Ruth; you always suspected the hypnotic trance in which it holds its dedicated coven, didn't you? You don't think we flirt with death without something powerful in return did you? Now you are one with us. Yes Ruth you are a smoker...isn't it wonderful?" Jane Matthews purred as smoke cascaded in billowing clouds she spoke and Ruth breathed it in as she put her arm beneath the black fur around Jane's waist.

"It is a pleasure of which no one dare speak in the temple of false witness our society has built. I wasted eleven years of my life trying to be the perfect wife, suppressing all that was inside me too.

Now I want to embrace all the pleasures of sin; be free."

Jane pulled up the blue fox collar around Ruth's fur that sat on her shoulders, and kissed her softly.

"I knew that the first day you came to the school Jane. I sensed something that made me fear, even in the way you carry yourself. I notice how you hold male and female in your spell; teach me Jane; I want to be your disciple..." Ruth whispered , her lips gently pawing at Jane's as she begged succour from her smoky mouth.

Jane was delighted to oblige, and filled her lungs with acrid smoke once more as their tongues entwined, and their hands pawed helplessly at each other furs.

"Later" Jane whispered "let's take coffee...we have to meet Lydia and her new hotshot Russian lover for a light lunch soon."

Ruth's mouth fill open in shock "school!" she said in horror.

"sssh...it's closed...Lydia called me...she wants to meet for coffee or lunch ; we have a free day...probably the rest of the week...have you not seen? In the night snow shrouded us in still silence."

Ruth shuddered and smiled as she took the coffee Jane had made her; and pulled back the window net to see shimmering pink snow outside.

"Jane...if we have the day free...and we are going out...can I ask you to fix me up with make up, and do something with my hair...please?"

"Will be my pleasure Ruth; you can have the pick of my wardrobe too; and my furs. I think you would look good in Versace...and my high Dior boots will fit you too... we will show this drab world today what glamour means." Jane smiled, holding her cigarette aloft as she stretched, and looking like a dark incarnation statue of Liberty as she held the slipped sleek black beaver that swathed her, to her breast...

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