tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 10

The Alley of No Return Ch. 10



Mrs Coombes stood outside the Victorian restaurant conversion and placed her glass down at the table . The heaters were on outside, but it was now dipping to zero again and her husband already was excited as even her breath looked like an exhale of smoke. They were alone outside, apart from a waiter clearing up glasses from the terrace.

She slowly slid a More from its packet. It seemed to her husband that the act seemed to go on forever. Though in their youth Jennifer Coombes had smoked, he had encouraged her to give up when she was pregnant with Martin. She hadn't smoked since, apart form the very odd sneaky one when out with friends just before and just after the birth of her only son. But now, there was no denying that he was aroused at the thought of the prim and proper housewife and mother she had become smoking again; somehow it seemed naughty, and he was hungry for her all through dinner and couldn't wait for this moment. He watched intently as her long forefingers, leather clad still, slid the More from the Green glossy cellophane covered pack. They were both smiling in anticipation.

"Phoaw Jennifer; it seems so sexy to see that More in your fingers. Mmmm my wife gone bad and sexy." He kissed her on the cheek, and she coughed an "ahem" as she held the long elegant More aloft in her gloved fingers, wagging it furiously, for a light. He reached into his pocket and lit her. He knew from the two cigarettes missing from the pack that she had used the parking opportunity to practice, and that excited him too. When she arrived back at the restaurant with smoky breath he had said nothing, but it meant that he had sat throughout dinner with a boner.

He trembled as he lit her, and she smiled and steadied his hand stroking his fingers with leather.

She thanked him with soft smoke drifting in her speech toward his face., and looked down at her hand which held the More at an exaggerated and feminine angle away from her and tapped it with her forefinger to remove as yet non existent ash. He stroked the soft black fur of her sleeve, and ran his fingers through her magnificently sleek wedged natural hair; barely twenty grey hairs, and shining. "You look fabulous in that fur Fer " he said as he put his arm around her waist, and sunk his hand in the velvet soft pile of the waist and down over her buttocks leaving the tracks of his fingers in the nap "I love the way this drawstring waist flatters you; and love the exaggerated shoulders; makes you look really 1940s. Glad the look is back."

"You haven't called me Fer for eighteen years..." she said with nostalgic melancholy.

"Because you don't wear it any more; it used to go with you because you always used to wear it. I like it..." her husband said pawing at it eagerly.

"Why didn't you tell me silly? Why didn't you tell me you liked me smoking?" Jennifer said , pounding her clenched fist softly on his chest and a tear in her eye "I mean I know you did like it and I thought you had gone off it; gone off me.I felt my whole sex appeal repertoire was wrong somehow."

"I don't know; it kind of not pc is it? I mean I know this is just faux, but you used to wear real furs sometimes. And with the smoking I didn't want you to damage Martin when you were pregnant."

John looked down slightly ashamed he had in those 18 years lusted after other more vampy women while forcing his wife to live a lie for the sake of respectibility. He had wasted her; and he knew it.

Jennifer looked down "That was the hardest thing ever giving up. It was me John; and you made me a bore....I did it because that was what I thought you wanted in a wife. No more smoking, furs, casinos and sexy lingerie..." She shed a tear then looked up again fresh "...well I am back now, you've got your "Fer" back...what are you going to do now?"

She took a long seductive puff and her eyes glinted wickedness.

Just then two students joined them on the terrace .

One approached Jennifer with an unlit cigarette outstretched. He was lean and good looking, tanned and with a long pulled back raven hair. He was latin, though the accent was not clear to Jennifer as to what part of the Mediterranean.

"You are very bad boys..." she said, lighting both the boys of around twenty years cigarettes with wicked smile; teasing lust in her voice that was evident to all.

John Coombes watched his wife. She hadn't hesitated to snatch the lighter from her husband's hands. She did not pull away as the Italian looking lad just lingered a little too long with hand on glove and as she rose from the light, kept the cigarette dangling in his firm lips and exhaled a shot of smoke over her shoulder as he thanked her. Jennifer's pupils dilated, he saw it.

After they had walked to the opposite side of the terrace, and Jennifer had watched them walk with a smile of seductive desire on her lips, John looked at her and again put his arm wound her and into the soft fur. She raised the cigarette to her lips and it elevated at 45 degrees as she inhaled hungrily and looked after the boys with what was clearly sexual attraction.

"You like guys who smoke don't you 'Fer?" Jhn said nervously.

Jennifer raised an eyebrow and grinned wickedly. His heart was pounding and part of him didn't want her to answer .

But that part was overwhelmed by the words she spoke with a soft exhale near to his face with a look of sexy but despicable evil in her eyes. It turned him on, and he pulled her to his hips.

"'Course I do John; silly....it makes me horny."

"Oh Fer you are wicked......I....I... like it." John responded.

She began to kiss him passionately, passing a little smoke at each puff into his helpless mouth and placing her gloved fingers over it. She said firmly and from teeth clenched in the deliciousness of wickdness, "breathe it".

His cock throbbed against the gusset of her black leather pants, also new, as he did her bidding.

Eventually, John smiled at witnessing small wisps of chemically altered smoke exhale from his own lips. It excited him, and made him a little dizzy. Jane watched with glee and gently rubbed against her husbands stone protrusion. She turned her back on the lads that watched, exhaling at them with an unseen wink and pouting exhale over the shoulder of her fur. They responded each puffing hard themselves in envy and approval at what her helpless husband was getting; and Jennifer Coombes knew it.

His cock now unzipped unseen and against the leather trousers John Coombes moaned in ecstasy .

She held the cigarette in her gloved hand to his lips.

"Do it" she commanded.

"Oh 'Fer you know what I am like, It scares me."

"John. 'Fer said firmly and held it firmly against his lips and stared at them with lustful intent. "Even Martin has got the guts to do this; come on...are you going to be a whimp all your life?"

"Martin is smoking? How d..d...do you know?" John stuttered

" I saw him" she smiled wickedly. "I want him to get that girl; he will have to be a smoker so I told him it was fine...I offered him one but he already had a pack", she said with a pride and a wink that disturbed John

"Oh 'Fer how could you?" John whimpered.

"He is my son John; and I want him to know himself. I have denied myself all this time."

John kissed her, as she took another long puff herself with narrowed eyes, the hot end sizzling and glowing orange in his weakening face.

"John " she spoke softly with a thick exhale again passing some into his mouth. "You like me smoking; well I like men who smoke. Do it for me."

As John weakened and stared at the cigarette she again held to his mouth that yearned so much to join her, she whispered in his ear.

"It makes you stiffer, she said, and also "it makes things down there, well.... taste nicer" she said coyly, pulling back his foreskin and squeezing the head of the glans gently. She brought the leather finger that now glistened with seeped semen and placed it in her mouth with an "mmmm".

"How do you know that?" John said; a tear in his eye at the realisation his wife had been the whore he secretly craved all along. She glanced over again at the boys opposite, and smiled with fond memories of the many there had been like them before John. She looked into his eyes and they flashed an unsaid but tender ultimatum. She would be with such boys again or he would have to join her. He held her tight and his face buried in her hair and fur; his flesh was weaker than his resolve and he would indeed join the smoke scented vamp that his wife was once more.

"I fell in love with you John, but before I met you I had always gone out with smokers. I wasn't as sweet as I made out. And I was a bit naughty..." she said and pushed the cigarette into his lips, watched the end glow, and rubbed against him. John exhaled beautifully, nicotine coursing his veins for the first time and immediately his eyes assumed the sexy corrupted look of a smoker. He squirmed as he gave himself to the mistress whose velvet touch now replaced the purity of clean cold air in his lungs with a darker force, and stroked his loins. 'Fer's eyes lit up as she repeated the dose; this time he fed hungrily from her hand for the nicotine ; and she looked forward to her dessert later.

John kissed her passionately, fantasising about his sweet wife's mouth full of bad things.

John looked at his wife's cigarette , did himself up, broke off the embrace and strode boldy across the patio. Jennifer looked bemused, and watched as the lads opposite offered her husband a B and H after he had obviously asked them for one. He lit it , and Jennifer poured at her husband who know no longer looked boringly innocent. He did it like a trooper.

Jennifer Coombes rubbed her ass on the chair she had come to lean against as she watched the three males smoking and laughing, knowing one's cock would soon be inside her. Now he was a new man he would be more exciting at least; but secretly she imagined the two latinos shafting her as her pathetic husband watched. She almost brought herself to orgasm as she closed her eyes and kept in her exahle until she felt dizzy.

Striding back and thanking them, John took his wife in his arms again.

"Well I am not smoking feminine cigarettes that's for sure....anyway, I don't want to waste one of those when you look so damn sexy smoking them... " he said with new found, masculine and confident honesty; and she swooned as she watched thick smoke pour from his nose into the cold, and kissed him hard.

"Let's pay the bill and get out of here John...I want you now...NOW....let's get a hotel room and pick up some B and H for you on the way."

Jennifer followed her husband as he led the way, and as she passed the boys who smiled knowingly at her , winked and blew them a thick exhale.

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