tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 12

The Alley of No Return Ch. 12


CLIMAX PART I and II : Bad Moon Rising

Laura Deadorchid smiled in the darkness, moonlight from the window of the bedroom catching smoke drifting from her cigarette as she lay naked in the shining blackness of the fur, smiling at Martin.

He stared at her from under his emo flop, grinning as he removed his g string.

"Ahh" she said drawing deeply on the cigarette "I'd have had ya down as a boxers boy....nice surprise".

He knelt over her on the bed and kissed her gently on the neck as he heard a little groan of pleasure in her exhale next to his ear.

"This is a dream for me" said Martin "I always loved bad girls and you are the baddest Laura..."

"And I always liked the fantasy of corrupting a good boy so s'nice for me too....and I think you kiss beautifully..." she added, probing his mouth gently with her tongue and following up with smoke which she forced deep into him.

"Oh wow Laura" he said, righting himself to survey her body and exhale himself.

He touched her breasts with the firm but gentle sensuality of a sculptor at work, and her hips rose demanding contact as she groaned.

His glans glistened in the smoke permeated moonlight as it rose over Laura Deadorchid's body that writhed below. The nicotine wracked body of the addict that had corrupted him, he thought, whose flesh he was about to enter. He smiled, gritting teeth in satisfaction of his conquest. He would lose his virginity to a smoker; he had saved himself for this communion continually rejecting chances with girls he had dated briefly but hadn't smoked.

The thick stiffened shaft of Martin Coombes entered the corrupted body of Laura Deadorchid and he groaned as his phallus was gripped by her insides, and she bit him gently on the neck.

"First time huh?" she said softly through a spoken exhale, then held her cigarette to his lips. Martin accepted, eyes closed in ecstasy.

"phoawwww...oh...hhhmmmmm" said Laura in genuine arousal "you have become such a bad boy in such a short time...mmmmmm" she said as she kissed him again.

Martin lifted his sweating head, and spoke

"is it that obvious it's my first time?"

"Course hunny but don't worry; that's what's nice..."she said stroking his face then holdingthe cigarette to his lips and gripping him in delight as he accepted with yes narrowed and darker than thy had been just a few moments before. Darker yes...much...the poison had taken him already; and as it did so she she purred to herself in approval.

As his manhood moved rhythmically inside her to the music that still played in the penthouse party lounge next door, Laura buried her hands in the soft fur, and pulled the enormous sweep of the coat around his naked body, feeling his firm ass through it.

Martin nearly came and Laura just put her fingers at the base of the shaft to stop it as she felt him.

"Not yet hunny" she whispered.

"wh.. wha did you do then?" Martin struggled to breathe.

"Oh Laura has some tricks don't worry" she smiled.

She took a last drag on the cigarette and stubbed it into the ashtray opposite, being careful not to move too violently ; she certainly didn't want this over quickly.

She saved the thick smoke and as she pulled her legs behind his neck, she again exhaled into him softly and deeply, just the odd wisp escaping their lips.

"You want another?" she said hopefully, already reaching for the pack.

He pumped her violently as she put another Marlboro light in her lips with a wicked smile, and as she did a shaft of moonlight illuminated the skull and crossbones on her shoulder. It was only then he realised that the skull held a cigarette in its evil grin.

"aw wow Laura...I guess you like smoking as much as me huh?" he said stroking it.

"oh you bet hunny; my first ever kiss was a smoky one and four minutes later I orgasmed. Kind of gets you hooked ya know?" she said again holding the cigarette to his drooling lips.

"mmmm yummy" she said as he drew on it, his whole body tensing and muscular like an animal crouched over her "lurvvvv bad boys."

Martin smiled and continued his snake like hip movements with her legs intermittently and elegantly wrapping themselves around him; lots of lip biting and sweet groaning.

Martin Coombes was inside a thing that had beckoned him as long as he could remember, and she felt as evil as she looked. He was totally one with her as their nicotine laced fluids mingled with their heightened tingle. As she watched smoke drifting from his gritted teeth of this sweet sweet boy gone bad, it was Laura Deadorchid who could no longer stop herself. She gently stroked the soft beaver fur of her sleeve underneath his testicles to ensure he came simultaneously, and his whole body erupted into violent spasm as she devoured him, cigarette held behind his head and the claws on her other hand ripping at the smooth flesh of his muscled back, and her lips giving him deadly communion.

* * * * ****************************************************************************

Jane Matthews moved across the room like a black leopard deliberately stalking its prey. The blackglama mink shone in the chandelier lights as she sauntered over to the young drummer who played with his sticks. Spud had never seen a woman as glamorous as Jane Matthews, and he blushed as she flopped beside him.

"Do you have a light Spud?" she said, passing him a glass of champagne and reaching into his pocket.

"Oh wow Jane...woooah careful you may get a shock!"

She brought out the lighter, and smiled to herself at what she had felt. She placed two cigarettes in her mouth and lit them, passing one to the boy 18 years her junior. She crossed her legs and Spud groaned as he watched the leather boot flap slightly open at the thigh.

Oh wow Jane those boots and pants are just awesome.

"thankyou. Only thing is I could do with getting out of them and getting into something more comfortable.

Spud grinned. His heart thudded as he watched her eyes narrow in lustful invitation as she drew on her cigarette. He mimicked her.

"You don't look like a guy who smokes" she said flirtatiously, stroking his hair..."you look too sweet" she said with an exhale aimed at the bulge in his pants.

"So what you gonna change into?" he said grinning from ear to ear "you carry your wardrobe with you?"

Her mink parted to reveal a boned velvet corset tucked into the leather pants. She reached in her pocket, the Marlboro 100 dangling from her smile. She placed her smooth 10 denier stocking against his palm and he didn't have to look down to know what they were.

He looked at her again as she raised her gloved hand to take the cigarette from her lips. He couldn't see the end of the glove, and kept on thinking how sexy it was she never took them off, imagining they went up all the way to her arms. He looked at the sparkling zirconia ring on her wedding finger, over the glove. That alone turned him on.

"You married?" he whispered.

"oh maybe" Jane teased "does it matter?"

Spud gulped, but he knew it was now or never.

He rose to his feet and took her hand, leading her quietly away to the room opposite. Apart from Natasha, who still sat in the jacuzzi brazen and topless, smoking with one hand and swigging champagne with the other., nobody noticed them.

Natasha smiled and put her finger to her lips and raised an eyebrow "ssssh" she giggled.

Spud closed the door behind them and clumsily held Jane as she trembled. She kissed him gently, biting his lower lip. His cock jerked violently against her leg and she smiled as she felt the enormity of it.

"Wait. I got to change remember? Jump into bed."

Spud frantically fumbled with his trouser legs as he hopped toward the bed, watching Jane disappearing into the en suite bathroom. The bed was huge, and covered in beautiful white linen and cushions he guessed were mink; the had the same spiky feel and shine as Jane's jacket, though not quite as black. He placed Jane's glass at the side of the bed and wished he had brought his own. He stared at the lipstick on the glass and took a sip, placing his lips over her print.

"Oh my God" he thought as he felt the bubbles tickle the roof of his mouth, and the veneer of Jane Matthews nicotine tainted lipstick on his "I am gonna fuck this!" he gulped.

He flicked the lights down low and watched as Jane Matthews silhouette stood framed by the bright backlights of the bathroom. She was still smoking. Still wearing the mink jacket. But as he looked down at the figure as her exhale cleared, he could see that now shiny black stockings were attached to the black velvet corset.

He watched her hair shine in the light as she moved toward him, smoke streaming from the cigarette she held in her still leather gloved hand, the gloves that did after all go all the way up her arms.

"Shit I thought this only happened in movies " he spluttered on the champagne.

"You're with a woman now Spud; not a girl. It's a whole different ball game..." she said as she pulled back the sheets and straddled his enormity; pulling his shaft with her vice like leather grip inside her,. She descended over him smoke pouring from her smiling red lips, and the spiky black mink making his skin tingle all over.

"Oh wow " he whimpered as she leaned back and took a long hard draw on her cigarette. With one leather operagloved hand behind her to steady her as she rode the beast. It throbbed and jerked within her as it swelled to the point where it was almost painful for both.

He gripped her strong thighs and tucked his thumbs beneath the belts of her suspenders., and started to put his back into it, eventually throwing her over to the other side of the bed and popping out in the process. She immediately placed her cigarette in her teeth and gripped him in her gloved hand again , pulling him back into her. She smiled wickedly and exhaled smoke full at his face.

"You asked for this Jane Matthews," as he rode her with all his worth "I swear you're the spawn of the devil..."

"Nah " said Jane grinning "daughter of the moon maybe" as they rolled over the remote control and it doused all the lights save the cold blue light from the window.

She chanted with teeth gritted in evil incantation as the boy pumped in gutteral determination at the smoke filled bitch from hell

"Dance with me child, just for tonight I am your wife

beneath the rising moon

as the vixen cries her pain

and the mink hunts the black river for her food for her kits

dance with me in death, which is life"

"Are you some kind of witch?" he smiled, though he appreciated he unfamiliar but slightly native sounding words; he knew it was circle of life stuff though it was poetry Jane had written herself. He watched the tip of her cigarette glow and cast its spell, and, as it had done over his people for millenia, the smoke danced around them in the moonlight.

"Might be" she said, keeping up whatever he wanted to believe of her.

"...or I may just be Artemis the Huntress" she teased.

But Spud wasn't stupid. He grinned.

"You ain't no fuckin' virgin though are ya?" he teased back, and they both laughed and groaned in passionate embrace and left the beauty of metaphor and just shagged earthily. For that was what nature was to both: raw violent, amoral...and beautiful for it in a world of hypocrisy and ovr bearing morality.

"oh yes , yes ...fucking yes" she panted as she put her arms around him and pulled his mouth to hers, and they bit and spat and growled like animals in violent confrontation and she gripped his ass with her gloved hands. As they writhed in the bed for half an hour or more, every time the drummer lost his beat Jane Matthews applied spikey soft mink therapy to the bottom of his testicles until finally his eyes began to smart and his body tremble. His teeth clenched. Jane Matthews liked that and nonchalantly lit another cigarette as he struggled, gripping him with such force she stopped him coming.

Spud was taken to another world, a world of asps and poison, as he gazed down at her Cleopatra bob and pawed at her velvet covered breasts beneath the mink.

"When I am ready" she spoke softly, letting out a stream of smoke into his open helpless mouth "remember who's running the show."

Finally she released the moaning Spud to make his delivery, and she clawed violently at his heavy torso in synchronisation as they climaxed together. Now he knew why she wore gloves, Spud thought as his semen fired into her with the force of restrained fury and he bit her lip gently as she sighed in pleasure.

He stayed inside her. He didn't ever want to leave. She held the cigarette to his lips and he took, and she closed her mouth over his for the exhale.

"You're a bad boy on the quiet aren't you Spud?" she said as smoke passed between them and they lay back into each other arms, smiling and exhausted.

"Not really " he said "I just got a soft spot for bad chicks; specially ones who smoke" he said , kissing her exhaling smile tenderly.

"Creatures of the night...what sweet music we make" Jane said in a hammed deep husky eastern European accent as she exhaled and felt him grow hard within her again. She threw him over onto the pillow, and the windows to souls were open and bare as they swam together in one another's eyes....waiting for the beast to rise...

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