tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 13

The Alley of No Return Ch. 13



Laura Deadorchid laid face down on the sheared soft fur, naked except for the sweep of the coat over her firm buttocks. Martin watched as the French exhale poured from her tender lips pursed in museful smile; then she inhaled it back into herself and sent a triple pump of smoke rings across the pillow.

He smiled at how beautiful she looked. He couldn't quite believe he was in bed with the singer, watching her smoke after losing his virginity to her.

But her velvet voice sounded different, yet no less wonderful. She sang a familiar song, huskily and quietly, smoke cascading from her smile, down against the moonlight that shone through the window of the penthouse suite bedroom; gently bouncing back and engulfing him. The heady mix of smoke and perfume was hypnotic, and he stroked the fur coat on her pert rump as he smiled in admiration; then followed up by firmly walking his fingers along the beautiful moonlit groove up her spine. Laura Deadorchid liked her back touched in this way, and she shivered with pleasure inside at the gentle caress.

"By the light...of the silvery moon..." she crooned, as he joined in with "by the light" harmony, and she pressed the cigarette to his lips. She slid down into the fur and pulled his rear toward her hips once more as the blue smoke danced around them and softened the delicate shimmering light on Laura's cheekbones and breasts. She pulled him with both hands firmly gripping his rear, inside her, cigarette dangling from her smile. Martin shuddered with pleasure at entering inside the nicotine possessed amoral creature he held in his arms.

"Laura..mmmm...he said as he kissed her long neck.....I think I love you" he said in a whisper.

"Don't wanna go falling for me Martin.....I am a bitch...I ain't human honey..." she said, eyes narrowing against the smokestream from her Marlboro as Martin nearly came as he watched it bob in her full lips as she spoke, her damp bobbed hair against his face.

"Once more into the breach..." she said, smiling, leaning over him and holding him tightly down, as small wisps of smoke escaped her lips , revealing the full mouth of thick creamy smoke that he knew her words meant was destined for his lungs. His phallus swelled inside her and Laura gripped it as she exhaled into him.

"I have well and truly corrupted you haven't I? Not like ya didn't want to be though huh? You bad sexy boy."

Giggling in evil unison they shagged rhythmically in nicotine induced sexual frenzy, until once more they climaxed together, in a passionate feverish rage.

Martin lay exhausted. Several hours of sexual activity new to him had taken its toll.

Laura smiled and kissed him on the soft skin of his back, and reached for another cigarette. Laura Deadorchid never got tired when she was being sexually fulfilled, but she knew that men had limitations, and Martin had performed admirably for a virgin.

The pack was empty.

Laura screwed her face up and sighed. She slid from the bed into the long black fur coat, her skin tingling as it brushed her nakedness. She took care not to wake Martin, hoping than an hour or two's sleep would recharge his batteries.

She closed the bedroom door behind her and walked into the lounge, where bodies groaned under blankets and furs on sofas and floor, in the dimmed lights. She glanced around and saw empty cigarette packets everywhere. She shook each in turn and started to exclaim "shit" in frustration as it became clear without disturbing someone, there would be none to hand. She smiled enjoying the nicotine wracked body she had engineered. "Feed me" every vein in her body cried, and the nerves of her nether regions begged in unison. "Hopelessly addicted...c'est moi..." she smiled, giggling and enjoying the temporary hunger. She fumbled in the pocket of the fur and found three £20 notes. "Lobby" she murmured aloud as she made for the door.

Descending in the lift, she felt excited at her nakedness beneath the coat , which though she thought cliched was every bit as illicit a pleasure as she hoped it would be. She couldn't have imagine buying such a beautiful piece without a current record contract and the expense of daily life in the UK. But thanks to Jane Matthews her dream had come true rather sooner than she had hoped. "I got to get myself one o' these ..." she purred aloud as she sauntered, walking one step in front of the other as she had observed Natasha P do many times. Her tanned legs looked okay in the stilettos that she had put on she had retrieved from her overnight bag. They were nice. Black and high, and she pulled back the coat to survey what they did to her calves. "Mmm not bad" she said. She felt , and perhaps looked, every inch a high class hooker, and not the alternative chick so much any more. As she looked at her black eyes beneath her asymmetric glossy flop fringe; she whispered into the interior mirrored lift panel

"hmmm Heidi Floss meets suicide girl...I like it"

As the lift announced its arrival at the lobby with a ding, she opened her coat wide and viewed her naked and perfect body , before spinning on her heels, wrapping the coat around her and floating elegantly across the lobby. The night porter's mouth dropped as he surveyed her.

"Wow" he muttered as she approached.

"Cigarettes..." Laura said softly "...do you have cigarettes?"

"The machine is in the bar" he said, do you need change? Or I have some cigars?"

"Both" Laura said with a cocky grin, head tilted to the side in bedevilment.

She took two romeo y juliettas and stuffed them in the plush velvet lined pocket of her fur , and glided into the bar with a wink for the night porter with the change.

Just before the bar stood a machine. Not the cigarette machine but one dispensing a variety of luxury necessities for the person caught out. She surveyed the handsome gentlemen's shaving kits and toothbrushes, until her eyes came to rest on something that she wanted. Wolford self supporting stockings. "A snip at a tenner", she thought, and inserted one as she revelled for a moment in the unadulterated vision of the Hotel's designers in such a grey corporate age. Detouring to the Ladies opposite, she waltzed in and opened the pack. As she felt the sheerness of the glossy stockings glide up her leg , she let go and felt the elasticated lace effect top snap on her thigh.

"Oh yeah Laura baby you are sizzlin' now...." she said to her reflection in the mirror as she placed her leg high on the marble basin area to put on the other. As soon as she had repeated the exercise she reached for the Chanel no 5 from the collection of parfum samples beneath the mirror.

"This Hotel guy knows how to make a lady happy..." she said, raising an eyebrow and wondering how many times a week the samples would get cleared out by thieving bitches. Placing a dab behind each ear she then scented her drenched sex, feeling further soothing moistness quell the alcohol sting. For a moment she gazed at her beauty in the mirror and placed the fingers further inside her beckoning interior, gently and rhythmically exploring. She groaned, and removed it to taste the essential fluids of herself and her lover; then lifted her hand to her face and ran her glistening finger along her chapped lips. They drank thirstily; making them glow and shine. She moved closer toward the mirror and kissed her reflection, leaving an imprint of mixed faint lipstick and lubricant print on the mirror.

She looked into her own eyes and yearned for herself. "I want you" she whispered, rubbing her breasts against the cold erect nipples of the thing in the mirror, teasing her so she knew what it was to be alive and in heat. She bade the creature in the looking glass farewell with another kiss. She swung round, the black fur cloak around her slicing the still air with a swoosh and making it recoil with fear as it made way for her. She made a right turn for the bar , and the coat repeated the motion. Glancing over her shoulder she knew the almost silent but dramatic movement had been noticed and she this time blew a kiss at the night porter. "I should have been on the stage..." she said in a deep barely audible whisper, then laughed as she reminded herself she had been just a few hours before.

As she ntrd the Bar she noticed two businessmen drinking brandy. The Bar was almost deserted, no more than half a dozen people, as a clock somewhere chimed five times. The grey suited businessmen were sat immediately in front of the machine.

Laura coughed and leaned over them "Excuse me" she said just as cute as she could, "I need the machine."

As the middle aged men leaned apart to allow her access, Laura's coat fell ever so slightly open.

Both stared in disbelief as she pushed in each coin knowing exactly what effect she was having. She was living a dream; she felt like it should be in a movie.

She ripped open the pack that fell with a clunk and gently slid one out and placed it in her lips, whilst waiting for the second pack to fall. The men looked anxious, staring at the fearsomely fit frame clad only in glossy stockings beneath the fur. The lights from the machine illuminated her pale skin in blue beneath the open sheared beaver.

"Don't worry I ain't gonna light it..." she grinned. Leaning over them she picked up the second pack, exposing her breast, and the creature, her neon blue skin cloaked by dense midnight, spun on her heels again back to the lobby.

"Shame...." Andrew Gardner groaned to his colleague, who replied, jaw still hanging at the vision they had seen.

"damn smoking bans...!" he replied to his colleague, as Laura winked and waved at them from the door.

Laura strutted across the marble floor and to the lift and before she could press the call button in signalled its arrival and doors opened. In the doorway of the lift stood Martin's mother.

They stared at each other in surprise...and more than a little admiration for one another, before either spoke.

"Uhmmm.... cigarettes" Martin's mother said"...I need cigarettes."

Jennifer rejoiced in those words coming from her lips once more. She was addicted, entranced, once more and it felt good. Like Laura she needed the demon, wanted it inside her.

"I have some Marlboro lights, you are welcome to a pack...they ain't got "More" in the machine though hun...I got some cigars though if you want to try one?"

"That would be lovely..." Martin's mother said smiling approval, taking Laura's arm and stepping back into the lift.

"Is the party still going?" Martin's mother asked Laura, who started to fidget a little nervously at the thought of the mother, whose son she had just fucked the life out of, entering the suite and seeing the aftermath of debauchery that would surely greet them.

"Errr...no ...errr...everyone is kind of crashed out...maybe not a good idea. What floor you on? "

Laura said hopefully.

"Hmmm I don't want to disturb John...he is sleeping".

Laura stopped the lift at the tenth floor.

"What do you say we have a crafty cigar here?" she said winking at Jennifer Coombes. As she paused, the lift doors started to close, and she quickly outstretched her hand to keep it open. As she did so, her soft faux fur jacket revealed full and tanned breasts to Laura Deadorchid, who raised an eyebrow and a knowing smile at the sight

"Sounds good to me..." Jennifer said, eyes narrowing with a hint of wicked intent.

The two women looked like blue Ravens plotting as they huddled over Jennifer's lighter to light both the cigarette in Laura's lips and the cigar in Jennifer's. The stood at the far end of the corridor, above a leather sofa window seat and artistic arrangement of...wait...yes....orchids; naturally Laura's favourite. As she tilted her head back at both the fragrance of orchids, Mrs Coombes perfume and thick heady cigar smoke, the woman opposite her surveyed Laura. Without hesitation she used the unlit cigar that Laura had given her in her other hand, and parted Laura's fur.

She smiled wickedly.

"Great minds" she smiled passing a plume of inhaled cigar smoke over Laura's shoulder. She followed up by placing her fingers in the buttery pile, as a thick fog of smoke danced around them trapped in the fur on her shoulder, and stared into Laura's eyes deeply.

"How was he?" she asked with a knowing look in her newly evil eyes.

Laura took the unlit cigar and placed it in her lips, while still smoking the Marlboro.

The women moved closer together, giggling softly as Jennifer lit the other Romeo y Julietta.

"Wonderful..." Laura said coyly.

Jennifer's leather clad leg entered Laura Deadorchids coat and she sighed with shock and pleasure as leather met her naked undercarriage.

"That's my boy..." she whispered as she closed her lips on Laura's and they kissed with smoke between them.

Laura had never been so excited in her life; hell she still had this woman's son's hot semen inside her; and it frightened but thrilled her to know that she knew that too.

Jennifer's smile grew even more demonic. Again she parted the fur, and lifted Laura up on her thigh as she sighed in acceptance of another mouthful of smoke. "Breathe me in " Jennifer said, as she exhaled into Laura's agape lips, and then placed the lip printed tip of the cigar against, and into, Laura's wetness. She let it play there and watched as the eyes of Laura Deadorchid were transfixed in ecstasy; her body trembling. She looked down to see the full extent of the slither on her leather thigh, caused by the mixed fluids that now the cigar leaves soaked up.

Smiling with pure evil, she placed the cigar back in her mouth.

"ooohh mmmmy....." Laura groaned as she rubbed herself against the leather pants that held her aloft from her heels.

"You are a demon Mrs Coombes ....I......I succumb to you....mmmmm". Laura had never had her hands on another woman's breasts before, but Jennifer's were full, pert and beautiful. No wonder she had produced a son with such a great bod.

Just then, as the women embraced hungrily, pawing eagerly at each others furs and naked flesh, a door opened in the corridor.

"Are you smoking...it's not allowed in the corrid.........oh my.....oh my! "

A bleary eyed man in his thirties stood in disbelief the corridor , an open airline pilots shirt revealing a chest with highly toned pecs and six pack.

"It isn't nice to leave ladies standing outside in he corridor though huh?" said one of the beautiful raven like demons, framed in white orchids against their terrifyingly dark symmetry in the moonlight from the window beyond. Laura spoke with an evil grin, as she inhaled on her Marlboro, and gesturing the freshly lit cigar towards the pilot. The sizzling red light made a beckoning glow.

"You want some?" Laura said, offering her cigar to the handsome Pilot.

The fragrance of hypnotic orchids and fragrant smoke drifted toward Paul Drake's nostrils and completely seduced the healthy and fit until a minute ago, anti smoker.

Laura looked at the bemused grin on the pilots face, then looked into Jennifer's possessed eyes.

The question didn't have to be spoken.

"Why not?" Jennifer said as she took Laura's hand and the two half naked women swanned into the pilots room, Laura pausing only to place the cigar in his mouth, and cup her hands on his erection with a gentle tweak.

"You wanna call room service for some champagne?"

she whispered with a promise, into his ear.

Laura's high heels made an abrupt stop when two metres into the room, stabbing the plush carpet and staring at the pilot's dressing table. Her eyes lit as she saw the lines of euphoria , and she squeezed Jennifer's hand.

"Daddy here is a very very naughty boy" she said, Jennifer almost reaching orgasm as she remembered another lover from her youth....

She ran her finger by the side of the white lines, mouth agape at seeing a former lover here.

"Welcome home honey", she whispered and stooped to greet heaven once more....

Laura turned and pointed a finger at the frozen pilot, whose occupational future was now in the hands of two strangers.

"You jus' gonna stare or you callin' room service?" she said with a stern smile.

The Pilot did not react.

"I think what we have here is a failure to communicate" she said, feigning a southern drawl at the American pilot who had flown in just three hours before.

She passed him the telephone and tilted her head to one side.

"You got yourself the three C's right here if ya call down...what ya waiting for? Make sure it's on ice."

Both women adored champagne.

The Pilot , Dean Coleman, recovered his posture and cleared his throat.

As he dialed 0 and waited a response, he spoke, taking Jennifer's cigar and placing it in his teeth as both women caressed his torso.

"My name is Captain Dean Coleman..." he said in his warm drawl, and welcome aboard the early morning flight to ....free...dom...ville..!" he laughed, inhaling the cigar smoke deep within his lungs and holding the invader there bade it welcome too.

Laura eyed the Pilot hungrily and stroked his chest. She yanked off the crucifix around his neck and cast it across the room, feigning a playful vampiric hiss.

"This ain't no place fer Jesus..." Laura said, smoke cascading on her words from the last puff of the Marlboro which she crushed into the ashtray beside them, and started to bite and suck Dean Coleman's neck. Jennifer smiled wickedly as she undid his pants and sighed aghast at the enormity of the monstrous phallus that she now took in her hand. Now Jennifer Combes knew instinctively where to place her vampire love bite, as she watched the thing throb with blood...

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