tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 16

The Alley of No Return Ch. 16


Chapter 16: Moral Abandon

"Get the fags out mum" , Martin Coombes said from gritted smile placing his arm around his mother's waist and burying his fingers in the sumptuous faux fur; clawing at and wanting the real thing.

His mother flashed an intense look of mischief but accompanied by raised eyebrows and said "Ssshhh I don't want people thinking I am leading my own son astray..."

"You are though aren't you mum?" said Martin, this time in a whisper close to his mother's ear, and taking one of the cigarettes from his mother's gloved hand as they stood at the bus stop in Kensington High Street.

Martin's breath already had the odour of smoke and manhood, something that made her heart skip a beat as she remembered his former innocence.

"I'm just giving you a few tips Martin ,...though I don't think you need much encouragement do you, you little bugger?"

Martin' cock stiffened as his mother used the expression in a gruff and husky manner; uncouth for his well spoken mother, that had dirty thoughts underlying it.

It was followed by a husky and dirty giggle and he joined the chorus as he stooped to accept his mother lighter. They stared at each other smiling wickedly as their exhales in the cold afternoon took on the form of murderous white apparitions, meeting, colluding and seeking a victim as they danced around others at the stop.

One middle aged man turned to eye up the proceedings.

Martin giggled and pulled his mother toward his hips.

His mother beat him lightly on the chest

"MARTIN! I'm your mother what are you doing?" she whispered sternly...but not physically resisting his move. Martin smiled as he looked into his mother's eyes, looking to see if there was any objection as his cock stiffened through the new jeans he had just bought, against her exposed 10 denier thigh, and both his hands caressed the fur over her pert backside. There wasn't. She bit her lip in pleasure and disbelief. The gloved hand in which she held her cigarette caressed his hips, and she smiled...distantly; longingly....acutely aware of the taboo, as she watched for the bus.

"Fuck it mum let's give the bastard a show...I bet he's got a boner because you're smoking, that's why he turned. "

His mother smiled and glanced over at the attractive well groomed stylish gentleman letting out her exhale toward him and making him twitch uncomfortably.

" Mum we are in London. Nobody knows you're my mum and we could easy pass as boyfriend girlfriend, so shut up and give me a kiss..."

Jennifer Coombes watched the spoken words as they cascaded on a waterfall of smoke from the tender wicked moistness of her son's lips. She looked into the pitch black pools of evil that peered at her from beneath the long fringe and felt the warmth of his body against her. Martins hand meandered back around round the soft nipped waist of his mother's coat, on to her pert velvet fur nap of her backside and his stiffness purred.

"I love you in fur mum..." he whispered, unable to stop himself as he followed her devastating form snug in fur over her hips. Soft. So soft....and her long legs protruding.... calf muscles thrown by her heels like a bitch up on her hocks. "I mean I love ...really... love it"

"I know you do. I like it too...." she spoke barely audibly and totally helplessly. Her right thigh relaxed and bent into her son's crotch. She couldn't help herself.

She turned, without expression, and took from the long white chalice, her eyes closing momentarily as she succumbed, then opening them to flash her son an evil wink which made his cock jerk against her.

It snaked around to nudge her gusset. She took a sharp intake of breath as she felt it and her heart pounded . The darkest thoughts that had ever crossed her mind did so now and the nicotine encouraged her, like a whispering entity that caressed her and said "go on...do it".

Holding the exhale, she turned back to Martin. This time the poison pools were hers.

"My baby...." she whispered, poison pouring from her lips, as they approached Martin's mouth, which opened in anticipation. She shot the smoke deep into her son and they held each other in a dizzy descent to depraved fantasy, pawing at each other tentatively through warm winter clothes. Their lips tingled a dance of moral abandon, before Jennifer broke it off gently, going no further. Their lips had barely touched, but it was a deep a kiss she had ever experienced.

"Martin no more. Please. It will spoil the day...I feel terrible."

"Martin squeezed his mom's hand and took another drag of his own cigarette, shooting the exhale at the fur covered bosom that rose to greet it.

"No worries mum" he whispered "we are just playing that's all." The whisper changed to a cough and he spoke up. "So where we going then mum?"

The bus approached and Jennifer grabbed her son's hand like he was still her baby and ushered him onto the waiting platform, turning for one last drag before discarding her cigarette with a sexy flick of her fingers. Martin did the same and they boarded.

"Knightsbridge" her smoky exhale said, both to the conductor and Martin "Sloane Street".

Frank Bentley took out a pack of cigarettes form his pocket and watched the bus disappear. It wasn't going his way, thank the Lord. His hands were trembling at what he had witnessed. Not that he heard any of the conversation, but the two moles in exactly the same place on their faces was something a former police sketch artist didn't miss. Brother and sister or mother and son he didn't know, but as his fingers trembled in his fingerless gloves to light his own Benson, he decided he didn't object. Despite trying to kick the habit he had carried his cigarettes for a week just in case. Just in case of what he didn't know. But he did now. "Welcome back lover" mistress nicotine said as she ravaged him at the fog bound loneliness of the bus stop.

An hour later Jennifer Coombes was trying on her eighth fur at the discreetly situated Furriers off Bayswater Rd.

Crystal fox. It was the one for his mother Martin decided; well his favourite anyway....though she also had her eye on the soft phantom beaver that also had been the perfect ankle length 52" she sought. The one Martin held against him in his arms with his erection aroused by its presence. It was the softest thing he had ever felt: well since last night and Laura's black version. His mother looked good in Autumnal tones though; no less sexy but perhaps a touch more classy. Then he glanced over at the Blackglama she had tried too.

"Oh mum they all look so good...I can't decide. What do you prefer?"

"Can I try the full pelt ¾ blue fox first coat again?" she asked the attentive Spanish girl who smiled at the one she preferred if she had the choice.

She took the coat and placed it against her face with eyes closed in appreciation, before putting it on Jennifer's shoulders.

She looked at Martin:

"This one is most for sexy yes?" she smiled teasingly.

Martin eyed his mother in the soft smoky blue tons of the fox, as she walked around the salon. It had an amazing swing carried by the weight of full pelts and the design of Dior.

"You can belt too looks very nice." She offered.

Jennifer Coombes eyed herself in the mirror. It made her look and feel sexy. She had to have it. The others...yes those too.

"I will take all four" she said and slipped the American Express card from her purse and passed it to the surprised assistant. Normally, she would be lucky to sell one or two in a day and saw much of her job as PR as men bought in their girlfriends just to try on and dream.

The bill was £19 400.

This was nothing to Jennifer who had £400 000 inheritance that her husband didn't even know about, from a late Aunt she had nursed the year before. He suspected nothing: the Aunt lived in a rented flat and nobody had expected she had not a bean to her name.

She looked over and smiled as Martin stood breath held but excited.

"Oh mummmm...they are lovely...I wish..."

"What Martin?" she said smiling as he stroked the phantom beaver coat with hug thick sable collar and cuffs still. She had her suspicions.

"Oh nothing..." he sighed, holding the coat up to himself , narrowing his eyes as he held it in font in him and imagining himself in it. He still had his eyeliner on and his mother's jaw dropped. He looked stunning. Like a supermodel. A female one. Prettier...much...than Natasha P.

The assistant's jaw dropped too.

"It's amazing...you look like.... like beautiful girl...try it on....yes why not?"

Martin looked at his mother shaking, and her head nodded in encouragement.

He tried it on and looked at himself in the mirror.

His mother caressed him in the fur and kissed him on the cheek. "Martin....you are beautiful...as a boy yes...but you could be a girl...it's amazing!"

Martin smiled, went red and said nothing

He removed the coat and passed it to the assistant.

"I'll take it" he smiled, winking at his mother who giggled with intrepid abandon wondering where they were going.....

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