tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 17

The Alley of No Return Ch. 17


Chapter 17: Perfection in Blue Fox

Jennifer Coombes leaned forward and lit her son's cigarette. She adored him smoking; he looked so cool in his new tight leather high waisted blouson. He was trembling, and she wondered whether it was the cold as the temperature plummeted below freezing now the sun had gone down, despite the patio heater on the Knightsbridge wine bar terrace.

"Cold Martin?" she said concerned.

"No mum I am fine...if I get cold I will put on of your new furs over my lap..." he said, caressing his mother's new blue fox as her arm was still outstretched toward him, lighter still burning in her gloved hand.

Jennifer Coombes rolled down her son's leather sleeves attentively: yes they looked good hoisted, but it really was freezing. She surveyed the huge bags all around them.

Martin picked up the smallest, a bag with four pairs of leather gloves in different colours that were gifts from the store with each fur. As his mother admired the cigarette dangling from her son's full lips, Martin put one of the gloves on.

"Fits me mum" he said, fatalistically, and raised it to his lips mimicking the way his mother smoked.

His mother leaned forward and stoked her son's confused countenance.

"Come and sit by me Martin."

Martin removed the glove and placed it back in the bag, and moved to the seat next to his mother.

A smoky exhale from his mother's lips rose to greet and hug him, and his erection stirred as he viewed her legs cross and part the Dior fox invitingly.

Looking around that the coast was clear, Martin thrust his hand between his mother's crossed thighs and whispered in her ear;

"Phoaw mum you look so hot in this coat...not warm...I mean...hot." His stare lingered hungrily at the sheer crossed legs protruding between the blue fox as it continued its slide to reveal even more of his mother's long and shapely, perfect legs.

Jennifer didn't stir, and sat with her son's hand between her thighs . She covered it with the sweep of the fur as two girls with Harrods staff badges and also in fur trimmed coats, joined the table next to them. Jennifer and Martin both watched the immaculately stylish blondes light cigarettes themselves and exhale their first relief from what sounded like had been a hectic day in the store.

As they twittered Martin's mother looked her son in the eye. She took a seductive drag on her cigarette and narrowed her eyes at her son.

"You don't like them Martin?" she said questioning.

"Sure they are nice mum...but.... they aren't perfect if you know what I mean..." continuing to caress his mother's ten denier thigh and watching , studying, as she took another elegant movement of cigarette in gloved hand to lips. She smiled the smile of a mother who had already crossed a line with her son and the heart pounding taboo of arousal between them.

Again she glanced over at the girls, who were now noticing them.

Jennifer Coombes hearing was acute.

"Gorgeous coat" she heard one girl say.

"No wonder she can pull a guy half her age" the other.

"And dishy too" the other continued in whispers.

They watched open mouthed as Martin Coombes nuzzled into the huge blue fox collar round his mother's neck and she placed her cigarette to his lips, despite the fact he already had a cigarette in the hand he held over the table.

"Aw ...aw....now THAT is sexy!" one girl giggled after making a phoaw" sound. "He is dishy alright...lucky cow."

"No luck about it look at her...she is stunning...that is real class..." the nearest Harrods blonde said, not knowing her words could be heard by Jennifer Coombes.

Jennifer whispered down at her son whose face was still nuzzling the thick soft fox. .

"They like my little boy..." she said and fed him more of her Marlboro light "...they fancy you because you look like a bad boy, smoking and stylish Martin. And somehow you have pulled a class lady so you must be good in bed..." she giggled huskily next to his ear.

Martin didn't respond but flashed the girls a killer smile with thick smoke pouring from it and a wink.

Both girls swooned visibly and only one word flashed in instinctive level in Jennifer's mind: "mine."

She was genuinely proud and comfortable with it. Too comfortable she thought as she was still enjoying the caress of his now warming hand between her legs. It was all she could do to resist moving rhythmically with it, and balanced her Blahnik on the end of her toe and moved that instead. But yes she was proud of her son's beautiful looks, and the fact that he was overwhelmingly attracted to her new image.

But she knew that is what it was: her image. New image. Yes it was her as she was made to be; but Martin had never expressed any interest in her before. The speed and confusion in a young boy's mind as he was realising his sexuality and sought something to cling to. Martin didn't fancy her at all. She knew it. And it was wrong of her to take advantage of his attention by pretending it was. No ...she knew what had to be done. There were advantages of being a psychology graduate and knew this wasn't dangerous Freudian territory if she played it right.

Both they and the girls had finished their oral communion with nicotine and the girls stood to get up.

""See you tomorrow... muhwaz! Muhwaz!" the air kisses went as they departed in opposite directions; both glancing back dreamily at the incongruous but beautiful couple and not suspecting for a moment they were mother and son.

At last she extradited Martin's hand and held it, squeezing tight.

"Martin..." she said in a more maternal manner.

"Yes mum..." he said now the girls had gone.

"We must talk. I am extremely flattered you think I am the perfect woman but I am your mother and we can't. I think you are gorgeous too. But we both know it's wrong. A tease is one thing, pushing boundaries with play is fine.... but not more. Now..." the stern lecture continued " ...you know in your heart that you don't actually fancy me...you never looked at me until yesterday, and I have been so wrapped up in enjoying my new found expression of my sexuality I haven't been thinking straight. We are just playing with a fantasy...and now its time to stop."

"No mum...I don't ever want it to stop...I have been so miserable until yesterday. Now I am happy..." he pleaded frowning and cuddling his mother once more and enjoying her fur embrace. Again Jennifer enjoyed too, but continued.

"Martin I want you to think for a moment...think of me without make up and these clothes. Think of my naked flesh against yours..."

Martin sniggered: "oh mum that is so gross shut up!"

Jennifer whacked him away playfully.

"So you don't want to fuck mummy really do you?" she teased. "Its this you want isn't it?" and lit another two cigarettes as seductively as she could, placed one in her son's mouth and one in her own, and struck a pose in the fur worthy of an 80's Vogue.

Martin's cock went bone hard immediately and he smiled; "...phoaw..." he said.

"Its the image Martin...its the glamour...the smoking the fur the gloves the heels...its my dress up."

She spoke again like a mother; a mother who underneath the sexual fantasy cared deeply for her son's welfare. She knew what he was and what she had to do to bring him out. She didn't want him going through pain and denial, and knew the price of it intimately. She wanted her son to be happy and sexually free.

"Martin..." she continued as her son looked confused "...Mummy is your doll isn't she? You have helped her become perfection ; glamorous. I enjoyed it...will continue to; it's what I have missed so.

But you know what you really want. It's in me and it's in you."

"What mum?"

"Martin I am a Narcissus..." she spoke as if it were a fragrant beautiful flower, coming into bloom

"...and I know you are too. I thought for years you may be gay...collecting Vogues and stuff. Oh yes I found them in your room. I dreamed looking at them too. I watched you play with your hair and look at yourself in the mirror. Then I found your cousin Jenna's dress she thought she had lost...the sparkly one. But I had expected to find Playboy if you know what I mean. Anyway....I think you need to change your college course don't you? Maybe you need to change your whole life direction...."

There was silence between them but a dawning understanding.

"Mum...I am not gay....but...I .." .he stroked his mother's fur again. " I want..."

a tear came to his eye. "You want to be me, don't you Martin?" she said and cuddled him in the comfort of her smoky scented fur as tight as she could.

He wiped away his tear and squeezed his hand and stood up. Martin watched as she took another drag on her cigarette and he mimicked her once again.

"Come on. Let's go back to the hotel. We can do what is needed to be done and see how you feel."

She slipped him a twenty pound not and said "pay the bill there's a sweetie...mummy is just nipping across to Harrods...meet you back here in ten minutes."

Martin entered the wine bar to do as she asked, pausing in the entrance to watch the blue fox swing gently as his elegant mother walked merging into the exhaled smoke and fog . The coat swung despite the lack of breeze , her long legs moving beautifully, and her heels clicked the frosted pavement. He watched the motion of the cigarette glowing in the black gloved hand swing down and outstretched from her side as she exhaled into the pale frosty night .He watched as a man walked full into a lamp post distracted by the gorgeous apparition, and he imagined what it would feel like to make people look at him that way. Imagined for a moment, with yearning, that such an immaculate glamorous figure was he...

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