tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 19

The Alley of No Return Ch. 19


Chapter 19 : "Ello ello ello what's going on 'ere then?"

Stephen Rendell walked through the frozen crisp leaves of Hyde Park and watched his breath illuminated by the morning sun. It was minus five. He imagined his exhale was smoke from a cigarette, and his heart fluttered again remembering her; kicking himself for not asking her for a date there and then. Oh well; she was probably out of his league.

Stephen had sent four texts already to Martina and he assumed she wasn't up. He imagined she had probably met someone else at the party and had been shagged rotten all night. He had got up for college but hadn't made it. He diverted with absent mind to the Park for a walk to clear his head. Maybe he would go in the afternoon. Unless of course he heard from Martina.

He stopped in his tracks for a moment as he saw a lady ahead sitting on a bench. He thought it was his mother; about the same age, same hair in a velvet bow, elegant with a fur and gloves. As he approached, knowing his mother was in Fleet Street anyway, he could see it wasn't her. The coat was a mink. And lunaraine in colour, he could see now the figure was not dissolved in low sunlight and mist. Her legs were crossed elegantly end he surveyed them in admiration from her courts to where the mink was parted.

He walked past and couldn't take his yes off her. She raised her head from the newspaper she was reading and tilted down her sunglasses to look right up at him. She was attractive, very attractive, but a good ten years older than his mother. Wondering if she smoked but deciding she looked too classy to be the type, he

smiled back and walked on.

He was about ten yards past her when he heard a panting sound to his left. It was a Spaniel, and his hot breath cleared to reveal a dropped stick at Stephen's feet. The dog looked at him in anticipation so Stephen removed his black woollen glove and picked up the stick, throwing it in the direction of his master who was whistling for him abut 150 yards away. As he watched, the dog chased , only then to have its attention diverted and completely forget the stick. The young pup had seen a squirrel and it chased it until the cocky grey leapt up a tree in a few bounds. .

It was then he heard a lighter spark behind him.

It couldn't be. He turned. It was. The lady was lighting a long cigarette. She held it in a gloved hand and was struggling to light it. Martin rummaged in his pocket; and pulled out International Rescue. He looked at the lighter wrapped in white napkin and sealed with a kiss from Martina. "Bet you'll remember me" it said. He removed the lighter, replaced the handkerchief and strode confidently toward he lady who was having no luck with hers.

"May I?" he offered ...hand trembling at the excitement of lighting a beautiful if mature lady's cigarette; as he sparked it into action.

She looked up at him and bowed into the flame. He watched her intently. She was very very classy. More so than his mother, who could be very brash on times despite her sable and her glamorous lifestyle.

Her gloved hand steadied his, and she looked up at him and smiled as she exhaled a thick plume of smoke in what seemed like orgasmic relief. Her hand squeezed his in appreciation, and her mink cuff tickled his wrist arousing him even more. She held her cigarette aloft at an angle near to her face, and offered her pack to him. He stared down at the glossy green pack and his cock stiffened at the sight and sound of her leather gloved thumb caressing the pack she held outstretched to him framed by huge mink cuff.

"Would you like to join me in one? " she said "Its not everyday I get offered a light these days by a handsome young man."

Stephen's mouth was agape and his heart was pounding.

She had said he was handsome, and here she was, this embodiment of gentile prim sophistication offering a tempting tube of white evil to him. He was frozen, and his cock jerked violently in his jeans.

"You are over 16 aren't you?" she said cautiously.

"errr yes yes I am eighteen...it's just....well... I only just started smoking last night actually...so I am not really used to..." he stammered looking around in case anyone would see. Not that he was afraid of bumping into a friend; but that he had had the first two cigarettes of his life...ever...the night before and he was worried he would look awkward.

Danielle Datrice surveyed the nervous boy and smiled. "Take one ...join me...be a naughty boy..." she wanted to say temptingly...but resisted.

"I won't tell..." she said in a hush whisper and pulled a long cigarette out of the pack so it was more inviting.

Stephen accepted with an excited intake of breath. His mother would be proud of him, he thought as he emerged from his soft cell.

He sat next to her and placed the Dunhill International menthol cigarette in his mouth, and lit it. At least they were menthol; he was used to the taste from the night before.

Danielle narrowed her eyes as she removed her Chanel sunglasses and took another deep inhale herself, so they exhaled in unison. Both giggled. Stephen was blushing; and his boyish laugh was in stark contrast to Danielle's huskier and deeper chuckle.

"I like to see a young man smoke...." she admitted honestly as she squirmed in glee at the sight of the cigarette in his black woollen gloved hand, then watched it dangle from his full lips as he removed the glove.

She this time blushed.

"My husband doesn't know I smoke...he doesn't like it" Danielle continued , dropping her head a little shamefully, "...but I can't give it up...I adore it so."

Stephen could see sadness and longing in her face as she looked down at the floor.

He placed his hand on the sleeve of her soft mink and stroked it.

"I.....I think you look beautiful smoking..." he said nervously, but meant every word.

Danielle lifted her face and placed a gloved hand on his and squeezed. She flashed him a beaming smile.

"Flattery will get you everywhere young man..." she said and mustered her most elegant french inhale for him.

"Sexy..." he said openly and mimicked her.

"You are a very naughty boy aren't you?" she smiled with a raised eyebrow, exhaling a steady downward stream of sunlit illuminated smoke toward her crossed stockinged legs. The exhaled smoke hung in congragating wisps in the glossy mink either side; and it was all Stephen could do to prevent himslf diving into her lap and breathing in every last bit.

She flicked her cigarette and whispered close to his ear "I shouldn't be encouraging you at your age...it's a very very bad habit you know....it is so addictive....mmmmm..." she said taking another puff. If this was addicted, Stephen Rendell wanted it.


Both watched each other, unashamedly, as they smoked, each occasionally blushing and giggling., passing small talk.

"I think your husband must be very very stupid..." Stephen said more confidently, and blew a stream of smoke at the elegant lady. "Can't he smell it when he is close to you though?"

Again Danielle Datrice looked down in sadness.

"We don't ever get that close these days....its been a long time since..." she paused and tapped Stephen's thigh firmly . His cock jerked in response at her touch: "...well you know...since we were that close."

The menthol cigarette was making Stephen feel intoxicated. His head was swimming with pleasure.

So for that matter, was Danielle's. It was her first crafty cigarette of the day. She had left the Park Lane Hilton hotel announcing to her husband that she would be spending the day around Knightsbridge. Her husband, a Jersey businessman and multi millionaire had said he would see her later that evening as he would leave to conclude some business in the City, and that he would be gone all day. She was glad as it meant she could smoke the best part of a pack; which despite her wealth was her only true happiness. And to share that with such an attentive and good looking young man was divine. She took a long last puff and closed her eyes against the smoke searing her eyes in the cold winter morning, and imagined being in a warm bed with this young man's cock banging her senseless.

Stephen plucked courage from nowhere. It was the nicotine giddiness that asked him to throw caution to the wind.

He placed his arm around Danielle as she bent forward to stub out her cigarette beneath her patent black court shoe. Though it was out, Danielle prolonged the effort as Stephens arm around her, enjoying her mink, aroused her to a level she hadn't experienced for a long time.

She shivered in ecstasy, and bent back up to watch Stephen narrow his eyes and take his last drag, before flicking it casually across the frosted pavement, as he had seen the rougher element at his old school do many times. It was sexy. Stephen knew it anyway, but Danielle's sigh affirmed it as she exhaled the last traces of her exhaled smoke close to his face.

"I think we ought to have another don't you?" Daneille whispered huskily, screwing up her wicked glinting eyes and crossing her legs and leaning into the charming young man as she reached into her Bruno Magli patent bag.

Stephen's arm continued to stroke the mink along her shoulders as he watched her take two cigarettes in her gloved hand, and place both in her lips. She lit them. Stephen's cock screamed in pleasure and his heart thumped as she placed one in his lips.

She exhaled within six inches of his face and said dreamily;

"I have always wanted to do that...always."

"Like the old movies..." he said, with a longing smile that warmed Danielle's heart. The feeling...incredible to her...was mutual she knew.

"Your husband is a damn fool..." Martin said taking the hardest drag he could , needing ...yes needing...the nicotine rush to spur him on "...if you were mine I would never keep my hands off you....you are total class."

Their eyes met , and they both trembled in anticipation. Danielle Datrice was almost seventy years old despite her fitness, her trim body and refined looks. It couldn't be. Surely this young athlete didn't want to...kiss her...?

Stephen placed his lip gently, ever so gently, to hers. Both recoiled a little and giggled at the static spark between them. Then hesitantly, and sensitively, their lips found each others again.

"Oh my..." Danielle said and Stephen shook in pleasure as her smoky lips spoke the words against his... "I don't even know your name..."

Stephen watched from the corner of his eye as the woman raised her gloved hand, holding the cigarette, against the side of his face and watched it disappear behind his neck. His tongue gently probed her mouth, and hers back. She even tasted like class.

Danielle broke off for a second to take a puff from her cigarette. She was trembling, so Stephen held her tightly, enjoying the contours of her body through the mink. As she went to exhale Stephen clamped his mouth firmly on hers.

"Give it to me" he said in another word tingling kiss against her narrow but barely lined lips, lifting a hand and running it through her silky hair.

Danielle sighed in ecstasy as she did as she was asked, something she hadn't done for thirty years : she had enjoyed such moments with her first beloved husband Paul who had been tragically killed in a car crash. A tear filled her eye and she repeated the exercise. As they parted smoke filled mouths, she gestured to Stephen:

"Now you" she begged hungrily.

Stephen narrowed his eyes against the burning end and inhaled deeply. He had barely taken the cigarette from his mouth when hers were on his, sucking the cool fresh vapour from him. Their lips tingled together as the mentholated smoke danced between their lungs.

"This is wonderful..." Stephen said against her lips, and Danielle giggled like a schoolgirl. His free hand now probed determined beneath her mink. Her breasts were firm, nipples erect even through her armoured brassiere, and she didn't object. In fact, she began to writhe rhythmically and her breath was erratic as the excitement reached fever pitch.

"Mmmm... " Stephen said enjoying another smoked filled kiss as he massaged her heaving bosom "...I've got to have you...now."

"But...but I could be your grandmother...you are so young...so sweet...and me? I'm old...dried up...." she lied, her vaginal juices gushing at this unexpected and shock encounter with a stranger; something she had always fantasised about.

Stephen's phone rang in his pocket as they consumed each other. Without even opening his eyes or breaking off the kiss, he reached in his pocket and fumbled for the off switch. Unable to find it, he tossed the phone over his head into the bushes. Hitting frozen ground, it silenced immediately. He had forgotten about Martina already. This...this was a conquest. And it was he who had done the seducing.

"Oh my God" her voice croaked in blood curdling disbelief as she searched for the boy's erection with her free hand. It was huge...gross... in comparison with her husband's flacid effort. Stephen almost came as he felt cool leather squeeze against his steaming hot cock as she had wriggled her hand inside his jeans.

"Good morning" the WPC said as two officers walked by them, smiling.

Danielle broke of the kiss and smiled back. The sweep of her mink covered her criminal activity; and she teased Stephen by gently ...so gently...massaging the bulbous head of his young penis.

"Yes it is rather isn't it? Who'd have thought we'd have had such a beautiful sunny morning ..."

Danielle said laughing, and took another drag of her cigarette before closing lips on Martin's once more.

As she parted to let the smoke escape Stephen's lips, Stephen flashed the bemused officers a stern look as he exhaled and winked at the pretty wpc.

"Not against the law is it Officer? " he said cockily.

As the male officer was about to speak wpc Lindsey Green grabbed his arm and spoke herself.

"No...no not at all...you go a'ead and enjoy yourself....makes me want to take up smoking again" she smiled genuinely; "...s' Romantic it is." She pushed open mouthed Ron Carter on his way.

As they walked off, Lindsey turned back for on last lingering look as she watched the two, cavorting . Incongruous, but sexy.

"ROMANTIC?" Ron Carter said in disbelief when they were out of earshot.

"Yeah...romantic" Lindsey affirmed wishing it was her but knowing now there could still be opportunities when she was old and grey. What was obvious, is that the hunger, and yet caution, with which the two feasted on one another meant they had only just met . A personal fantasy of wpc Lyndsey Green's.

"She was about a hundred and he is about 12. How can that be romantic?" he said in confusion.

Lindsey stopped and looked back, watching the couple who now were as any couple, devoid of age and status, dissolved in the misted light.

"Look now Ron" she said pointing "... now wouldn't that make a lovely photo, with the mist and the smoke against the light, and the frosted snow, and the way they are holding each other , leaning back n'all?" Lindsey held a make believe camera and tried to frame the scene. "Oooh and did you see her mink? Beautiful. And wasn't he sexy with a fag on eh? Every inch a Johnny Depp. I'd have eaten him...she was doing it classy like. Ooooh I miss me fags...I really do...."

Stephen at that point leant right back and exhaled a perfect illuminated plume beautifully skyward; his lover tilting her head back and joining him.

"That's it.." Lyndsey shook her head. "come on....let's walk across to the newsagents. I am going to buy a pack..."

"You....you were...are...a smoker?" Ron said heart skipping a beat.

"I was yeah...why...shocked?" his female partner , for whom he nursed a crush, said teasingly.

"well y..y..yes I...I suppose I am...you look the prim and proper type..." Carter said astounded.

Lyndsey laughed aloud, then stared Carter in the eyes with the look of a predator.

"You don't know me Ronald Carter..." she said, flashing him a teasing smile "...I can be a whore...."

An hour later in less romantic surroundings of a closed off level of the underground car park,

Ronald Carter would be thrusting his enraged cock in and out of the laughing wpc as he fumbled with the buttons of her open blouse beneath her uniform. She would lift a leg and say: "do you like me suspenders then Ron....does your wife wear'em?", with a cigarette bobbing from her cockney lips teasingly. And a half hour after that, the 40 year old would be promoted to the rank of sex symbol in the wpc's book as he hungrily became a smoker too.

Quite how he would explain to his demure wife that he had taken up smoking he didn't know. But he could never suspect either, how it would rejuvenate their flagging sex life for his wife to cast shocked eyes on a man in a uniform with a cigarette dangling from his lips.....

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