tagFetishThe Alley of No Return Ch. 20

The Alley of No Return Ch. 20


The Alley of No Return Chapter 20: "You've Come a Long Long Way Baby"

Stephen Rendell marched confidently across the marble floor towards the turbo lift; flushed with cold and pride of the exotic trophy on his arm.

Another couple entered aftr them as it came and pressed the panel for their floor. Mrs Datrice stepped forward and her elegant gloved forefinger pressed her floor number , then stepped back to Stephen's side, flashing him a schoolgirl smile.

The couple in front of them both raised an eyebrow at the pair, who were clearly, though incongruous, romantically attached.

Mrs Datrice giggled huskily as Stephen's hand slid beneath the back of her swing mink, and lifted the back of her black angora wool dress. Slipping it down the back of her buttocks.slowly but firmly, his middle finger caressed her undercarriage. Danielle took a sharp intake of breath and held it, shaking visibly with eyebrows raised, but the lips of her open mouth upturned in delight.

"Your hands are cold dear..." she whispered to him as the couple had again turned, frowning bemused at the erratic breaths of the much older lady.

As the couple got out at their own floor, Stephen and Mrs Datrice were alone in the lift.

Stephen removed his hand and took her in his arms pressing her against the wall.

"It's very quick this lift..." she said sternly. "...can't you wait a few moments you bad boy?"

Stephen's evil grin lit up her life, and she squeezed his hand as the lift doors opened.

As they entered her suite, Danielle removed her glove and bade him to be seated as she went into formal hostess mode. Stephen did as he was asked; and removed his coat placing it neatly folded on the carpet.

"Drink?" she said, already throwing ice into two glasses.

She didn't wait for him to reply as she poured two stiff whisky macs.

Sauntering back to the young man that sat beneath her, she passed him one and took out her cigarettes. She pulled two out and placed one in the boy's eager lips, raching in her pocket for Stephen's lighter. When she did so the sweep of the soft mink touched Stephens' face, and as it swung back he stared at Danielle's classy legs directly in front of him. The lighter sparked into flame above his head. She looked down, smiling at a boy fifty years her junior, and proud his stare was transfixed on her elegant legs.

She exhaled a delicately targeted plume of smoke at the young boy's face, smiling as his free hand caressed her outer thigh and under her dress onto her hip.

"Aren't you worried about smoking in here if your husband is due back tonight?" Stephen asked concerned.

Danielle flopped next to Stephen on the sofa and crossed her legs, rubbing her court shoe against his calf.

"I rather think my husband can go jump off a cliff..." she said , her eyes narrowed in pleasure at the thought. " I am through with him."

Placing her glass down she cupped Stephen's head in her hand and pulled him toward her, already taking a long cheek hollowing drag ready for action.

"Puff the magic dragon..." she sang softly as she filled his open mouth with smoke and followed up with her probing tongue.

Stephen broke off gently and gazed into her hooded brown eyes. They sparkled as they were beameddirectly at his lips as he exhaled her essence.

She laughed and took another puff, Stephen kissing her cheek as he did so.

"I used to sing that to my grandson when he was little ...and here is me doing bad things with a boy his age...tut tut... bad bad grandma eh?"

Stephen caressed her breasts as she spoke, and her nipples were erect again.

"Does your grandson smoke?" Stephen asked, wondering what it would be like to have such a sexy classy grandmother and watch her smoke like this all the time.

"Oh yes..." she said and smiled in mischievous glee...I am a bad influence his father says...he hates smoking. Paul...that's his name...comes around with his girlfriend and we have fun. I let her try on my furs and I am sure they have fun in them when I am out. They both smoke; and I do sigh in envy when I watch them kiss with smoke between them. So you can imagine... Stephen...how lovely this is for me."

They kissed, and Stephen talked against her lips , tingling at the touch of each word

"I wish you were my grandma..." he said indulging the wicked taboo as he put his arm around the back of her mink and lowered her onto the couch.

He took a last puff on his half finished cigarette and extinguished it in the sparkling clean ashtray, and melted back into her embrace steadily passing a stream of menthol fumes deep inside her.

With his now free hand he again placed his middle finger into her , this time probing much, much deeper with ease in the well lubricated darkness.

She groaned in unadulterated pleasure as the boy's finger delicately, but firmly, probed rhythmically inside her, and her hips moved synchronised to the beat.

"You are gorgeous" Stephen said meaning it. "I bet your grandson's mates wank themselves stupid over you when you smoke."

Her breath quickened and groaned again as she tilted her head back and took another long, long drag on the erect tube in her mouth.

"Oh one tries to look as elegant as one can for you boys" she said giggling in pleasure at the thought of teenage boys feverishly masturbating over her smoking skills. A mental picture of her grandson doing the same brought an evil grin to her lips as she closed her eyes and held the image for a second. She felt free for the first time in twenty eight years , and such taboo thoughts pleasured her now she was off the bridle. They were after all, just fantasy.

Pushing Stephen from her for a moment, she extinguished her cigarette and sat up. She reached for her drink and stood. She took Stephens' hand.

"Bedroom...bedroom young man. No dinner you have been a very naughty boy and grandma is putting you to bed " she laughed as she indulged her wicked fantasy.

As she took him by the hand, Stephen reached back for his drink and followed her, as she led him to the most amazing bed he had ever seen.

"I slept in this alone last night..."she said in disbelief of her loneliness; " ...he slept in the single through there. He says I snore too much..."

The hostility in her voice said a lot. Stephen now felt no guilt at taking another man's wife. "Fuck him" he said aloud, and gently removed her fur; which she threw like abandon over the huge bed.

Standing back he surveyed Mrs Datrice.

She stood, hand on her hips and head tilted to on side.

The angora wool dress clung to her perfect body, and the pearls around her neck added the perfect touch of class.

"Like what you see young man?" she said, lighting another cigarette and bathing him in her fragrant exhale.

"Oh yes..." said Stephen "I have never seen anything so pleasing to my eye." And he hadn't. Yes Martina Coombes was gorgeous, but this was true class. She even smelt perfect. It was Chanel no 5; he knew.

His only sexual encounters before now had been with a ginger, freckled, bespectacled girl at college in fresher's week, and his current girlfriend, a plain type who bored him silly and treated sex as an athletic exercise that lasted ten minutes. He detested the way that puppy fat cascaded over his girlfriend Sally Palmer's ill fitting jeans, and her body was nothing like as perfectly proportioned as that of the 68 year old that now stood in front of him. Danielle looked dramatic with her white hair pulled back tightly in black velvet bow, her nails perfectly manicured French style as she held the cigarette aloft, and her pose epitomising elegance. She had watched "Gilda" for sure Stephen mused; but there was not the sleaze in her stance that Rita Hayworth had . And to Stephen that is what made her even more special. That she looked so enticing because she was so prim and proper; yet classily sexy.

She took another seductive puff on the cigarette and stepped forward to place it to Stephen's lips, pressing her body firmly against his as she did so.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Danielle said as Stephen took a bad boy, sly eyed draw, on the tube she held to him; and she thrust her pelvis tightly against the monstrous erection in the boy's jeans.

Stephen exhaled down the front of her dress which emphasised her contours. He slid his arm around her back, enjoying the caress of angora against his bare skin, as his shirt cuff slid back due to his having lost a cufflink on the couch.

He felt for the hook and undid it. The dress immediately slipped to reveal Mrs Datrice's bare shoulders, though she held the front to her breast in a dignified but sexy manner.

"What are you going to do with me now young man? " she asked drawing on the cigarette and exhaling toward him as she removed her hand to let the dress drop. It slid slowly down to her slim hips then easily fast fell to her ankles against the sheer precipice of her silky transparent black stockings.

She turned and took her drink over to the bedside table , drawing again on the cigarette as she did so and sat on the edge of the bed. It was the first time Stephen noticed the stockings were seamed, and he followed intrepidly after her immaculate step.

Stephen stood in front of her and she looked up. Without word or hesitation she pulled open his shirt and ran her hands along his bare handsome young chest and let them enjoy every toned muscle. Then she slipped her hands to his trousers, and it was Stephen this time breathed in a shallow gulp of air. She stared up into Stephen's eyes as she slowly undid the zip. His cock jerked violently out like a freed cobra rearing up in violent confrontation. She stroked the cobra's hood and it writhed rhythmically to her tune. She held it there with one hand and reached for her smouldering cigarette with the other.

Still smiling, she took a puff and again looked up at Stephen's frightened eyes as she reached forward, bathing the serpent in hypnotic smoke. Slowly she kissed the beast, then broke off for the deepest puff she could; before swiftly taking it in her smoke filled, hot, mouth. Her husky smoke and cock filled voice giggled deeply but she did not gag; despite taking it deep inside.

"Ohhhhhmy God....!" Stephen uttered and almost collapsed, having to steady himself on Mrs Datrice's shoulder. She then pulled her mouth back over the snake's head and kissed the hood again, gently pulling back the foreskin to reveal it in its full purple glistening glory. Again she billowed smoke at the beast, who jerked against her lips in appreciation. She already had a gentile's seeping sperm in her mouth and it felt dirty; beautiful dirty.

She stood and pressed herself against the beast again, slowly opening her legs. The mesh of the gusset broke easily as it gave way to Stephen's enormity as it slithered its way inside her. Stephen held her and as they kissed he could taste his own semen on her tongue, mingling with mentholated nicotine.

He lowered her gently to the bed without slipping from her tight...so tight...embrace and fucked her rotten for an hour.

They held each other after it was consumed, for another half hour, Stephen enjoying every inch of her perfect perfumed body. It was so much more toned than his girlfriend's, and soft and pale unlike her tanned and rough skin. She had removed all her clothes now. The translucent gleam revealed she probably used an expensive moisturiser all over her body, a fact confirmed as he saw the pearl like iridescence as she turned over. He watched as she sat up, straight back to him, and his cock stirred into life again as he heard the rasp and gentle glow of the lighter. He hungrily reached for her lips to take her exhale, which she let him half have, before pushing him gently back and leaning over him. "Easy....no rush..." she said as she held it then to his lips and worked her hips against his....


It was almost three thirty pm and they still pawed each other frantically, after their fourth time. She had never known such recovery prowess. Yes she had had younger men before, especially these that knew who she was, between marriages. She knew what it was like to have a man worship her body, as her first husband and a dozen more had. But her second husband was always awkward, and a poor performer. In all that time, and despite the lack of attention he paid to her, she had not strayed. Not until now...and she relished every moment. The fact that Stephen had not flinched when she had introduced herself as Danielle Datrice meant for sure he had no clue who she was. The fact he had not mentioned her trademark seamed stockings, or reacted at her "puff the magic dragon" dulcet tones, confirmed this. Stephen had no idea of who "Aunt Danielle" of sixties tv's "Read me a Story" , or the sexy double agent Selena Steele, vamp extraordinaire from from the early seventies "Cat on the Red Roof" cult tv series, was. Why should he? He wasn't born until 1989.

"Stephen..." she said , unable to contain herself any more, and lighting yet another two cigarettes; "...you have no idea who I am...do you?"

Stephen caressed her breasts once more, thumbs playing with her pert nipples, and looked up at her. "You are a goddess to me..." he said.

Danielle laughed, and he kissed the crow's lines on her eyes.

"Stephen...have you ever seen the movie 'Cross of the Vampire' or maybe 'He walked with a Banshee'? she asked, naming her two most well known feature films.

Stephen frowned and exhaled with her in unison into the now thick smoke filled room. Danielle got out of bed and pulled her mink around her, walking over to the French window and opening it, enjoying standing in the last rays of the sun; naked for all to see if only they looked up.

Stephen admired her stunning body against the light as she flicked her now loose white hair around her shoulders, and exhaled beautifully against the light.

Stephen got out of the bed and lifted the mink draped on one shoulder to the other too, and massaged them through the beautiful coat.

"Hell yes... I remember Cross of the Vampire...seen that... it's always on tv. That stunning dark haired actress in the black velvet corseted hobble dress. Nobody suspected she was a vampire because she could wear a crucifix. I think I had my first boner when I saw her....I hated it because she turned me on because she smoked. She was evil, she smoked, and I didn't like what it did to me...but I kept an old Photoplay magazine I found with her picture on for years. Now of course...I have succumbed to the allure..." he smiled, taking the cigarette from her hand and taking a deep inhale before handing it back.

Danielle Dotrice turned around and bathed him in her illuminated exhale, placing her arms around his neck and dangling the cigarette behind him.

"That could explain a lot Stephen...you see....that evil vampire....well it was me..."she said with a tear of joy in her eye.

"Danielle Dresden?" he quizzed, mouth agape.

"Stage name my darling..." she said caressing his face lovingly.

Still in shock, it couldn't have been more of a buzz if he had discovered he had won the lottery. She looked so different...her hair clearly having gone white with age; but if anything.....He knew what to say.

"That is so special to me you can't imagine....but I want to say this. I think you are more beautiful now ....like a matured wine; or a red rose in full, glorious bloom..."

They held each other tightly both enveloped in the fur, as icy draught from the open window stroked their legs as they intertwined for warmth.

"Jump back into bed Stephen..." she said spanking him twice on his goose pimpled bare backside as he shivered from the cold touch of air from the open window; "...I have a couple of things to do."

She waltzed into the adjoining bedroom as Stephen threw himself under the covers, stretched out and yawned. This was the best he had ever felt in his life, and he didn't want it to stop. Especially now he knew that the woman he had just fucked was none other than Danielle Dresden; the Greyestone Pictures horror movie actress. He closed his yes and nodded off; the biggest smile on his face.

Danielle Dresden took exactly six minutes to pack all her husband's belongings into his case, and dragged it to the front door of the suite. She was independently wealthy and didn't need him. In fact, she had only ever married him as their mutual friends had thought it a wonderful match. There had never been any passion, and the friendship and conversation they had at least had in the beginning had long vanished. He had had an affair with a plain young secretary, and he had taken £180 000 from her bank account without consulting her and lost the lot on a risky stock exchange venture.

There was no way now she was going to usher Stephen Rendell hurriedly out of her life and try to hide the smell of smoke that permeated the entire suite. They had talked about splitting up anyway, and if he had shown on ounce of interest in her or on ounce of remorse for his behaviour she would have maybe thought differently. She didn't; and she felt no remorse at dismissing him from her life either. She knew that there was no future to be had with Stephen, but even a night more with him was worth a lifetime with the pig of a man she had spent the last twenty eight years with.

She scribbled a note on the suitcase.

"You didn't want to stay an extra few days in London. That is fine. Go home. I will be staying here...indefinitely. There is nothing between us any more. It is over . I will send for my things via

Valerie and file for a divorce. Please don't bother me. Begone. Danielle."

She strode back into the bedroom naked but for her courts and mink, and locked the door.

She sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Stephen's face.

"My beautiful young man..." she said with a smile.

Stephen woke and stretched. He looked at the curtains moving gently and beyond it was now dark.

"What time will your husband b..be back?" he blurted out; panic in his voice.

"Oh don't you worry about him. Stephen....?" she asked.

"Yes Danielle?" he replied, sitting up and holding her.

"Stephen...do you want to stay with me tonight?" she said gazing into his eyes and continuing to stroke his hair. She was sidetracked as he reached over and opened a new pack of cigarettes and took two out, placing them in his lips.

"Did anyone tell you with your hair messy you look like a young Johnny Depp?" she said in admiration.

Stephen's grin was infectious as he lit the cigarettes , and placed one in the corner of Danielle's mouth.

"Funny enough only time was last night...someone else said the same thing. Must be the smoking...."

he mused aloud.

"Mmmm...I dare say that probably helps..." Danielle said wistfully; and feeling beneath the sheets to seek out Stephens erect phallus.

As she gripped it, Stephen asked again;

"Your husband...?"

"You haven't answered my question Stephen....do you want to spend the night with me?"

"Oh yes..." Stephen said this time, in wistful sincerity; "...but your husband?"

"Oh.... he is history..." she said, pulling back the sheets and placing her mouth over Stephen's throbbing cock.


Raymond Ashforth threw down his briefcase and rubbed his cold hands together. He answered the mobile which rang in his pocket and heard the familiar voice of his former secretary Michelle.

"Hello darling yes I am in London. Been in the City all day moving a few investments around.

Can you do dinner?"

The reply was obviously affirmative.

"I will come over to Richmond...we don't want the old dragon anywhere near. She will do her own thing as she always does anyway....she wouldn't even take my name when we got married. Datrice family name and all that...it wasn't even her acting name for Christ's sake."

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