tagMatureThe Allie-gator

The Allie-gator


*** *** ***

Another improbable tale of a nubile girl being inexplicably attracted to a middle-aged man.

The only goal here is to provide a small bit of mindless entertainment without any concern for meaningful content. Kind of like eating nachos.

I hope you enjoy.

*** *** ***

Tony stopped dead in his tracks. His daughter Sonia was sitting on the porch swing outside the front door.

Blood rushed to his head, throbbing at his temples. He took a deep breath in attempt to gain control of his growing fury. His fists clenched and released at his sides.

It was a warm night, perfect for watching the stars. She was sitting with Mark, her boyfriend. They had been dating five weeks, and she'd brought him home to have dinner with her father. It was the third occasion she had done so.

Tony guessed that she really wanted him to like and accept this boy. Meaning, she was very serious about him. She had not put any energy into dragging her former boyfriends out to their remote ranch to meet her father. The previous boys had come and gone with no particular notice.

Tony's fists were so tight he was hurting his palms. He was choking on an impulse to beat Mark into a pulp.

Sonia and Mark were sitting on the porch swing locked in a feverish kiss. He wanted to go break them away from each other, but reminded himself that she would be 19 years old soon and she was nearing the end of her freshman year in college. Kissing was not a bad thing, but the boy had her shirt open and a hand inside. She had a hand in his lap rubbing his bulge.

Tony was frozen in a moment rage, but knew it was misplaced. She was old enough to make these decisions for herself. The boy seemed nice. He had made eye contact when they had spoken to each other and he was polite and respectful. Most importantly, the boy seemed to show Sonia the respect she deserved.

But the boy's hand was in Sonia's shirt. Her hands were sliding into his pants.

Tony's vision was turning red.

Allie, Sonia's long time best friend, stepped in front of Tony she placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back. She had come over for dinner too. Allie and Mark were spending the night.

She walked him back into the kitchen. They stood toe to toe. Tony easily looked over the bone white blonde hair on her head. Her 5 foot tall and 100 pound stature was dwarfed by his 6 foot 2 but she was being imposing, taking up more space than her tiny body suggested she should be able to.

"Let them be," she commanded.

"I know. It's hard to watch my little baby grow up though. I keep her safe. Always."

"She hasn't been a little girl in a while. You did good. You raised a good responsible person. Now let her be a good responsible woman."

"She's still my little girl. She always will be."

"Yes, you have done well providing for her. That's why she's here and not at his apartment. She feels safe here. If he gets out of hand, you will be around to break things up. You are protecting her. You are keeping her safe by letting her be in a place where she can be certain no will mean no. If she wants to say no."

"I could break this up now."

"No. Let her explore. She's met a good guy. Right now she does not want to say no. She's saying yes to him."

Tony grumbled unhappily.

Allie reached out for his hand and held it. She said, "She is fine. I promise. Let them be."

Allie began to walk away further into the interior of the house. Tony's large hand easily hid her small slender fingers as she pulled him along after her. He obediently trailed in the petite girl's wake.

Allie had been Sonia's closest friend since fourth grade. They both had outgoing personalities. Together they were a tornado of energy feeding off each other in an ever-increasing loop. Tony often worried they would get each other in trouble, which they often had.

Now his daughter was occupied with another interest whom she was kissing on the front porch. That left Allie in Tony's care, or vise versa. He had played this role many times before when Sonia was at work or school and Allie did not want to go home. Tony always enjoyed her company. Allie dragged Tony along. He was the focus of her attention. She expected him to play along and entertain her every whim. They continued through the house into the backyard. She strolled through the patio garden still holding Tony's hand. They passed under the ancient oak in the middle of the paved area. Tony recalled memories of Allie and his daughter playing dolls around the base of the gnarled old tree. They had liked to pretend it was a princess castle.

Allie approached the hot tub at the back of the paved area.

"I have not used your spa since before last winter. Let's take a dip."

"We don't have suits on, Allie-gator," Tony commented.

Allie purred at his used of that long time nickname. It was his name for her and she only allowed him to use it. Her body sang along with him when his gravelly voice rolled over the syllables, savoring the familiarity that came off his tongue. He never used the nickname in anger, only endearment.

"We can use our underwear." she bit her lip, "Unless you are commando tonight."

"I've got them on." he grumbled.

She pouted, "Too bad. We could have skinny dipped." she smiled like a fairy tale cat in Wonderland. "We could anyhow."

"We are not skinny dipping." Tony said in a parental tone.

"Okay fine, party pooper. Let's get in." She knew this Allie-gator could be dangerous in the water no matter what she was wearing.

Allie wiggled out from her impossibly tight jeans. Her baby tee joined her pants on the ground.

Tony looked at her very brief, white, lacy undergarments. He had long ago recognized that Allie was a gorgeous girl. It was as though her body was constructed specifically for his fantasies, and since she was approaching 20 years old, she was no longer out of bounds for him to think about while he did fantasize.

Allie heard his nearly inaudible murmur, "Oh my God," as he scanned her body. She did not shrink from his gaze. Rather, she bathed in the desires dripping from his eyes.

"Get your pants off. Unless you want my help to get undressed." she reached for his belt.

"No, I've got it."

His shirt and pants joined the pile on the ground. Allie's eyes roamed his strong shoulders and large chest shaped by hard work. She wanted to touch his lean muscles and bite his nipples; to do terribly inappropriate things to him. She tried, as she had been doing since she was thirteen, to guess the shape of the heavy appendage hanging between his legs. It was always swinging and moving like a living thing with a mind of its own, always tantalizingly hidden out of view.

Allie turned and stepped into the spa. Tony mentally shut down at the sight of her ass. She was wearing a thong and baring her flawless ass to him. He was memorizing the perfect sight in front of him. He wanted her to lean forward so he could see her sex through the gap between her thighs.

She contently exhaled as the hot water enveloped her calves. She reached back for his hand.

"Come on." She pulled Tony into the water with her. "Your Allie-gator is waiting."

Tony revelry was broken as her perfect little ass vanished into the water. He quickly sat to hide his stiff cock.

Tony stared at her small bust. Her bra had gone transparent when it wicked the pool water. Allie sat up taller to help him see her gravity defying A-cup wonders. She teased Tony by putting her feet on his legs.

"Could you massage my feet?" she asked. She would do anything to get his hands to touch any part of her. She had been pining for him for years and would not allow him to avoid her any longer.

"Okay." he loved giving her foot massages. Any excuse to touch her, to hear her moan with pleasure as her tenderly caressed her feet.

He methodically worked his fingers around her delicate slender feet. Allie closed her eyes and rested her head back on the tub edge.

For many minutes he massaged her feet listening to her gasps of ecstasy. It was easy to imagine she was moaning for more intimate reasons.

Tony wanted her badly. He wondered if she was hinting at having a similar interest in him. He was unsure how to interpret the situation because she had been flirting with him for the better part of the past decade and she had no barriers when communicating with him.

A few years back, around the time she was 17, she had sincerely asked if it was normal for a girl to masturbate while imagining her best friend's father blackmailing and forcing her to have sex with him. Sonia was the only person who remotely qualified as Allie's best friend, so she might as well have used Tony's name. He had told her men and women imagine all kinds of crazy things. Fantasies, even odd ones, were normal but she should not allow them to lead her into unhealthy situations.

Allie had thanked him and calmly asked if he ever fantasized about forcing her or blackmailing her into doing nasty things. She had laughed when he stumbled and choked over his words in response. To her, it was hilarious that she had tripped him up so easily. He had been wary of her silly traps ever since.

The foot massage was too good, Allie was becoming aroused. She needed more from him, but not out in the yard where Sonia was sure to catch them. The last thing she wanted was to be interrupted mid colitis by an irate best friend. Sonia was unlikely to understand. She had to stop, he was pushing her arousal to the tipping point. She was about to attack him. Abruptly, she sat up and took her feet from Tony. She slid a little closer to him.

Allie asked, "Can I work for you this summer?"

"Doing what?"

She shifted subtly closer.

"I was thinking I could do housework. Cleaning, cooking, and whatnot. I need to earn some spending cash for school next year."

"I don't think there's that much work."

"I could spend a couple of hours a day cooking, cleaning and whatnot. What do you say?"

"How much will this luxury set me back?"

She shifted close enough for their hips to touch.

"I don't know. Fifty bucks a week?"

"That seems cheap."

"It includes me getting to eat for free every day."

"I've seen you eat, I'll be losing money." She already had dinner with them most nights and frequently helped cook, so it was not really a change.

"What do you say? Do we have a deal?" she asked.

Her hand 'accidentally' brushed his leg.

"I will think about it. Are you sure fifty is enough for you to earn spending money for all next year?"

"Did I leave money on the table? Damn. Should I ask for more? I was afraid you'd say no. Then I'd have to find a real job. I'd rather hang out here."

"So you want to get paid for doing what you normally do for free."

"Yeah. But I'll pull my weight. You know, with the cooking, cleaning, and..." She shrugged to fill the silence.

"Whatnot?" Tony provided.

"Exactly." Her hand came to rest on his knee.

"Sure, we can probably figure something out."

"Yay" she cheered doing jazz hands above the water. When she brought her hands down, they grasped his bicep. "Oh! It also includes unlimited use of your Internet TV."

"I'm definitely losing money on this deal."

"Ah, you suggested you could pay more than $50 a week. How about $100?"

"You know, this isn't how you negotiate. You are supposed to start high and come down to what you want."

One of her hands returned to rubbing his thigh. She thought she was working towards what they both wanted.

"So summer break is 16 weeks long. How about $2000 for the whole summer?" she offered.

Her hand reached over and gripped the back of his hand. She brought his palm to her thigh.

He responded, "That's $125 a week, the price keeps going up."

She held his hand in place as he tried to remove it from high on her inner leg.

"Then agree."

"I thought I had at $50 a week." He shook his head and gave in. He was being distracted by how impossibly smooth her inner thigh was. "$2000 is fine."

She hugged his upper arm and wrapped her thighs around his hand. This trapped his arm between her breasts and hand against her groin. She squeezed his hand closer with her leg muscles.

It was too much for Tony. He struggled free of her.

Disappointed at losing contact Allie stood, leaning on Tony to lift her weight, she put her arm around his shoulders and sat across his lap dangerously close to his erection.

"Let's go celebrate." she said.

"Huh? No more relaxing in the spa?" Tony was enjoying the closeness.

"I want to catch up on the latest iZombie. I'll grab us some beers. Let's go."

She leapt up and out of the tub. Tony watched her bare ass the best he could.

"You mean my beers." he grumbled. "This deal is still getting worse by the minute. It's going to cost me a fortune."

The moment she was clear of the tub she wrapped her arms tightly around her body. "Oh shit, it's cold." She took off running hugging herself.

Tony was disappointed. He had hoped to ogle her a bit more. He followed the trail of water to the house. Then, to his dismay, he followed the river of drips on the polished hardwood floor. He was dripping water on his precious floor too. More to clean up. He found the virtually naked girl in the bath drying herself. Reaching past her, he grabbed a towel for himself and staunched the rivulets flowing down his body to the floor. The water through the house would need to be mopped up before it did any damage.

Allie longed to see what was causing in bulge in his shorts. It wasn't rigid anymore, but it still hung swollen and thick. She wanted to play with it.

"I'm going to take a shower and put on my PJs." she said.


He watched her shrug out of her translucent bra and hook her thumbs in the sides of her thong. He wondered at her actions as she showed her pubic mound covered in short, trimmed blonde hair to him.

As his eyes feasted on her private treasures, he licked his lips imaging what she tasted like. His cock strained with desire to test her tightness. He knew that any second he was going to lose control and do something that could not be undone.

"I better get the water off the wood floors." he said as he ran from the room.

Allie slumped her shoulders and hung her head like a unstrung puppet. She had been a half a second from dragging him into the shower with her.

"So close. I was going to eat you for dinner," she said dismayed at her results. "Well, there's always dessert."


Allie and Tony were on their second beers and had almost finished the first episode of the latest season of iZombie. They had both seen it before but we're having fun re-watching.

Sonia walked in with Mark in tow. She held his hand guiding him to sit next to her on the sofa. She pulled his arm around her shoulders and leaned against his chest. Mark nervously glanced at Tony.

'Good,' thought Tony. 'A little fear would keep him in his place.'

They watched three more episodes before Tony decided it was bed time. He went to the hall closet, then returned and dropped the armload of blankets on the end of the sofa.

He reminded the young couple. "These are for Mark to sleep out here. My door will be open in case I'm needed. I'm off to bed now."

Mark and Sonia looked at him wide-eyed and nodded like well-behaved children. Allie wore a smirk suggesting she had no intention of being well-behaved.

Tony walked to his room. He looked at Sonia's door as he went into his. Her room was visible from his. The explicit rule was she could not close her door any time a boy was visiting. With his door open, Tony felt comfortable no foolishness could occur. The sofa was also in easy earshot.

Tony lay down in bed and closed his eyes to relax.


Allie dragged Sonia into the bathroom. Allie was touching up her eye makeup. She wanted to look perfect tonight. She wanted Tony's memory of what was coming to be perfect, the best of his life.

Sonia whined, "I don't know, Allie, Dad's going to kill us."

"I keep telling you, I have this. You and Mark will be free to spend the night together in your bed. Don't you want to?"

"Yes. He's great and I really like him. I'm more than ready to sleep with him. He's been so patient. But Dad-"

"I've got your back. How many times do I have to say it? I've been working on your dad all night. He's almost there. I just need to close the deal."

"What are you going to do?" Sonia did not imagine that Allie could possibly feel sexual towards her dad. It just didn't occur to her.

"None of your business. Worry about what you are going to do. Once your dad's door is closed, I guarantee it will stay closed all night. You will have total freedom. Wait." Allie froze mid thought, squinted her eyes and peered closely at Sonia's mouth, "Why is your lipstick smeared like that?"

"It is?" Sonia was panicked as she checked herself in the mirror.

"Oh my god! Did you blow Mark?"

Sonia turned red and her eyes looked everywhere except Allie.

"Holy shit! You did. On the porch?"

"Shush. Someone will hear you."

"I can't believe you sucked Mark off on the front porch, in your front yard."

"It's not like we have neighbors. I could hear you talking to Dad in the yard and then in the house so I knew where you both were. So, you know, I... you know."

"Wow, you slut."

"He's been perfect, and I figured Dad was going to mess everything up tonight. I wanted to give him something special while I could. I really like him a lot."

"I told you, your dad will be locked in his room. I promise no interference from him." she smiled. "You swallowed, you must have."

"Allie, stop."

"Now, Mark has to blow you too."

Sonia felt a flutter in her stomach. A hopeful grin bloomed on her face.

"You think so?"

"I know so. Have a great time tonight." she grinned. "I'm impressed. You swallowed on your front porch swing, you kinky slut. Did you shave down there?"

"Yeah, I shaved it like you told me to."

"Mark will lose his mind when he sees you naked."

"He seemed pretty excited about how smooth it was while he was fingering me."

"Holy shit. He jilled you on the front porch swing too?"

Sonia bit her lip in coy way, "He's good with his hands."


Sonia looked over to Allie at hearing her sober tone.


Allie kept her solemn tone and maintained eye contact. She carefully enunciated each word as to not be understated, "When I lock your dad's door, it's for me too."

"I don't understand."

"When the door clicks shut, that's your cue to jump Mark's bones. So do it."


"Then, under no circumstances are you to interrupt your dad and me. No matter what you hear."

Sonia was finally understanding Allie's plan.

"Are you... going to... you know... with my dad?"


"But he's... Dad."

"Do you want Mark? Tonight?"


"You want him so bad you can't wait a single day longer."


"Well that's how I feel about your dad. For the past five years."

"Oh. That's weird. Really weird."

"Do your thing and forget about us. It's your night. All about you and the love of your life."

"Okay." Sonia sounded uncertain. It was too bizarre. How could Allie like her dad? He was so... Dad.

Allie smiled. She reached out and pulled Sonia's shirt up.

"Hey!" Sonia protested.

"Get it off."


"You're going back to Mark in only your underwear."

"Why would I do that?"

"When you see the look in his eyes, you'll know exactly why."

Allie stripped Sonia to her black lacy undergarments.

"How do you feel?" Allie asked.

"Honestly, I'm the wettest I've ever been."

"Good. Go find out if he's as good with his tongue as he was with his hands."

"And you... with Dad. Good luck with that." Sonia shook her head. It made no sense.


Tony looked up when he his door click shut. It seemed like an instant after he had come to bed but it was at least an hour later.

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