tagFetishThe Alpha

The Alpha


"Remind me again why I'm doing this?" Alex asked.

"Because, you're a great friend," Patty said reassuringly.

Alex grumbled quietly, begrudgingly agreeing that only a good friend would be standing in his friend's apartment while wearing a blond wig with pigtails, a blue half-sleeved round neck A-Line dress with white frills, white thigh-high stockings, and navy blue Mary-Jane platform pumps. The sad thing was that all of these clothes actually belonged to him; he was a closet transvestite. If you were to see him in his normal attire, Alex Burdeson would look like a skinny, extremely handsome 19 year-old. Strangely enough, while wearing women's clothing, he made a very convincing female. He was hoping, more than ever, that he still made a passable female.

Patty Welch had been his friend since the third grade. When they were kids, Alex was such a good friend that he was pretty much the only boy that her parents allowed to be in her bedroom with the door closed. They had no secrets between each other. However, one fateful day a few months ago, she came over his house and walked into his bedroom unannounced, finding him wearing a prom dress and surrounded by bras, panties, and various articles of female clothing. After a tense discussion, where Alex confessed that he wore women's clothing to relieve stress, they decided never to speak of his secret. Unfortunately for him, Patty had decided months later to use his secret for her own gains.

At 19, Patty was going to school for Journalism, while also working at Lime Beacon, an up and coming online news website. She aspired to be a world-class journalist, writing international stories. Her parents had tried to encourage her to be a news anchor or reporter, but people found her skinny body, red hair, and large eyes not aesthetically pleasing enough. Still, her current boss didn't care how she looked; he was only concerned about her talent for investigative journalism. When she wasn't working, she was doing her own private research project on a certain group of people: futanari.

Recently, she had learned that a large group of futanari was planning to meet at the Crescent Rock Country Club. Her plan was to have Alex -- in disguise as a woman -- infiltrate the meeting to gain more information about them. It would also be very useful to find out which people in the community were futanari.

Usually, she would have done it herself, but, in the course of her research, she discovered that futanari had extremely high sexual drives. They also emitted powerful pheromones when they became sexually aroused, and those pheromones lowered the inhibitions of people around them. Lastly, futanari sperm was extremely potent, and the last thing she needed was to become pregnant, which is why she enlisted Alex.

"Now, remember," Patty said, handing him a shoulder strap purse. "Your left earring is a camera, and your right earring is a microphone. Just get in there and stay for the entire meeting. Once you're done, we'll meet back here."

"Got it," Alex said before leaving Patty's apartment.

Per her instructions, he took three different taxis to get to the country club -- Patty was paranoid about him being tracked. Once he arrived, he saw several of well-dressed women filing inside. He followed them to a large dining hall, outside of which was a table with nametags and a sign-in sheet. Patty's cousin, who worked at the country club, was able to get him a spot on the guest list as "Miss Camilla Frost". After signing in and receiving his name tag, Alex followed the other women into the dining hall.

The dining hall was filled with numerous women of various ages, who were talking and enjoying appetizers while mellow piano music was played. Alex thought that these women looked relatively normal. It was hard to imagine that they were packing dicks and balls under their clothing.

After a while, Alex was having such a good time that he totally forgot that he was there to spy on these ladies. He chatted them up, enjoyed the appetizers, and then sat down for a delicious dinner of pan roasted Halibut with a side of grilled vegetable couscous. He even won an Apple TV box in a raffle!

Eventually, a blonde woman in a green dress announced that it was time for everyone to proceed to the ballroom. Alex joined the other women as they left their dining tables and walked into the next room, where there were several rows of chairs set in front of a stage. After all of the women were seated, the Blonde in the Green Dress came on stage and addressed everyone through her microphone.

"Welcome, ladies, to the second annual meeting of the Elwood City chapter of A.F.T.E.R.! American Futanari Tirelessly Encouraging Reproduction!"

The room erupted with raucous applause, and Alex joined in. He had a feeling that things were about to get interesting.

"And now," Blonde in the Green Dress said. "I'd like to introduce our guest of honor, who is also the founder and National President of A.F.T.E.R.: Regina Dandridge!"

At that moment, a tall woman strode barefoot onto the stage, and the sight of her was enough to elicit a standing ovation. She waved and smiled to the crowd, clad only in a silky crimson robe with gold trim. Alex found the woman to be very beautiful, with piercing eyes and straight dark brown hair that grew down to her waist. After raising her hand, the crowd stopped clapping and sat back down. Regina cleared her throat and addressed the crowd.

"Good evening, my sisters!" Regina said. "I am so proud to see how large this group has grown. Last year, you were only 9; now you are 60 members strong!" The women applauded in response to her praise. "Before I begin with my message, I want to hear all the things you have done to advance our cause."

Blonde in the Green Dress walked around the room with a microphone and allowed various members of the audience to tell their stories. Alex was expecting stories of fundraising or advertising, but the stories were all about sex. He was dumbfounded by the audacity of these futanari.

The first story was from a short bespectacled woman who caught her children's nanny stealing money, so she raped her and got her with child. The second was from a woman who rented a house out to two college-age females, and got to creampie inside of them whenever they were late on their rent -- the two of them had given her each 4 children, two of them futanari. From there, the stories got wilder and weirder, serving to disgust and arouse Alex as he listened to them.

After story number 17, Blonde in the Green Dress sat down. Without warning, Regina cast off her robe, revealing to all in the room that she was wearing nothing underneath. Alex's eyes grew huge as he surveyed Regina's nude body.

She had beautiful, with tanned skin, and an extremely curvy body. Upon her chest hung two enormous breasts with nipples that jutted proudly from large areolae. However, the most noticeable feature of her body was the enormous rod that was dangling from a large bush of brown hair between her firm, thick thighs. Alex couldn't stop staring at her body, and the same was true for everyone else in the room. Even though she had a penis, Alex was still desirous of her.

Everyone watched as Regina's massive phallus became erect. Alex felt very strange; the penis seemed to vibrate and hum with an inexplicable energy. He was hypnotized by the rod; he couldn't tear his gaze off of it. Soon, his own dick became uncomfortably hard. Had he been able to stop staring at Regina, he would have noticed that everyone else in the room was erect as well.

Beneath the haze of sexual desire in his mind, he realized that Regina was an Alpha. Patty had told him in the past that there were three castes of futanari. The first caste was called Sirens; they used their pheromones and sexuality to carefully seduce their prey. The second caste was the Hunters, who forcefully obtain their mates by calculated and aggressive means. A hunter would corner you in an alley, or break into your home just to fuck you senseless.

The members of the third caste, the Alphas, were highly rare. With their enormous dicks, they could command men, women, and futanari into being their slaves. Only 1 out of 1000 futanari turned out to be an Alpha.

"I command you all, go forth, and impregnate more women," Regina said, pacing the stage. "There is no greater joy than ripping the clothes off of a woman, sticking yourself inside of her, and giving her your seed. Then, you get to watch her belly grow large and fat with your young. The more you plant, the better chance we have to conceive more futanari! We are on the brink of...um...may I help you?"

Everyone soon became aware of the new girl, who had gotten up from her seat to stand before Regina. She had a dazed look upon her face, and was slightly drooling. Her eyes were still fixed to Regina's cock.

Alex seemed to be having an out of body-experience. He hadn't fully registered that he had gotten up from his seat and walked onto the stage. And, try as he might, he couldn't stop himself from dropping to his knees, grabbing Regina's hot erection and licking and sucking it.

"Mmmm....oh, please....not right now," Regina moaned.

"Young lady," Blonde in the Green Dress said, walking up to the stage and tugging at Alex's sleeve. "I'm sure I can understand your feelings, but this is against protocol. You need..."

"God! Your tongue feels good!" Regina hissed. She looked at the Blonde in the Green Dress and said, "Sheila, I'm sorry, but this girl is amazing."

"President, we can make an exception for you, if you want to initiate coitus right now," Sheila said.

"No, no...that would set a bad example." Regina turned to the crowd and said, "I hereby declare this meeting to be over! Shit, I'll just email you all my speech!"

The crowd let out a jubilant roar before rushing towards the stage. Every woman was still packing wood, eager to see the Alpha have their way with this strange new girl. Sheila got on the stage and walked towards Alex.

"President, allow me to prepare this young futa for you," Sheila said as she knelt behind Alex. After lifting his dress and pulling down his panties, she adopted a look of disbelief. "Um, pardon me, President, but we have a situation."

"Spit it out, Sheila!" Regina barked, irritated that she was being bothered while receiving wonderful head.

"This young lady doesn't have a vagina."

It took a few minutes for the Alpha to process what Sheila had said. The ladies in the audience murmured with excitement at the news. Regina reluctantly pulled her meat out of Alex's mouth, cupped him by the chin with her hand, and lifted his face so that they were looking each other in the eyes.

"Well, well, well! I didn't know we had a little wannabe futanari in here. Is that why you're all dolled-up, huh? You came here for cock, didn't you?"

Alex's brain was still a mush of sex and desire, so the only reply that he could give was to give an open-mouthed moan and stick out his tongue as he wordlessly begged to have her back.

"Oh, this is rich!" Regina crowed. "Get on all fours."

Alex was powerless before the will of Regina and her Alpha cock. He immediately obeyed her, and, without prompting, pointed his ass towards her. She grinned as she knelt down behind Alex, lifted up the hem of his dress and surveyed his bare ass.

"Oh, I'm thoroughly going to enjoy this."

"Please, President! Fuck him!" begged a black woman in the audience.

"Rape his ass, President!" shouted a woman with a beehive hairdo.

Goaded by her followers, Regina spread Alex's cheeks and popped her glans into his anus. Both Alex and Regina shrieked at their initial union; Alex had never had anything inside of his butt, and Regina couldn't remember the last time she'd had an ass so tight. Regina got up on the balls of her feet and began to copulate with Alex in earnest.

The futanari in the room were in a frenzy, seeing their leader mate with the young man. All of them began stripping of their clothes and pleasuring each other. Sheila even ripped her own green dress off, grabbed a nude, chunky Latina woman and began sucking on her large tits.

Alex couldn't believe what was happening to him. He could vividly feel the large, cylindrical object pistoning in and out of his ass. Regina's cock was huge, and though it was painful having his virgin ass violated by it, he wanted more. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure coursing through his body. His mind was full of conflicting feelings: shame, lust, hunger, and fulfillment.

The air in the room was thick with futanari pheromones, which were flooding his brain. He felt his head being jerked back; Regina had grabbed a pigtail in each hand and yanked them like reins on a horse. He didn't care that futanari were mating all around him in an upscale country club, or that he was wearing a dress. As far as he was concerned, he was more than willing to let this woman use him in any way that she pleased. Though, his hard dick was sore beyond belief, and his prostate was getting one hell of a beating.

"Ohhhhh, enough!" Regina growled. She roughly flipped Alex onto his back. "I'm about to cum, boy! I want to look you in the eye while I fill you with my seed! Aaaaargh!"

"Ohhhhh, give me!" Alex cried.

"Ugh, yes, I will!"

Regina grabbed Alex by his stocking-sheathed ankles and continued to stab his anus with her cock. Alex's eyes feasted on the beauty that was ravaging him. Her tousled hair, jiggling breasts, and blushing face made his heart flutter.

Suddenly, he saw that beautiful face was contorted; he heard that beautiful mouth give out a yell, and he felt an intense searing sensation filling his insides. Five more blasts came after that, and then his own penis gave up his seed to the open air and wilted. Though every part of his body ached beyond belief, he could still feel the enormous serpent in his ass becoming flaccid.

"Oh, goodness!" Regina chuckled as pulled out of Alex and got to her feet. "I think this is my new favorite chapter of A.F.T.E.R." She turned to address the other futanari in the room. "Everyone listen up!"

Under the command of their Alpha, the copulating women stopped and turned towards her direction. Everyone watched as Regina grabbed her soft, cum-dripping cock, and peed all over Alex's prone body. Alex was helpless as the smirking futanari drenched every inch of him with hot urine.

When she was done, she looked at everyone in the room and said, "This boy is now my sex slave. You are all my witnesses. Everyone leave now."

While the women began to clothe themselves, Regina looked down to see Alex sitting up.

"I'm done with you...for now," she said. She summoned Sheila to her side. "Have this boy cleaned in the locker room, and send his clothes to the laundry room."

Alex watched as Regina departed the ballroom. The power that she had over him seemed to have gone, once she was no longer erect. Sheila then led him to the country club locker room and took him to the showers.

"Strip and get in," she commanded.

Alex removed the soiled women's clothes he was wearing and peeled off the blonde wig before stepping into the shower. Sheila collected the disguise and put it into a bag. She handed Alex a bar of soap and watched him get into the shower.

"I'm going to have your clothes washed. When you're done bathing, stay in this room and wait for me to return."


"I'm going to be honest, young man," Sheila said, watching intently as Alex stepped underneath the warm water and started lathering himself with soap. "If Regina hadn't claimed you as her own, I'd be in that shower, having my way with you right now."

After she left, she returned half an hour later with Alex's clean belongings -- she even gave him the Apple TV that he'd won in the raffle. Alex clothed himself and followed Sheila out to the rear entrance of the country club. She didn't say a word, but simply let him leave, and closed the door behind him.

He took a bus to Patty's apartment. She opened the door, clad in her pajamas, and let him inside. Once inside, Alex changed back into male clothing before sitting down to talk with Patty.

"So, how'd it go?" Patty asked.

Alex was confused. "I thought you watched the whole thing on the camera in my earring."

"No, I couldn't get a camera with a live feed; I'm going to import the data onto my computer." She gave a yawn. "Why don't you crash here tonight? It's the least I can do, after what you did for me today. My computer should have the audio and video files completed by tomorrow morning, so we'll be able to watch the footage you gathered."

"Um...sure," Alex said, trying not to blush.

After watching some television, Patty retired to her bedroom, while Alex crashed on the couch. His was understandably weary, but in the darkness of the apartment, he dreamed once again of his busty, horse-cocked mistress. He could only imagine the look on Patty's face when she watched the video tomorrow.

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