tagIncest/TabooThe Amazin' Amazon Mom

The Amazin' Amazon Mom


An Oedipus County Tale

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. It's all pretend, folks.

Justin Papamarkakis was looking forward to an easy summer sitting by the pool. It was his last summer at home before moving on to college, and he'd already enjoyed all the pre-graduation and post-graduation parties to the fullest, with plans to enjoy the rest of the summer similarly.

But his mother had a different plan.

Which was why he was currently cleaning out the men's locker room at the Amazonia Gym. He picked up another towel and threw it in the basket, grumbling to himself. Yes, the gym paid for that pool he spent so much time sitting around, as well as the jeep he drove, and yes, it was also paying for the bulk of his future college education, but that didn't mean Justin enjoyed spending time there. Not when there were parties to be enjoyed, women to be swept off their feet, and friends to hang out with.

Diana Papamarkakis had decided, however, that her son was going to spend his last summer after high school working. At the gym.

Justin wished he could say no to her, but he didn't know a man alive who could give his mother such an answer, himself included. She was tall and beautiful and aloof, and men did whatever they could to impress her. Her approval was something Justin considered very important. He was an only child, raised by a single mother who referred to her son occasionally as a 'youthful indiscretion.' He didn't know his father, had never met the man, and Diana had never been very forthcoming. Nor was she particularly warm and maternal, come to think of it. She had used a hands-off approach to parenting; she spent most of her time ensuring that her business was run well and substituted gifts for emotional intimacy.

He wondered when she first asked him to start at the gym if his upcoming departure for college had awakened some desire, after eighteen years, to manufacture some kind of closeness between the two of them. He hoped it was so, deep in his heart of hearts, but wouldn't have admitted that hope even to himself. Which was just as well, all things considered. Already, the second week of July was ending, and he'd barely said more than two words to his mother at all during work hours.

His dark eyes swept the locker room and noted with relief that there was nothing left to pick up. He would run the laundry basket down to the washers in the basement, then come back to mop the room. To remind himself, he crossed the tiled floor and dragged the mop and bucket out of the utility closet, leaving it in the center of the room.

There were certain benefits to working at Amazonia. The pocket change he earned was one. Put gas in the jeep and paid for beers, at least. That Aerosmith concert coming up, too. All the gym's equipment, including the Olympic size pool, was available to his use. Not so different than not working there for the owner's son, but it still qualified as a perk.

Then there was the eye-candy. A stream of nubile, hard bodied and hot blooded women passed in and out of the halls of Amazonia. Halter tops, biker shorts, sports bras, tanned and tall and short and thin and long-legged and big-titted women. So much to look at, day in and day out. And, despite the parties and a certain level of athletic prowess and popularity at school, Justin remained a virgin. He'd had opportunities to be sure, but he'd never been able to close the deal. And working at the gym gave him a great deal of fuel for his fantasies.

Janine Smith, for one. Now that woman was a milf and a half. Six feet tall, blonde and busty, with a deep golden tan. She was nearly forty, older even than his mother, but she was smoking hot. Then there was Lena Chao. Twenty-something with waist length black hair, almond shaped eyes, and a petite but lush frame. Or hell, even Marjorie Klim, one of the gym's personal trainers. You'd never think a chick named Marge would be such a babe, but her short red hair, milky complexion, and gray eyes were hard to miss.

Yet not a single one of them could hold a candle to his own mother. But a son wasn't supposed to look at his mother the way Justin sometimes looked at Diana.

Whistling to himself to dispel dangerous thoughts, Justin guided the laundry basket out of the men's locker room and down the hall to the women's. He knocked lightly on the door and asked if anyone was in there, but expected no response. The gym had closed nearly a half hour ago, and he assumed everyone had cleared out already. Even the bulk of the crew was gone, leaving just himself, the 'towel boy,' and his mom in the building. The wheels on the basket groaned as he pushed the door open and guided the cart into the locker room.

The women's locker room was slightly larger than the men's, with beige tiles and burgundy lockers. Justin would have said 'white' and 'red,' but his mother was quite specific, so beige and burgundy it was. The women's room also tended to be cleaner than the men's, which was fine with Justin. The less time he had to spend with a mop in his hand, the happier he was. He swept a towel up off the floor and threw it in the cart, then poked his head around a corner to scan the sinks and toilets.

Before he'd taken more than a step towards that part of the room, he heard humming. Justin paused, head cocked, and listened.

Lena Chao crossed his field of vision, coming from the direction of the showers. Her long, silky black hair was pinned up over her head, and a powder blue towel wound around her midsection. Every exposed inch of her skin gleamed with moisture. Beads of water decorated the slope of her neck and glimmered across her exposed cleavage. Her toenails were painted a bright blue, Justin noted, just as her humming stopped.

"Justin?" Lena asked, drawing to a halt. She put a hand on her hip and eyed him with a curious look. "What are you doing in here?" The angle of her hip allowed the edge of her towel to ride up slightly, revealing a little bit more of her thighs. The top of the towel did little to hide the valley between her breasts, either.

"Um," Justin said, trying to meet her beautiful brown eyes, "I have to clean up."

Lena nodded. "Shouldn't you have knocked first?" she asked, but she didn't sound perturbed. If anything, her tone was playful. She brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear and approached him slowly, allowing her hips to swing with each step. Her breasts bobbed as well, barely restrained by the blue terrycloth.

"I, uh, I did," Justin stammered, unable to tear his eyes away from the enticing cleft between her breasts.

"Hmmm," Lena hummed, eyeing the young man up and down. "I suppose I didn't hear you while I was in the shower." She was an arm's length away from him now, and Justin found himself looking down into her face. Her thin lips quirked into a strange little smile, and a bright light gleamed in her eyes. She stepped closer, and the smell of her fruity soap and her clean body hit him. The knot holding the towel in place looked extraordinarily flimsy.

Justin's heart pounded in his chest. The hairs on the back of his neck rose. At the word 'shower,' he had unwittingly conjured up the vision of a naked Lena Chao, coated in soapy froth and water, scrubbing herself. He felt his shorts growing tighter.

Lena's eyes dropped and one eyebrow went up as her smile broadened. Justin felt a dark flush spread across his face, and was about to retreat when one of Lena's slim hands reached out and pressed against his chest, stopping him before he could move.

"I'm not embarrassing you, am I?" she asked sweetly. Her fingers, the nails stained the same blue as her toes, traced his pectoral muscle beneath the golden Amazonia jersey he wore. "Mmmm," she hummed approvingly. "I've noticed you working out on the Nautilus machines," she said, her voice so low that Justin had to strain to hear her.

"And I've noticed something else," Lena added, stepping closer. Her palm flattened against Justin's chest, and one bare foot pressed against one of his sneakers. The blood thundered in his ears. "I've noticed you looking at me," Lena continued.

Justin's jaw dropped. He tried to form an apology, but the words wouldn't come. "I have to say," Lena went on, still in that low voice, "I'm awfully flattered."

With her free hand, Lena grabbed Justin's wrist in a loose grip and brought it up to chest level. With a smile, she placed his palm on her breast. His hand cupped her tit of its own volition, a pleasant weight, and he felt the heat of her skin through the fabric of the towel. She leaned into him and he responded, bending down to taste her lips. Her free hand reached between his legs and caressed the growing lump in his shorts.

Lena's lips parted and her tongue darted out, forcing itself between Justin's lips. He sucked it into her mouth, unable to suppress a groan.

The locker room door banged open. "Justin, are you in here?" he heard his mother's voice ask. He lifted his head away from Lena, eyes glazed with passion and blinking in confusion.

Diana Papamarkakis stepped around a row of lockers and froze, taking in the scene. She was a tall woman, with smooth olive skin tanned by long exposure to the sun and a mane of unruly black curls that spilled down her back, tied away from her face with a blue scrunchy. Eyes of stormy blue looked out beneath finely drawn brows. Her aquiline nose and high cheekbones accentuated her classical beauty. Full lips turned into a disapproving frown.

Today Justin's mother wore a brief halter top that left her midriff bare and a pair of warm-up pants. She was athletically built and well muscled, toned and fit, but she was careful to maintain her womanly curves. Diana's breasts were full and rounded and rode high on her chest, her waist narrow and hips broad, and her ass was tight and springy and sweetly rounded. Not that Justin ever noticed such things, but it was the truth.

Diana's features changed from shock to anger quickly. As her brow darkened and her right fist tightened, Justin realized he was still cupping Lena's tit, and Lena's hand was still between his legs. He broke away from the woman abruptly, face turning red with shame and embarrassment.

"Justin," Diana said sharply, "my office. Now."

He had enough presence of mind to shrug an apology in Lena's direction but darted for the door quickly. He knew from experience not to keep his mother waiting when she demanded something, and knew from the tone in her voice that there would be little point in trying to argue with her. Not in front of Lena, at least.

Diana watched her son depart the locker room, a cold fury growing in her breast. How dare that little tramp - with Justin! Beneath her roof!

Diana crossed the space between herself and Lena quickly, her warm-up pants whisking softly with each step. Lena crossed her arms beneath her breasts and looked up insolently at Diana. Diana resisted the impulse to slap the woman hard, to send her spinning across the room and crumpling to the floor in a heap. Instead, she growled, "I know all about you and your friends, Ms. Chao. Your business is your business, but you will not involve my son in any of it. Is that understood?"

Lena raised an eyebrow and took a step away from Diana. She looked the taller woman up and down. "My, my, Diana. You're flushed. And shaking. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're jealous."

Diana gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. "I want you out of here in ten minutes. I'm revoking your membership."

Lena shrugged and walked toward her locker. "Guess that one hit close to home, eh, Di?" She laughed.

Diana stormed out of the locker room, angrier than she had ever been before in her life. "That little bitch," she fumed. Momentarily, she thought of Justin, but decided to let him stew in her office for the time being. Instead, she went to the front desk and waited patiently for Lena Chao to appear. She didn't have to wait long. Lena appeared shortly thereafter, laden down by a heavy dufflebag, and sauntered out the front door as saucily and jauntily as she could.

Diana gritted her teeth, logged into the computer at the desk, and deleted Lena's account. Cheap revenge, but she would take it. She locked the front door behind Lena, took a deep breath, and went to give her son a scorching lecture.

Something for which Justin was not the least bit looking forward to hearing. He sat in one of the uncomfortable chairs facing his mother's desk in her sparsely furnished office and tried not to think of what Diana would say.

Instead, he found himself remembering the taste of Lena's lips, the playful thrust of her tongue, the luscious weight of her tit in his hands, the press of her own hand on his engorged crotch. Her fruity, clean scent, and the way the harsh overhead locker room lights reflected provocatively off her moist skin. He'd played around with girls in his school before, but he'd never before been that close to a woman. A real woman, gorgeous and willing and not only aware of what she wanted, but skilled at it as well.

Despite his hurried retreat to the office, the hardness in his shorts had not flagged the slightest bit. A noticeable tent still distended his crotch, and Justin's mind could not focus long on anything that might derail his lustful thoughts. He would sit through his mother's lecture, mouth the right responses, and then he was going to search the member lists for Lena's phone number and make a date to fuck her brains out. He was not going to miss this opportunity to be with a woman like Lena Chao, no matter what his mother. . .

The office door burst open behind him, banging against the wall as it swung outward completely. Despite himself, Justin jumped. Diana stormed into the room, crossing to her desk.

Justin tried to cross his legs to hide his erection, and folded his hands in his lap. A blush crept across his features.

His mother was terrible in her beauty. A few stray strands of midnight hair had freed themselves from their tie, and now framed her face in delicately curling strands. Her brows were drawn close, brilliant eyes stormy, and her lush lips turned into a disapproving frown. A slight sheen of sweat across the upper slopes of her breasts brought attention to her cleavage, barely restrained within her halter top, and her warm-ups rode low on her wide hips.

Justin held his breath as his mother leaned against her desk, her palms flat against the surface. Her posture forced her heavy breasts into prominence, practically jamming them into Justin's face.

Inexplicably, he felt himself growing harder. A drop of sweat slid down his temple.

Diana stared at him for a long moment. Finally, she spoke, and though her tone was harsh, Justin thought he detected a hint of disappointment as well. "What were you thinking?" she demanded. Justin opened his mouth as if to answer, but Diana didn't wait for him. "Do you understand the kind of responsibilities real work demands? You aren't hanging out with your friends or cruising for chicks. You are at a job. And a job entails a certain level of behavior that I would expect you to adhere to. What you and that. . . that. . . that woman were going to do is called 'fraternization.' Do you know what that means?"

Once more Justin made as if to answer, and once more Diana didn't wait for it. "It means don't fuck the help," she snapped. His mother didn't swear often, and the shock of it should have been enough to make Justin's cock wilt, but he couldn't help but notice two dents forming at the peak of each of his mother's breasts. The halter top was too thin to hide Diana's own startling signs of arousal. Justin found himself wondering what was exciting her, rather than listening to her speak.

"And make no bones about it young man," Diana continued, "when you're on the clock here, you are the help. You may be the boss' son, but that doesn't give you license to think with your dick.

"Which leads me to issue two. Safe sex. Do you walk around with a condom in your wallet? Somehow I'd find it difficult to believe if you claimed 'yes.' But screwing a woman like Lena Chao without a rubber is a dangerous prospect at best. You're starting college in a few weeks. Think: even if you didn't contract some horrible disease, what would you do if she ended up pregnant?"

Justin found his voice. "Like you did?" he managed to cough out.

Diana's eyes grew wide and her lips compressed into a thin line. When she spoke, her tone was slightly lower. "Yes, okay, perhaps I want to make sure you avoid some of the mistakes I made when I was your age. But you also have opportunities I didn't have. I never went to college."

Before she could continue, Justin interrupted her. He wondered where his words were coming from, or where the courage to say them originated. "So that's what I am? A mistake?"

Diana reacted as if slapped. Her face flushed and the frown disappeared to be replaced with shock. "Of course not," she asserted. "How could you think that? Justin, you're my son and I want what's best for you."

"I'm a teenager Mom," Justin said, "and I get horny. A lot! Are you telling me that the occasional roll in the hay is wrong for me?"

"Yes," Diana snapped. "Especially with a woman like that!"

Justin rose to his feet, pushing the chair back with his knees as he stood. He still had to look up a few inches to meet his mother's eyes, but it afforded him a better position to face her. "What's wrong with a woman like Lena? I don't like teenage girls. They're too flighty. They don't know what they want and they don't know what to do when they get it. A teenage girl doesn't have tits like that!"

Justin's tirade surprised them both, but perhaps it surprised Diana most of all. When he stood up, raising his voice, she had immediately felt her temper raise to life once more, but then her eyes fell upon the distended lump in his shorts and she felt a sudden warmth in her belly, a decidedly unmotherly tingle that caused a lustful shiver to shake her athletic frame. That one glance told her that her son was extraordinarily blessed with size, much like his father had been.

With his final words, that warmth, that tingle intensified, and she realized with a start that Lena's parting words had cut so deeply because they held more than a little truth.

"You like tits?" Diana heard herself say. The warmth spread throughout her body, through her limbs and head and chest. She felt sudden moisture between her thighs, and without thought she reached up and grasped the front of her halter top. With one sharp tug she shredded the fabric, ripping it open from top to base. Her heavy, pendulous breasts popped free of the restraint, bobbing on her chest, her nipples fat and distended with passion. "What do you think of these?"

For a long moment, Justin could only stare. Diana's tits sagged just a bit, but that was due more to the effects of gravity than age. Her breasts were larger than he had imagined, as if the clothes she wore had been designed to minimize their impressive size, to hold back such magnificent specimens of womanhood. Her tits rode high and proud on her chest, full and slightly conical, two rounded and shapely hemispheres of flesh tipped by dusky, hardened nipples. They shook with each heaving breath Diana took.

Justin's mouth was dry. His eyes locked on his mother's tits. "Well?" she demanded. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"They're. . . they're simply amazing, Mom," Justin finally coughed out. He risked a glance at her face, and felt a warm swell in his chest when he saw her dazzling smile. His mother didn't smile at him often, and it was always something special when she did.

At Justin's words, the warmth within Diana rose several degrees. She felt heat consuming her. It had been so very, very long since the last man. She shrugged out of the remnants of her halter. "Would you like a closer look?" she asked her son.

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