tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Amazing Dr. Rossi

The Amazing Dr. Rossi


"Now this patient hasn't had an ejaculation in the past year and a half," said Dr. Rossi, staring dubiously at the flaccid cock that belonged to the handsome young man on the gurney. He had been an unwilling participant in this clinical trial and had to be secured with restraining clamps on all four of his limbs. And due to his vociferous and frequent outbursts, it had been found necessary to tape his mouth shut. It had been his wife's suggestion that he volunteer for the experiment, and at first he willingly obliged. But, when he failed to respond to all treatments, she had ordered the doctor to resort to any and all means necessary to restore his sexual functioning, which she believed was the only way to salvage their marriage. She sat on a chair next to him, comforting him with words of encouragement. But for all her appeasements, the patient wriggled furiously to and fro seeking escape from his bonds. With his mouth taped shut he could only look on helplessly as he awaited his fate.

Dr. Allison Rossi was a tall, commanding woman who exuded a professional authority that had won her the respect and admiration of her peers. At only twenty-seven, she had already received international acclaim for her work in advanced biogenetics, and this latest clinical demonstration would only serve to advance her career to even greater heights. To look at her, with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and her white lab coat hiding the ample bosom behind it, one would never know that the bespectacled young woman bore a very close resemblance to Christina Hendrix, the American actress who played Joan Harris on the AMC cable television series "Mad Men". Jill, her close friend and the nurse who was now positioning her hands around both the base and tip of the patient's penis, had often remarked that if the doctor had only dyed her hair red, she would be a dead ringer for the beautiful actress. But Dr. Rossi was a woman who had long ago decided to devote her life to science, and the vanity that was usually concomitant with superior beauty had never manifested itself within the confines of her exalted intellect. She was, first and foremost, a scientist.

"Even the EJAX-472 drug has proven to be ineffective in bringing about the desired result," the doctor continued.

The thick glass window separating the lab area from the viewing room allowed the spectators on the other side, all of whom were women, to watch impassively as Dr. Rossi performed what she euphemistically called a "spermatic disencumbrance," a forced masturbation technique employed to completely rid a patient's testicles of semen. Her procedure was holistically based and was used where other methods had failed.

"I can't believe EJAX had no effect on him," Mary Kate Olsen said from the other side of the partition, her voice amplified by an internal PA system. "I thought it worked with everybody."

The Olsen Clinic was the latest addition to the downtown Manhattan landscape, occupying one square block of prime real estate that had been sold off recently to the twins' investment firm, Dual Star. The sisters had spent over 100 million dollars to build the Clinic after their brother Trent had experienced severe penile trauma encountered in an automobile accident. After several weeks of intense treatment by various methods, he was finally cured of his ejaculatory problems by the novel methods of Dr. Rossi. The famous actress and fashion designer, along with her sister Ashley who stood beside her, had been invited to attend the experiment to witness further proof of Dr. Rossi's procedure.

"No, Mary Kate," the doctor replied. "Not with everybody."

The doctor watched Jill expertly masturbate the patient's cock as his wife looked on with a sympathetic smile.

"What about 'Spermator,'" Ashley inquired. "Have you tried that?"

"Yes. But it was equally ineffectual."

The doctors and other medical staff surrounding the twins watched intently as Jill's hands worked on the patient's cock, her fluid motions revealing long years of practice.

"Slow, easy strokes," Dr. Rossi advised the red-haired beauty. "Keep your thumb in constant contact with his frenulum while you stroke the shaft with your other hand. I'll stimulate his prostate. If we do this in tandem we should achieve excellent results."

Jill nodded and positioned her hands according to the doctor's directions. The patient's wife watched interestedly as the nurse's right hand glided effortlessly up and down her husband's penis while her left thumb teased the sensitive strip of flesh under the glans.

"That's good," the doctor said. "Do not deviate or cease from what you are doing."

The young man moaned softly as his prick responded favorably to the nurse's skilled touch.

"I think he likes that," the wife said to Jill. "He's starting to get an erection."

"How does that feel, Mr. Wilson?" Jill asked him.

Mr. Wilson shook his head weakly in the affirmative.

"Don't worry, honey," Mrs. Wilson said to her husband. "You're in good hands."

It was clearly evident that Mr. Wilson did not like being restrained, and he gave every indication of this at intervals when he tugged on the leather straps that fastened him to the gurney. But the metal clamps the straps were attached to would not budge, and after a while he realized that it was futile to resist.

"It's okay, sweetheart," his wife said, enjoying the sight of his hardening cock. "Let the doctor help you."

After Jill had spent a few minutes manipulating his penis, the doctor took the gloved index finger of her left hand and applied a small amount of lubricant to it and drew it toward the man's anus. "I'm going to stimulate your prostate now, Mr. Wilson. You'll feel a slight bit of discomfort at first but it will soon subside. Are you ready?"

A look of terror came upon Mr. Wilson's face as he struggled to draw his legs together in an effort to avoid the unwelcome intrusion.

"He's kind of anal retentive," Mrs. Wilson told the doctor.

"Your husband seems to enjoy holding on to things," Dr. Rossi replied. "Including his sperm. Okay, here we go."

She slowly inserted her finger into the man's rectum and began to gently and methodically move it around searching for the prostate gland. Mr. Wilson, anticipating unpleasantness, found the sensation of having his anus probed rather enjoyable. He stopped fidgeting and allowed himself to be consoled by his wife's comforting touch.

"Look honey," she said, pointing to his penis. "Look how big you're getting!"

It was an impressive specimen. At ten inches it towered over his abdomen like a silent monolith; a sleeping giant awaiting the right combination of circumstances to bring it to life.

"What is the name of that new oral treatment you're using, Allison?" asked one of the doctors.

"It's a new type of aphrodisiac based upon the atropa belladonna plant."

"Beladonna?" the woman replied, frowning as she said it. "All parts of that plant contain strong alkaloids. In the proper dosage it will increase desire, but an overdose will lead to respiratory paralysis. Surely you know that."

"Not to mention that it has hallucinogenic properties," another woman noted.

Dr. Rossi chuckled. "Not to worry, ladies. I have genetically engineered the protein and all radical elements have been removed. The belladonna is combined with several organic herbs like cacao, ginkgo, and others that are known to incite sexual desire in men. Used in conjunction with the physical treatment we are now applying to the patient, we will succeed in producing an ejaculation where EJAX-472, Spermator, and other synthetic-based remedies might fail."

"Do you have a name for this liquid wonder of yours?" Mary Kate asked the doctor.

"Yes. I call it 'Stimulata'."

Mr. Wilson's cock, standing fully erect and already beginning to show signs of pre-cum at the tip, now became the center of attention. Jill's magnificent handjob coupled with the prostate stimulation and a generous dose of Stimulata injected directly into his scrotum earlier in the day had produced a monstrous erection that drew gasps from every woman in the room. Impressive as his cock was, one couldn't help but notice that his scrotum also was abnormally large, distended beyond its normal dimensions to accommodate the prodigious increase in sperm production. His genitals were, in effect, a time bomb waiting to go off.

"I think we can expect a robust ejaculation, nurse," Dr. Rossi said to her assistant as she plied Mr. Wilson's prostate with great care.

"I'm looking forward to it, doctor," Jill replied, as she stole a glance at Mrs. Wilson who was cradling her husband's head in her arms.

"Look at his testicles," the doctor said. "You never see that kind of distension without a full and energetic release of semen."

"I would love to see that!" Mrs. Wilson said abruptly. "It's been such a long time since he's had an orgasm."

"Well you won't have to wait much longer. Now if Mr. Wilson will behave himself I'll remove the tape from his mouth because I would really like to get his feedback. What do you say, Mr. Wilson?"

The man grunted and shook his head indicating he would comply.

"Good. Mrs. Wilson, if you wouldn't mind."

Mrs. Wilson did as she was told and the patient inhaled deeply once the sticky tape was removed.

"How are we doing?" the doctor asked him.

"There's a hell of a lot of pressure down there, doc," he replied, taking short, but rapid, breaths. "But it feels damn good!"

The doctor smiled as she continued to fondle his asshole. "Stimulation of the prostate gland will give you that pressurized sensation. Once your orgasm begins it will dissipate."

"Well I feel like I'm going to shoot off pretty soon!" he said, gasping for air.

"Yes, I can see that."

"But I have to tell you that I'm really pissed off at being forced into this!"

"I'm sorry, honey," Mrs. Wilson said, kissing him gently on the cheek. "But you wouldn't listen to reason."

"You call this reasonable? I'm being forced against my will."

At that moment, Jill gave his penis an energetic tug and Mr. Wilson groaned with pleasure.

"You see," Mrs. Wilson laughed. "You're enjoying this despite yourself."

"I hate what you're doing to me, doctor," he said, ignoring his wife. "And with all these other women looking on too. It's obscene."

"It's all in the name of science, Mr. Wilson. "Now please refrain from making any untoward remarks or I'll have to shut you up again."

He was going to reply, thought the better of it, and sunk his head back into his wife's arms. The women continued to manipulate his body, and for a short time not a word was spoken.

"Tell me what you're feeling," Dr. Rossi said to him.

"There's still a lot of pressure down there."

"Take a deep breath and relax," she replied as she looked over at Jill whose right hand stroked his pulsating prick with devastating speed.

"He's getting close," Jill said, putting all her effort into making him climax.

"Is everyone looking at this?" Dr. Rossi asked her audience.

"There's no place else to look!" Mary Kate replied, stating the obvious.

The thirty or so other women behind the glass focused their collective gaze on Jill's unforgiving handjob and barely spoke a word in anticipation of witnessing Mr. Wilson's climax.

"Remember," the doctor said to the nurse. "As soon as you see him start to ejaculate, stop masturbating him and squeeze the base of his shaft hard. And don't take your thumb off his frenulum."

"Yes, doctor," she replied, without taking her eyes off her work. "But stopping..."

"My control over his prostate will force an ejaculation without your having to do anything. Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks."

During this time Mary Kate and Ashley could barely hide their enthusiasm as they watched the doctor and Jill expertly guide the handsome man toward orgasm. They had seen many a prick explode its thick, white contents before, with many of those exemplary cumshots having been provoked by their very own hands. When they had heard of Dr. Rossi's holistic approach to the treatment of male ejaculatory dysfunction they contacted her and asked her to head the Clinic, to which the doctor readily agreed. Being deeply involved in the environmental movement, both sisters relished the idea of supporting a novel medical technique that was organically based and which had proven to be so beneficial in treating their brother's condition.

"What exactly are you doing to his prostate, doctor?" Ashley asked.

"I'm actually controlling it," she replied. "By manipulating the prostate gland I can time exactly when he will ejaculate. It's similar to when you bring a man to the point of orgasm and then immediately stop masturbating him. By doing that many times you create a lot pressure in the scrotal sac, and when he does finally ejaculate, it's almost always a very robust one. The impact of my technique will result in a greater discharge of sperm, both in volume, speed of emission, and quality."

"Your tri-lateral approach is very intriguing, Dr. Rossi," one of her colleagues commented. "I'm anxious to see the results of your findings."

Just then Mr. Wilson let out a loud groan.

"I think you're going to see some results very soon," Mary Kate said to the woman.

Jill continued to masturbate Mr. Wilson but she looked concerned. "Doctor, I think the patient is..."

"He's not quite there yet, nurse. Keep stroking."

The doctor relaxed her hand and withdrew her finger from Mr. Wilson's rectum. The other nurse, a young girl of twenty with short black hair, stared into the computer screen behind the patient's head. "What's the readout say?" she asked the girl.

"All functions are perfectly normal except for an elevation in blood pressure and respiration."

The doctor nodded approvingly. "We're almost there."

Encouraging Jill to increase the speed of her handjob, Dr. Rossi took a moment to speak to her audience.

"I stopped massaging his prostate because it is the intervals between stimulation in which sperm volume is increased. I want to provoke the most intense orgasm possible in order to completely empty the testes. It is better for the patient and it certainly will provide a much better show for you."

The women found her comment highly amusing.

"I can tell you from my own experience, doctor," Mary Kate said, "that when I delay a guy's orgasm he always shoots out tons more spunk. It's like these...ropes...ropes of cum all over the place."

Dr. Rossi laughed. "That's exactly right, Mary Kate. And 'ropes' is a good way to describe such an orgasm. Do you find that true as well, Ashley?"

The older twin looked at her sister and smiled. "I'm not as good as MK when it comes to giving handjobs. I usually feel sorry for the guy and let him cum right away."

The doctor frowned. "Sex should never be rushed. The next time take things a bit slower. You take control and don't let him ejaculate until you are ready for him to do so. Believe me, he'll thank you for it."

Ashley accepted her advice with equanimity. "I will," she said.

"I guarantee you that you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing you stimulated your lover to the highest degree possible—a stupefying ejaculation! Isn't that what we all want to see ladies?

The women agreed wholeheartedly.

"Good, because that's what you're all going to see right now!"

Dr. Rossi turned her attention to the patient who was now begging for relief. "For God's sake!" he moaned aloud. "Make me cum!"

The doctor inserted her finger once again into his anus. "Okay, Mr. Wilson. It's time for you to get rid of all that nasty sperm."

As she worked her finger in and around his prostate gland, Mr. Wilson screamed aloud. It was not a scream of pain but of intense pleasure.

"Holy fuck!" he exclaimed, thrusting his hips upwards into Jill's furiously stroking hand. "I'm coming!"

At that very moment a thick wad of semen shot out of his prick and sailed across the room, splashing into the glass partition with such force that several unique streams of spunk were created from the initial impact. The unexpected route of the trajectory made everyone gasp in awe.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Mary Kate exclaimed, too astonished to do anything but stare at the ample load as it cascaded down toward the bottom of the partition. "That's got to be at least fifteen feet, easy!"

Ashley was too stunned to offer any coherent reply.

But the twins, and their medical friends, did not have time to ponder the impressive cumshot for long, because Mr. Wilson was about to launch another gargantuan blast.

Dr. Rossi and her staff, just as astonished as everyone else at the mammoth ejaculation provoked by their combined efforts, somehow managed to retain their professional composure and assiduously worked on Mr. Wilson's genitals, forcing out a series of rich, multiple ejaculations that made the first eruption pall by comparison.

Huge ropes of hot cream shot up into the air high above the women's heads and impacted the lighting fixtures above them while portions of the ejaculate struck the glass partition where the twins were standing. One especially virulent explosion made contact with a lonely cactus plant that sat atop Dr. Rossi's desk. And a few well-placed shots even ended up being deposited conveniently into a waste paper basket twenty feet away.

"Oh, my God!" Jill cried, stroking Mr. Wilson's cock with every ounce of strength she had and laughing hysterically at the incomprehensible amount of sperm being ejected by his penis. "This is incredible, doctor!"

Mr. Wilson could barely understand what was happening to him. Strapped down like an animal and having absolutely no control over his own orgasm, all he could do was to watch in stupefied horror as his loins released one hot jet of sperm after the other, all instigated by the beautiful doctor's manipulation of his prostate gland. Mrs. Wilson, on the other hand, beamed with joy every time another strand of ejaculate disappeared into the void. For her this meant a new and hopefully improved sex life, and she relished every spurt.

"Look at it all!" she exclaimed as her husband's prick surrendered rope after rope of spunk into the air, with a good portion of it ending up in her own clothes and hair. "Isn't this just fucking marvelous?"

"It looks like your three-pronged approach really works, Allison!" cried an excited colleague.

The sight of seeing so much cum being deposited generously around the room finally drove both Mary Kate and Ashley into fits of laughter. The doctors and nurses couldn't help but shriek with laughter themselves at the ongoing onslaught of semen that flew out of Mr. Wilson's cock with each upward pull of Jill's hand.

"God damn it, Allison!" one woman screeched. "I hope you have your hands insured!"

It was now almost a full minute and Mr. Wilson's ejaculating tool was showing no sign of relenting. Jill continued to masturbate his cock with bold, defiant strokes; employing a technique that bespoke of years of practice in the masturbatory arts. Both of her hands were now completely covered over in cum, yet she kept up an incredible pace that would have forced a less physically powerful woman to give up in despair. She laughed every time she coaxed another sticky load up into the air, savoring each spurt as if it had been her own singular effort, instead of the combined efforts of herself, Dr. Rossi, and the miraculous Stimulata drug, that was responsible for his massive eruptions.

For his part, Mr. Wilson could not help but lay frozen in place, his entire body completely inert except for the energized slab of meat between his legs that spewed out load after load of stringy ejaculate. Between the superlative handjob, the prostate massage, and the wondrous herbal concoction he had been injected with, he could not help but deliver up every ounce of sperm his body could produce. It was an unusual feeling for him to be so completely out of control and his fate left in the hands of these masterful women. But as much as he hated being at their mercy, he discovered that there was a distinct feeling of elation in his forced subjugation; a feeling of heightened libido that was, paradoxically, empowering in itself. Never in his life had he felt so sexually thrilled and alive. And now, as the second minute mark elapsed and his prick was still shooting out streams of creamy cum, he found himself actually enjoying the joy of being totally out of control.

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