tagBDSMThe Amazon Ch. 1

The Amazon Ch. 1


There she was again, the new girl in the office. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as he walked past her. For the last week he had been hypnotized by her beauty and knew that he had to have her. Jack knew it seemed silly, but he had never felt this way about anyone before. Maybe it was something about her long blonde hair, or her long gorgeous legs that she kept crossed, or the short black skirt that left little to the imagination, but Alexis captivated him. Maybe it wasn’t because she was drop dead gorgeous, but because she seemed to have so much mystery behind her. She never smiled and she rarely talked. Alexis always had a calm, cool look about her, and would never smile. There was something sinister to it, Jack felt, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

“Alexis, how are you doing?” said Jack as he tried to strike up small talk, though very unsuccessful in the past. She only stared at him, with those hypnotic eyes. “Same as any other day” she coolly replied. “Umm..that’s good. That's good...” he replied, desperately trying to hold on to the conversation. Well, here I go, he thought. It’s now or never. “Well, Alexis, I was wondering if you were doing anything this weekend. I would love to take you to dinner, well, if you are free and all...” Alexis interjected “Sorry, but I doubt that we have anything in common. I know I know”, she replied as he started to reply but she continued “I can tell these things though. You’d be sorry if you ever got involved with me. I guarantee it.” To this Jack said, “Well if you are not interested I understand, but at least give me a chance if its any other reason! You won’t regret it.” For the first time since she had been in the office, Jack saw a smile cross her lips, though a wicked one. “You seem persistent. Ok, tell you what, hun. You can come over to my place this Saturday night, but on one condition only. I will dictate the night’s schedule. I will call the shots. In fact I may decide to do things that you would absolutely hate, but you must consent to it. What I’m saying is that if I was to put a eel down your pants, you would take it and deal with it. You don’t have to answer now, you can think about it. How does that sound?” Jack’s jaw dropped. He replied, “Wow, you really are a handful Alexis! Ummm...that sounds interesting, even intimidating, but I will accept. How can I pass up on you?” She gave one last wicked smile, and said, “see you at my place on Saturday. Don’t forget the rules, or its over.”

Right as scheduled, he showed up on Alexis’ doorstep. He rung the doorbell and waited for her to answer. She answered the door, wearing a nice black miniskirt and a very revealing blouse, showing just enough cleavage to be tempting but not enough to show everything. She invited him into the front room. After a small amount of talking, she told him to stay and went into the next room. After what seemed like a half hour, she came out and stood in front of Jack. He almost passed out witnessing this vision of beauty; she was dressed like an indian warrior. This was more than his wildest dreams. She was in thigh high brown deerskin boots; a deerskin miniskirt that -- were it any shorter -- revealed Jacks every fantasy; a thin brown bra that barely covered her breasts; her blonde hair was in a long braid behind her head; her face was painted with red stripes that he assumed was war paint. It was without a doubt the sexiest thing he had ever seen. “Ok, Jack. You really wanted to know about me, and you pursued me, and you chased me over this last week. You thought you were hunting me, when in fact it is you who is the prey.” He looked puzzled, but she continued. “Have you heard of an amazon warrior, Jack? That is part of my heritage believe it or not. I come from a long line. I know it sounds crazy but let me assure you I am for real. As an amazon, I am accustom to having my way, and it will be so the entire night.” She walked over to Jack and ripped open his shirt. She ordered him to take his clothes off, and he agreed although it was visible that he was confused and very nervous. But just for the chance to be around Alexis he quickly agreed. Alexis realized this and was going to take full advantage of it throughout the night.

She made Jack lay his stomach on her sawhorse. “Jack, I am pleased that you are so cooperative tonight. You are making this much too easy, though. Now I want you to put your hands on the padded arm rests so I can securely tie your wrists down. We don’t want you to get away now, no matter how much I really do want to see you struggle.” Like a timid helpless animal, Jack obeyed and put his wrists firmly in place. Alexis did not hesitate to attach a black leather wrist cuff to each wrist, strapping it tightly and ensuring that it was securely restraining his wrists to the sawhorse. “Good, Jack. Now your ankles. Up on the leg rests. Good boy, there you go...” As he again obeyed she quickly strapped his legs into the ankle cuffs, restraining him down to the sawhorse completely like a animal caught in a snare. Jacks entire body was covered with sweat, and Alexis knew she had him right where she wanted him. Putting the final touches on him, she reached behind his head and put a black gag in his mouth (similar to a horse bit), and buckled it behind his head. “This will ensure that no one hears you scream. Now no one will be able to save you, hun.” She cooed wickedly. “Now Jack, let me tell you one more thing about the practice of the amazons, and you will realize why I have you tied up and bent over like a common dog. The amazons had many enemies, and were famous for taking prisoners whenever they had a chance. Male prisoners. They would tie up their prisoners, just as I have you tied up. They would conquer their prisoners and show their domanance though -- are you ready for this Jack? -- through anal sex. Long enough had the women been the receiving ones; it was time for them to show the arrogent men what it was like to be conquered and over powered and taken from behind, as I am about to do to you.” Jack completely tensed up. He couldnt believe what was about to happen, but he lusted over Alexis so much that he was almost excited to have her do that to him. “This is not because I hate you Jack, but its because you are, simply, male!” He found no comfort in her words but, being tied up and helpless, really had no choice. “In fact, the amazons would do this another time; as a mating ritual. They would put their man in place and make sure he knew who was in charge. They would violate him and break him in to make him the perfect servant who knew his place. The only difference is that he might get his cock stroked at the same time. Even if it was a captured enemy that she was mating with. So don’t worry Jack; if your good enough I might just stroke that hard rock of yours. But you must be real good.”

“Now is the time baby” Alexis told him, as she stepped in front of him, almost close enough for him to lick her pussy if it were not for the gag in his mouth. From behind her back she revealed a large black strapon and slowly stepped into it as if it were a pair of underwear. “Brace yourself, lover” she cooed as she cinched the straps tightly around her waist with one hand and holding the cock in her other. She slowly walked behind him running her hands along his body and moved in behind him like a lioness on the prowl...

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