tagMind ControlThe Amber Pendant

The Amber Pendant


Lauren was, is my only real friend from school. For several years we were almost inseparable, as we went through school, and into the sixth form. Often we were referred to as sisters. But we chose different career paths; she went into the military, only to be medically discharged later, after a tragic training accident.

I went to university, got a good degree and a good position in sales, working in London. As we parted, our friend ship, though still strong did drift, as our lives became separated; by distance, circumstances, lifestyle. We kept in touch initially through the use of phones and the old postal system, but slowly as technology improved, email and text...

During my time in London, I became all loved up, with Adrian, but when I was 30, he died tragically in a road accident, leaving me some what distort... However during my time with Adrian, I had acted upon my bi-sexual inclinations, and had become bi-sexual. Not actively in some respects, I did not have the time or inclination to seek loads of one night stands, but with two girls, or rather one girl, one woman, we became not lovers, but friends who shared their affections, fondness more intimately than most.

Several times, as I was making love, sleeping with Jane, or Christina; Lauren would appear in my thoughts; dare I say it; wondered how she was, how I'd like to hold her close as I did, still do with Jane, or Christina.


When I was at university, I went to see a live hypnosis show, having many years before watched a hypnosis show on Michael Parsons, a chat show I think... The show was very entertaining, and had volunteers who were hypnotised on stage. The entertainer, hypnotist said about a third of the volunteers would not be able to be hypnotised, and he was right. But the show was rather entertaining...

I found myself reading books in a book shop, but upon graduation had never given it any thought until his tragic death.


As I recovered from his loss, I started to become more pro-active, endeavouring to look forward, to the future, and not dwell on what could have been. Sorting though books, I came across an old book on hypnotism, and re read it. This got me thinking, and soon I was using Google looking for books, and other sources of information. There was a local course being offered, offering no formal qualification but it was ran by a guy who had the ability; the skill, and the students mostly more mature signed up, listening to him, and attempting to practice on each other.

Over a period of months, it became apparent that some people were easier to hypnotise than others, and some just seemed to be impossible to place in to a trance, a state of hypnosis. As well, the style of hypnotism made a difference, some of my colleagues could not place others in a trance, whilst others could, and vice versa.

With time, and practice, I became reasonably proficient, able to hypnotise those on the course, to do simple tasks. We even persuaded one person to give up smoking. But outside the group on the course, I had not had the opportunity, the confidence to practise on anyone else.

Adrian's sister, did a course or two in making jewellery, even did a City & Guild course. One Christmas, she made me something unique, a small pendant, with a fine chain. The pendant was a piece of Amber, one of my favourite colours, encircled in a ring. Whilst not essential, hypnotism can be more successful if the 'patient' has some thing to focus, films often suggest a chain watch, and I developed my own style of hypnosis based on the pendant....


In addition to attending night school, I also thought about my life, long and hard. I had realised that I had neglected some of my older friends, never making the time to see them, just to email them, text...

As such, I started to contact some old friends more regularly, and slowly the old friendships started to blossom, open out again, and slowly I would occasionally visit them, or they would come to me...


I had met Lauren at Euston Station, and helping her with her hand luggage, we headed to the tube, and home. As I was waiting, I was reading a book on hypnotism, one borrowed from someone from the night school course. She immediately made some comments before we hugged, kissed each others cheeks, and spent the next few hours talking, catching up on old times....

Lauren had changed from the person I took to the station for her recruit training. When I looked at her walking along the platform, I did not recognise her, initially. Her hair was a dark dirty blonde, with darker brown patches, and well her legs were clad in leather boots, and a skirt, and a light cream V neck top. The top was clingy, emphasising her breasts, and as she got close, I could make out the lace of her bra under the top; my mind briefly went back to those thoughts. That vision surprised me, as at school, she was some what shy, cautious, and always apprehensive regarding the size of her breasts, and the lecherous looks boys, and men would make. As we sat and chatted with coffee, and then wine, I had to make every effort not to gawp, to stare, to be a lecherous male. As I thought of her from the past, she was one always for her bras. Even though she was, still is a fuller cup, and her bras fitted well; her breasts were always firm, full, seemed to defy gravity, and as such she did not need to wear a bra. But she would always wear a bra, or bikini top, even though she did not have to, I was not sure why I realised that, why I had remembered that fact...


As the afternoon faded into the evening, and our stomachs full, I returned from the kitchen to see Lauren flicking through one of my hypnosis books. In a cynical tone she asked if I believed in it, I simply nodded.

Her response was rather cynical negative as I told her the story, of my interest and the evening class that I attend once a week...

She was taken aback with that, asking the inevitable question have you hypnotised anyone...

Of course nodding, but only my colleagues form the class...

"Interested?" reaching for my pendant, the one that had barely left my neck during those months after his accident.

"Yes" was her reply soft mumbled, the nodding of Lauren's head confirming her whisper.

"Lean back Lauren, relax, forget the world, just focus onto my voice, my pendant, ignore all other thoughts, noises..." speaking in a soft tone, almost a whisper light but audible.

I continued talking softly, as I tried to get her into a trance, an hypnotic state, unsure if she was teasing me, or was really entering that trance like mind; that hypnotic state..

I watched her closely, her breathing softened, slowed down, her eyes seem to lose track, apart from watching the pendant softly swing side to side...

"Please Lauren; lift your right hand up three inches."

I reached down, I could feel my heart pound, my breathing rapid, as I took the flesh from her forearm, and pinched her skin. She remained steadfast, her eyes still watching the pendant. "Oh My" I thought as I realised it; it had happened, despite her skepticism, I had put her into a trance, a hypnotic trance...

I looked down at her, my mind working overtime wondering what I should do, what would be fun, each time my eyes wondered, they would return. To the V of her plunging neckline, her top, Laurens cleavage, and the curves visible.....

"Lauren, during the rest of the evening, you will start to develop an uncomfortable scratch, itch around your breasts, and your back. Slowly the itch will develop, becoming more and more uncomfortable, irritable, annoying..."

"The itch will become more irritable, more annoying, so much that you will remove your bra to remove the cause of the itch...The itch, the scratch that will become unbearable, unbearable, unbearable..."

"You will then enjoy the freedom of being bra-less, your breasts caressing against the silk of your top, your nipples becoming aroused, in part by the constant caress from the silk..."

I checked Lauren's eyes, still focused on the pendant, her voice soft quiet; without emotion.

"Again Lauren, tomorrow morning, you will dress as s normal, but soon start to develop the same itch as tonight... "

"Yes Miranda, an itch. Discomfort."

"I will shortly click my fingers, you will not remember this conversation, but you will remember the content, the thoughts... The thoughts... The thoughts...."

'SNAP' as I clicked my fingers next to her ear, watching...

She just jumped slightly, shook her head......

"Sorry I just seemed to have fallen a sleep -- daydreaming I guess."

"It is okay Lauren, your fine... more coffee, or more wine?"

"Wine please."

I refilled her glass, followed by mine, trying to hide the shakes, my nerves. My heart was still pounding, I am sure Lauren could have heard it if I had turned the CD player off. I could feel my own nipples become aroused, pushing against the soft silk of my bra, sending tingles along my nerves.

The conversation continued, about what, I am not certain, possibly hypnotism, I cannot recall, I was too anxious, scared of what my happen...

But Lauren did start to scratch her breasts, her back as we spoke; fidgeting, sipped our wine, continued to chat, reminisce. I remember every minute or so, she would scratch, rub, with a finger or two, and curse, maybe it was working.

I'm not sure how long, it took, but suddenly she swore, cursed; a loud sigh of desperation as she reached under her top, and unclasped her bra. With obviously practised movements, she pulled her straps of her arms under her top, and pulled it from her arm of her top, resting the bra on her lap, sighing, smiling.

"That's better" she smiled, as I watched at her in disbelief, her bra on her lap, the curve of her breasts visible, tight under her top.

I gasped softly, partly through shock, that it seemed to have worked, that I was able to set the thoughts that made her itch, scratch, and blame her bra. But what made me gasp more was the obvious skill in which she removed her bra, freeing those curves, tight against her silk top, even today that memory is vivid.

We sat and talked for another hour or so, until the bottle of wine was finished. Lauren was tired from her travelling, and so we called it a night relatively early, leading her to the spare room, before entering my room, closing the door behind me. My mind was in turmoil as different emotions ran through my mind, my body; I was aroused, intoxicated with Lauren, her looks, my affection desire, even my love for her?

I remember closing my bedroom door, facing the mirror, for the first time since his death feeling sexually awake. I looked at myself, my hair in a pony, my neckline clear, soft smooth, and the dim light glowing of the amber stone of my pendant.

My fingers moved to cup my breasts massaging, caressing, feeling the fullness; my ahead arched back sighing slightly. Suddenly feeling those sensations, lightly gasping as my nerves in my flesh, nipples responded. My hands stayed there, cupping my breasts, feeling my own fingers caress, my flesh, teasing through my top, my bra...

My eyes were focused on the mirror, as if they were the eyes, Lauren's eyes. Softly I smiled, my arms folded, as I reached for the hem of my top, lifting it up, over my head, discarding it casually on the floor. My hands retuned, my eyes closed, imagining Lauren sitting in front of me, as if I was reaching for her. The skirt was soon unfastened... on the floor as I stepped out. My bra was unclasped, and leant towards the mirror, easing my bra away, exposing my self to her, to Lauren. Finally, I turned round, stepping back, pushing my bum cheeks into the mirror, clasping my own buttocks wishing they were her hands, as My thong was lowered, stepping out,

I laid back on the bed, reached for the top drawer, opening it, my hand fumbled around, till I found what I was looking for. Unsure if the batteries would still work, it was switched to on, to the sound of a slight buzz, phew...

Head laid back, fingers softly exploring my labia; Feeling my folds, as my body slowly responded, teasing my entrance, feeling the wetness build up, with each soft, gentle caress. I vaguely remember switching the ears on, bringing them to my right breast; I am sure I sighed deeply, suddenly feeling my nipples tingle, my sexuality finally awakening. How long I teased myself, I do not know, but finally I had to be taken, plunging the shaft inside me, my legs open, bent, a pillow under my bum.

It plunged deep into me, my nerves alive, the ears on my clit, feeling my body tense, back arched, as I came swiftly violently, biting my lip drawing blood to stifle my cries of passion; biting on the duvet, to quell the noise...


I awoke, when I am not sure, but I remember waking, the duvet kicked partly off me, I was lying there, thinking, wondering. Could I hypnotise her again? How deep can I go, in terms of making suggestions, major personality changes? Could I do it? Should I do it; as my mind remembers the disclaimer we sign, about not using; abusing the power of hypnotism for personal gain, to take advantage of some one? But If I was to, if I were to... Oh god...


"Good Morning sleepyhead" as Lauren entered my room, bright, breezy, cheery, the sun streaming from around the curtains and Lauren's loud, cheery voice. She later confessed that day since her time in the military she had become a morning person. Not that I mind, I enjoy the mornings myself being more of a morning person; but I guess I had not slept well that night.

I have no idea how ludicrous I looked, but as she placed my tea down, she obviously saw my clothes strewn across the room, Mr Rabbit on the floor, and my partly exposed form, emerging from the duvet.

But she broke into a blush, a nervous, embarrassed giggle as she saw what she saw, and her look in the direction of the toy longer than I would have thought, However, it was that blush, that lead me to see if I could hypnotise her again that morning.

"Do you have any toys Lauren?" smiling aware of her slight embarrassment, her old shyness returning.

"No" she mumbled.


Shortly after wards, she left, leaving me alone in my room, the room looking as if I had had sex the night before, my clothes strewn, the toy, and my duvet. As I stood up, and surveyed, the room spoke of sex. I smiled, as I did have sex I guess, with Lauren, with Mr Rabbit.

Some 30 minutes later, showered and dressed, I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast as Lauren ventured in. Again she was booted and skirted, with a bright pillar box red top, plunging neckline. But something didn't quite look right, it was a few seconds before I realised.

"No bra again, Lauren?" smiling softly, wondering how long my little seed that I planted will last.

"No, it was well rather scratchy, itchy, I don't understand it" as she sighed, "It felt suddenly as if it was one of those cheap lace bras you buy from a market store, just so uncomfortable."

"Would you like more tea Lauren, or would you prefer a coffee before we head into town Lauren?"

"Coffee please"

We sat down, as the smell of fresh coffee filled the kitchen, trying to avert my gaze from her breasts, the nipples protruding clearly.

"So unlike you not to wear a bra Lauren; or is this the new you?"

"Well, it is. But that bra up to now has been so comfortable, but... I just don't understand it."

"So you still think hypnotism is a waste of time Lauren?"

She pondered, ate her cereal, thinking carefully.....

"Are you suggesting this sudden change of bra is well your fault? That you did hypnotise me last night."

"Maybe;" smiling "a good hypnotist just leaves the thoughts, not the evidence..."

She again paused briefly, before answering...

"No Miranda, I don't think this is you, nor was it you and your attempt to hypnotise me last night. I mean how can some one in a few minutes change my outlook on my entire life? But; "

Another pause followed, "but it was a comfortable bra and suddenly I find it irritable. But well I am also finding the feel of my breasts, nipples against the fabric strangely erotic."

"But", as she pulled down her top; "I may have to find some camisoles or similar, this top reveals to much doesn't it?"

Suddenly I looked away slightly, embarrassed as her eyes found my gaze, locked on her right nipple through her top.

"Maybe it does Lauren, may be you will still have to wear bras with some outfits."

"Yes, maybe, but well I'd like to buy some camisoles if you can recommend any where. Your looks pretty, the lace obscuring your cleavage Miranda."

"Of course" blushing slightly feeling her gaze upon me albeit briefly.

Reaching for my pendant, as I caught her gaze again, thinking now or never.

"So you don't think it's my attempt at hypnosis that is causing your sudden dislike to your bra, the sudden itch, scratch?"

She smiled, shaking her head...

"Look at the pendant Lauren, look at the pendant, listen to my voice, and forget everything else, ignore all..."

"Look into the pendant, see the amber stone swinging, the pretty stone, the different oranges glistening in the light, the pretty oranges Lauren, the pretty oranges in the stone. The deep orange colours Lauren watch the stone, focus on the stone, and listen to my voice."

Slowly her eyes watched the pendant swinging softly, her eyes focused, tight pinpointed pupils, her breathing almost irregular, her body showing the tell tale signs of entering the hypnotic state.

"Raise your right arm 3 inches please Lauren."

She responded slowly, but her fingers stopped almost to the millimetre. Softly, I reached for her hand, and pinched her flesh, looking for any movement,


My breathing again was fast erratic from the nerves, realising this was wrong, but what I so wanted, it seemed.

My hand moved, to her ear lobe, and again pinched it hard, wondering if she was in a true hypnotic state, she neither flinched nor gasped.

"Lauren, during the day, you will start to feel for me. You will slowly develop the urge to be more tactile towards me, wanting to hold me, hug me more often. Each time you do, you will kiss my cheeks, feeling the desire to kiss my lips."

"Keep watching the pendant Lauren, listen to my voice, ignore everything else, and listen to my voice..."

"You wont understand these feelings initially Lauren, you will not understand where these thoughts are coming from. However you will start to accept the truth that you are fond of me, that you love me as a friend, and that you want to express your friendship more intimately then before."

"Look into the pendant, see the amber stone swinging, the pretty stone, the different oranges as they glisten in the light, the pretty oranges Lauren, and listen to my voice."

"Yes Lauren, you will find these feelings, thoughts, desires strange to begin with, but as we laugh, giggle, flirt with each other, you realise it is a natural progression, for two long standing friends, to express their love, their affection there desires, at a more physical, intimate level."

"As the day progresses, Lauren, these feelings will become stronger. But your caution will remain. Despite your thoughts, you will be discrete, partly in case of rejection, but also of a fear, a fear of possible social labelling, social reaction. This will cause you to be discrete, subtle, but will endeavour to make your feelings known to Miranda."

"I will shortly bring you back to reality Lauren with the click of my fingers. You will forget this conversation, but you will not forget the seeds that have been planted, and your affection for your old school friend, Miranda Ward."

"Watch the Pendant Lauren, watch the pendant swing...."


She opened her eyes, more slowly this time, and blinked several times, before smiling, reaching for her coffee, took a sip.

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