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The Amphiboid



The walk hadn't gone as planned. It was supposed to be a quiet Summer walk in an old country lane. Well, one where I'd walk past the isolated country cottage of my old school teacher, Miss Davis, and "accidently" expose myself to her, hoping to plant the seed for what would be a sexual encounter.

The Summer dress was light and loose upon my frames and underneath my breasts and sex were uncovered. The thought of a stiff breeze exposing them, exposing me, caused a pleasant tingle.

But I was entertaining a new fantasy as I approached and saw my old teacher tending her garden. She was quite old now, I'd guess early sixties, her hair still as grey as I remember, her wrinkled face still possessing that stern, cruel look.

I enjoy sex in many forms and could find pleasure in every woman I met. One of my very special fantasies was the thought of women who were old, obese or very unfeminine taking me, making me their own, and forcing me to satisfy their sexual whims. How I longed to be used this way and punished for every failing.

When I discovered she was lesbian, I had to take action. All those years I longed for her to punish me and for her pleasant surprise at the increasing wetness of my sex as she spanked and how I longed for her to then indulge her sexual whims with me as a thing, a means to her sexual ends. It was her dismissive, cold attitude to us as students. It sent a shiver down my spine.

I was about halfway past her gate when she looked up at me wordlessly. I flashed a smile and she merely nodded. A few meters ahead I "dropped" my handbag with a deliberately unconvincing "whoops" and reached down to pick it up.

The hot rush came over me as the dress shifted and I knew she now gazed at my exposed ass and inviting sex. I heard the rake clatter to the ground as I stood up. A few meters on and I flashed a mischievous sideways smile. I could see her look had changed.

She raised an eyebrow and I saw a promising smirk before quickly heading inside. The thought of her touching herself while thinking of us making love together sent waves of burning desire washing over me.

I would be late home tonight, however. Little did I know as I saw the blinding flash above me in the woods that tonight would a lot more fun than I anticipated.


When the flashing faded, I found myself kneeling in a dark room save a beam of light shining down on me. I couldn't move but felt strangely calm, I knew somehow I was in no danger.

"Hello?" I called out, "who is there? What do you want with me?"

A computerised voice spoke from some intercom, "specimen: female, human. 23 years old, auburn hair, hazel eyes. Lady Xitacl please report for her full sexual examination."

"Sexual examination?" I said, trembling slightly in anticipation.

A croaking sound I took to be a laugh preceded the rising of the lights and I could see what I assumed to be Lady Xitacl cloaked in purple.

The robe figure spoke, her voice had a deep gurgling ring to it, "indeed, sexual examination, human females are becoming popular sexual partners in my organisation. Don't worry, you're not being kidnapped. It will all become clear."

She removed a clasp on her robe, it fell revealing her nakedness underneath. Her form was akin to a vaguely bipedal toad of roughly human height. It was almost identical save the strange development of shapely, ample breasts on her chest and, stranger still, the sizable cock. It was fully erect in anticipation and it had these nodules in rows along the glans. I guessed her idea of a sexual examination was going to be interesting.

"No. Please. Let me go." I struggled against the invisible restraints.

My attempt at reluctance wasn't fooling her. Not that I intended it to, one of my deepest, darkest fantasies was about to come true. I just wanted to role play it that way. She gurgled another laugh.

"My dear, you aren't fooling me, you're not the first human woman I've bedded, sorry I mean examined. Your feigned reluctance is entertaining though, so please continue."

She slowly began approaching. Knowing she was on to my real intent, I happily continued.

"This is wrong, we're not even the same species, I don't even know you..."

"Dear, you could try better with the excuses," she cut in, "if you had the opportunity, you'd have let your old home economics teacher take you and yes, by the way, she is masturbating right now. You barely know her."

"How did you..." I began, again interrupted.

"I know a lot. I know you really want this. I've seen the things, the creatures you've conjured up in fantasies alongside the varied women you've craved."

She kneels besides me, cupping a hand under my chin. Her skin is slippery and cool to the touch.

"I know you invest a lot in the fantasy, the role play, and I'm rather happy to play along, it's the same for me after all."

"As for species," she continued, "for all your mock protests, you've always longed for the strange, the alien. Your old teacher may be approaching climax right now thinking of that smooth ass and sweet pussy that you put on display for her, but for now they are mine to enjoy, examine I mean. I get carried away with my terms, I guess I just love my work."

Those specific words in her warbling, matter-of-fact voice caused a sharp intake of breath from me, she gurgled another laugh and stood up.

"But let's drop the reluctance role play a moment, just to be safe. I offer you an opportunity, there are many exotic creatures out there that would happily indulge your fantasies and even give you new ones. You won't even need to leave your planet for any long periods of time and there are plenty of other earth women with your tastes you'd meet in our organisation. You can take this up or walk away. If you take it up, I get to enjoy you first and I give *very* thorough examinations. Choose."

I looked at her, thoughts racing, maybe she expected me to keep up the reluctance. After all, she had read my thoughts so accurately. Still, she could be checking due to possibility of error. I didn't want to lose this chance and so I nodded eagerly.

"Yes, I want this. I've wanted this so badly for a long time."

She croaked in glee, "thought so. Now, let's begin the examination shall we? STAND UP!"

The sudden change of voice to one angrily barking orders had me on my feet as soon as the restraints dropped.


Her croaking voice added to her imperious tone. In but a few moments, it was cast aside. Despite her alien form, I could clearly see wantonness in her eyes as she looked me up and down.

She did a drawn out croak, "an impressive specimen; no underwear, as to be expected given your purpose on that walk. You take care of your body, I see. Light freckles and pixie hairstyle, quite the tomboy, aren't we? Let's see if you can put that body to good use."

I've certainly been told I'm attractive many times and had been asked out my fair share, sadly by the wrong half of the population most times. I've been called tomboyish in a cute way, I usually took it as a compliment nowadays.

I'm a big fan of various breast sizes and body types. I've always fallen over myself to tell other girls they're attractive if I can. I try to be tactful, I know it sounds false to be reassured sometimes, but I always mean it genuinely. I feel comfortable in my body most times and wish others did with theirs.

Despite that comfort, it still felt good to be objectified like this. Not the uninvited misogynistic wolf-whistles or the disgusting defence of "don't dress like that if you didn't want it," this was different. I think any masochist will agree that objectification in a comfortable, controlled environment can be really self-empowering despite first appearances.

With but a flick of her hand, I was raised in the air, spread in an X-cross position, my shoes untied automatically and were tugged from my feet leaving me completely naked under my mistress's hungry gaze. I saw my wrists and ankles were bound by rings of blue light. They were soft with a warm throb, far more pleasant than other things I've used.

"Now, answer me slave, what is your name?"

I looked up at her to answer but felt the sharp slap of her hand against my cheek. Her gurgles grew louder

"Don't ever look at me directly without my permission. Keep your eyes on my breasts."

I could gladly do that, for she did have lovely, ample breasts: her light, brown-green skin contrasted with the dark green of her nipples. I longed to lie down and feel them, cool to the touch and slick with slime, pressed down against my own. Her question struck me from such musings.

"I repeat: what is your name? Don't make me repeat myself a third time."

"Na... Natalie, but I generally go by Talie" I said in my best damsel-in-distress voice.

This was followed by another slap, "TALIE WHAT?"

I knew this would invite such a response, but it's fun to give your mistress reasons to punish you, I knew she wasn't asking for my surname. I did enjoy playing the naive damsel in distress, I wanted to see how long I could keep up my reluctance act before I was begging her to fuck me, to show no mercy.

"Talie," I deliberately paused to play dumb, "mistress?"

I was surprised by the third slap, "NO! Your name is not Talie! Your name is Fucktoy, now answer my question."

God, this was so amazing. I stumbled to speak and in response she grabbed my hair pulling my head back, away from the sight of her breasts.

"SAY IT!" She gurgled loudly.

"Fucktoy, mistress,"

"Good girl," she ran her free hand over my skin, leaving a trail of glistening slime from my navel to my breast, her touch was even more wonderful than I first imagined.

As she groped and teased my breast, her tongue made its way to my mouth.

"Open your mouth," she said, her tongue stroking my lips.

I pursed my lips and turned my head away, but with a tug of my hair she pulled it back. Still, I didn't open up.


She pinched my nipple hard and I resigned myself to her demand. The sensual wetness slid in and caressed my own time, which I soon reciprocated unthinkingly. Her tongue slithered nimbly around my own tongue's meagre efforts, playing with my tongue stud. It was thinner, rounded and wetter than a human's, with a gentle suction cup at the tip. As her hand continued to squeeze and fondle my breast, I realised how close to the edge I was.

"You'd better get used to the feel of this," I was surprised she could speak while her tongue was busy, "because it won't be so gentle on your breasts and after that this tongue will the *first* thing I penetrate you with."

Those words were enough to send me over. I moaned loudly as I felt my groin spasm into orgasm. She knew exactly what was going on and pressed her leg against my sex.

"Pleasure yourself against me. Show me what a slut you are, Fucktoy, or I will make wish you had!"

I was already greedily obeying before she had finished speaking. I rode as hard as I could before the sensation of the smooth wetness of her cold skin rubbing rapidly against my clit made it impossible to continue. She had anticipated my weakness and I felt the cold slime of her webbed hands firmly on my ass. She continued with confident thrusts when I was spend.

"Mercy, please, mistress, mercy," I meekly pleaded between moans. The restraints had adjusted my position to maximise her grinding thrusts.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, SLUT! I *know* this is what you want."

She wasn't going to let this blissful, divine agony end yet and I loved her all the more for that, behind my pleas I didn't want it to end. I breathed heavily and felt her webbed hands squeeze the cheeks of my ass, she began to whisper in a low gurgle.

"Of course, since you didn't ask my permission to come, you must now be punished."

"No, please, I couldn't help it, you forced me. Please, have mercy. I didn't mean to come. It was so sudden, I..."

A sharp slap on my ass cut me off with a yelp. She wasn't buying my excuses.

"You will take it, you have disobeyed me, I will train you to be an obedient Fucktoy and I *will* still fuck you with my tongue and more."

I unconsciously looked down at her now twitching cock, which made the post-orgasm tremors in my pussy blend with new aches into a sweet bliss. I wanted that inside me so much.

"Yes that, my beautiful Fucktoy, and if you think about what my tongue will do, wait until you see what that can do."

She was a shrewd, confident creature, but I would make her earn me as her sex slave. I pride myself on my capacity to orgasm and I wasn't close to beaten yet.


My sweet mistress stepped back and waved her hand. Suddenly, the rings moved me into a more horizontal position, face down, my hands on the back of my head. Standing in front of me, she smirked as a blue light formed in her hand. It settled into a flogger of some sort.

She stepped forward, her body so close to me, she had denied me the pleasure of her flesh fully pressed against mine earlier and she knew that her Fucktoy longed for it, to become one with her: my mistress, my goddess.

Her breasts were so close to my mouth, I could have tasted her if I were to extend my tongue.

"I know you want them."

Oh, my mistress, I did but I knew she is testing my resistance. I knew I'd break eventually and the thought bolstered the ache in my sex.

Sexual desire, at least to me, is unique in that the desire itself is so immensely pleasurable. No other longing does this. Sometimes, I've thought of my pussy as my own sex slave. I've teased her, had her begging for release. She's a wicked girl and I have made her suffer sweetly for her reward.

She's claimed by my new mistress now, but I didn't behave yet. I resisted and continued my performance.

"I mustn't. Please let me go, I won't tell anyone."

Her face twisted in anger and with a sudden crack of her flogger against her thigh she stormed around until she stood behind me.

"I offered you the pleasure of my breasts! I was going to be merciful, despite your disrespectful behaviour earlier!"

The crack of the flogger hit my ass hard and I gasp, "but now, now I'm just going to fucking break you in."

The flogger swished cheek to cheek. I felt the stinging throb between impacts. I sighed and moaned and gasped. My body writhed but could not escape my beloved mistress, her hand so skilled. My pussy was begging me to fully submit. It colluded with our tormentor as I knew it would, I so badly wanted her inside me. I drunk so deep of the rich wine of these varied sensations that I lost track of how long she punished me for.

"I was going to end your torment there but you don't deserve that."

She flips me over, I could see her, crouched as if about to catch pray. Her tongue reached out and began to caress my breasts, it twirled around each before the sucker rose up. As the tongue begins to fondle and writhe around my breasts, the cool slime she salivates began to cover them until it trickled into the cleft between them, down my stomach, eventually overflowing my navel and reaching my smooth, shaved mound.

My mound soon glistened with the slimy saliva, I could feel drips running into the folds of my sex and the increasing speed of her writhing tongue squelched loudly on my soaked breasts. The sucker started teasing my nipples gently.

"No, please, stop," I said in soft moans as my head rolled back and forth doing nothing to hide my sheer enjoyment.

"Still meek pleas for mercy? Let go, Fucktoy, and it'll all become easier. You've not seen me at my nastiest either, do you want to see that?"

"No, please mistress, have mercy."

Her croaking laugh echoed around me, "I don't think we'll be stopping soon and you still don't have my permission to come."

She paused to suddenly squeeze both breasts tightly before resuming the writhing, my body shuddered in response. I heard the dripping of slime from my body onto the floor. I was totally drenched.

"But mark my words, you'll soon come *without* my permission."

I gasped a loud moan of irresistible joy and she croaked a laugh again. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the countless sensations flooding my mind. The sucker now ignored my nipples, both now buried under the squirming mass of tongue and moves down.

Oh, this is it, I thought, my mistress is going to fuck me with her tongue. My mind raced in anticipation and my sex prepared, inviting in the welcome guest.

The sucker circled and nipped at the opening of my sex. She kept it going for so long that eventually the agony of my pouting pussy was overriding everything. I arched back, I was ready to beg, to fully submit.

She knew already that she had me where she wanted, that I was ready to let go and admit what she already knew: I wanted everything she gave me, that these were her breasts, this was her pussy, that I was her devoted, she was my mistress. I belonged to her.

But she wasn't ready for that yet. She had something more planned before she'd give me the honour of admitting my defeat, of begging her for her beautiful cock inside me.

And so, her tongue plunged in with ease and I moaned. I felt it weave in and out of me until a writhing mass squirmed and throbbed against the walls of my sex. I couldn't begin to imagine the total size of her tongue or what means allowed it all such precision, but I couldn't entertain such thoughts now. Not least of all was the fact that her sucker wriggled out of me and found its true target: my waiting clit.

I had planned to fight it, to resist the climax that would ensure further punishment but I couldn't, I wanted this so much. The thought of whatever she had planned next was also so enticing. I resisted the growing urge to scream out my submission. She was saving that, I knew, I needed her permission to submit, I needed her to find me worthy of being her Fucktoy.

I realised that as the uncountable pleasures built within me, my body now writhed rhythmically with the squelching movements of her caressing tongue. I thought how this sight must make her sex, now a thing of almost mythic reverence to me, ache to be inside mine.

I closed my eyes and thought of that, thought of the sucker pleasuring my clit, the writhing mass on my breasts and within me and I listened: to my moans, to the squelching sounds now as loud around my groan as around my breasts and, beyond that, the warbling moans of pleasure from my beautiful goddess.

Then I came, over and over again. I screamed in utter ecstasy and as it died down to frenzied moans, I could hear her moans intensify in turn. I thought about how bad a slut I was, how I've disobeyed my mistress, how I deserve her punishments. These thoughts helped intensify my climaxes.

I was close to my fifth since she penetrated me when she slurped her tongue back in suddenly. I lay there, still bound, breathing heavily and soaked with my mistress's divine fluids. I still wanted more and she knew it.

With a flick of her wrist a beam of light cleaned me completely then she held up her hand and I was pushed back and returned to my X-cross position. Behind her burning gaze, I knew she was as enraptured as I was.

She was still posed, positioned like a larger version of our own toads. What did she have planned?

"You are in so much trouble, I'm not going easy on you anymore."

The restraints tilted me back, my pussy slightly closer to her. She stared intently at it until a forcefield of some kind tugged on my sex, exposing my clit fully to her.

I looked down at her, still intently focused on my sex, "a slut like you would probably come from this, but it's still going to make you suffer, I assure you."

Her tongue rolled around then stopped deadly still save the puckering motion of the sucker.

Her tongue lashed out with speed and accuracy with a schtick sound. It hit me right where she wanted, the pain was amazing. I've climaxed from being whipped there before, at least, along as I've already climaxed a few times, but this was another level again.

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