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The Ancient God


Thank you everyone for the positive comments! I know I changed the title but I think this is more fitting, hope you enjoy this one!


Hello again mortal. After I finished absorbing Vexina's quaintessence, what you humans would call life force, I spent the next week toying with her. I would tease her body and drink from her mouth, I wished to go slowly and draw some pleasure out of this as well as a good meal.

Finally, I could wait no longer and while sleeping I decided when I awoke that I would finally take her and complete my domination over her.

As my eye slowly opened, I gazed down at my slave. She had unnaturally white skin from being only in the cave, it was smooth to the touch and unblemished. Her red hair flowed down to her ass. With one of my tentacles wrapped tenderly around her neck as a collar

Now that I was awake it was time to finally deflower my precious slave. I tightened my grip on her neck and she sat up quickly as I had trained her.

"Good morning Master," she said lovingly.

"Vexina, I have decided it is time to take all of you, from this day forward your entire body and soul belong to me."

She looked confused and asked, "My entire body?"

"Yes, now don't worry we will start as we always do."

As I said this her body began to grow excited, I could practically see the waves of anticipation that she radiated. She had come to enjoy giving me energy and this pleased me greatly.

Slowly a tentacle emerged from the ground, its pointed tip wrapped around Vexina's right nipple and tugged gently at it. I was rewarded with a loud moan of pleasure from my slave.

Then the tentacle let go and eased its way into her mouth and quickly slid down her throat. As this was happening I let another tentacle emerge and it slowly pushed into her cunt.

She screamed against the tentacle in her mouth as I broke through her hymen. Yet I did not stop; nay, I thrust even more mercilessly into her on both ends. Soon I was pumping more of my intoxicating semen into her hapless body and sucking more of her eternal life.

Sated for now I pull out, leaving her in orgasmic bliss as she felt the joy of being a woman. During this time I had located a higher security building under the same company and decided to investigate. I discovered within was the next phase of the project Vexina was in, a more perfect woman if it were possible, I could not resist.

The security was tighter in this building, apparently it was still in use. So instead I burst my tentacles through the ground and timed myself quickly, knowing the building would collapse in a matter of seconds. I found the cryotube and immediately pulled her free, the girl was indeed more beautiful than Vexina, I could not describe it too you, it was an otherworldly beauty that I have yet to see matched. I brought her underground and into the cave.

Vexina yelped as several tentacles brought up the new female. At first she had thought I was going to use her again so soon, but then she calmed and took on a curious look when she saw this other female. "Master...what is that?"

Oh how I loved it when she called me that. "She is another immortal like you...and shall be a slave to me."

Upon hearing this Vexina pulled at her leash as she went over to the other girl, her eyes lit up with interest. It was quite amusing really, now where was I?

Ah yes, this new girl finally awoke within the hour to me feasting on Vexina once more. I had three tentacles in her now, one for each orifice, and she opened her eyes to see Vexina being pumped to the brim with my aphrodisiac.

I lowered Vexina to the floor, her limp body like a rag doll, before I noticed the other girl's mind, immediately I searched her mind for her name, Alex...

"Alex, I am your owner, know that you live to serve me and only me, to please me to know end, and to do whatever I command."

She nods simply and replies in a luscious voice, "I understand Master, I already knew you would own me...do you wish to use my body as you did her?" she asks and points at the limp form of Vexina.

"No, not yet, I want to feed from both of you soon, but not now...no with the energy I just claimed from her, I will now enslave the minds of the surrounding kings and have them raise me as their god!"

And thus...my conquest of the world....began....

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