tagNonHumanThe Angel and The Demon

The Angel and The Demon


~Been having a hard time with the next chapter of Two Worlds so I decided to post this story I've had for awhile in the mean time. Let me know what you think!

=^.^= Vixen


I looked around before entering the abandoned warehouse and heading towards the back. I stepped around and over some old machinery and rusted tools before getting to a back room and unlocking it. I heard the sound of metal chains rattling around and smiled before slamming the door, getting a small squeal and the chains stopped rattling. I came around the corner and saw my beautiful winged capture shaking with fear.

"P-please let me go. Y-you have tortured me enough. P-please!" she said, trying to back away from me as I came closer to her. I smirked at what she said and finally got inches away from her and ran my finger along her jaw bone.

"Most people wouldn't call what I've done to you torture my pet." I told the blue eyed light brown haired angel. I reached out and stroked her pure white wings, which made her whimper and shake more in fear. I stepped back and looked her over, like I did every time I had come in here. She had the perfect body, with size D breasts, a nice firm ass, and tantalizing curves. I reached out and traced those curves with a finger, getting another lovely whimper from her.

"P-please." She begged, trying to move away from me again even though the chains on both her ankles and hands prevented her from moving much farther than the place they were bolted to.

"Oh I plan on pleasing you and myself. You will be begging for more by the time I'm done." I said with a smirk, twisting one of her nipples and making her gasp.

"Please! I can't with your kind! I'll become fallen! Please I beg you! Spare me! Please!" She begged me, tears running down her cheeks. I groaned and reached down to pinch her clit, making her whimper again.

"You should know by now my pet that we demons will not be persuaded by begging. In fact it just turns us on more." I said before leaning down and capturing one of her nipples in my mouth. She tried to get away, struggling to just get my mouth away from her. I ran my nails down her sides while biting her nipple, making her cry out.

"Please! I will give you anything you want! Just please don't take this away from me!" She begged, sobbing. I was almost tempted to ask her what she had to offer but I am not a demon of greed. I am a demon of lust and her absolutely fuck sexy body was all I wanted. I leaned in close my lips less than an inch away from her ear.

"What I want is to fuck you until I can't fuck you anymore. I haven't had a girl as fucking beautiful as you in such a long time and I plan on enjoying every minute of it." I whispered hotly in her ear before sucking on her earlobe. She started sobbing again and I captured the other nipple in my mouth, sucking and nibbling on that one while she cried and begged me to stop.

"Please God, save me!" She cried out, making me cringe slightly. I rolled her clit between my fingers for that and reveled in the sound of her cry of pain and I swore I started to hear pleasure start to mix with it.

"He hasn't sent someone to save you yet my pet. What makes you think he will send someone now?" I said before nipping her neck and making her whimper again. I ran my hands slowly over her body, gently grazing her nipples with my thumbs and then slowly moving down her stomach. She started to pray out loud so I silenced her with a kiss, which she tried to pull away from but I gripped a handful of her hair with one of my hands to keep her lips against mine. I didn't mind that she didn't participate in the kiss but did think it was rather arousing when I finally managed to slip my tongue in her mouth and she bit it. I pulled away from the kiss then with a smile and then slipped a hand down to rub her clit.

"N-n-no! Please stop!" she half cried, half moaned. I smirked at that and started to suck on her breasts again while continuing to rub her clit and along her slit, never actually entering her but teasing the hell out of her. I felt her get wet as I did this and smiled, pulling my finger back to show her the small bit of moisture on my finger.

"It seems like someone is enjoying themselves." I said with a smirk as she started to cry more.

"No. No. No. P-please let me go. Please. I don't want this. Please." She begged, trying to close her legs and pull away from me more. I smirked and forced her legs apart, making her whimper and beg more. I then knelt down in front of her, wanting to taste the taste of an angel. I licked along her slit, moaning at the delectable taste of her most precious parts.

"You know if He didn't want his angels fucked he wouldn't have made you taste so good." I told her before starting to suck on her clit, making her cry out more and shiver. I reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to my lips as she struggled against me. She continued to cry and beg for me to stop but after a few minutes all she could do was pant and whimper. She started to shiver slightly and I reached up and pinched and pulled at one of her nipples. I smirked as I heard a small moan escape her lips and increased my efforts. Soon she was shaking more and little moans escaped between whimpers. She started to pray again so I nipped at her clit which made her cry out.

"Dear God! Please help me! I'm going to explode!" she exclaimed before crying out in orgasm. I smirked and licked up all her juices until she was panting and shaking slightly. I kissed up her body to her ear.

"You just had your first orgasm love." I whispered in her ear, which made her whimper and start to cry again.

"Please God, forgive me." She cried. I smirked and bit her neck, which made her cry out and then whimper. I then stepped back and started to slowly unbutton my shirt. She turned her face away when she saw me do this and whimpered again so I grabbed her face and forced her to look at me.

"Keep your eyes on me sweetheart. Or else." I said before stepping back again and finishing taking off my shirt, showing off my well defined abs. She was blushing and her eyes kept darting away and then looking back. I smirked and then locked eyes with her, making sure she was paying attention before pulling off my pants and boxers. My rock hard member was revealed to her and her eyes went wide and she blushed before she quickly looked away. I went back to her and captured one of her nipples in my mouth again, sucking on it lightly which made her whimper again. I reached down and rubbed her clit while doing so and after a minute I started to hear little moans between the whimpers again.

After a few minutes of this I reached up and unchained her hands. She looked at me with confusion before I gently pushed her to the ground, being careful not to be too rough and going down with her, making sure her head didn't hit the ground. She tried to push me off of her and I sighed and grabbed her hands, chaining them to the ground. She started to cry and beg for me to stop again but I was too far gone. I needed her body and I needed it now.

"It will hurt at first but then it will feel amazing." I whispered into her ear, the tip of my dick at her entrance. She whimpered and cried more and I kissed away the tears before slowly sliding into her. When I felt her barrier I quickly pounded through, knowing that that was the best way to do it. She cried out in pain and her beautiful white wings started to fade to black as she screamed in horrible pain. I held her through it, waiting for it to stop. Finally she stopped screaming and was just crying so I started to slowly move in and out of her. I captured one of her nipples in my mouth again and started to suck on it lightly. I heard her whimper and then moan weakly and smiled, increasing my speed just a little. She was still crying but I could hear her small moans of pleasure as I kissed up her neck, nipping a few places before kissing her lips gently. It surprised me slightly when she hesitantly kissed me back softly. I ran my hands slowly and gently down her sides and she shivered slightly and moaned through the kiss. I deepened the kiss and then licked her lips, asking for entrance. She hesitantly opened enough for my tongue to slip into her mouth. I thrust against her a bit faster and harder and she moaned more, sucking lightly on my tongue.

My hands slide slowly up her arms as I decided to try something. I unchained her hands and then slid my hands back down her arms and started to play with one of her nipples. She moaned and slipped her arms around me hesitantly. I pinched and pulled at her nipple while she ran her hands lightly down my back. I closed my eyes, enjoying her touches and the sounds of her pleasure and surrender. Soon she cried out in another orgasm and I fed on the wonderful energy of it. I clung to her tightly and orgasmed as well. When I came down from it I nuzzled her neck gently.

"That was amazing wasn't it, love?" I said with a smirk before kissing her neck gently.

"Yes. Amazingly easy." She said, sounding cold. The change in her voice shocked me a bit but not as much as the knife that was suddenly stabbed into my stomach. She pushed me off of her and stood up, the chains around her ankles suddenly just falling off as her wings returned to white and armor appeared on her body.

"You didn't think He would really let one of his angels go, did you?" she said with a smirk as I looked at her in shock and then looked at that knife.

"It's poisoned tipped. It should kill you soon. You have been a target for a very long time." She said, crossing her arms.

"You mean this was all a trick?" I asked weakly, feeling the poison start to take effect. "You angels are worse than us."

"We do what we must to preserve good." She said, watching me die.

"Well. Good to know you angels aren't completely sinless." I said with a weak laugh. "And don't try to deny it. What you felt was real. For a few minutes you lusted after me."

"But I-" she started to say but I held up my hand, starting to black out slightly.

"No. It's fine. You win." I said as I pulled the knife out of my stomach and laid back. "Thank you. You were the perfect last pleasure." I added in a whisper before I closed my eyes and let myself fall into death's clutches.

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