tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Angel and the Elf Lord

The Angel and the Elf Lord


"You're all alone, my little angel," The elf lord towered over as the truth of his words sank in. She was all alone. Just an hour before, she had stood by her master in battle, ready to die for him if he requested it. He sent her on a mission, but somehow she was caught in a web as she soared through the forest. It was a cruel trap set by the elf lord.

"I have been watching you, the prized possession of your master. But he is not your master anymore. You belong to me."

"No!" She protested, "I'll never be yours. My master will come for me."

"You'll see," he said. And with that final remark, he stepped back and closed the door of her cage. It was a wooden cage in the middle of the forest, sheltered by the trees. She could see the stars above peeking through the branches. She knelt down and prayed to her master.

"Please rescue me," she whispered to the night sky.

It was a long cold night that she spent alone in her cage. The elf lord woke her by running his hand through her long blond hair.

"Are you ready to submit to me?"

"Never!" She pushed away from him. She stood, ready to fight. Her weapon was gone, but she still wore her armor.

The elf lord gave her some space and stepped away from her. "You are so sweet and innocent. I will show you the ways of the forest. I want you to be devoted to me as you were your former master. I will not abandon you."

Abandon, the word repeated in her mind. Was she abandoned? Why hasn't her master come for her? He is powerful enough to overpower this elf. He must have a plan for her. He always has a plan.

The young angel stood proudly, "I have faith in my lord."

"You will soon learn who your true lord and master is," the elf lord replied. "I will leave you with your thoughts. My elves will bring you breakfast shortly."

The day dragged on and the elf lord did not bother her again. From her cage, the angel watched the forest move alive around her. The elves were busy with their daily tasks and the trees and grass flourished. She could hear a nearby stream. Occasionally elves would come to bring her food and water. Mostly, she was not bothered. She spent much of her time praying to her lord to come rescue her. As the day wore on, she began wondering if her master would ever come.

The sun began to set and the elves retreated into the forest. The forest was going to sleep. The elf lord approached her cage for the second time that day.

"How are you feeling, my angel?" His voice was strong, but soft.

She did not respond. She just turned angrily away from him.

"Have I not been kind to you?" The elf lord smiled. As he walked closer to the cage, the ground beneath her came to life. The elf lord opened her cage and stepped in as vines grew out of the ground and wrapped around her ankles. She was tethered to the ground and couldn't get away. The vines spread her legs until she lost her balance and fell backwards. More vines sprung from the ground and wrapped around her chest. She was completely immobile with her legs spread towards the elf lord.

"I'm going to show you how kind I can be," the elf lord knelt between her legs. Slowly, he pushed aside her skirt and carefully ripped her panties off of her.

"What are you doing? Please, stop! Don't hurt me!" the angel pleaded. The elf lord began kissing her thighs. She felt his breath as his lips grew closer to her most sensitive area. She tried to squirm away, but it was no use. Her bonds were too tight. What was he doing to her? Why? She had expected him to attack her ever since he stole her from the heavens, but this wasn't what she expected. He was being so gentle, so kind. And suddenly she started feeling something growing deep inside of her as he explored between her legs.

"No, no," she continued to protest. She didn't want it to feel good. Why did he have to make it feel good? His tongue glided up and down her slit, making little circles around her clit. He glided one finger inside of her. It slid in so easily, she was so wet. He felt good inside of her and a little moan was released from her. Her breath came quicker as he sped up the pace on her clit. His finger rubbed against her sensitive g-spot. Her mind was racing. Her body was on fire.

"Please," she begged. But she didn't want him to stop. No, this felt too good. She had never experienced anything like it. Her back arched and she felt explosions ripple through her body. She let out a scream as she experienced her first orgasm.

She lay breathless on the ground. The vines that had held her captive now receded into the ground. The elf lord looked down upon her.

"Sleep well, my angel."


The days wore on slowly. The angel stayed in her cage and every evening she was greeted by the elf lord, restrained to the forest floor, and treated to the best orgasms. He never hurt her. He was gentle and caring. She was beginning to doubt that her master was going to rescue her. But she was not ready to spend the rest of her life caged up in the forest, in the servitude of this elf. On the fifth morning since her capture, the elf lord came to her.

"It is time that you get out of that cage and experience the full beauty of the forest." With that, the elf lord released her from the cage. Quickly, she spread her wings and rose towards the heavens. She was free! She was going to return to her master!

"Not so fast," the elf lord laughed as he extended a hand towards her. A vine shot out of his hand and wrapped around her waist, snatching her from the air. She came back down to the ground, defeated.

"You cannot escape, so don't try," he warned. "Now come with me." The elf lord led her by the hand and the vines dropped to the ground. They walked together for a while, following a winding path through the trees. Leaves dropped noiselessly around them as a cool breeze rustled through the trees. Ahead, the angel could hear rushing water.

"Where are you taking me?" she inquired.

"I'm taking you to a special place where we can be alone." They continued on silently. The noise of the water grew louder. Soon, she could see a clearing ahead. They stepped out from the trees to a rushing river. The sight was breathtaking. They were at the top of a waterfall. She could see the forest below and heavens above. It was the closest she has been to her home among the clouds since her capture.

The elf lord kissed her cheek softly as she stared into the heavens. "I brought you here so that you can see for yourself," he whispered in her ear. "He is not coming for you."

"No!" she exclaimed. She reached for the sky and screamed.

"He's not listening to you anymore. Don't you understand? You're mine." Tears streamed down her face and she dropped to her knees, praying. "If he wanted you, don't you think he would come rescue you?" His words were like daggers in her heart. She knew they were true. But how could her lord abandon her?

"I am your loving lord now. Let me show you passion that your former master never cared to give you." The elf lord reached for the angel. He pulled her from the ground and held her close to him. The elf lord kissed her deeply. She clung to her faith in her lord and pushed away from the elf. She fought against his grasp and freed herself. Once again, she made an attempt for the sky, spreading her wings wide. She felt something on her ankle. It was a chain attached to the rocks below. The chain gave her 20 feet of freedom, but would not let her break away. The angel grew angry at her jailor. If she cannot escape him, she will have to fight him. She lunged for him and he laughed as he dodged her.

"Yes, my angel, take out your anger on me. But it isn't me you are angry at. You are angry at your former master for deserting you!"

She felt the tears come again as she swooped down towards him. This time she was successful in knocking him over. The angel climbed on top of him and began punching the elf lord. Each punch landed squarely on their target, the elf lord's jaw. The elf lord merely chuckled. As powerful as the angel was, she was no match for the elf lord. She punched and punched until her punches became weak and sobs wracked her body. The elf lord hugged her close to him and rolled over so that he was on top of her.

"Submit to me," he whispered.

"Never!" and the angel found what energy was left in her to fight back. She pushed him off of her and flew towards the heavens with such force that she was sure the chain would break. It didn't, though. She reached towards the sky and flew with all of her force but the chains held her still. Below her, the elf lord laughed. He grabbed her chain and pulled her back down to earth.

"Look into the sky. If your lord wanted you, he would part those clouds and reach for you. He isn't going to come for you." The elf lord's patience was growing thin. He reached for her armor and ripped it from her body. He tore the remaining clothes from her. "You are not his angel anymore. You are my slave."

The angel was uncomfortable being naked in front of the elf lord. She tried to cover herself with her arms. The elf lord pulled her arms away from her chest and looked down upon her marvelous chest. She was perfect in every way.

He was so forceful when removing her clothes. The angel knew that if he wanted to, he could rape her right there. But he didn't. The elf lord was gentle. He brought his hand up behind her head and ran his fingers through her hair as he kissed her on the lips. She didn't fight back this time. His gentle kiss reminded her of the kindness he showed every night when he came to her and brought her to orgasm but didn't ask for more. The angel found herself kissing him back.

The elf lord lowered her onto the ground. She lay naked on the stone as the elf lord kissed her deeply and pressed his body against hers. He kissed down her neck towards her heaving chest. She sighed as he softly licked around her tender nipples. She didn't want to enjoy it, just as she didn't want to enjoy his late night intrusions in her cage. But once again, her body betrayed her. His hand crept down between her legs as he kissed and teased her nipples.

"You are very wet, my angel. Call me your master and I will give you what you desire."

"No," she said breathlessly. His hand worked rhythmically between her legs and continued to kiss her chest. She felt that familiar tingle in her belly as her orgasm began to mount. He stopped abruptly and pulled his hand away from her.

"No, please! Don't stop!" She begged.

"Tell me I am your lord. Submit to me angel."

"I -- I- I can't," she stammered. She longed to feel his fingers inside her again.

The elf lord repositioned himself between her legs. He released his massive elf cock from his pants. The angel's eyes grew wide when she saw what he intended to do to her.

"No," she cried.

"I won't hurt you," he said reassuringly. The elf lord lowered himself to her and kissed her gently on the lips. She felt his cock slowly slide into her. It was tight, but it didn't hurt. His kiss helped her relax and she took all of him into her. He pumped in and out and continued to kiss her. He kept a steady pace and brought her to the edge of orgasm again.

"What do you want from me?" He asked her as he slowed his pace. She squirmed against him.

"Please, I need more!"

The elf lord smiled and whispered to her, "You know what I want from you."

"Yes," she panted. Anything, she thought. I will say anything. I just need to feel that release again!

"Who am I?" asked the elf lord. He teased her with his cock, sliding the head slowly in and out of her.

"Mmm, you are my -- my- mmm -- mmaster!" It was difficult for her to say, but it wasn't good enough for the elf lord.

"Tell me what you want. Call me your elf lord!"

"I, I don't know," she stammered. She could hardly think. What does he want me to say?

"Tell me to fuck you," the elf lord coached her.

"Oh, fuck me. Please! Elf lord, master! Please!" her head was swimming. She couldn't take much more teasing. She needed him now!

The elf lord could tell she was struggling and her squirming against him was bringing him close to climax. But it still wasn't good enough. He needed to hear one more thing from her.

"Am I your lord?" he asked her.

"Yes," she screamed with no hesitation. "You are my lord! My master! Please fuck me now! Please lord! Please?"

With that final exclamation he slammed his cock deep inside her. Instantly, her body clenched around him. Her orgasm shook her body and seemed to last a lifetime. The elf lord also came at the same time she did, releasing his sperm inside her.

They collapsed together on the river bank. He pulled her close to him and she looked up into his eyes. She had finally accepted her new role.

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