The Angel vs. The Demon


Time seemed to have been going in slow motion, as the blade seemingly sliced through the air at a snail's pace. Though, in reality, the swift blade cut through the air in lightening speed. The deadly edge impaled into Demitrios' hand just as his own blade was going to slice through the petrified peasant.

Dropping the peasant in reflex, as a blade impaled his hand, Demitrios' eyes widened in momentary shock as he watched the it cut through his flesh. Not waiting around to thank the person that saved his life, the peasant ran into the forest, never looking back. Grunting in annoyance, Demitrios looked around to see where the dagger had come from. His black eyes scanning the dense woods surrounding him, he inhaled the air for any signs.

Standing absolutely still, Emmanuelle leaned back against an oak tree. Feeling frightened and exhilarated at the same time. She saved a human's life this day, but possibly put her own in danger. Oh well no matter, it was well worth it. Just as she was about to look around the oak tree to see what Demitrios was doing, she came face to face with the demon lord himself.

Gasping softly, she turned back to run, but her arm was gripped cruelly with long fingers.

"Well well, what do we have here?" Demitrios was genuinely surprised that this little sprite of a woman had done this to him. He looked her up and down expertly, noticing how her full breasts strained against the material of her soft vest and blouse. Ah yes he remembered these curves well, from the previous night, and how tasty this female was.

As if reading his laviscious thoughts, Emmanuelle raised her chin defiantly, her dark green eyes ablaze with annoyance. She shrank back slightly, as Demitrios' hand rose to touch her face. Her nails shot out and swiped across his handsome face, causing him to bleed.

Hissing with pain, Demitrios stepped back slightly and gripped Emmanuelle's wrist. Growling with anger, he neared her face with his own, as he whispered "You little hellcat, I should beat you for this!" But his anger soon faded as he watched the flicker of fear enter Emmanuelle's lovely deep green eyes.

Suddenly, his mind was bombarded with vivid images and sounds of deep male voices and commands. Comaderie was what he felt, as though he was somewhere else. Shaking his dark head, to shake off the unwanted images, Demitrios' grip on Emmanuelle's wrists tightened painfully. Finally looking at her face, he watched her lips moving as she spoke, but he couldn’t hear a thing, until finally he banished the thoughts with an angry series of oaths.

"....please, you're hurting me"

"Does it look as though I care, little beauty?" As he squeezed her delicate wrists a bit more, Emmanuelle fell to her knees. Demitrios suddenly felt his heart constrict with unfamiliar emotion...regret. For some reason, he did not want to hurt this female. Yet he suddenly became very angry at himself for such weak, human emotion. Growling with rage, he spun around and disappeared into the forest, his black cloak flying around him until he vanished.

Emmanuelle looked up, through tear-stained eyes, and noticed that she was very much alone. A voice inside her whispered stand up my child, he is gone for now...

Dark, angry eyes, followed Emmanuelle as she walked through the forest, rubbing her delicate wrists. Suddenly, Demitrios heard the grunting sounds of a wild boar, and noticed it was heading towards the human female. He sat and watched, still angry at her for making him feel things he didn’t want to feel. At the last moment, he stood up and moved towards her to kill the boar; deciding not kill her yet.

But, for the first time in his existence, he was genuinely surprised. His eyes widened as Emmanuelle took out a small cross bow from the belt on her hip, having seen the wild boar the same time he did. She quickly took aim, and killed the wild boar instantly. As it fell to the cold earth, blood splattered upon Emmanuelle's face and hands.

Coming up behind her, Demitrios said calmly "Well well, the little kitten has claws. What a bloodthirsty wench you are, aye, quite a surprise"

In a quick movement, Emmanuelle spun around, aiming the cross bow at Demitrios's face, her eyes were a mixture of surprise and fear. In a quicker movement, Demitrios gripped her wrist, forcing her hand to loosen the hold on cross bow. Crying out softly, Emmanuelle dropped the cross bow, but raised her other hand to strike his face, but he was too quick. Pulling her against him, Demitrios growled softly and ran his tongue down her cheek, where the blood sprayed, and cleaned off her cheek.

"Stop!" Emmanuelle tried to kick his shin, but was unable to move from the prison of Demitrios' arms.

Pushing her against a tree, Demitrios, raised Emmanuelle's arms above her head. With his power, Demitrios kept her arms immobile, as his gaze ran over her curvaceous body.

"Free me, this instant, or I'll...."

" You'll what?" his dark brow rose insolently, but actually chuckled menacingly as Emmanuelle actually hissed in her anger to be free of him. Even though she knew she had to get close to him emotionally, to change him, so that she may return home to the heavens, she was afraid of Demitrios. Raising her chin defiantly, Emmanuelle challenged him with her vibrant, dark green eyes.

Coming closer to her, Demitrios's nostrils flared wide in male appreciation, as he inhaled the combination of animal blood and the sweet scent of this virgin. His manhood swelled within his britches, as he strove hard to control his lust. As his faced came near hers, his dark eyes bore into hers. His tongue snaked out to gently lick the blood drop from her chin, causing her eyes to close and her full breasts to rise. She felt as though she was betraying herself and her mission by feeling this budding desire for this demon. Her eyes flew open, and her mind became a blank as she suddenly felt strong hands part her vest and blouse. Her full round breasts sprang free of its confines, and the gentle breeze caressing her tender flesh.

"What are you doing, sto..." before she could finish, Demitrios' hungry mouth came upon hers with a punishing force. She squirmed in futile attempts to move away from him, but only managed to slip her breasts into the demon's big hands.

Cupping the soft globes into his big hands, Demitrios moaned fiercely into the human female's mouth, as his hands gripped her, feeling her little nipples tighten in his palms. Reluctantly, he broke the kiss and lowered his dark head to run his tongue in the valley between her breasts. Inhaling her soft scent, he decided that she smelled faintly like vanilla. Gripping her breasts firmly, his long tongue snaked out and with just the tip, flicked it over her hard little peaks. With a fierceness he hadn’t felt in a long time, Demitrios suckled upon Emmanuelle's delicate little nipples, with a hunger surpassing anything else. He raised his eyes momentarily, to watch the human female head thrashing back and forth, and her eyes closed. Demitrios feasted upon her breasts ravenously, taking most of her breasts into his mouth. With his other hand, he tore her the string of her pants, and took them off of her. Left in her delicate white lace panties, Demitrios raised her body off the ground, without even touching her. Keeping her hands pinned to the tree and her back protected by the back of her vest, he placed both her smooth legs on each of his shoulder. Emmanuelle was not a tall woman, very petite in height, unlike many of the females he normally liked with long legs, who now seem awkward compared to this compact little female of 5'0 tall. Long legs tend to be gangly, and get in the way, but this little woman's legs were not very long but well sculpted; perfect for loving.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Please stop, don’t do this, I am a virg...."

"Hush" he growled, "I know what you are, little virgin beauty. I shall have you" Without another word, Demitrios inhaled her soft scent through her delicate panties, his manhood hardening like marble. Taking one long finger, he gently, slid the cloth aside, to glimpse the tiny pink womanhood behind it. With a moan deep in his throat, Demitrios' long tongue gently, slide inside her tight sheath, as his lips suckled her moist petals.

Trying to dislodge him, Emmanuelle tried moving her hips, but only caused his tongue to impale her sweetness all the more. Her body arched on its own accord, as the demon's long tongue slithered up and down her delicate folds, lapping at her furiously. Her eyes widened and she gasped, as his lips captured her little pleasure pearl, sucking gently. Bucking wildly, Emmanuelle felt her body on fire as a tightness began to form deep inside her. Not knowing what it was, she became fearful, until Demitrios gripped her round little behind within his big hands and suckled on her clit harder. Hips bucking wildly towards him, Emmanuelle saw stars behind her eyes as her body arched in a overwhelming orgasm.

Sensing that she was about to orgasm, Demitrios bit down gently on her little pearl at the same time. He suckled wildly on her, swallowing the mixture of blood and sweet juices. Just as her body calmed down a bit, Demitrios wasn’t finished with her. As he parted her round cheeks, one finger slid inside her tight, wet sheath, coating it with her juices. He then slide his finger gently along her forbidden entrance, coating it with her own juices, then ever so gently, he slid his finger inside her backside, as his lips recaptured her pleasure pearl. Flicking the pulsating area rapidly with his tongue, another orgasm overtook Emmannuelle, as both her openings were filled simultaneously by this dark man. Slumping slightly in her exhaustion, she watched in horrified fascination as Demitrios began to lower his britches, and his huge manhood sprang free of its constraints.

Whimpering softly, Emmanuelle closed her eyes fearfully as she heard his voice whisper huskily in her ear "I will fill you with my shaft and take your virginity. You will be stretched wide as I unleash my hot seed into that soft little belly of yours, then you will be mine, Emmanuelle" As he finished whispering to her, she felt the huge tip of his shaft sliding between her petals, coating it with her juices. As he slid the head of his shaft inside her, it stretched her unbelievably. Demitrios pinched her raspberry little nipples with his fingers, cruelly, as he began to slide inside her. Just as he was about to breach her maidenhead, a silver tipped arrow came flying through the branches, and impaling Demitrios in the shoulder.

With a dark oath, Demitrios slid away from Emmanuelle and slipped his britches back on. He had just enough time to cover himself before the poison set in, and his huge form slumped to the dampened earth.

"Are you alright, m'lady?" a deep but soft voiced inquired from deep in the forest.

Knowing that the man was giving her time to cover herself before he made his presence known, she scrambled, with shaky fingers, to slide her soft lambskin britches on and tie her vest as much as she can.

Not a moment later, a man stepped out into the forest. It was the man she saved earlier, when Demitrios was going to kill him. "I cannot come back here, m'lady. I know t'was thee that saved my life today, now we are even. I must flee here with my family so that the demon does not kill us. Please leave here, m'lady, next time you wont be so lucky to escape him. I simply put sleeping potion on the tip of the arrow, so you do not have much time before he awakens once more. Run as fast as you can and never look back. Good to you, m'lady" Doffing his hat in politeness, he was gone the next moment.

* * *

Inhaling the scent of roasted boar on the spits, Emmanuelle was grateful when her butler Henry and his wife Mathilde came to help bring in the huge wild boar from the forest. It was too heavy for her to have carried by herself. Relaxing in her bath, near the giant hearth in her chambers, Emmanuelle closed her eyes. Humming softly to herself, she didn’t notice dark menacing eyes watched her from the corner of her chambers. Picking up a soft sponge and the lilac scented soap, she began to soap her body.

"Well hello, little hellcat. You are looking quite vulnerable in your bath. But I would rather not taste your skin with soap coating it" Demitrios smirked arrogantly.

Startled at first, Emmanuelle opened her eyes, but grimaced when they began to burn with the soap in them. Mumbling mildly, she rinsed her eyes, and glared at the intruder. As she noticed his arrogant grin, Emmanuelle's own annoyance rose to the forefront. Picking up the bar of soap, she hurled it at Demitrios' head, hitting him in the center of his forehead.

Grunting softly, Demitrios fell back slightly " You little wench, just wait until I get my hands on yo..."

"Stay back unless you want to swallow this soapy sponge, I have had just about enough of your lurking about, and intruding upon my privacy. Get out before I make you inhale that bar of soap! Your big mouth will be brimming with soap instead of arrogance, which would be a dramatic improvement" Her dark green eyes snapped with fire.

Startled but aroused by the ferocity of this small female, Demitrios began to approach her with lust in his eyes, but suddenly found himself having soap suds in his eyes and mouth instead, as Emmanuelle hurled the soapy sponge at him instead, hitting his face square on. Sputtering in outrage, Demitrios began to approach her once more, until his eyes widened in shock as this little female stood naked and wet in the center of the fire illuminated chamber, with a short sword in her hand, her stance one of challenge.

"I will leave for now, petite, but I will return when you taste differently then soap, it wasn’t as appetizing as I am accustomed to. I will have you, do not doubt that, wench." Demitrios growled dangerously.

"Next time, I will be ready, perhaps with hot pepper sauce on my sponge instead of soap, you big oaf, now get out" She raised her chin defiantly, but meaningfully.

With the echo of the demon's evil laugh, he vanished from her chamber. Emmanuelle allowed the short sword to fall on the stone floor, with a loud clang, as her hands shook from fear. She knew instinctively that she would not be able to hold him off forever. With the bravado she didn’t usually feel, she walked to her four-poster bed and hid under the covers, until her trembling left her body. Her hands gripping the soft material of the comforter, she lowered her long lashes and fell asleep.

But no sooner did she fall asleep, a knock sounded upon the great oak door of her chambers, startling her awake.

"Aye?" her voice was barely audible.

"M'lady, it is meal time, all is in ready at the dais in the hall." Mathilde informed her charge.

"Mathilde, please, let us eat in the warmth of the kitchens together, I feel that I am in no mood to sup in the great hall alone".

Not questioning her young charge, the housekeeper answered "Aye, m'lady" then departed down the hall in a russle of woolen skirts.

After the evening meal, Emmanuelle gave the old couple the rest of the night off, and returned to her chambers. Kneeling in front of the giant hearth, she threw in a couple of logs, and watched, mesmerized as the flames began to build in earnest. Holding out her small hands, Emmanuelle closed her tired eyes, and sighed softly, as her body began to warm. Walking over to the ancient oak armoire,Emmanuelle opened the doors and took out a leather bundle, wrapped inside were twin jeweled daggers. She brought them over in front of the giant hearth, sat down upon the white fur rug, wiggling her toes through the softness, she opened the leather bundle, and viewed the sharpening stone and weapons. Instinctively, she knew how to sharpen and polish the daggers.

After sharpening her weapons, she slipped into bed and fell asleep before her head hit the pillow. The velvet drapes surrounding the tall windows of the chamber, parted slightly, as Demitrios slipped into the room. Having waited until she fell sleep, the demon approached the bed, and gazed down on the beautiful face of the slumbering female. Frowning slightly, his fingers slid down her cheek, as another flash entered his mind. He saw clouds, shadowed forms of an army....but why clouds and an army? As his hands lowered to the pulse of Emmanuelle's neck, he felt such tenderness enter his heart that he shrank back. What the hell was happening to him? His hand then covered her breast where her human heart beat beneath. He closed his eyes, as more images came to his mind, one of serenity and love. He suddenly seen her eyes in his mind, vibrant, and full of love......for him? Demitrios became confused, as images of himself in another time, appeared in front of his face, he wore an Armor of royal blue and silver, a lion and crown dominated the front of his armor. The black core of his heart began to melt, as he gazed upon Emmanuelle's sleeping form. His hand began to unbutton her nightgown, then stopped, suddenly not wanting to violate her.

Feeling so confused by these tormenting and confusing images, Demitrios felt the darkness beginning to overwhelm his being, once more. His clawed hands descended to her throat, wanting to snuff the life out of her, but another side of him battled to not harm her. With a deep rumbling of a dark oath, Demitrios vanished from her chamber, needing to get away from these conflicting emotions, this little female was forcing upon him.

As Demitrios departed, another presence in the room appeared momentarily, surrounded by a glimmer of light. Emmanuelle's Guardian Angel Michael stood beside her bed, gazing down upon her, and reached down and drew the covers over her. Looking out the windows, he said not a word, but looked in the direction Demitrios vanished to. Nodding slightly, Michael slowly vanished as well, leaving Emmanuelle a silver rose upon her pillow, with a simple note attached to it, that read: Be very careful, little one, but proceed with caution, Demitrios is beginning to remember, and that is progress, but the more he remembers, the more dangerous he becomes. -Michael

The next morning, as Emmanuelle awoke to the sun filtering through her long windows, illuminating her chambers with soft yellow and white light. As she turned her head slightly to the side, she was startled to see a white rose laying atop a piece of paper, that was penned in beautiful, scripted letterings. She read the note and frowned..Michael was here. She gasped suddenly, when the moment she was done reading Michael's note, it turned into a white dove, and flew to the oak rafters of her chamber, in a cloud of tiny silver dust. Emmanuelle closed her dark green eyes and smiled, as the tiny particles fell upon her, surrounding her in a blanket of warmth.

Unbeknownst to Emmanuelle, a dark, menacing figure stood outside the chamber windows, looking in. He finally realized that this female was no ordinary one. Her mind was vulnerable to him when she wasn’t paying attention, and after seeing the parchment turn into a living dove, Demitrios' mind was flooded with images of Emmanuelle....but with wings and pure light, cascading down to angel....Darkness began flooding his soul, trying to shut out the little tenderness, that this little female has caused him to feel, but he tried to fight it. One moment, he looked at her with softness and the next, he wanted to consume her soul. Demitrios cried out in a rage, as an inner battle fought within himself...darkness and light....Determined to get away from her, while he still had the will, Demitrios ran from the ancient manor house, his black cloak billowing in an ebony cloud, until he vanished from sight.

* * *

It had been over two weeks since Emmanuelle had last seen Demitrios, when he had intruded upon her in her chambers as she took a bath. She turned her troubled gaze out her rain-battered windows, as a tremendous storm brewed outside. Sitting upon a blue velvet cushioned window seat, Emmanuelle gently ran her fingers through the soft fur of the white kitten she had found mewling upon her doorstep. She winced slightly, as the little kitten kneaded her legs as she slept. She had decided to name her Rogue, because she was full of mischief yet not an evil tempered feline.

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