tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Angel's Redemption Ch. 04

The Angel's Redemption Ch. 04


Abigail couldn't contain the hurt and anger she felt. She hardly slept that night. The image of that woman wrapped around Mikhail in such a loving embrace haunted her dreams. Haunted her thoughts as she prepared herself for the morning.

It still amazed her that although the buildings were very Tudor like, the clothing was definitely medieval. Smiling to herself she touched the vial that held the feathers.

Why had he given this to her if he was in love with someone else. She still didn't know the identity of the woman, but she was also an angel, though her wings were not as large and extravagant as Mikhail's. A soft knock sounded on the door. She turned to see Peter standing in a beautiful yellow tunic, highlighting the darkness of his hair, and black breeches. He smiled shyly and presented his arm to Abigail.

"It is time to break your fast Abby." Abigail hugged the small boy to her. Peter seemed even livelier than usual; perhaps it was because he had returned to his home, she couldn't help but feel jealousy at how easily he fit in. They descended the stairs, and arrived at the dining hall. Many of the maids were still scurrying around bringing dishes upon dishes of food.

"Presenting Princess Abigail." A large boisterous man announced. Everyone paused, and turned to the young woman before them. Dressed in a royal blue bliaut, that hugged her curves, and thin gold belt that fell on her hips. Although she was not beautiful, there was a alluring aura that surrounded her.

The women curtsied and the men bowed as Peter led her to a chair.

"Lord Mikhail will be down soon." Peter whispered, also seating himself. Abigail felt her chest tighten as the woman from yesterday appeared. Dressed once again in breeches and a tunic.

Instead of the welcoming she would have thought for a noble, no one seemed to pay her any heed, in fact many skittered away as if in fear. A young maid, almost tripped over her own feet as the woman approached the table. The woman unfazed blew her a kiss and gave her a wink.

"Good morning Abigail." The voice was warm, and strangely erotic. Quite deep, it seemed to vibrate though Abigail's body.

"Good morning...umm." Abigail clamoured for a name.

"Please call me Gabby." The woman giggled, helping herself to the bread on the table. Her wings continually beating the air, as if impatient to get away.

"Presenting Prince Mikhail." The hall hushed as Mikhail arrived in the hall. He seemed tired and worn, yet cracked a smile as every one stiffly bowed.

"Please, Thomas, there is no need for announcements, I believe many people do not want to be reminded of my presence." Although he laughed at his own words. Abigail could see the sadness in his eyes.

Instead of seating himself near her, he reached for a piece of fruit, gave her a nod of acknowledgment and moved to where Gabby sat. Their heads bowed in deep conversation. Many times during that long agonising breakfast, she caught Gabby's eye, or her hand resting on Mikhail's.

She had never felt so alone in her life, and a part of her wanted to leave this place, to go home where there was some semblance of warmth.

"Milady." Abigail jumped, she hadn't even realised that she had been sitting there lost in space. Hamlet stood beside her, sending dirty looks towards the blonde haired goddess.

"There is someone to see you milady, your own personal guard." Abigail gave Hamlet a slight nod and excused herself from the table. Though no-one even seemed to realise her departure. ...

"This is Jonas, my son." Abigail stared at the six foot eight man in wonder. Dark hair highlighted by brown brushed his shoulders, and light blue eyes assessed his new charge.

"Milady." He growled taking her hand and kissing it. Abigail blushed. she rarely got any attention from the opposite sex, and with Mikhail being so cold towards her, she relished the attention.

"I didn't realise I needed a personal guard." Abigail confessed, as Hamlet and Jonas walked her around the grounds of the castle.

"Until you find a husband then you will. Jonas is here to protect you. Kryta is a very prosperous kingdom; many would want to conquer it." Abigail nodded her head in understanding.

As for her cousin Jibril she was yet to see him, and believed that he had left the kingdom upon hearing of her arrival, yet she would have loved to meet him.

"I think I will allow you to get better acquainted." Hamlet smiled before leaving them. They walked slowly and talked about trivial things, until Jonas pointed out the chain around her neck.

"You are promised to an angel I see." Abigail's head snapped up, she had been watching the interaction between Gabby and Mikhail who were in the doorway discussing something, and many times she could see Mikhail trying to pull away.

"How do you know this?" Abigail asked, walking to a small grove of trees, hoping to hide herself. Jonas pulled back his shirt and revealed what seemed to be an intricate tattoo over his heart.

"This is the binding mark. Once you and your angel mate, you receive this. When it disappears." His face fell, the thought troubled him some, and she could tell that he must love his partner very much.

"God would regret taking Misha from me; Misha and my daughters mean everything to me." Abigail was shocked by the love she saw in his eyes. She wished Mikhail would look upon her like that.

Abigail took out the necklace for Jonas to inspect.

"By the heavens, you are Mikhail's mate." His tanned skin paled at the thought.

"The cursed prince, well he will be a protective mate I'll give him that much, but I do not understand. Mikhail cannot stay here."

"What do you mean he can't stay here?" Abigail asked. Jonas shook his head and explained the laws of the land.


Mikhail wanted to be far from this place, far from Jibril's serpent tongue. The more he thought about it the more foolish it seemed. To make Abigail stop loving him, that would be disastrous.

He couldn't bear the thought of her hating him. He would rather they made a go at things. Figure out a way for them to be together. Rather she hate him later, after they were mated to realise they couldn't definitely stay together.

With that thought he left a flabbergasted Jibril and rushed into the hall, where Abigail was standing by the fire. A handsome young man stood by her side, sending her worried glances.

"Jonas." Mikhail called. Jonas turned to Mikhail, and shook his head in what appeared to be a look of disapproval. Mikhail tossed his head once, and Jonas moved from Abigail's side.

"I need to talk to you." Mikhail whispered as he approached. She looked at him coldly, and he felt that something was wrong. Oh no, she was angry.

"So now you want to talk, where as this morning you couldn't give a flying hoot about me. In fact you have been ignoring me since I turned twenty-one."

"I can explain..."

"No need." Abigail cut him off, she rose with her hands on her hips. By now the hall was filling with the staff, Hamlet had come to see what the hubbub was about as Jibril lent against the wall closest to them, a small grin on his face.

"Jonas told me everything." Mikhail sent a glare to the human.

"I'll deal with you later." he said. Jonas gulped and took a step back.

"When where you planning on telling me, that we can never be together. After we had joined, together for eternity?! Is this some warped way for you to know I'm safe or are you just possessive? To think that you loved me!"

Mikhail saw the tears forming, he wanted very much to pull her into his arms and explain how much he did love her, but the demon side of him seemed to be growing with the negative energy.

"I do." Mikhail forced out. Abigail had no idea why it was so hard for Mikhail to say that, and it just proved to her even more he didn't love her.

"Abigail calm down please." Hamlet raised his hand in a placating manner. He could see the tell-tale trickle of blackness and it began to take over the light side of Mikhail. His left wing shook with the force of it.

"Calm down, not until I have finished." Abigail glared at Gabby stood, pointing a finger at her.

"You want us to be together when I saw you with her!" the hall hushed, as Mikhail shook his head in confusion.

"Her? That's Jibril your cousin." Mikhail suddenly realised the mistake he had made. Earth was not as accepting of homosexuality as Albion. In fact some Albionian's had, had homosexual experiences, or were homosexual.

Among angels it was common for first couples to be same sexed and stay together, until one or the other found a mate. He should have explained this to her earlier. Abigail almost choked on her own tears as she heard this. Mikhail, bisexual. No it couldn't be.

But when she looked at Gabby, she realised that her chest was flat, and there was an unmistakable bulge in her pants. Jibril's beauty had diverted her attention from this.

"You're...you're...gay." Abigail croaked. Mikhail shook his head in denial. But Abigail had seen it with her own eyes.

"Jibril is my first encounter. He is my cousin on my father's side, your cousin on your father's side. We are related by blood how could we be together? Abigail it is you that I...I..." But the words would not leave his mouth.

The demon in him laughed with victory. The emotional side of Mikhail was being suppressed, to avoid the pain Abigail's rejection would cause. Oblivious to Mikhail's struggle Abigail could feel the chain burning her skin as a false reminder of Mikhail's love for her, the need she thought she had seen.

Without a thought she yanked the chain from her neck. The room seemed to slow, there was no sound except the cry Mikhail gave. It was so gut wrenching, Abigail instantly tried to put the necklace back on, but the clasp was broken. Even the smile that had been on Jibril's face vanished, and he flew to Mikhail's side. He ran his fingers over Mikhail's wings as the left, white wing began to be absorbed by the black.

"You fool, you never finished growing back your primary wings." Jibril tore off Mikhail's shirt; he did not see the mating mark either.

"You never told me you weren't mated. Mikhail you bastard!" But Mikhail was gone.

Instead stood a dark, nefarious creature. Abigail stumbled to the being that looked so much like Mikhail, but was obviously not. His hair was as dark as the night's sky, as were eyes. His skin was so pale it looked white, and sharp fangs brushed his bottom lip.

A bolt of thunder cracked into the hall. And there stood an even darker creature, with red blazing eyes, she wore red leather. Her own black hair was short and spiky with red highlights.

Beside her stood a man who bore a striking resemblance to Mikhail.

"Mikhail, talk to me. Please." But the creature that was Mikhail, just smiled before he keeled over.

Jibril hugged the comatose body to his side, growling as Abigail tried to touch him. He looked at the two demons in the room, their leather black wings beat the air in impatience.

"Why are you here Lilith?" Hamlet demanded. He had not seen the demon for a long, long time.

"What stupid human would deny my son love?" She hissed, ignoring Hamlet's question Abigail trembled as the woman walked towards her, teeth bared.

She leant closer sniffing the air picking up the scent of the human that had hurt Mikhail. It was then that Abigail realized she wasn't wearing leather, but numerous red snakes. Abigail gulped but reached for Mikhail anyway.

"Silly, silly fool. Jibril is but a student as is Mikhail in learning about love. No angel can lie with another being without becoming mated, why my son chose you I will not know. Your mistrust and my sons stubbornness has cost you. Malcolm." She turned to the other demon.

"Take Mikhail to your father. The chain is broken; he can no longer reside here. He must be nursed back to his natural state." Abigail cried in anguish as both Mikhail and Malcolm vanished.

Tears ran own her cheeks in defeat. Lilith looked sadly upon the girl. She too knew about impossible love. But she would not allow the same for Mikhail. Her other offspring had found their loves.

If only Mikhail had been either demon or angel, then everything would be simpler. But because he, out of the triplets she had born was half and half, they were constantly as war with one another.

"Believe me child when I say, Mikhail is not easy to love, he is neither warm nor cold. Patience is key with him. There may still be a chance for you to be together. If not." Lilith shrugged.

Then carefully she removed a rather fat snake that seemed to hiss lovingly at her. Abigail gasped as she saw the angel mating mark.

"Love will find away." Lilith moved from her to where Jibril sat in tears, his wings barely concealing his body.

"And you, son of Gabriel. You will help your cousin, your lover, by reuniting them. If anyone can do it, you can." Leaning ever so closely she whispered.

"There is love for you also little one, just not with Mikhail." Jibril snarled at his aunt, but smiled in disbelief as she turned from him.

"Jonas, tell me how my grandchildren are." Jonas told her that they were fine. This was not the first time he had met his mother in law, god wasn't so kind. The lighting struck again. But this time it heralded no arrival but the departure Lilith.

... That night Abigail sat at her window, staring at the stars that littered the sky and wondered what would become of her and Mikhail, could love really find a way. Abigail gave herself a mental shake. Lilith explained clearly Jibril and Mikhail's relationship as had a reluctant Jibril. Though he loved Mikhail, he could not deny that Mikhail loved her.

"I am such a fool, Mikhail please forgive me. I will find you." She vowed, finally closing the curtain.


Mikhail woke to the gentle notes of a harp. His sister Misha sat with her twin girls who were playing smaller harps.

"How are you brother?" Misha asked, retrieving a bowl of fruits from the table. Mikhail with a snarl pulled her towards him and sank his teeth into her neck.

Her daughters cried in shock, but their mother simply told them to calm down. Misha sank her own teeth into her brother, releasing her from his hold.

He lay back on the bed sultry eyed and sleepy. His left eye began to clear slowly. "You cannot keep the beast at bay for long Misha. Soon you will not have enough blood to satisfy its need. If I don't have my mate, the beast will rule me." Misha brushed an errant lock from his forehead as he fell into a deep slumber. How could she explain to her brother it was already too late?

The darkness in him was calling out to him and without his mate here, his resolve was weak. She could hear the beast roaring for release within him. Too long had he been alone.

But now here neither in Soledad or Albion, he was trapped in his own world, where just beyond the barren fields a black and white dragon fought.

"Mama Light Mikhail has fallen again." The black dragon sank its teeth into the neck of the light dragon.

"Come my little ones, we must leave, but only for a short while." She turned to where Mikhail slept. He moved restlessly one moment both wings would be black then back to the miss matched colouring.

"I pray for you sweet Mikhail, I shall bring back your mate."

As she and her children left, they did not see the sinister grin on Mikhail's face, or the white dragon taking its last breath.

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