tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Angel's Redemption Ch. 07

The Angel's Redemption Ch. 07


I'd like to apologise for the lateness of these stories, but at the moment I have exams and I'm using internet explorer, my morzilla fox has decided to abandon me. Anyway just so you know I Have the completed story on my computer and The werewolf and the halfling is a working progress, just like you I would like to see that story finished, so any feedback and ideas are welcome. x

It didn't take long for Mikhail to recover, and it took all of Abigail's strength and wile to stop him from returning to Soledad. They were in bed, Mikhail was looking up at her a salacious grin of his face.

Abigail continued to move above him, relishing the pressure of his fingers tweaking her nipples, he wanted her to be as aroused as possible, he wanted to leave her stranded at the edge of ecstasy. Mikhail was entranced as she ground herself against him, small inarticulate cries filled the chamber. Sweat trickled down their bodies, they had been laying in bed for almost five day, four and a half days had been spent...getting to know one another. In one swift motion Mikhail turned Abigail beneath him, dragging her closer, her legs rested on his shoulders. The bed shook from his strong thrusts. Abigail screamed as an orgasm ripped through her. She didn't think she could ever tire of this, being with him like this. She shook below him, Mikhail kissed her passionately letting his tongue sweep the roof of her mouth, tasting the strawberries they had eaten earlier.

Abigail slid her hands down his hard chest, her fingers brushed where they were joined, Mikhail shouted with surprise and released himself within her. Abigail giggled running her hand through Mikhail's damp hair.

"I love you." She whispered drowsily as he pulled her towards his chest, rolling over so they lay spooned together.

Mikhail kissed her on her shoulder, he had heard her but until he was certain they could be together he would not return the words and raise their hopes.


"I take it he still wants to go home then?" Jibril asked that evening, Abigail had come to realise that apart from the fact that Jibril was in love with her husband, he was a nice person.

Without him she didn't think she would have been able to keep Mikhail by her side.

"I know that he can't live here indefinitely, but he could at least try." Abigail played with the bread on her plate, but had no wish to eat anything. How on earth was she going to be able to keep Mikhail here?

The large oak doors that lead to the court yard swung open. A figure dressed all in black entered the room, his skin was as dark as the soil on which they walked upon and his coarse black hair was braided into small plaits.

In Abigail's world he would have been labelled an African-American, but she didn't know the term of her mother's people in Albion. The guards surrounded him as he drew out a broadsword, green eyes flashed with amusement.

Abigail rose from her chair noting Jibril's reluctance to do the same, his eyes were fastened on the stranger and when Abigail cleared her throat he blushed profoundly.

"Who are you?" She asked, the stranger bowed sarcastically letting out an ear piercing whistle.

From nowhere tens upon tens of men dressed like him burst into the room. Archers aimed their bows at Abigail, swordsmen pointed their weapons at ever person in the hall. Even the castle's guards were outnumbered.

Jibril drew out his own sword and stood in front of Abigail, it touched her greatly that her cousin was trying to protect her.

"I will not ask again, who are you?" Abigail didn't care if she was facing death, no one got away with tormenting her people.

"Lucian Raven, Prince of Ravenia. But don't worry my Queen, we only want Prince Mikhail."

"And what Lucian do you want with me?" Abigail gasped as Mikhail entered the room; his skin still held some pallor, and his gait was slow. Lucian sighed with relief.

"You are safe." Mikhail watched the man warily before pulling him into a bear hug.

"Yes, yes I am."

... Jibril was confused, first of all Lucian had threatened the life of Mikhail's wife, now they were sitting around a table reminiscing about a long friendship.

Jibril felt the first stabs of jealousy, but for the first time it was caused by Mikhail, he was jealous because Mikhail had the right to talk and converse with this dark beauty.

He looked at Abigail who watched with rapture as they retold a story, apparently it was the two of them against an army of angry Spartans.

"So you are not a mortal?" she asked. Lucian laughed, tugging his shirt collar down.

Jibril bit the inside of his cheek as he saw Lucian's muscular build. The shirt fell to the floor, showing silver wings, darker in some places, lighter in some.

"My people are one with nature, and are gifted with the wings of eagles. Mikhail was the first angel I ever saw, and instantly we became friends." His face suddenly turned stern.

"This is why I am here, I was propositioned by a cloaked figure he wanted to pay a handsome fee for your capture." Jibril and Abigail both gasped with shock, however Mikhail didn't appear very surprised.

"I thought as much, I've known for awhile someone wanted me dead. It was my mission to find them before king Jericho sent for me to guard Abigail."

"I didn't know this." Jibril spoke for the first time.

Lucian looked up at the beautiful male angel, and was grateful his skin was as dark as it was, for a blush filled his cheeks. He had seen Jibril once before, and since then he had been enraptured.

A day didn't go by when he hadn't thought about the golden haired angel, and now with him being so close he just wanted to wrap Jibril's blond strands of silk around his hand and inhale his scent.

"Yes I knew, but that was sometime ago, and I assumed since I have so many enemies this one had forgotten me. Then there was the attack in Soledad, the angels have never fought me like that before."

Abigail fisted her hands, all these years and Mikhail had endured a lot of pain, more and more reason for him to stay by her side. Abigail got up from her seat and sat on Mikhail's lap, cupping his face she kissed him.

"I won't let them hurt you Mikhail." She hugged him close not wanting to let him go.

Jibril excused himself as did Lucian, they walked down the hallway in silence. Without warning Lucian grabbed Jibril's hand, pulled him harshly against his chest and kissed him.

Jibril was startled, the foreign taste of something sweet and spicy addled his senses, the wonderful pressure from Lucian's palms on his back forced Jibril to press closer to him, Jibril could feel his arousal pressing precariously against his as they both stood roughly at the same height, Jibril being an inch or two shorter than Lucian.

There was a cough and the two sprang apart, Jibril breathed heavily before slapping Lucian across the face and launching himself from an open window his wings glittering in the fading sun. Misha had watched the exchange between her cousin and the Ravenian with great interest, it would appear that Jibril was content with a new love interest.

"You would know to treat Jibril well." Lucian knew Misha well and if any other woman had threatened him so he may have laughed it off, but Misha was a powerful warrior, an Amazon in her own right.

Misha walked along side Lucian, she hadn't seen the prince for a long time, two hundred years if she recalled and she knew him to be a great man, kind and funny.

But Jibril was her flesh and blood, no matter how misunderstood he was she loved him.

"I would not want to fear your wrath, and I would not hurt Jibril. I have yearned for him for too long to be callous." Misha didn't hide her surprise, the fierce Lucian had never spoken words such as these before.

"Then I wish you every bit of luck in pursuing my cousin." ...

Aurora stood upon the side of the fountain, her uncle sat on the floor picking flowers along with Nix. Aurora smiled as she finished one long braid, a shadow fell over the threesome and they looked up to see a smiling Lucian.

Jibril growled, placing the flowered crown upon Nix's head, carefully he got up so that Aurora could fly beside him and continue plaiting his hair.

"They are quite beautiful." Lucian said, as Nix flew beside her sister placing an identical wreath of flowers on her blonde head.

"My cousin produces beautiful children." He said, walking as fast as he could, whilst two six year olds anchored themselves to his head.

To his annoyance Lucian walked beside him. Under long eyelashes Jibril noticed the darkness of his skin, and how flawless it was. His hair was almost as long as his and he found that mesmerizing, a strong need to bury his hands in it caught him by surprise, he banished the thought quickly from his mind.

"We are going to the corral Lucian, I'm sure you are more comfortable in the strategy room. I know Mikhail is there now planning to find that hooded man." Lucian loved hearing his name on Jibril's lips.

Would it be so unseemly as to kiss him here, in front of the young cherubs?

"No I'm sure the prince can last a few hours without me." Lucian chuckled.

"Come on Uncle Jibril, the horses and Peter are waiting." Aurora called.

Jibril didn't even realise they had stopped walking. He hurried after the young girls, Lucian right behind him.


"My poor angels are tired." Hamlet held both sleeping girls in each arm, snuggling closer to their father. Peter yawned barely able to keep his eyes open.

"But thank you Jibril, you are always good with them."

"It was nothing, I am glad to be rid of them." He snarled turning away bumping into Lucian, strong arms held him disallowing him room to move.

"That would be believable if your hair wasn't still braided, and you didn't have a crown of poppies on your head." Hamlet laughingly agreed with Lucian's comment then left to take the girls to their chamber.

The hall was all but empty, and no one seemed to be paying attention to the angel or the Ravenian. Jibril quivered as Lucian's breath fanned his cheek.

Was he going to kiss him? All day he had thought he would, the time he had fallen from his horse and Lucian had gathered him in his arms, or when Peter and the twins had pushed them together forcing the two to fall upon the floor, Jibril laying between Lucian legs.

The thought brought a blush to Jibril's face, wrenching himself from Lucian's grip he made to slap his face, instead Lucian grabbed his wrist and held it above his head, he did the same to other as Jibril tried to slap him again, with his hands being held he couldn't stop Lucian as he kissed him.

Shutting his eyes he could have sworn he saw stars, Lucian explored Jibril's mouth, taking time to caress his tongue. Lucian pulled away mischief sparkling in his emerald eyes.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't hit me." Lucian ducked his head and kissed Jibril again. Abigail stood with Mikhail in the shadows, watching Jibril in Lucian's arms. She felt Mikhail tense beside her. Looking up at his face she was surprised to see him angry.

"That whoreson better get his hands of my cousin." Mikhail snarled, about to reveal their hiding place and pummel his friend into a pulp.

Abigail held him fast, anger in her eyes.

"Are you jealous?" She asked between clenched teeth, Mikhail tucked her hair behind her ear and nuzzled her neck.

"No, I am happy Jibril has found someone, just not a promiscuous Casanova like Lucian, I want Jibril to find love and be as content as I am."

Abigail was relieved, cupping his cheek she kissed him, letting him tug at her skirts, the coolness caused goose bumps to travel along her thighs.

Somehow Mikhail was carrying her into the air, their clothing dissolving from their bodies. They groaned in unison as she wrapped his legs around him and he entered her. An intense heat over came them, and she felt a solidness behind her.

They made love with her eyes fully shut, letting her senses feel his hands on her skin, the pressure from his thrusts. Her orgasm came quickly, she froze, her fingers clutching at Mikhail's shoulders, during her second orgasm she felt him shudder beneath her releasing warmth within her womb. Mikhail folded her in his arms, dragging the covers over them.

... Abigail opened her eyes slowly, Mikhail's grip on her tightened slightly but he was still asleep. She got up, grateful that there were clothes in this room. Blood red drapes covered the windows, pictures dictating a battle between an angel and demon hung on the black walls.

Abigail was surprised to find a night gown, it was red and silky, with her name embroidered in gold. Abigail put on some slippers and pulled the curtain back slightly.

Her breath caught in her throat. So this was hell, geysers of fire erupted a few meters from the window, canyons with rising steam could be seen a distance away, however the scent of sulphur was nonexistent.

Careful not to wake Mikhail she opened the door and left. The palace reminded her very much of the one in Soledad, she walked through the arch and was welcomed with the site of writhing bodies and lust filled grunts.

A blush rose in her face, she tried her best not to stare but this was the strangest thing she had seen. She didn't feel any burning excitement what so ever and she guessed that was due to the fact that she was mated.

So the embarrassment soon wore off. She saw her mother-in-law breaking fast and made her way over.

... Lilith looked up and smiled, she wondered how long it would be for her daughter-in-law to visit. It hit her that although Abigail was not the most beautiful creature on earth, far too plain to be the wife on an angel there was an exotic aura about her.

Lilith turned at something a demon said beside her, next she heard a shriek. Two unmated male demons had spotted Abigail, and they were trying to tear her clothes off. Lilith flew towards them, her snakes hissing in outrage.

Abigail pushed them away as hard as she could but they were unrelenting. She heard the material rip, then they were there no longer. Lilith pulled her sword out of the gut of one of the demons, she brandished it at the second.

The torn material formed back together and Abigail was grateful her mother-in-law had been there.

"Anyone who dares touch my son's mate will feel my wrath!" She yelled, the fornicating demons paused then shouted their agreement before going back to their 'business'.

By the time Mikhail joined them they had decided he was not to know about the events that had transpired, they didn't want a repeat of what had happened in Soledad.

... Mikhail winced as Abigail's grip on his hand tightened. They were going to see his grandfather and she was anxious, he could understand that, but did she really need to dig her heels into the ground like that?

"It is quite alright, he's pretty harmless."

Mikhail had barley finished saying these words when the double steel doors blasted off their hinges, a lifeless demon flew into the sky exploding before it touched the ground. Abigail almost hurled as entrails and organs scattered the hallway.

"Next time when I want a milkshake, I want it cold!" Yelled the gruff voice. Lucifer snarled as a timid knock sounded on what was left of the door.

"Come, come!" He was not known for his patience and once he saw Mikhail he snarled.

"There you are you rotten child. Three hundred years since you last visited me! Three hundred years!" He roared, blasting Mikhail with a red beam.

Mikhail tried to fly away, pushing Abigail out of the way. Lucifer didn't look a day over thirty with midnight black hair tied at his nape. Red eyes burnt with teasing anger.

Conjuring a sword he ran towards Mikhail. Abigail only had one chance to do this right. She concentrated on her own weapons and the sai's appeared in her hands.

"Leave him alone!" She stood over Mikhail, her anger paramount.

What was it with his family that caused them to try and kill him? Lucifer paused, the sword clattered to the ground as he picked Abigail and twirled her in the air, she shrieked in protest and was relieved when he put her done. Laughing Lucifer helped Mikhail up, giving his grandson a gruff hug.

"What a great mate you have Mikhail." Lucifer looked at Abigail and grinned. Yes she was the perfect mate for his grandson, with her at his back he would forever be protected.


Abigail smiled at the man, relieved to find that he didn't mean her or Mikhail any real harm. He took them out to the pasture, where dragons roamed, carefully he listened to what Mikhail had to say about the attempts on his life.

"There is a chamber here, a great monster is held within. Anyone who is able to open it can control her. It would appear someone has found out about this portal and realised it is your blood and death that will open it." Mikhail and Abigail stared at Lucifer their jaws hung open.

"Careful you'll catch flies." A red speckled dragon purred as Lucifer stroked its muzzle.

"I don't understand."

"Of course not, if your bastard father had left you here I could have told you many things."

"Yes well, that didn't happen. Tell me of this monster." Abigail took hold of Mikhail's hand as his grandfather began to speak.

"Think of her as a genie, whoever releases her will be granted three wishes. One of those could be used to control her and seeing as her powers are infinite we realised she couldn't be allowed to live, it was sort of her idea to be imprisoned and when the blood of an angel and demon hybrid flows over the seal, once his soul is released, she rises."

"But there are loads of hybrids." Abigail said. Lucifer's brow furrowed in anger.

"Yes, well that idiot Alaric shouldn't be trusted with enchantments." Mikhail hissed, almost hitting his grandfather.

"Do not talk about grandpa like that, he is the Creator." Lucifer snorted, still angry at his treatment dealt by Alaric.

"Well he aint no Merlin, damn fool couldn't conjure a ball of fluff. Suffice to say it was your grandpa's doing that caused the monster to need your blood."

"Thank you grandfather, you have been most helpful. Any chance you will tell me who this monster is?"

For once the teasing in Lucifer's eyes vanished. He became sombre, his eyes lost their fiery flames. He shook his head. Soon the two left and he watched them leave with a heavy heart.

"You will meet her soon enough, my boy."

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