tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Angel's Redemption Ch. 08

The Angel's Redemption Ch. 08


Today was the last day Mikhail would be here, their two week Binding ritual was coming to an end. When Abigail had first heard about the two weeks of constant need she had been shocked and just a little disbelieving but it was true.

Gradually over the two weeks, any time she was without Mikhail proved to be sexually impossible. Ten minutes without his presence caused her to yearn for him and no amount of masturbation could release her pent up lust.

Only Mikhail could do that. After tomorrow the need would abate but they would have to see each other every week if they hoped to release any...tension.

At the moment she was spread across the library table, her skirts hitched to her hips and her corset untied. She grabbed fistfuls of blond hair as Mikhail entered her again, grinding his hips he pulled out until only the tip of him was in her.

"Now." She moaned, the candlestick fell to the ground as he complied. All around them books, and sheaf's of paper were strewn on the floor, nail indentations on the table. Abigail's giggle soon turned into a groan as he flicked her nipple with his tongue, the slight stubble growing on his face grazed her skin sending a shiver through her entire body. Mikhail wanted more of her, this wasn't enough. They had been at it for almost three hours, he couldn't possibly leave Kryta if he had a raging hard on. A chair skittered towards him, he pulled away from her breast taking her with him as he sat on the chair. Abigail leant back so that her top half was lying on the table, Mikhail's penetrations were becoming stronger and more forceful and in that moment she thought she would die.

Simultaneously they both froze, she clamped her thighs tighter around him as he pulled her to his chest. He nipped her lips before she opened them for him. Now his thrusts were short, hard and quick as he spent himself within her, his tongue mimicking the motion within her mouth.

"Mikhail!" She shouted he watched in awe as her face contorted with pure bliss. They panted, Abigail's face pressed against his chest. He was still in her, throbbing gently. At some point she would have to get off him, while she still could. Mikhail pouted as she untangled her self from him, all he wanted to do was to take her again he reached for her but she danced out of his hands.

"Uh, uh since you're so hell bent on going and the Binding is just about finished I don't see the point in putting up with you." Her laughing eyes belied her stern words.

Mikhail growled and launched himself at her, his wings keeping him afloat in the air. Clothes materialized on his body as he grabbed her.

Abigail shrieked with laughter as the large windows facing the courtyard opened. Mikhail carried her in his arms as they flew over the town, settling her before a boutique.

"And why, may I ask are we here?" Mikhail, chuckled and tapped his nose. Abigail hated surprises, but followed Mikhail into the shop anyway. Gowns of ivory and white lined the walls, and it wasn't until she saw the small display of rings that she realised what this was.

"A wedding shop." She hissed, the woman at the counter smiled producing an ornate velvet covered box.

Mikhail picked up the box and presented it to Abigail, she noticed the uncertain look in his eyes as she opened it. Abigail didn't know what she was expecting but it sure wasn't this.

Inside was a platinum crown, with three strands of metal intertwined. Three orbs were placed evenly on the band, and they shimmered with different shades of blue.

A platinum ring sat in the middle of the crown with engravings in a language she was barely familiar with: Latin. She took the ring out and placed it on the finger of her left hand. Mikhail took out the crown and placed it on her head.

"So that everyone will know that not only are you Queen Abigail of Kryta , but also Princess Abigail of Soledad." Abigail could feel her eyes misting over as Mikhail placed the gentlest of kisses upon her lips.

Abigail leaned into it, her tongue sweeping his mouth a sudden burning within her told her that kissing Mikhail in public wasn't the best of ideas.

She felt his erection against her stomach, his hands tightened around her it was if nothing existed but him and her. There was a polite cough, and although the spell wasn't broken, they both knew they had to leave.

After twenty minutes Mikhail was carrying numerous boxes, so there was no way they could fly back to the palace. Abigail didn't mind, it gave her time to talk to her people and enjoy Mikhail's company.

"I see she has you wound around her little finger." Malcolm laughed as he saw them walking past the gate.

Jonas gave a sign of warning with the shake of his head but it was too late.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Misha asked, her hands on her hips anger sparking in her eyes.

Jonas knew that when his wife was angry there was no placating her, with a twin in each hand he made a run for it. Mikhail wished he could follow suit, but he couldn't go and leave his brother to be ranted at.

"Nothing, it was just a joke." Misha gave her brother one hard look before turning her angry gaze to her brother.

"You should be grateful Mikhail, to have a someone in your life is a great gift. You should do what ever is in your power to keep her." Then she turned around and stomped away.

"What's her problem?" Mikhail asked as all three of them made their way to the castle.

"Grandmother is here." Malcolm sighed.


Eden Alaric watched with eyes of gold as her grandsons entered the main hall, Malcolm as ever was brooding, and Mikhail well the thoughts running in that boys head was enough to make a whore blush.

His wife Abigail seemed to be having similar thoughts so she concentrated solely on her granddaughter Misha.

"Now tell me Misha how is this human working out?" Misha cringed, trying her hardest to block her grandmother from her mind. Of course that wouldn't work.

"I really don't understand your prejudice granny, you made humans, and angels so why cant the two be together?"

"Just because." Eden huffed. She didn't really have a major problem with human and angels forming a union. It was when an angel and demon formed a union that annoyed the hell out of her.

Very few angels dared to mix with demons, she was glad her oldest son had listened to her, unlike Michael who had jumped in bed with the first female he had seen, and look what happened there.

Misha continued to glower at Eden, as her thoughts assailed her.

"There was nothing ever wrong with Mikhail, just because he looks different doesn't mean he's defective. You are forgetting that Malcolm and I are also hybrids."

"Well you wouldn't know it unless you told the whole world." Eden hissed. Misha threw her hands up in resignation. There was no way her grandmother was going to listen to reason.

"Fine, let's move on. What's grandpapa's newest excuse for not being here?"

Misha thought she saw her grandmother flinch, and her face crumble. But within a blink in an eye she smiled.

"Creating another race." Misha rolled her eyes she wasn't in the mood to get into another argument with her grandmother.

"Fine lie to me." She grumbled, walking away. Eden shook herself, it shouldn't have taken her that long to make up an excuse for Alaric's disappearance, but in all honesty she didn't know how to tell her children and grandchildren that he was dead.

He had been dead for almost two hundred years. But the inscription upon her chest still tingled with the thought of him. It would forever, because she vowed never to fall in love again.

Plus every once in a while she was able to transgress into the plane of the dead and when she did, whoa mamma was the sex good. Mikhail caught his grandmother's lusty smile and cringed. Just because the woman looked like she should be modelling for vogue didn't mean he should witness her fantasising about his grandpa.

The bags in his hands vanished as Eden walked towards them. Malcolm excused himself, he had already endured their grandmother's drivel.

Mikhail was on a limb here, he already knew how his grandmother felt about mortals and angels, and he wasn't in the mood for her crap. All he wanted to do was take Abigail to bed. Eden knocked Mikhail on the head.

"I heard that." Her golden gaze then turned to Abigail who was fidgeting by his side.

"You are Abigail." Eden stated. Abigail nodded. Once again shocked by the appearance of Mikhail's grandmother.

If anything she barely looked a day over twenty one. With L'Oreal shiny brunette hair that rippled down her tanned shoulders. Her slender build was envious, and her eyes were the colour of liquid gold.

"You must be the first human I actually like." Eden finally said. Mikhail let out the breath he didn't even know he had been holding. He had his grandmother's approval.

Hearing his name being called her left Abigail with Eden. There was a long uncomfortable silence in which Eden continued to assess her. Abigail was just about to excuse herself when she saw something black flicker in her eyes.

"You cant save him, no one can." She whispered to Abigail before whirling around. "Guards to the library!" She shouted, bronze wings burst from her back and with a shimmer of gold she vanished.


Mikhail listened to what Jibril had to say. He had been surprised when his cousin had summoned him into the library and even more so when Lucian entered the room also.

"I'm thinking of leaving." Jibril said. Mikhail was shocked. Jibril had always seemed content here, and no matter what Mikhail had loved him although they had grown slightly distanced after he and Abigail had been mated.

"Was it something I did, or something someone said. Tell me and I'll kill them." Mikhail growled, meaning every word he spoke. Jibril smiled shyly his eyes flickered to Lucian.

"Someone did say something, nothing bad." Jibril quickly reassured him. It was then Lucian got up from his seat and placed a hand around Jibril's waist.

"I want to marry Jibril." Mikhail couldn't have been more shocked if a hippo gave him a lap dance. Lucian wanted to settle down. He looked into his friends eyes and saw only the truth and love.

Jibril nodded a guilty look on his face. Mikhail swore under his breath, cupping Jibril's face he gave him a slight kiss on his lips.

"Be happy little cousin and if he hurts you I'll skin him." Jibril's face shone with joy. After a quick chat the two men left the room.

It was then that Mikhail felt a cold presence, which usually meant the arrival of a demon. He turned to Amethyst standing before him.

"Forgive me." She wept, tears of blood trickling down her pale cheeks. ...

Mikhail found himself in hell, well no surprises there. Who he didn't expect to see was his uncle. Gabriel was sprawled languidly on a bed of black silk. He smiled as he caught Mikhail's shocked expression.

"Leave us!" He shouted, Amethyst cringed before vanishing from the room. Mikhail tried moving his hand to brush his hair away from his face, but found out that he couldn't.

"Sorry but I must take the necessary precautions." Gabriel arose from the bed, like a lethargic cat watching a bird with a broken wing.

If he could Mikhail would have fled. But he couldn't. He used to dismiss his siblings uneasiness around Uncle Gabriel, but now he realised they had a reason to fear him.

Mikhail wanted very much to jerk away from his uncle's touch but it was pointless. Gabriel tucked the strand of hair behind his ear, then proceeded to run his fingers along Mikhail's face.

He leant forwards and captured Mikhail's lips with his own. Mikhail felt disgusted, not only with the fact of what his uncle was doing but also because he couldn't stop him. Clenching his teeth and lips together he laughed to himself as his uncle became irritated.

Gabriel cupped his face and began to squeeze his jaw until his mouth opened with the pain. Gabriel swooped in and began to kiss him again, suckling on his tongue tasting the forbidden fruit that was Mikhail. Gabriel's grip loosened and Mikhail bit him sharply.

"You son of a bitch!" Gabriel roared slapping Mikhail so hard the sound filled the room. Yet the hold Gabriel had on Mikhail was still strong, he couldn't duck as Gabriel punched him in the face, a force dragged Mikhail upwards to receive a high kick to the gut.

"I will taste you before I kill you!" Gabriel snarled. To his complete and utter shock he felt his uncle's arousal as he began to strip him.

"How...how can that be?" Mikhail croaked as Gabriel took his nipple into his mouth. Mikhail felt nothing, and he knew that if Gabriel had his way the act would be eructating.

"It's always been you Mikhail. Why do you think Lena died and so many others? I couldn't stay untrue to you."

Mikhail felt nauseous, Gabriel had killed Princess Lena, Jibril's mother because of him? Gabriel picked Mikhail up tying his wrist to the head board.

"Don't know if I can keep rein on my powers once I am inside you." He chuckled.

Mikhail's eyes widened as he caught sight of Gabriel's size. Shutting his eyes he prayed to Alaric the Creator. He prayed as Gabriel pushed his legs apart, sliding his cock along Mikhail's, feeling the evidence of Gabriel's excitement.

Suddenly Gabriel was gone, the ties around his wrist broke away. Quickly he conjured clothes on his body, before looking for his saviour.

Although Gabriel was unconscious Malcolm continued to pummel him with punches as Lucian looked on with a stoned face expression.

"Malcolm enough." Mikhail said laying a hand on his brother's shoulder.

Malcolm snarled laying one more punch to his face. His knuckles were bloody, and if Gabriel had been a mortal man he would have been dead, unfortunately it didn't work that way for immortals. Malcolm pulled his brother into a hug, tears of red staining his shirt.

"If we hadn't come sooner..."

"But you did, both of you did and I thank Alaric that you did." Mikhail removed himself from his brothers embrace. "Just don't mention this to Abigail."

"Don't mention what?" Abigail asked.

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