tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Angel's Redemption Ch. 09

The Angel's Redemption Ch. 09


Mikhail was grateful Lucian had the sense to conjure clothes on Gabriel. The mussed bed sheets would be hard enough to explain.

"Nothing, just that there is no way of getting out of here." Malcolm supplied as they left Gabriel chambers.

Locking it from the outside, hopefully to buy them some time. Mikhail didn't understand why all these people were here. His mother and father, Eden, Darius and Jibril.

"Well the cavalry is here." Darius said, trying to ease the tension.

"Yeah it just sucks that we can't zap ourselves out of here." Abigail sighed.

Mikhail noticed that she had changed from her royal gown, to a tank top and jogging bottoms. Where she had gotten them from he did not know. Not that it really mattered there were more pressing issues at hand.

"I think our main plan should be how to stop Gabriel, running will solve nothing." Michael looked at his mother meaningfully, but she just hummed to herself. "Mother." He growled.

"You know I can't interfere." She said, everyone sighed in annoyance. "But seeing as I can all hear your thoughts, I can supply the dry comments and powerful blasts."

Eden laid her eyes on Mikhail who continued to shift uncomfortably, he flinched as Abigail touched him. My poor, poor darling. She thought.

"What if we go see my father?" Lilith asked. Seeing as they were stuck here until Gabriel woke up they didn't have much to lose.

... Abigail tried for the tenth time to talk to Mikhail but he continued ignore her or when she tried to touch him he would cringe. She couldn't understand it.

Just this morning he had been all over her, been so happy and now, Gabriel must have done something in that room.

She tried to remember what she saw. Gabriel had been lying a few feet from the bed, he had been naked before but Lucian had put clothes on him...Abigail gasped, causing everyone to stop walking. Mikhail didn't even look at her.

"Everything ok?" Eden asked sharply, she knew. Her eyes told her to be quite. Abigail struggled with this bit of news. Had Gabriel raped Mikhail, it would explain why he was flinching from her.

But she would never hurt him, never. She had to tell him. Lilith opened the repaired doors that led to Lucifer's chamber. Abigail lagged behind yanking on Mikhail's arm whilst everyone entered the room. He tried to pull away from her, but when angry Abby was strong.

"What's wrong?" Mikhail asked, ignoring her soft touch, ignoring the heat that ran through his body.

He couldn't touch her, he had no right. He still smelt of Gabriel, could still feel his touch. His own body was filthy and Abigail was better off not touching him again.

"I know Mikhail, I know what happened. You stupid men thought I couldn't sneak into the room but I did. I saw him naked, I saw you scared." Tears began to run down her face at this point.

"And do you now what hurts most?"

"That I let it happen, that you are with me until the day you die?" Mikhail said morosely.

Abigail bit back the urge to hit him. She could see Gabriel had already beaten her to it, but for the wrong reasons.

"No, what I hate is that you think I'd love you less. That I wouldn't want you to touch me, or that you wouldn't except my touch." By this time they were both crying.

Mikhail pulled her to him and kissed her, softly, uncertainly. Abigail moaned and run her fingers through his hair.

"I love you Mikhail, no matter what happens."


Gabriel groaned as he came awake. Amethyst had a wet towel in her hand, and she was cleaning his wounds.

After the Binding ceremony all lust for her had fled, and her touch made him squirm. Mikhail was gone, his bastard brother had found them before he could finish.

Could he postpone killing Mikhail long enough to taste him. Amethyst rung the towel and placed it on a sore spot. Gabriel flinched. She froze. With a simple flick of the hand she caught on fire.

"No!" She gave a bloodcurdling scream, as the flames consumed her. All that remained was a brittle black skeleton.

If he opened the portal and released the demon, he could wish for Mikhail's resurrection and wish for his obedience. His cock twitched with the thought. Gabriel laughed. God it felt good to be bad.


"The portal, father where is it?" Lilith asked, her hands on her hips flames flickering in her eyes.

Lucifer cringed under his daughters rage, Michael felt sorry for him he knew exactly how he felt.

"You are standing on it." The group looked down and saw the interlocking designs on the floor. Words written in an ancient language seemed to stand out when they hadn't been noticed before.

"Where are Abigail and Mikhail?" Jibril asked.

... Abigail didn't mind being bared for the world and his dog to see. Not when she was pressed firmly against Mikhail. She had never known she was this flexible, he was holding her leg up as he entered her over and over again, his fingers toyed with the black curls at the juncture of her thighs, massaging her engorged clit.

Abigail moaned, unsure how long it would be before she collapsed. Mikhail pulled from her quickly, then pushed her up against the wall one leg wrapped around him as his plunges became harder and deeper.

"God Mikhail!" She hissed as she came, Mikhail soon followed.

They were rosy cheeked and laughing when they returned to Lucifer's chamber. Not surprisingly everyone had been worried about there where abouts.

Except Lucian and Malcolm who had begun to think Mikhail would be forever damaged by Gabriel's attack. There came an intense booming, like drums being hit, the walls shook and everyone stumbled slightly.

"I was wondering when that bastard would wake up." Jibril snarled. Lucian wrapped his arms around him and whispered something in his ear.

Mikhail felt exactly the same way. The door burst open, where a legion of hybrids stood. With a blinding clarity Mikhail realised what Gabriel had done. Yes he felt arousal for Mikhail when mated. That didn't mean he could not procreate with his mates. Mikhail got that sick feeling again, but only for a split second before the fight ensued. Abigail conjured the sai's just in time to plunge one into the heart of a hybrid. Just as she had killed one another took its place.

"How many kids do you think your dad has?" She yelled towards Jibril, who had shot one of his siblings with an arrow.

"Lets just say he had one mate per year, my mother lived off my fathers blood." He kicked another hybrid away, throwing a dagger at one that had been just to attack her from behind. She bent her head in thanks.

"Since she lived of his blood she lived a little longer, unlike a blood ritual that ties the two together in which the couple live together for eternity. My uncle, your father wanted to live as long as my mother, so he drank Mikhail's blood. My mother died eight hundred years ago."

Abigail gasped as the doors were torn apart by another swarm of demons. Malcolm covered Darius who did the same. These bastards just kept on coming, and Malcolm was glad he chose a male for a mate, there weren't any dangers of this happening to them.

"And you wanted to adopt a kid." Malcolm snarled cutting the head of the hybrid.

Darius grabbed his arm and pulled tightly against him, they twirled decapitating the hybrids as they spun.

"Not with the intention, so that they become killing machines." Darius kissed Malcolm before releasing him.

Malcolm growled, great now he had a hard on damn Darius, when they were done he was so going to get punished. With that thought he sought out Mikhail, who thankfully was holding his own, Lucian at his back.

"Doesn't this remind you of the good old days?" Lucian threw two throwing stars at a female hybrid.

"Oh yeah I remember, what with you getting caught in bed with a kings daughter."

"What!" Jibril yelled appearing out of nowhere. Lucian gulped quick to retrieve his weapons.

"I'll leave you two, to it." Mikhail smiled flying to Abigail's sighed. She grinned at him as she plunged her sai into the neck of a hybrid.

"Aren't you glad we spent all that time training?" He asked his sword morphed into an arrow, which he used to kill ten hybrids in a row.

"Like I said don't hold it like that, we would like to have kids one day." He moved the blade of her weapon away from his private area.

A tremor went through the room. Mikhail heard the hybrids scream in agony. For a moment he felt remorse as their bodies disintegrated, they were his cousins after all.

It was nice to see his grandparents working together, their combined powers were effective, just not enough as another swarm of hybrids entered the chamber.

"When's Raid when you need it?" Abigail muttered as she threw one of her weapons as a half-breed launched at her.

Mikhail had to protect Abigail at all costs he knew that, he kept the thought to himself as he continued to fight by her side. If he could pinpoint a safe location for her he could send her there.

He launched into the air and pelted the enemies with arrows. A blur of white caught his eye, he was too slow in recognising it, as Gabriel caught him around the waist and hurtled him down to the floor. Every bone in his body felt like it had broken but he knew it wasn't so, he didn't have time to be lazy.

He got up searching for his uncle but couldn't see him anywhere. A telekinetic wave went through the room, but this time it was caused by Gabriel. No one disintegrated, but those who weren't his children were flung against the walls. He heard a curse that went along the lines of.

"Why haven't I got powers like that?" Mikhail grinned to himself as he heard his fathers whine. He found Abigail rubbing the back of her head, and that's when he knew her time was up. The location he had chosen wasn't great, but it was far away enough to keep her from trouble.

He gazed into her moss green eyes and smiled. He hoped, no begged that he wouldn't be taken away from her on this day, he leant forward and kissed her, savouring her taste, mesmerising it in case he never saw her again.

"I..." Damn why wouldn't the words come out, but he knew.

By saying them it was like signing his death warrant. It felt like a farewell, not an 'I'll see you in five minutes' goodbye.

"I want you to be safe." With a surprised yelp she vanished. Mikhail stood up RAW power crackled over him as he caught sight of Gabriel.

It would end here. With an angry yell he rushed him knocking him ten feet into the air, as quick as lighting he flew to Gabriel just before he hit the ground stabbing and slashing as his arm. Gabriel hissed, throwing a ball of fire at Mikhail, it singed his wing and he was sent plummeting to the ground.

Mikhail groaned. He was getting to old for this kind of shit. Before he could even get up Gabriel grabbed him by the hair and nibbled his throat.

"Once I have the demon under my control, you will be mine." He flicked Mikhail's earlobe with his tongue, as his knee connected with his back.

Mikhail bit his lips as pain radiated through him, kicking Gabriel away he scrambled for his sword just as another ball of fire hit him. He could feel the blood coating his arm as it lay lifeless at his side.

... Darius beheaded another hybrid. He ran to where Malcolm had buckled, his leg obviously broken. Darius pulled him up against him parrying with a black haired demon.

Lilith sent bolts of electricity at the demons that had been surrounded them. She flew to her son and ran a hand over the broken leg. Instantly it healed its self.

"Thanks, Lilith." Darius said hoisting Malcolm up. The pain left his face and he smiled.

"Cheers mum." He kissed her on the cheek before joining the fray. Darius and Lilith both rolled their eyes. A shudder went through the room, evaporating most of the hybrids.

Lucifer cringed as more of Mikhail's blood coated the vaults door.

"Eden, we have to help them." He looked at her, but she just shook her head. As the head forces of good and evil, they knew the outcome of this fight, they could not interfere with destiny.

"You know we cannot." Eden cringed as Gabriel stabbed Mikhail in the side, the boy never gave up as he twirled his sword blocking Gabriel's next attack.


"You know it is wrong to have these feeling for me." Mikhail pushed Gabriel away, sidestepping his next attack.

"When I am god, I will decide what is wrong or right." Gabriel smirked, grabbing Mikhail's arm and kissing him harshly his fangs penetrating his flesh.

Mikhail laid his hand on Gabriel's stomach and blasted him away. He could barely stand and he welcomed the small reprieve.

He staggered forward as Gabriel came towards him but all the energy had left him, he could barely lift his sword as Gabriel placed a kick to his gut.

Mikhail was sent flying landing upon he centre of the vault. Darius sent an arrow aimed at Gabriel, but it disintegrated mere inches from his head.

Michael tried knocking his older brother down but there was a shield around him. All attacks were futile, and the group could feel their powers being drained.

"The more blood Mikhail loses from Gabriel's attack, the more powerful Gabriel becomes." Lucifer said holding Lilith back. "There is nothing we can do." Lilith snarled.

"I love you Mikhail!" She yelled. Mikhail through swollen eyes looked at his mother and smiled, it was the first time she had ever said that to him.

"And I love you." Gabriel said, a sword in his hand, aimed for Mikhail's heart.

Just then there was a sizzle in the air, and Abigail was hovering over Mikhail. Mikhail's eyes widened in shock, as did Gabriel, with the distraction the group sent volleys of psychic energy.

"What...what are you doing here?" He whispered, the pain in his side became excruciating, and he knew he didn't have long.

"I came back, you didn't think I would leave you? Did you?" Abigail had been angry, but seeing Mikhail like this tore through her.

Blood stained his lips as he coughed. She ran her finger tips over the contours of his face.

"You have to kill me." Abigail froze at his words.

Was he crazy, how on earth could she kill him? He knew that she loved him too much to ask this of her. Mikhail sighed as he saw the determination on Abigail's face. He knew he was asking a lot, but Gabriel couldn't be allowed to rule, for once Mikhail was doing something to save humanity. He was not as selfish as he had once been.

"Would you have him rule, your people, my people? He is evil and only you can kill me, once you do this you have control over the monster." Something cold was pushed into her hand.

Abigail began to pull away from Mikhail's grip, but even while he struggled to breathe his hold was strong. The blade moved over his heart.

"Kiss me Abby."

She wept as she leant closer, the taste of him as always was intoxicating, He worked his magic on her, erasing everything that was happening around them. So caught up in the kiss she didn't feel the blade sink downwards until blood coated them.

Abigail pulled away with a gasp. Mikhail smiled weakly, then tugged out the blade, blood poured everywhere in streams.

Hastily she began putting pressure over the wound, but it was futile. Mikhail held onto her hand and smiled up into her eyes.

"I love you Abigail, I always will." Then his hold loosened and he was gone.

The room shook and trembled, a beam of light erupted from the vault, swallowing the couple. Everyone shielded their eyes, until the light dissipated.

There stood a woman, slight in frame with curling black hair that swept the floor. She wore a gown of green, her skin was a slight shade of celestial blue, and her eyes were a swirling mass of silver.

"The one born with his soul divided shall find redemption in death." She said with a singsong voice.

She looked at the lifeless form and his mate. The girl was just staring at his face, rocking him slightly silent tears running down her face.

Eve knew that it was her grandson that was dead and because of her curse she was bound to serve whoever had killed him.

"I am your servant." She said bowing before Abigail but the girl continued to stare into Mikhail's face whispering things that made no sense.

... Gabriel awoke from his stupor, the sight that he met sickened him. Here stood Eve but instead of bowing to him she was bowing to Abigail.

Gabriel growled, his eyes recognising Mikhail's lifeless body, his heart broke then. Mikhail was dead.


Lilith wept in Michael's arms, if only she had known, realised that her son would be leaving her so soon. She should have been a better mother, a loving mother. She pulled herself from Michael's arms her eyes never leaving Mikhail's body.

"Abigail, make your wishes." She said catching her mother's eye. Mother and daughter smiled, Eve wanted very much to hold her daughter but first she must do her duty.

"Bring Mikhail back, I wish that you would bring Mikhail back." Eve flinched, she may be powerful but she had no control over resurrections, and she couldn't tamper with fate.

"I can't do that." She whispered. There was a collective gasp, Gabriel suddenly felt ill. He thought that Eve could do anything.

"Then I wish that Gabriel was gone, kill him." Her eyes flashed to where to Gabriel stood.

He took his last breathe before combusting. Any remains were turned to dust. Jibril smiled with approval, he would not miss his father.

"Two more my dear." Eve said.

"I want everyone to be healed, returned to health." Abigail croaked, grateful for everything they had done.

Finally releasing Mikhail she laid by his side, she had one last wish. To wish for death, so that she could join him. But when she saw the look pass between Lucifer and Eve she knew she couldn't waste it on herself.

"I wish that you were a free demon, never to be cursed within the vault. May you live a lifetime and more with your mate."

Eve hid her surprise, and she wished that Mikhail was not dead, this woman obviously loved him, more than life itself. With a thoughtful look on her face she nodded. Hopeful she had enough power to make this last miracle work.


Abigail looked into the casket, her fingers ran through Mikhail's hair. He was really gone. The events that had transpired three days ago were real.

It took all her will power not to climb into the coffin with him, a slab of stone carved into his likeness was put into place. She would never look upon his real face again. Never rub her nose against his chest, or curl her fingers in his hair.

She went through the paces of the day, Peter stayed huddled at her side. Just as she had lost the love of her life, he had lost his father.

She would smile politely when people asked how she was coping. Her hand repeatedly went to the mark on her chest.

She would always have it, she would never take another. As far as she was concerned her soul had died along side Mikhail. She waved Jibril and Lucian away as they headed to his land. She welcomed Misha and Malcolm into her home, loved Peter as if he was her own. Maybe with their help and support she would be able to breathe without it hurting.

A week after they had buried Mikhail she went to the chapel. Beneath that concrete he would lie, forever preserved in his beauty. This was going to be her last visit, she couldn't see herself coming to the chapel ever again. Kissing the lips of the likeness she read the inscription on the stone.

"He lived, he died, he was redeemed." Blowing out the candle she left.

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