tagErotic HorrorThe Angry Man

The Angry Man


I challenged myself to tell this with no proper names. I want the reader to be able to mentally supply names they like. If you are up to the challenge read on and comment after so I know how I did. I also regret my editors have not had a chance to go through this so please be gentle about punctuation.

** The angry man **

Today I'm an angry man. I'm not sure why, I am just angry. Grant you It takes little to make me so mad I stomp around the house slamming doors and rattling windows. The worst is finding the door to my own room locked. I never carry keys in fact I doubt there is a key for the door to my room. That must be why I am mad. I should check it.

Here I stand outside of my room. My temper boiling the door knob stubbornly refuses to turn. I hit that old door with such force it explodes and I walk in the room through the falling splinters and dust. The girl in the room jumps back from the sudden noise.

She calls out, "Oh, they told me not to lock doors in this house I forgot."

She hurries to the door and unlocks it. She does not acknowledge me.

** Her view from in the room **

I couldn't believe the deal this family offered me. If I live in this mansion for a year and do not leave it I get paid one hundred thousand dollars. The first month I had to live in a suite of rooms in the opposite wing from this room. I could not even leave the rooms. It was not as bad as it sounds the women of the family visited me every day. We played board games and we talked. I learned the added incentive to submit sexually to the chosen man.

One of them told me that any woman to bear a son to the chosen bachelor in the family may become the CEO of the family business until that son goes to college. They talked about the money and I was astounded the CEO gets five million a year. Another of the women claimed I could not make bad decisions because I would be coached by the ghost, like I could believe that.

They told me that I was not to lock the door of my room when I move to this wing. They told me that if I was willing just stay in the room in the evenings and on the third day "The son" will come to me for my insemination. They had already deposited Thirty thousand dollars in my account during my stay. I believed the women about the money. Not so much about the ghost.

They told me that conceiving any child with any son of the family pays seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year. In my math that comes to over eighteen million dollars at minimum in twenty five years. I know surrogate mothers that didn't make that kind of cash. I think I am about to become an escort/surrogate they have found my price.

The first night in the new room out of habit I lock the door. Only a minute later the knob rattles there is a sound as if the door has exploded but it just rattled in the frame. Cameras, this room must be rigged with cameras. I once worked in a haunted house. I know about knockers and knob rattlers, the sound effect and timing of shaking the door where perfect. In case they have microphones I apologize as I hurry to unlock the door.

The next step in my night ritual is the bathroom. I leave the door open so I can hear if someone comes in the room. If they have cameras here they have probably seen me in my altogether anyway. I toilet then brush teeth and comb hair, clothes go in the hamper I then go to my dresser and get my night clothes. I lay my nighty on the bed and dig out the matching panties. I see my nighty fall off of the bed and flip under the bed. I swear to you it looked like someone kicked my nighty under the bed. I start putting on my panties and find both feet in one leg. Next try the elastic goes between my toes. It is as if someone is tugging them away from my foot. I have never had this kind of trouble as far back as I can remember. I give up on them and reach for my nighty under the bed. It is now on the other side of the bed. Is someone screwing with my head? Hell with it. I crawl into the bed nude at least under the sheets I am not flashing my naked ass at the cameras I am guessing are here someplace. Great, I am now in a tug of war over the bed sheets. Fuck it, I let go they slide down onto the floor at the foot of the bed. If they want to play ghost games let them. The room is not cold I will try to nap till I get cold then I plan on pulling a blanket over me. I turn off the lights then curl up on my side with my back to both the bathroom and the entry door. The lights turn back on, assholes. I pull a pillow over my head. I feel a hand slide up my leg onto my hip. I grip a corner of the pillowcase and swing at my groper. It swings past where he must be and the pillow comes out of the pillow case narrowly missing the bedside lamp and hitting the wall with a thump. I can still feel the hand on my hip. The hand slides up onto my breast. I can't see him anywhere. My God it is not a haunted house trick. The hand pinches my nipple and gently pulls and tugs it so I roll onto my back. The hand releases my nipple and caresses its way to my abdomen. Another hand squeezes my breast with a firm sexy grip. The hand on my abdomen moves down and onto the inside of my thigh. Oh, I am getting wet no one has touched me this way in a couple of months. Am I really getting hot for a ghost? He is pulling my legs open. No he is pushing my upper body and pulling my lower so I twist on the bed with my legs hanging off of the side. Both hands let go and grip my ankles positioning them on the edge of the bed on each side of my ass. In the full light of the room I see no one but I can feel a nude man standing against my open crotch. I feel his hardon pressing against me as he leans over me hands gripping my waist. They then slide up onto my chest and grip me tightly as his hips grind harder into me. I can feel the moisture leaking out. Looking down I see my lips parting as the invisible rod rubs up and down over them as his hands pinch and twist my nipples between invisible thumbs and index fingers. The only sound is my heavy breathing and moaning. I begin to plead for the fucking I need. A hand lets go and I feel him pulling back pushing the head down into my soaking slit. Yes, He is thick and I want it. He slowly pushes in and out a bit at a time. I can feel it throb each time before he pulls back and then pushes deeper. I groan as he bottoms out. Who knew a ghost can fuck so nice. He pumps in and out faster and faster. My eyes roll into the back of my head and I begin to squeak a high pitch noise each time he slams into my clit. My squeaks and squeals merge together and suddenly I squirt a stream across the room. I must have passed out because I wake up in the bed naked with the covers covering me. I think I like my ghost he has put my nighty and panties on the bedside table.

** His view **

My temper eased at her apology and I respect that she unlocked the door. I watch her getting ready for bed and am tempted to help comb her hair. She is getting night clothes but I prevent her hiding from me. Then I caress her. I almost laugh as a pillow flies through me. I'm happily surprised she has not run away at my first touch. She even opened her legs for me with gentle guidance. I was enjoying the look on her face as I was grinding against her when she asked to fuck. I know I can't orgasm without a mortal body, I will barely feel her as we fuck. My pleasure will come from the look on her face as I sink myself into her. The fear, the pleasure, the recognition, the acceptance, the joy, the lust all are exposed in the movements of her face. They are my reward. I concentrate I must remain here to give her the pleasure she has earned from me. I pump harder and faster into her. Suddenly a stream of her fluid passes through me to splash on the floor. I watch as her rapturous moment passes and her face goes slack with unconsciousness. It takes all of my concentration to push her back onto the bed. The sheets and blankets are easier. I sit with her through the night and leave for my work when she stirs in the morning light.

My work is why my family wants for nothing. For many years a new family leader is chosen by me the family ghost. That leader usually serves for twenty to twenty five years. My job is to walk through walls and doors in offices all over the city and learn where our money can earn the largest profits then direct her how to spend our investment capital.

Collectively the family is worth over five hundred billion dollars. We make about thirty billion a year. A portion of that goes to the family. My first son's wife and I set the system up a hundred and thirty years ago. The part that confuses most is that the family's mothers of underage sons comprise the board of directors and officers even if they do not marry the father of that son.

** Her second night in the room **

I wandered the house all day. Learning the paths you might say. Dinner in the dining room was much better than a tray in my room. There are five guys all flirting with me. All of them almost fearfully polite, then again is the ghost a jealous ghost? I am looking forward to tonight.

I am dripping with sexual anticipation. I am alone again waiting for a repeat of last night. Wanting, needing another night of ghost loving. I sit nude on the edge of my bed wondering if I should call out asking for him. A knocking at the door, before I think to answer, it swings open. Horror, into the room walks one of the men from dinner. I refuse to show my nerves. I stand and walk still nude to the two chairs that sit in the corner with a low table between them. I offer him a seat but without a word he walks to my dresser and pulls out a t-shirt.

"You might be more at ease dressed. I am not here to have my way with you. You can ask me anything. I will do my best to help you understand us."

I pull the shirt on and sit in one of the chairs. I plead, "Then sit and talk to me, please. I do not know what to ask."

"The five of us you met over dinner are the five you can choose from for a ritual that may make you one of the most powerful women in the world. Remember it is up to you. You may choose to have the ritual or not. If you choose to have it you must choose one of us to have sex with. If you do not conceive a child the ritual will be repeated weekly until you do or the ghost chooses another to take your place. Each week you may choose a different partner from the volunteers offered by the board of directors." He paused inspecting my face and smiling like he was explaining the weather.

"What happens if I do not conceive and am replaced?"

"Well, you might ask a bachelor to marry. You might choose a university or college or trade school the family would be happy to give you full ride tuition and a stipend." Pointing across the room he continued, "Because you have slept in that bed even for one night the family will show you respect and bend over backward to help you in anything you choose to do."

"What if I just want to get out of the house for a few hours in the daytime?"

"That would be easy to arrange. What do you have in mind, shopping or a museum tour?"

"I would love to go fishing."

"Did you say fishing, as in drowning a worm in water?"

"Almost, I like powerbait with the glitter in it."

He looks dumbfounded and slowly says, "With . . . . glitter. . . of course."

I hear a quiet chuckle in the room.

I continue my thought, "Fresh fish are the best breakfast. I would love to catch my own breakfast tomorrow if we are allowed to go fishing."

With a resigned look he says, "I'll see what I can do."

He pulls a phone out of a pocket and fiddles with it a moment. Then holds it to his ear, "Hey, She wants to go fishing in the morning as an outing from the rooms." He pauses listening, "I think lake trout or bass would be good." After another moment of listening he pulls the phone away from his mouth and asks, "How many escorts would you like?" I shrug and hold up one then two fingers. He says into the phone, "Not more than three." Another pause, "No worms, she said she likes powerbait with the glitter in it." He listens then looks at me, "I'll have to ask her what color. Oh ok you'll have a selection." The poor dear looks bewildered.

I hear a voice in my ear a whisper with breath tickling, "I will visit you tomorrow night get a good night sleep and enjoy your fish breakfast." I feel a ghostly hug over my back with one hand grabbing my tit. I feel so happy. I feel the ghost pass through me and walk through the wall.

The man on the phone is looking at me as if I missed something.

I sit up straighter and say, "I changed my mind I would like all five of you there. Can we get a pontoon boat on a good fishing lake?"

He talks into the phone and I tune him out for a moment. He puts his phone away and smiles at me, "They will make it happen. They like you."

"Why are you the one that is here now?"

He smiles, "I am the CEO's son. I graduated from law school last week. I am doing my law clerk stint on my way to becoming a corporate lawyer. I will soon learn how long I have to clerk before I take the bar exam.

"I guess I should ask the others about their careers."

"I can tell you two of us are lawyers, two are accountants and one is an engineer. At least those are our career paths some of us are not quite there yet."

I smile and nod with understanding. "I had to drop out when I ran out of money."

My eyes go wide when he says, "I think mom would buy the school for you if that is what you wanted. She likes you a lot."

"I met her?" I squeaked.

He smiles, "I think she visited you every day until yesterday." He looks at his watch, "Sunrise is at six AM. They said the pontoon boat will be in the boathouse loaded with everything and ready to go by five AM. Do you want a wakeup call?"

"There are no clocks or phones in this room so yes. Please. Anytime between four and four thirty would be nice."

He gets his phone out again, "Mom, she will need a wakeup around four fifteen." Listening, "Yes, that is the middle of the window she gave." He chuckles then says, "I'll let her know." He closes the phone and says, "Mom is talking to the ghost now. He will be by and wake you in the morning. I'll get out and let you get some sleep." He stands and without waiting for my reply walks to the door.

I say, "Goodnight." He turns waves then opens the door and walks out.

*** In the morning

I awoke to warm air on my neck and strong arms holding me to a broad chest. I raise my hands to hold the arms and they pass through to my chest.

I say, "Good morning you ghost you."

He squeezes me tighter for a moment then whispers in a voice that sounds far away and oh so close, "The boys are getting up to take you fishing."

"Do you mind?"

His laugh also sounds far away and in my ear at the same time. He then whispers, "I love the idea. I doubt any of those kids ever go fishing. I hope you are ready to teach them how."

A quick shower carefully not getting my hair wet. I get dressed and hurry down the stairs anxious to start. The grandfather clock in the dining room says it is four ten. The cook brings out a large tray with scones and a pot of coffee. She places it in the middle of the table. I pour my cup and sip it. I snatch a fresh hot blueberry scone and butter it. The guys start showing up. I can't help but think of that TV show with the "privacy suite". I sit with a silly grin nibbling and sipping. The cook brings me a thermos and tells me it is mocha. She brings out more thermoses and tells each man the contents "Coffee black," then "Coffee sweet," then "Coffee with cream," next "Coffee black," lastly "sugar with enough coffee to make syrup". He glares at her until I laugh.

I take the cup off of my thermos and pour my cup of hot mocha into it. Chew the last corner of my scone and wash it down with a careful sip from the thermos cup.

I look around and say, "So, where is our boat?"

They lead me through another room and onto a deck with a ramp from one corner down to a boathouse on the lake some two hundred yards behind the house. We troop our way down carrying our thermoses. I am still sipping my mocha that now shows steam rising off of it.

In the boat house we quickly learn that I am the only one with a boating license. The boathouse keeper asks if he can join us as pilot and fisherman. The seven of us board the boat and our pilot backs the boat out and heads to a spot he says always has fish jumping and rolling. As expected we spend more time untangling lines than fishing. The pilot and I each catch two the other five manage to bring in three fish and a minnow. I make them throw back the minnow. When my thermos runs dry it is unanimously decided we should return and fry our breakfast. At the boathouse I choose my fish for breakfast and the pilot and I gut our fish at a gutting station inside the boathouse. We then coach the rest and we are moving up to the house with empty thermoses and fresh fish in little time.

The cook did not like us invading the kitchen and took over the cooking from us. After a minute or so she came back to me and asking if I gutted the fish.

"Only mine, I made them gut theirs."

She gave me a quick kiss on the head then whispering, "You go girl, make them jump through those hoops." Back to the kitchen she ran.

After breakfast one of the women that visited me a lot the first weeks I was here came into the room, everyone steps out of her way. Thinking back everyone always stepped out of her way when she walked through any room.

She gives me a hug then looking around the room says, "Don't you people have jobs someplace?" Quietly and wordlessly the room empties.

As she takes a seat next to me I hurriedly ask, "Is it time for a rose ceremony?"

She laughs so hard tears come to her eyes. "Would that help?"

With a grim smile, "Maybe, I know that if I have three roses Mr. 'sugar with enough coffee to make syrup' might not get one and Mr. 'oops I hooked your ass' is a bit careless for me. "

"Ok, would you like to sort the other three at dinner?"

"We could try archery but that hook in my butt tells me arrows would be a bad idea."

"Do you want to try strip poker?"

"I think your son has already seen what I have."

With a wink she says, "I understand that you have not seen his goods."

"You are naughty. Do you think they will pose for a playgirl photo shoot? No. I see that twinkle in your eye. I'm kidding. I get the feeling you could twist arms enough to make them."

With a smile, "I made them go fishing. Was it fun?"

Rocking my hips and rubbing a cheek, "Yes, it was a lot of fun. None of them had a clue what to do with the hook in me. The boat captain finally had to pull it out. He was a dear and so apologetic."

"Hmmm, I'll make sure he knows he did a good job." She pauses then with a faraway look she speaks in a rush, "Why don't you spend a couple hours in the offices of the last three? Then dine with any that you do not eliminate. After dinner just take your favorite up to your room and let nature take its course." Quietly and slower, "Once you are in that room the ghost will help set your mood."

"He does seem to know my buttons. Ok, where do I need to go to accomplish your plan?"

She stands and goes to a doorway calling into the next room, "Send me a go-fer." Coming back in she informs me, "This is the job we give kids that party themselves out of college." A guy came sliding through the door. She had a notepad and pen and was scribbling some kind of note. She cut off anything he planned on saying, "Take her to this address, after an hour and a half take her to the next for each of them. While she is in each office be standing by and ready to take her anyplace she needs." To me she says, "Feel free to take any of them out of the office they should be willing to do anything you ask. Oh, you might feed your go-fer at some point. Here take this and use it as you see fit." She hands me a credit card. "Take them shopping or dining." Back to the go-fer, "Go get a car and meet her outside. Take good care of her if you screw up I'll have you painting the boathouse with a toothbrush."

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