tagFetishThe Animal Trainer Ch. 03

The Animal Trainer Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

Jenning's and his Black assistant, Tiger, whose real name was Educe Nagoya, walked into the production meeting exactly on time.

The red haired receptionist had met many of Hollywood's handsome leading men, but the presence of these two men set her blood to boiling. The white male, Jennings, was by any measure a man of distinction. Ruggedly good looking, he was tall, six-foot-four at least, with the girth of an NFL middle linebacker. Long, blonde hair cascaded down over his broad shoulders, and his deep blue eyes and angled eyebrows gave his face an expression of intense concentration. His lips were full and sensuous, and pursed gently as he waited for the receptionist to usher them into the meeting room.

Nagoya was if possible, even more striking in his physical appearance. He too, was well over six-foot tall, perhaps six-six, or seven, with the slender, but muscled build of a professional basketball player, which he had been until an ankle injury incurred in his rookie season ended his career in that regard. But it was his facial tattoos that captivated the red-haired beauty behind the desk. He wore a cap, yet if asked, she would have sworn that his head was shaven and that it too was also tattooed with the orange colored stripes that covered his arms and face. Added to that was the fact that his skin was very black in color, almost blue black. Her eyes widened as she realized the tats appeared to be similar in nature and formed a recurring pattern not unlike those of a tiger's stripes.

Her nostril's flared as she absorbed a strong dosage of the pheromone both men gave off. She shifted in her chair behind the desk and realized that she had grown wet between her legs. As she called her boss to tell him of their arrival, she knew a meeting with her private masseuse would be needed later that afternoon.

Jennings and Nagoya took control of the meeting shortly after being seated. In effect, they told the movie producer's just how much money would be allocated to them in order to provide the needed sets and animals for the production the studio had in mind. Heads nodded, calculators whirled and Jennings and Nagoya walked out with two checks amounting to $400,000 to "get things rolling."

"Not a bad morning's work," Nagoya said.

"Not at all, Educe," Jennings agreed. "Are you up for some sex?"

"Always," the black man smiled. "Am I to be the Tiger's ass again?"

"I thought you enjoyed the role," Jennings chuckled.

"I do, but after a while it gets a little lame."

"So, what do you propose, putting a real Bengal in bed with them?"

"It's a thought. I think it might induce a heart attack or worse, scare them to death, though."

"Lemme call her," Jennings said.

"This the one with the mother wanting to watch?"

"She did watch us. The next day she came by looking for some herself."

"No shit? Christ, the ladies today. Got themselves some freedom and look what they do with it."

He dialed Aggie's number.

"It's me."

"Oh, Mr. Jennings, it's you!" Aggie seemed positively giddy.

"If you want to see me again, come to 2330 Normandy Drive tonight at 8:30. Be prompt, DeMarco."

"I'll be there!"

Jennings hung up.

"We doing the tiger bit?" Educe inquired as they got into his 'vette and drove off.

"Why not? Thing is, this one's into pain. I strapped her pretty good and she wanted more. Sometimes I wonder where to draw the line."

Educe pondered his comment for a moment before answering. "Gotta play it by ear; there are times you can go further than either of you thought possible. There are times its easy to go too fucking far without either of you realizing it.'

"I suppose you're right, Educe."

"I suppose I am. After all, I am the Tiger, right?'

Both men laughed and said nothing until they were back in Jennings loft.

"Shit, I almost forgot to call the mother."

"You serious, Abe?"

"Double your pleasure, Educe."

"Whatever," the black man said with a wry grin.

The phone rang twice.






"I'm on my way to my loft, do you remember the address?"

"I'm four blocks away. I'll be waiting."

"Don't wait. Park the car around the corner. I'm saving a space out front for your daughter. You get to watch this time."

He waited for her at the entrance to the loft. Educe was already upstairs preparing his 'tiger' act.

Lee was getting out of her car when he walked to the corner to check on her arrival.

He saw that she was wearing a short, white cocktail dress with matching heels. Her makeup was done and her hair was brushed. She looked like a wholesome, attractive Midwestern housewife about to go out for a night with her husband.

"Hello. So you were in the neighborhood, 'eh?"

Lee's confidence faded at his words.

"Um, there's a bar up the block. Can I buy us a drink?" she asked meekly.

"I don't think so," Jennings replied, opening the steel door at the entrance to his building. He stepped inside and waited for her to follow. "I think we're going to have a good time right here in the loft."

Mrs. Aguire swallowed, and asked, "Do you have anything to drink, Mr. Jennings?"

"Under the circumstances, I think it would be okay for you to call me Abe. Help yourself, the bars in what passes for a kitchenette."

Without another word, Lee moved to the kitchen area and poured herself a shot of bourbon and a glass of water. Tossing the shot down, she turned to face him and said, "I thought it would appeal to you to have the girl you're fucking's mother call you Mister."

"You do, huh?"

She reached down towards his pants.

"Not so fast," he said, grabbing her wrist and leading her towards the back of the large two-room suite, "You got off on listening to us before. Let's see how you like watching us."

"Watching us?"

Jennings pulled a chair over from the dressing table next to the bathroom and pushed her into it. Then held her hands behind her back with one hand and took his belt off with the other. He secured her wrists to the back of the chair with a single knot, knowing it wouldn't hold if she actually wanted to escape. But he knew that she didn't really want to escape.

"Oh no," she whined, "I can't move."

He walked around to face her, reached both hands under her dress and pulled her panties off in a single stroke.

Holding her underwear in one hand, he said tersely, "Open up."

She complied, and he stuffed the panties into her mouth then sat on the bed to wait.

Lee was sitting in the dark, far enough towards the back of the suite that she was invisible from the area near the door when Tiger reappeared. Tiger was, in many respects a marvelous specimen. However there were two things about him that set him apart from most men. There was not a hair to be found on his body; and he had orange tiger stripes tattooed all over his black body, including his face, so that he did look every bit the tiger image he sought to convey to shock those few people he came into contact with.

"She here yet?" he asked softly, but even then his voice had a strong base pitch to it.

"No, but...."


Jennings couldn't help but laugh. "Her mother is."

"You're fucking kidding me," Tiger said.

They heard a faint moan from the bathroom.

"I guess not. You're something else, Abe." He slapped his old friend on the shoulder before asking, "Gonna blindfold her? Have her lick the Tiger's ass?"

"That's most of the plan. Then you do whatever you want."

"She like pain?"


"I'll wait here in the dark with Momma," Tiger said gliding effortlessly along the wooden flooring until he stood next to the wide-eyed Mrs. Aguire. Then he removed his clothing and slapped her across the face with his flaccid, but very impressive member.

Jennings laughed on hearing the light slap and groan from Aggie's mother. Let her think about that while watching her daughter get the benefit of it, he thought, and laughed again as the buzzer sounded downstairs.

"Right on time," he said for the benefit of Educe and Mrs. Aguire.

"Who is it?" he inquired just to be certain it was Aggie and not some unexpected caller.

"It's Aggie, Mr. Jennings."

He buzzed her in, and moments later Aggie strode confidently into the loft's living room dressed in a miniskirt, thigh-high boots and tank top. She was wearing heavy eye make-up and lipstick.

"Whoring it up tonight?" Jennings asked.

"I wore this outfit for you, Daddy," she said, smiling.

"I bet you did you little slut."

"You know how to handle sluts like me don't you, Daddy?" she said, moving closer to him, hoping for a kiss.

"Get your ass into the bedroom, slut."

Aggie almost ran into the bedroom and stood waiting for further instructions.

He brought her over to the edge of the bed farthest from the door so that her mother would be able to see her.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled Aggie over his lap. Seeing her perfectly shaped, slightly rounded ass made him want to give her a spanking she would never forget, but he had to make sure she was capable of taking the tiger on.

"Are you going to spank me?"

"You bet I am you little slut."

He pushed up her short skirt to reveal the wisp of a thong.

"Does your stepmother know you dress like a whore?"

"No way. She's a total prude. I don't even think that she has sex anymore."

Jennings caught himself before laughing out loud. He raised his arm and brought it down with a resounding slap across her right cheek, leaving a red handprint across her perfect white ass.


"Just wait you little slut."

He smacked her other cheek, harder than he had the first one.

"Oooo, daddy it hurts!"

"I bet," he snarled.

"You like to be hurt, don't you, slut?"

"Yes..." she said and stopped.

"You like it a lot, don't you?"

"Yes... sometimes...."

"Sometimes what, Aggie?"

"Sometimes I can't stop myself. I... I want it to keep going, even if I know it's dangerous."

"Think the guy might kill you?"

"There was one time...."

"What happened?"

"I'd rather not talk about...."

Jennings slapped her viciously across the face.

Stunned at the unexpected blow, Aggie groaned. Tears rolled down her face, but other than the groan she made no sound. He hit her again, almost exactly in the same place. She made no effort to protect herself and lay there across his lap waiting for whatever might come next.

"Talk to me, you cunt!"

"I... I... I wound up in the hospital. I had to tell my mo... stepmother that I was in a car accident and some guy dropped me off at the hospital entrance and then took off. He broke my jaw and fractured my nose. I needed plastic surgery. Oh, he broke my wrist too. I was pretty fucked up for a while there."

"Am I the next guy since him?"

"No. I went with another guy for a while."


"And I broke it off. He was ..."

"He was what? Too rough, too tame?'

"Tame...he was too fucking tame for me."

"Good to know," he said and warmed her ass with a dozen sharp, stinging blows.

I bet Educe has her mother sucking his black cock back there. She'll want both our cocks in her before I finish with her darling daughter, he told himself while Aggie gasped at the rapidity of his spanking.

He reached between the folds of her thong and slipped one finger along her labia, which was quite wet.

"Only sluts like you enjoy spanking this much."

"Yes Daddy," she moaned, "I'm your little slut."

"Why don't you show me what a good girl you can be?"

"Should I suck your cock, daddy?"

"For starters, yeah. Have at it."

I helped her off my lap and onto the floor. She knelt in front of me and looked up at me with the same mischievous gaze that she had given me in her house a few days ago.

"I bet there's something nice in here for me isn't there?"

"Why don't you find out?"

She slowly unzipped his pants with the look of a girl unwrapping a gift from her sweetheart on Valentine's Day.

"Oooo, Master! I forgot how big it is!"

She took my cock out of my pants and brushed it lightly against her full lips.

"Don't play with it, you slut. I want you to suck it."

"Yes, Daddy."

Jennings gasped as she took his cock into her mouth, all the way down her throat on the first stroke. It was amazing how good she'd gotten at deep-throating. Better than her stepmother, he thought, and realized she was watching them with Educe from the dark corner of the room.

"Moan on that cock," I commanded, "let me know how much you love it."

Aggie moaned as she fucked her own throat with his throbbing member. He grabbed a handful of her beautiful dark hair and gave it a tug, glancing towards the corner where Mrs. Aguire sat in the chair.

"Mmm, that's nice you little slut. Slurp on that cock."

Aggie was sucking as enthusiastically as he had ever seen her. He marveled watching her take his entire length down her throat, looking up at him intermittently, as if pleading with her eyes for the privilege of swallowing his cock.

"That's good for now," he said.

"Mmmm?" she half gargled, while taking his saliva coated cock from her mouth and holding it tightly in her right hand.

Jennings shoved her off his lap onto her back as he prepared to mount her.

"Wait!" Aggie called out, surprising him enough that he did stop and look at her questioningly.

"I don't want a couple slaps and a fuck, I don't. I want you to hurt me."

Jenning's blinked. He was covering new ground with her. But he had been in this territory with another woman several years earlier. "Go on," he said and waited.

"This is something I need. If you can't do it, then maybe I should just go."

Jennings propped himself up on his elbows. "Tell me what it is you want."

"Listen to the fucking words," she snapped, and he bristled. "I want to hurt. I want to... I want you to beat me, to punish me."

He opened his mouth to reply, but she shook her head. "No, don't say anything. Don't say a thing until you understand. I want you... I want you to make me cry. I want you to make me bleed. I want you to beat me until... I... until I get what I need."

"And what is that?"

Aggie's lip curled in disgust. "I don't fucking know, you moron! There's something... something just out of reach. I want to know what it is. But if you're not up to it...."

"I didn't say that," Jennings protested.

"You didn't say otherwise, either. I'm asking you this because I thought you could do it. I thought you were capable of... of being merciless. Am I wrong about that?"

"Hey," he said, getting to his feet. "Don't get pissy with me, Aggie. I'm not the fucking pervert here."

Her eyes blazed, and she took a single step toward him. "Say that again," she whispered.

"You're a fucking pervert," he snarled, and she smiled.

"Again... and this time, slap me right in the face. Do it."

Without hesitation, Jennings lashed out and caught her a stinging slap across her nose. The nose she claimed the other guy had broken. She closed her eyes and inhaled through her nose, slowly, sexually.

"You're a cunt and a fucking pervert," he repeated.

"Again," she breathed, her eyes still closed.

She had succeeded in pissing him off and Jennings balled his hand into a fist and punched her in the jaw. Not as hard as he could, he pulled the punch, but it still knocked Aggie off the bed and onto the hard wooden floor where she lay like a prizefighter who had just been kayoed.

Her small, naked form looked so vulnerable that Jennings found that he wanted to break her of wanting to be punished like this.

He realized that Educe was now standing at his side, looking down at her.

"She really want this?" Educe asked quietly.

Jennings nodded his head then as an afterthought asked, "The other one?"

"Bound and gagged. I mean, just in case, you know?"

"Good thinking, Educe."

"You got that flogger in your desk drawer unless you moved it," Educe said.

Aggie moaned from the floor. "Oh... now there's two of you. Should make it easier to beat the shit out of me."

Jennings retrieved the flogger from his desk drawer and walked back to stand over the prone Aggie.

"C'mon, you pathetic piece of shit, use it on me!" she spat with a fury he hadn't seen in a woman since his mother was being beaten by his father that long ago day.

Jennings ran the flogger through his fingers, feeling the cruel twist of the leather and the sharp, cold barbs. He tested the flogger on his knee and nodded grimly. Aggie was now on her knees, angry tears running down her face, her shoulders slumped in defeat. She didn't even notice him raising the flogger only to bring it down on her in a single, vicious stroke. There was a sickening crack as it made contact, as loud as a gunshot in the cramped space of the large open room. She cried out and her claw-like fingers bit deep into the wooden flooring, snapping off three fingernails as she shrieked with the sudden jolt of pain.

Jennings and Educe looked down in awe as the blood seeped from the several cuts on her back in thin, red lines.

But Aggie's beautiful, round ass rose upward, waiting for the next kiss of the flogger, and this caught both men off guard.

"More?" Jennings asked pensively.

"Muh..." she moaned, her expression blank.

"What?" Educe asked as he leaned close to her mouth.

"Muh... More!"

That was enough for Jennings. The barbed tips of the flogger cut deep into the soft, sweet flesh of her ass, streaking her thighs with blood. Each stroke made her scream louder and lean back into the next stroke which fell harder.

Jennings lost count of the lashes raining down on the girl.

And then she began to cum.

It was unmistakable; her body spasmed then she gasped and moaned happily as a surge of hot juice gushed down her thighs onto the wooden flooring.

From the other side of the room he heard her mother screaming through the gag in her mouth. He glanced at Educe, who caught his meaning and went to her, whether to quiet her or to assure her that her daughter was all right, Jennings didn't know or much care. He was entranced by Aggie as she lay curled up in a fetal position at his feet.

One more for good measure, he thought, see how she reacts to that.

The next lashing slapped hard against her oozing, slippery cunt. Aggie jerked, her limbs twitched in a violent spasm as her orgasm reached its height. Jennings raised his arm again and brought the flogger down against her pussy, and then a third, each harder than the last, each driving her further, lifting her higher, until her body betrayed her; the intensity of the pain tripped some subconscious mechanism and after one last pathetic scream Aggie passed out, slumping to the floor like an abandoned rag-doll.

Jennings had never been this aroused before and rushed over to Mrs. Aguire and yanked the panty gag from her mouth, loosened her bonds and threw her to the floor then made her get on all fours.

"We're going to fuck like the animals we are!' he barked in her ear.

"How... how could...."

"Shut the fuck up or I'll flog you just like I did her. I don't think you can handle anything close to what she did."

Jennings had Mrs. Aguire facing her daughter when he jerked her dress up and slapped her pussy.

The woman was both terrified and deeply wounded at having witnessed her daughter's degradation and beating and so remained submissive when he slapped her pussy a second time before ramming into her.

She was also highly aroused, for watching her daughter demand lash after lash had put her in a spot she never thought she would be; she wanted to hold the flogger; to administer at least one lash across her daughter's ass; and she also wanted Jenning's and his friend to fuck her senseless.

Jenning's grabbed a fistful of her hair, yanked her head back and continued to fuck her as hard as he could. He didn't last long at all, spewing his seed into her in less than a minute. But his cock remained thick and hard.

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