The Animal Trainer Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

He extracted his thumb and lowered his bald head between Noreen's thighs. Hilly watched her friend arch her back, her body tight as a longbow. She heard the soft, moist sound of the huge man's tongue licking Noreen's pussy. Noreen arched her back further and further, shoving her vulva into Jennings's hungry mouth. "Oh, oh, God," Noreen whispered, twisting her hips left and right, grinding herself against his face. She reached and grabbed Hilly's hand. She squeezed it and looked into her lover's pale blue eyes. "Oh, Hilly," she moaned.

She closed her eyes and released Hilly's hand. She put both her hands on Jennings's massive head, pushing him in even deeper. Hilly could hear him licking Noreen, sucking her, heard the deep rumbling sound in his chest, "Mmm..."

"Yes, oh, yes...ohhhh, yes!" Noreen moaned, her entire body shaking from head to toe. Hilly had made Noreen come with her tongue before, she recognized the signs, but never had she made Noreen come so fast, and so violently.

When Noreen's climax ended Jennings rose up on his knees, licking his full, sensuous lips. He kissed Noreen's stomach, and then he slithered between Hilly's warm, soft thighs. Hilly was already trembling, her nipples hard as stones. He kissed the inside of her thighs, then the top of her sparse pubic tuft, and then he licked lower, lower, lower.

His long, broad tongue caressed her clitoris, swirling around the silky tip, before he slid down and forced the flexible muscle inside her body. Hilly gasped, louder than Noreen, unable to control herself. His lips surrounded her clitoris and sucked the bud into his mouth, and his tongue began to work on her. He didn't slurp at her, the way most of the other boys who had consented to eat her out. He drank her. Her juices poured out of her and he greedily swallowed every drop.

She lasted less than a minute. When she came it left her speechless, she couldn't even cry out. She squeezed her eyes so tight tears spilled from the corners and she shook from head to toe. He put his huge hands on her thighs to keep her spasming hips from breaking his relentless grip on her hot spot.

When he finished with her Jennings gently wiped away each tear with a calloused fingertip. "I should get undressed too, shouldn't I?" he said.

Noreen said, "Hurry, please."

He stood and slowly unbuttoned his black linen shirt. Hilly sat on the edge of the sofa, her thigh pressed against Noreen's, and they watched him strip. His massive chest was almost totally hairless; there was only a light patch of hair around his naval. He possessed a thick body; there was no flab on him, none at all. And Hilly wanted to lick every square inch of him.

He lazily kicked off his sandals and unbuttoned his pants. Hilly turned, and saw that Noreen was completely enraptured. She turned back and watched Jennings unzip and remove his pants. He wore no underwear.

Hilly stared in astonishment. His penis was very large, but what surprised her was the fact that he was uncircumcised, the crown of his huge cock covered by a thin collar of translucent skin. Noreen acted first, standing and walking over, reaching down to take his stiffening cock in her hands. She made a ring with her thumb and index finger and gently pulled down the foreskin, exposing the bulbous, sticky head. She smeared the gluey precum over the tip then put her finger in her mouth. She fell to her knees and started sucking him, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. He exhaled and his dark eyes closed.

Hilly slipped next to Noreen and the two girls took turns fellating him. He put his massive hand on Hilly's head and she felt his thumb caress the part in the middle of her blonde hair. He tasted different from the other men she'd given oral sex to. His taste was stronger, sharp and citric, and she loved feeling the foreskin glide back and forth over the head as she used her lips on him.

He came, quickly, without making any sign that his orgasm was near. He erupted and filled Hilly's mouth with thick, creamy semen. She'd never swallowed come before but now she had to, and she closed her eyes and swallowed once, twice, a third time. When Noreen realized he was coming she pulled his cock out of Hilly's mouth and stuffed it between her own lips, drinking the rest of the huge man's semen.

He said, "I apologize, my lovely ladies. I was a bit quick." He was still hugely erect. He helped each girl stand and kissed each on the lips. "What shall we do now?"

Noreen took Hilly by the hand and led her to the couch. They sat as they had before, legs overlapping. He understood what she wanted. He smiled and knelt between Noreen's legs. The couch was just high enough, at just the right angle. He grabbed his thick pole and slowly, patiently, inserted it inside Noreen.

"Ohhh..." she groaned. Jennings slowly moved his hips back and forth, totally in control, his hands on Noreen's hips, fucking her. Hilly saw his shaft glisten with her lover's juices. She wanted to suck him again, wanted to taste Noreen and Jennings all at once.

He pulled out of Noreen, and act that drew an anguished "No!" from her. He moved between Hilly's splayed legs, his huge erection sticking up against his belly. She was afraid, afraid he would hurt her with his big penis. She'd never been with a man so big. She felt the fat knob lodge in her opening and her breathing became quick and shallow. "Shhh, Hilly, I won't hurt you," he said soothingly.

He penetrated her slowly, very slowly, Hilly felt herself widen to accommodate him, felt his cock scrape every nerve ending inside her. She looked at him and his eyes were so warm, so loving. Her dream had come true. He was inside her, hard, and hot, and throbbing.

He fucked her slowly, every thrust sending molten waves of pleasure to the base of her spine. She was so wet his cock made loud squishing noises as he pumped. Just as the heat grew deliciously unbearable he pulled out of her. "No, please," she begged, but he was already kneeling in front of Noreen, filling her again with his cock.

They went back and forth like that, Jennings never giving either girl enough of his cock to fully satisfy. After a few minutes he had both girls kneel on the floor and pillow their heads on the sofa, and he took them that way, from behind. He invaded Noreen and Hilly watched her friend grimace with ecstasy as he filled her with his length. She bit her lip and cooed with rapture and she reached over the put her arm around Hilly's pale shoulders. "I never dreamed of anything this good," she whispered.

He moved behind Hilly. She sensed his presence behind her, the wet tip of his dick scraping against her buttocks. He put his huge hands on her hips and slowly penetrated her from the rear. Hilly's thighs trembled as his thick frank moved deep, deeper, deeper inside her. He held her hips tight and fucked her, fucked her faster and faster, Hilly backing her ass into every thrust, and just before the biggest climax of her life exploded inside her he pulled out and moved in behind Noreen. He fucked her with strokes so powerful Noreen's hair splashed in her face. He moved back to Hilly and screwed her like some tireless engine, his piston well-oiled by her pussy.

Both girls writhed and moaned as he took turns with them. "Please," Noreen said. "I can't stand it anymore!"

He stood and took a step back. "I thought you two were lovers."

"We are." Hilly said, making a last desperate attempt to remind Noreen of that fact.

He sat down and stretched out like a huge cat. His lips creased in a satyr's smirk. "Then love each other."

Noreen pulled Hilly close and kissed her fiercely on lips. She drove Hilly onto her back, then swiveled around so that the two girls were arranged in the position they were most familiar with, Noreen on top, lips inches away from vaginas. Hilly felt Noreen's tongue slithering over her pussy, and that was all the encouragement she needed, attacking Noreen's soft petals with her own tongue.

It felt good, it felt wonderful, but it didn't feel as good or as wonderful as it had when Jennings did it. She wanted him inside her again and wondered why he was content to just watch them tongue each other.

She got her answer a second later. He knelt down on the couch, his knees behind Hilly's head. He lifted Noreen's hips away from Hilly's lips and slid himself inside her pussy.

"Oh, God!" Noreen cried, and Jennings wasn't so patient this time. He pumped rhythmically, faster than he had before, and Hilly heard Noreen panting from the exertion.

Hilly had a close-up view of her lover getting pounded. She reached up and caressed his heavy testicles with her fingertips. "Ah, yes..." he groaned, the first sign of weakness he'd shown so far. Hilly leaned forward and licked his balls, sucked his balls, and he laughed with delight. "Oh, that's wonderful my angel, wonderful!"

Hilly felt Noreen's tongue touch her haphazardly, her lover too preoccupied with her own pleasure to give as much back. Hilly slid her body down and licked Noreen's clit as Jennings fucked her.

"Oh, honey, I love that!" Noreen cried. "Hilly honey, suck me, suck me! Oh God, oh... oh... oh..."

Hilly kept her lips glued to Noreen, kept her fingers tickling Jennings, and it all happened at once. Noreen screamed, so loud Hilly feared her neighbors would hear. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Hilly kept sucking through Noreen's orgasm, and then Jennings hissed, "Yes, Noreen darlin', yes!" and she felt his big balls clench and his cock spasm as he shot his load deep inside Noreen. Some of his come dribbled out from her hole and unable to contain herself, Hilly devoured every frothy drop.

When he pulled out more of his come leaked out, and Hilly buried her face in Noreen's crotch, licking and sucking like a madwoman, until Noreen finally gasped, "Enough!" and pushed Hilly's ravenous mouth away.

Hilly looked around and saw that Jennings's penis was already slowly rising again. She saw that the more he looked at her, the more his cock filled with blood.

He walked to the big chair and sat down on the edge. He motioned for Hilly to come to him. He put his hands on her wide hips. "I think you'll bear magnificent children, darlin', but not mine, unfortunately. I had a snipping a while back."

He turned Hilly around and leaned back in the chair then helped Hilly settle into his lap, his big cock sticking up between her legs. Hilly had never done it like this; it excited her so much she started trembling again. Noreen sat up and joined them at the chair, tenderly lifting Jennings's penis and feeding it into Hilly's tiny opening.

He was huge. She settled into his lap and it was like he filled her belly with his hardness. She put her feet on the arms of the chair and helped him ease her up the endless length of his cock, and then eased her back down. Noreen stood and put her hands on Hilly's jiggling tits. Jennings covered Noreen's hands with his.

"Hilly has the most beautiful breasts," Noreen said.

"Yes, she does," he said. Noreen's eyes were fixed on his, Hilly knew. She didn't care, she couldn't be jealous with this huge thing throbbing inside her. Her jealousy meant even less when Noreen leaned down and took her left nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking the pink tip until it rose and hardened, and then repeated the process on her right nipple. All the while she and Jennings slowly moved together, her juices running down her thighs.

"I think I want to lick my lollipop," Noreen said.

"Oh, God!" Hilly moaned as her lover kissed her cleavage, her tummy, her thighs, and then her pussy. She was drowning in lust; her heart was beating so fast she thought she would pass out. Her first orgasm passed and Hilly hardly noticed, knowing that bigger climaxes lay ahead.

They came one after another. Bam, Bam, BAM! One second Jennings's huge cock made her scream, the next it was Noreen's tongue. It went on and on and on like that. Sweat dripped down her face, pooling in the valley between her breasts.

"Can you smell me now?" she panted.

"Mmm..." he rumbled. "I can smell us together, the smell we make together."

Hilly groaned happily and came again.

When she came back to earth, she looked down between her legs and Noreen was taking turns licking Jennings's scrotum and Hilly's clit; and again that was enough to break the big man's reserve. "Oh, Noreen, my angel!" he roared, and Hilly felt the first hot squirt fill her pussy. It felt so wonderful and he kept going, kept coming, kept injecting her with his semen.

And she began to cry, with the knowledge that she wouldn't be conceiving from this encounter; and knowing it was her first time having sex that she hadn't dreaded the thought of pregnancy. Would there ever be another opportunity like this, she wondered, as he abruptly left her cunt and strode into the kitchen for a glass of water.

While he drank Hilly went to the bathroom, to clean up the mess between her legs. She washed herself and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, matted with sweat on her forehead. There was a thin crust around her lips, a combination of Noreen's pussy juice and Jennings's cum. Her eyes were red and wild. She was happier than she'd ever been in her life and at the same time she couldn't help but mourn the lost opportunity at having a child with this wondrous specimen of a man.

She came back to find Noreen sitting next to Jennings, stroking his cock while they tenderly kissed, and Hilly felt her mood swing over to one of jealous resentment.

Jennings noticed Hilly out of the corner of his eye and slowly broke the kiss.

"The bedroom now, I think," he said.

They lay down on the cool, clean white sheets, Jennings in the middle, a girl on either side. He took turns kissing them, nuzzling their necks, and both girls let their hands roam over his huge body, over his chest, his groin, his ass.

"I can't take it," Noreen said. She climbed on top of him and squatted over his erection, slowly impaling herself on his uncircumcised cock. Hilly stood on the bed and carefully settled over his face. He grabbed her hips in his huge hands and pulled her down against his mouth. His tongue was quick and sharp as an adder's, and she threw her head back and moaned as his moist tongue invaded her.

They moved together silently, only an occasional sigh or whimper breaking the intense silence. The two girls leaned forward and tenderly kissed each other, caressed each other's stiff nipples with soft fingertips, while the huge man worked beneath them with tongue and penis, giving each girl more pleasure than they'd imagined existed.

Hilly turned and saw the three of them reflected in her mirror, in the moonlight they formed a pale, ethereal triangle, slowly rising and falling, rising, falling. Hilly had an orgasm, then another, her clitoris trapped in the swirling vortex of his lips.

"Oh, oh!" Noreen moaned, and Hilly could tell from the ferocity of his tonguing that he was coming inside her lover, coming for the fourth time tonight. She'd lost count of her own climaxes. Noreen sighed and whimpered for nearly 30 seconds, and then they were still, all three of them. Noreen slid off his cock, which was finally, finally soft. Hilly lay down next to him, prostrate from exhaustion. His face was smeared with Hilly's juices, a serene smile on his face.

"My darlings."

The two girls snuggled against him. His body radiated warmth; it was like lying down next to a crackling fire.

"I love you," Noreen said, and the jealousy rose like a tidal wave inside Hilly.

"I love you too," she said, hating that she was the second to say it.

He kissed each of their foreheads. He sighed. "If only you knew how much I love each of you." He kissed them again. "Now I have to rest. Perhaps you should as well."

Hilly barely had time to realize how tired she was before she sank into sleep. She burrowed close against Jennings's body and draped an arm across the huge swell of his belly. Noreen did the same, their arms crisscrossed his chest.

Hilly's sleep was dark and dreamless, as it might be after living a dream for the last few hours. When she woke it took her a moment to get her bearings. She felt the warm body next to hers, and she snuggled against it. She opened her eyes-and Noreen's eyes were staring back at her.

They both jerked up. They were in bed together, alone. Jennings wasn't there. Noreen jumped out of bed and Hilly followed right on her heels, both girls running nude into the living room, dreading the thought that he had snuck out in the dead of night.

But no, he was there, dressed, looking like he'd been waiting for them for hours. "No, my darlings. I didn't leave without saying goodbye. That would be an outrage. But I do have to say goodbye."

"Don't go," Noreen said. "We have all day, there's so much we didn't do last night."

"I have another engagement that I cannot afford to miss."

"Will you be coming back?" Hilly asked, dreading his reply.

There was a deep sadness in his face as he replied, "Probably not. It was purely accidental that I stopped here."

"But you know we're here... you could come back to see us...."

He touched Hilly's face, and then Noreen's. "My angels..." He picked up his overnight bag and went to the door.

Tears were streaming down both women's faces as they watched him open the door.

"If it means anything to you, I will be dreaming of you both every night for a long time to come. I've never met two more exceptional women than the two of you."

Then he was out the door and getting into his vehicle. Hilly heard the engine start and ran to the bedroom, threw herself on the bed and cried like a baby.

Noreen stood in the doorway and watched until he was out of sight then she closed the door and joined Hilly on the bed.

They didn't go to work for two days. When they did go back, everything seemed the same, yet everything was different from then on.

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