tagBDSMThe Animal Trainer Ch. 05

The Animal Trainer Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

Jennings had promised he would provide Sheila Tourant a special treatment on her wedding day right after she donned her wedding dress. She had also requested that her Maid of Honor be present to either watch or participate.

Sheila, if you recall, is a part-time actress who in into S&M in a big way.

Jennings recalled Shelia's request as he parked his SUV in a space at the home of the groom, a man he'd met once and immediately proclaimed a fag to Sheila, who denied it, but did not protest the statement any further.

"I want you to use me and make me your whore while I'm wearing my wedding dress."

"What did you have in mind for the big day?"

"Everything!" she replied, "Fuck me. Use me. Make me lick your asshole."

"Everything?" he'd said.

"I've been thinking about that a lot lately; me in my little white wedding dress, on my knees in some bathroom with my tongue up your ass and Tiger fucking me from behind."

Jennings was not alone in the SUV, when he arrived; he was accompanied by a sleek, oriental woman wearing a black skin-tight Lycra body suit, with crimson Lycra gloves on her hands.

He wore a well tailored dark blue-striped suit, and with his clean shaven head, looked very much like Bruce Willis - only more muscular. He was early, that being part of the plan, and an expectant Shelia greeted him wearing a lovely summer dress.

"Sheila, this is Greta, she will assist me in dominating you."

"Hello, Greta, it's a pleasure to meet you," Sheila said managing to control her surprise at seeing the Lycra-clad woman getting out of the vehicle with Jennings.

"Jennings, I had thought...."

"Tiger had another commitment," Jennings said with a sardonic grin. "As a matter of fact, he's on his way to Myanmar; it seems they have a pair of tiger cubs we can use. He does send his regrets, and wants you to know that it was a difficult decision for him to make. But you do realize the cubs represent our livelihood. He wants you to know that he will make it up to you when he returns... if you're up to it."

Sheila nodded, seeming to want to protest, but thought better of it.

Greta smiled at Sheila, but didn't offer her hand.

"Greta has a great deal of experience in this," Jennings said, assuring Sheila of her capabilities.

"Oh?" Sheila replied, unable to hide her disappointment at Tiger's failure to show up for her pre-wedding pleasures.

"Yes, we've known each other a while," Greta added, realizing their hostess was uncomfortable at both Tiger's absence, and the fact that she was a woman.

"Why don't we go inside," Shelia said, not wanting the other women to be seen by any early arrivals since her attire was certain to draw unwanted attention.

"By all means," Greta said agreeably, "We need to attend to some details."

Once inside Sheila offered them something to drink and all three ended up with glasses of wine.

"So," said Shelia, after sitting down. "How will this work?"

"I have one question. Do you still want this?" Jennings asked bluntly.

Sheila found she was holding her breath. Finally, "Well, yes, I do."

"You won't be the prettiest bride when we're through."

Embarrassed, Sheila shrugged and attempted a small smile. "I want you to leave me enough time to do a special makeup... I have it all planned."

She took a breath and held it, waiting for his response. She saw him move his eyes away from her, as though he were considering something. He looked back.

"I don't think your face... will be as photographable when I'm done with you."

"It really doesn't matter," she said finally breathing again. "Where would you whip me?" She's finding it difficult to breathe.

Jennings found her question acceptable for what he had planned. "There won't be any whipping, but I will smack you around so there will be bruises, probably plenty of them.

"Will there be deep bruises between my legs?" her fantasy fragment shifts to an image of lying on the floor with her legs tied apart. She never can seem to completely imagine what he has in mind before he does things to her, or makes her do them, and she sometimes wonders how he thinks them up.

"Your inner thighs are really tender and they'll bruise up nicely so your husband to be can see what you like in the way of rough sex. How do you expect to explain them away?"

"That's none of your business," she snapped.

His cold smile sent a shudder through Sheila as he said; "I suppose you could have a three week headache. I might help you with that."

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean that," she said contritely. "My hus..."

"I know who you mean. Say it, I don't mind."

"My ... soon to be husband likes to have sex with me, and he likes the light on."

"And you like him to do it, too, don't you?"

Sheila starts to deny it but becomes tongue-tied and not finding the words, sputters another denial.

Jennings laughs and kisses her. "Don't be such a dope. I don't mind if you like him. You might as well enjoy your wifely duties. Anyway, you could just have a three-week headache."

They kiss and suck on each other's lips. He ran his finger-tips lightly over her stomach, giving her goose bumps. Sheila responded by tickling the shaft of his penis and his balls.

All this talk is exciting Sheila It is going somewhere, too, and most of her wants to find out where.

Jennings massaged his penis until a drop of precum oozed out of its tip. With a small smile, he squeezed a drop onto his fingers and rubbed it onto her lower lip. Sheila's tongue snaked out and with a half moan, licked the small fluid from her lip.

"Good," Jennings said, and holding her head still with one large hand, told her to open her mouth. Sheila did as she was told and he spat a long string of saliva from his mouth into hers. Sheila made sure she caught all of it and then with a loud gulp, swallowed.

"We may use some long dowels to smack your tits about. They'd bounce all over the place when I hit them. Your tits are nice and firm, not like those flour bags most big breasted women have."

"Ohhhh," she moaned at the thought of either Jennings or Greta smacking her breasts.

I'd hit you slowly, one hit every minute or so, on the minute, so you'd know just when it was coming and would have plenty of time to experience each one. Anticipation is everything when it comes to games like this."

Sheila gets that shivery feeling in her belly that comes whenever she's about to be subjected to the kinds of pain that Jennings specializes in; the kind of pain that Sheila lives for.

"You seem to be getting hot, are you, Sheila?" Greta asks, speaking for the first time in quite a while.

"Yes," Sheila replied, "I am getting hot." But she was thinking that he had gotten her highly aroused on other occasions only to walk out on her and her needs. Was this one of those times? The image of herself with her breasts marked and swaying while she tried vainly to avoid the blows, is one that provides her with an exquisite thrill.

"You'd really beat my breasts, darling?"

"My sweet, simple bitch, they're slapping magnets! Anyone would want to. Don't get me started. They should be battered until they're bruised and lumpy and a little bloody. Then I'd pump them while I fucked you."

She thinks she might cum from his words.

"Get up on your knees!"

She does.

Then Greta joined in, commanding her to sit back on her ankles and lock her fingers behind her neck.

Jennings kneeled in front of her and pulled her head down to his penis. Sheila noticed that it was larger than usual and darker hued; and realized how much he must like this game. Her tongue came out and slowly licked the head of his penis.

When he didn't take it away, Sheila sucked it into her mouth. He wound his hands through her hair, holding her head still while he moved his dick in very short strokes. Then with his hands on her breasts, he squeezed them and twisted her nipples until she moaned from the pain.

"There may be a way I can hurt you and not leave too many obvious marks," Jennings said soothingly although he is still twisting a nipple.

Sheila stoped sucking for a moment, but she knew not to take her mouth off of him until he told her to. She ran her tongue up the underside of the head, and then around it.

"I'll have Greta torture these nipples some more when I'm finished with them," he hissed in her ear.

It was quiet in the chamber. Still sucking on him, Sheila's eyes moved to her left trying to find out what Greta was doing.

Jennings pulled hard on her hair, and then held her head still while explaining:

"I want you to know exactly what's going to happen, so you can agree in advance."

He moved his penis in and out a little, until he felt himself nearing a climax then pulled out of her mouth and slaped her across the face with his rock hard shaft.

"Part of the time you'll be tied upright so you can't move and I have easy access to you. You'll be gagged. I may use pliers, pins, and alligator clips, and both Greta and I will fuck you during it. There won't be a safe word. That would stop things early and spoil it. It has to be more than you can take. You have to trust me. You have to agree in advance to let me do it. I promise only two things. There won't be any permanent damage and the time will be limited. I'll stop in time for you to repair yourself for the wedding."

Sheila, still kneeling before him, wanted to feel his cock pulsing in her mouth; but couldn't bring herself to beg for it. And so she waited....

"Among other things, you can expect to be choked, beaten, pissed on, fucked anally, orally and normally. Although I wouldn't call my normal anyone else's normal. And I won't be the only one abusing you."

"I know," Sheila croaked, "I had looked forward to Tiger and you nailing both my holes at once. But in view of the circumstances, I imagine Greta will devise some special touches of her own."

Ignoring her comment, he took a sip of his wine and said, "I assume you have a quiet place for us to work."

"I have a sound proof room in the basement. My wedding attire is already there. I'd like a couple minutes to get dressed, and then we can begin. That is all right, isn't it?" Shelia was already deferring to the dominant couple.

"Let's go," Jennings said as he got to his feet. Greta hadn't touched her wine and rose with him. Shelia was a half-beat behind them, her nervousness already apparent.

Shelia led them through the house, pointing out certain rooms where wedding personnel would be prior to the ceremony itself.

"Um, the groom's in there," she said, pointing to a bedroom on her left as they approached the stairs leading to the basement, or dungeon quarters, Shelia had prepared for them.


As Shelia donned the skimpy lingerie she would wear to her wedding, Greta pulled her over to a large couch and after Sheila had sat down, laid her head on the soon to be bride's lap.

Sheila wore no top, her breasts were bare and Greta's hand began idly caressing her chest as she looked up at Sheila's face.

Jennings busied himself examining the various materials arranged in various sections of the dank basement, from time to time rummaging in his large duffle bag for different apparatus.

"Poor Shelia," Greta said. "You really need it too, don't you? All that pressure building as your wedding approaches."

Then slowly, she lifted her hand and touched Sheila's cheek. The two women's eyes were locked.

The oriental woman sighed and whispered,

"Sometimes just the smallest touch helps so much," she said.

"Sometimes we need just the tiniest bit more..." and savagely pinched the closest nipple to her.

"Naugh!" Sheila groaned, having been caught unexpectedly.

Greta was already bestowing feather light touches to the untouched nipple which had stiffened to its full length from the pain inflicted on the other.

"Yesssss," Greta hissed, "Just a little touching, don't you agree?"

Sheila knew better than to attempt an answer and remained mute, but her facial expression revealed the extent of pleasure the sudden influx of pain the woman had brought to her.

"Just a little bit," Greta said again, cupping both of Shelia's breasts in her hands then slowly caressing them. "A body needs it," she said. "or it misses it terribly."

Their eyes were still locked.

"You are so pretty, my soon to be bride. So very pretty. But we will fix that in due course, won't we, Jennings?'

Jennings ignored her, busying himself with putting his instruments in place.

"They're nice, so pretty, so beautiful. I'm going to enjoy this almost as much as you, Sheila," Greta murmured softly.

Greta sighed again. "Oh, yes, you need this, yes you do."

Sheila was already highly aroused, breathing faster with each word out of Greta's mouth.

"TELL ME YOU DO!" Greta shouted in the other's face.

Sheila shuddered, but made no reply.


"I do..." Shelia responded weakly. "I... do!"


The words no sooner left her lips than she struck Sheila across the face with a harder blow than any normal female would have delivered.



And as if her body were doing its own thing, Sheila observed herself slip off the couch. She looked up at the oriental woman from her knees.

"Now, I need you to slip your wedding dress on."

"I can't..." Sheila started to say, but was cut off when Greta tossed the white dress in her face and repeated her command. "Put it on while on your knees. You may lift them one at a time to do it.

This can't be happening, Sheila thought, looking at a spot on the floor in front of Greta's feet while struggling to don her wedding dress without tearing it, or smudging it on the filthy basement floor.

When Shelia had the dress on, Greta moved behind her. A moment later she was kneeling next to her.

"Hush," she hissed before she kissed Sheila's earlobe. "if you make me bite you'll get blood on the dress, wouldn't that be something?"

Then she giggled. It was so deadly cold a shiver ran down Sheila's spine.

"Hold perfectly still," she said.

"Greta... please don't bite," Sheila whispered.

"Shhh," the oriental woman said quickly. Her Lycra encased hand raised the dress and her finger found Shelia's anus and began to press on it.

Sheila felt a wetness and knew it was a lubricant of some type.

"Relax, understand?"

"Yes," Sheila answered.

Their strange arrangement had no specific requirement for her to call either of them Master, and Shelia would try to refrain from doing so for as long as possible.

The finger sat in her anus, as if waiting for the next command. Greta wiggled it slightly.

"Did you hear me?" she said. Her voice sounded not quite so calm.

"Yes," Sheila said quickly, and then sneaking a glance over to where Jennings stood slowly disrobing, carefully placing each item on the couch, thereby telling Sheila that her dominators would not be placing her on the couch for their special treatments.

This meant they would be using the special equipment she had ordered for this session.

Shelia was brought back to reality when a second finger invaded her anus.

"I think she's ready, Jennings," the oriental woman said softly.

"Good," Jennings replied and approached Sheila holding something she couldn't make out in his right hand.

Greta's fingers abruptly left her anus a second before Jennings walloped Sheila's ass, striking each cheek in turn, leaving them with wide red markings.

Sheila hadn't even whimpered.

"This little device with spread your ass wide enough to drive a Volvo through," he said with a dry chuckle.

Shelia moaned only when after inserting the device in her anus, he gave it several quick turns, each one spreading her anus further apart.

"Does it hurt?"

"Yes, you know it hurts," she said defiantly, only to be slapped across the face by Greta who had been waiting for just such an opportunity.

Jennings turned the device several more times then asked Greta what she thought.

"Maybe another turn or two,' she replied.

With the next turn, Sheila couldn't contain her scream.

"Yes, I think you're right," Jennings said and gave one last turn, ignoring the plaintive screams that were now non-stop from Sheila's throat.

Greta took over for the next stage, dragging Sheila across the floor, oblivious to the wedding dress Sheila wore when it caught on one of Sheila's heels and tore a small hole in the hemline.

"Oh, fuck, will you just look at what the stupid cunt did to her wedding dress," she said, the amusement obvious in her voice as she tossed Sheila on the over-sized leather hassock as if she were a rag doll.

"Is... is it soiled?" Sheila asked worriedly.

"Sure it is; it's torn too, you stupid cow. You should have been more careful about how you act while wearing it."

Shelia began to sob.

Great grabbed her by the hair and forced her to turn over on her stomach then slapped her across the face several times in rapid succession.

Sheila sensed rather than saw Jennings move in behind her.

With a gentleness that Sheila knew presaged the violence to come, he placed a studded color around her neck.

"You'll wear this at your wedding and for another week after, understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Consider it our wedding gift."

"Thank... thank you... both of you," Sheila whispered through swollen lips.

Jennings pushed the wet hair from her face and kissed her long and gently. Sheila sighed into his mouth as a familiar tingle rose up between her legs.

Taking her by the hand, Jennings helped her to stand and Greta attached leather cuffs to her wrists while Jennings placed ankle restraints to her ankles. But none of the restraints was attached to any of the rings fixed to the walls for that purpose.

Instead, Greta placed a hand on each of Shelia's breasts and began caressing them. Sheila shivered as her fingertips lightly scratched the very tip of her left nipple. A moment later those same hands were squeezing her breasts harder and harder, while Greta leaned in and placed her hot mouth over each stiffened nipple in turn, gnawing and then biting on them while Sheila grew breathless and moaned with pleasure.

The moans vanished the moment Jennings slaped her across the face, causing an agonizing stinging sensation in her nose.

Shelia's eyes flew open. Jennings was waving his throbbing erection under her nose. "Suck it!"

Her mouth yawed open in acquiescence and his cock

plunged between her teeth and deep into her throat. Sheila started choking, but managed to fight off the impulse and gain control before Jennings took further action against her.

"Let's do something different," Jennings whispered. His voice suggested something terrible was about to happen, and Sheila had to struggle so as not to pee in her wedding lingerie.

She hardly felt the metal clamps being put on her nipples by Greta, for Jennings next words sent reverberating shock waves through her.

"I'm taking it out of your mouth so you can stick your tongue out. Then I want you to suck my cock with your tongue hanging out like a panting dog."

The moment he removed his member from her mouth, Sheila obeyed and stuck her tongue out. He promptly rammed his thick penis back into her mouth, and Shelia dutifully attempted to continue sucking him.

But it proved quite difficult. Sheila found herself light headed and overwhelmed with the many sensations coursing through her at once.

First she was again struggling to fight the gag reflex. Her tongue, in a very uncomfortable position, seemed to have a mind of its own in wanting to retract itself back into the more comfortable confines of her mouth.

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