tagLoving WivesThe Anniversary

The Anniversary


My wife, Susan, and I got married pretty young, almost out of high school. As soon as I met her, I knew I had found the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. As perfectly matched as we were, she had never been sexually motivated, I could see glimpses of the sexual animal I wanted to bring out in here from time to time. But, for the most part, it was like watching life through a keyhole, no matter how hard I tried, it seemed like my goal was just a little blurry and certainly out of reach. I wanted to change that.

The hardest part of her not wanting to have sex that often was... her, actually. Susan is a stunning brunette, with shoulder length, curly hair, unruly at times, but framed a beautiful face that had remained unchanged over the years we'd known each other. Her best feature isn't the fact that she's a little taller than normal at 5 foot 7, but her incredible set of 38D cup breasts. She had lacked the curves when we first married and had blossomed into something much more after childbirth, her rear softened up into a nice, well developed set of rounded cheeks. What everyone couldn't see, was the perfectly round, pink nipples that tipped those incredible D cups. Even if I wasn't married to her, it'd be hard to keep my hands off of her, and knowing she was mine, made it even more difficult to only have sex once a month, knowing what that body looked like, naked in my bed and wanting me on it.

Our wedding anniversary was coming up and I made it very clear that I wanted to have sex that night, she kind of gave me the, "Oh, ok... if you REALLY want to," look that I've seen so often with her, usually when I'm on my weekly "let's have sex" begging spree. It always seemed like after I got her in bed and warmed up, she was willing to try pretty much anything I introduced into the bedroom. And the pillow talk we would have while there drove me insane, I could tell there was a real nympho buried deep in my wife, I just had to coax her out. And that was where my plan started to unfold.

The night of our anniversary, we were both dressed casually and she was displaying a little more cleavage than normal with a blouse that hung pretty low. I smiled as I noticed that the neckline was slightly elastic... she wore a lot of those, and I wondered if she did it on purpose, knowing that I enjoyed pulling her shirt down far enough to display even more cleavage.

We went out and did the dinner and movie thing and got back to the house at about 9 pm. The kids were out doing their own thing (on my cue) and we had the house to ourselves. I walked into the living room, shut the drapes and sat down on the couch, looking at the clock on the wall and mentally going over times to make sure my plans go off without a hitch. Susan walks in the room and plops down next to me, looking at me as I reach for the remote.

"Just going to sit there and watch TV, are you? Weren't we going to mess around a little?" Susan said, looking at me suspiciously.

"Want to watch a little TV before we retire to the bedroom?" I said.

"Ok, let's just not spend too much time watching, I'm already starting to get a little tired."

"Fair enough, I figured watching a little 'adult' entertainment would help get you a little warmed up before we start." I had planned this out weeks in advance, so I knew exactly what movie we were going to watch and had already put it on a thumb drive. It was already waiting for me to fire it up on the TV.

I hit play on the TV and the movie starts up, pretty sedate starting with very little story, but increasingly wild action. The first scene was of a pretty typical adult movie couple, a muscular, tanned male and a curvy, fake breasted blonde who works the male over in typical porno style. I look over at Susan and you can tell she's focused on the action and it loving every minute of watching these two writhe on the screen. I reach over and grab her hand and put it on my semi-hard cock. She looked at me, smiles and starts rubbing it through my pants making my member spring to full life.

The scene on the TV had changed to a threesome featuring two women and a man, and by this point, I was hardly watching anything happening up there. Pulling down Susan's shirt a little, I reveal a semi sheer black lace bra - one that I hadn't seen before. Almost as a retaliation for pulling her shirt down, she begins working on my zipper with both hands, her attention divided between the TV and her need to put her hands on my cock. After watching her struggle with it, I help her out and unbutton my pants and unzip my fly, exposing my underwear and my cock shifts over to poke it's big, purple head from the top of my underwear. Not seconds after I unzip, she has it out and starts stroking it with long, deliberate strokes. She has a way of using her thumb to rub right under the head that drives me insane. I'm in heaven.

I nearly lose track of time, but maintain my composure long enough to look up at the clock and realize that the next step of my plan happens at 10 pm, and it's getting close - 5 minutes. I use the time wisely to pull her bra down to expose a stiff, pink nipple. Looking up at her, I notice she's blissfully watching the threesome on TV and stroking my cock absentmindedly. I reach up and put my finger under her chin and draw her attention away from the TV and pull her in for a kiss. Opening my mouth a little further, she reciprocates by opening hers and I work my tongue into her mouth, her tongue mingling with mine.

"Ready to move to the bedroom?" I softly whisper into her ear, kissing it gently.

"I've been ready, I thought you'd never ask." Susan coo's back at me.

With a nod of my head, we head to the bedroom and as soon as we hit the door, she turns and puts her arms around me, kissing me deeply, pulling me into her, and shifting subtly to make sure her body rubs my painfully, partially exposed cock. Reaching down, I pull her blouse over her head, exposing the black lace bra I had only seen the edges of. Looking down, I can clearly see her nipples through the lace. I hadn't planned on leaving it on, but after seeing it, I decide to leave the bra on. Instead, I unbutton her jeans and push them to the floor, revealing a matching set of black sheer lace panties, through which I can see that she's ready for me.

As I reach down to explore the new panties a little, I also realize that she's completely shaved. She knows that drives me insane with passion, I've always had a little bit of a hang up with hair and I love the feel of a cleanly shaved pussy. It feels so sexy when I'm shaved and she's shaved, it seems like if we put any sort of lubrication between us, it's almost a surreal sensation of having both areas sliding around, with nothing but a little lube between us. I leave the panties on and lead her to the bed.

Landing neatly on the bed, with her under me, I reach down and grab her by the wrists, pull them up and say, "How about a little 'restrained' fun?"

"Mmmmm... ok." Susan mutters.

She's always been a little submissive, and I've had a lot of fun tying her up in the past. I've not done it for a while and I'm really looking forward to it. I like to punish my little slave now and again, and this is the night where she's going to give more than she's ever given. I reach over to the nightstand and grab the cuffs and put them on her wrists. We've got a wrought iron bed with a lot of floral scroll work in it, there's plenty of places to latch the cuffs to and I pick a nice spot with her wrists just about the width of her shoulders, making sure she's comfortable.

After the second cuff is in place, I grab some rope I had hidden beneath the pillows and work my way down to her ankles. "Going all out tonight, are we?" Susan purrs.

"Quiet, slave. And... you don't know half of it," sparking a wry grin on her half. Tonight is going to be fun.

Her legs now tied to corners of the bed, leaving her spread eagle with barely enough slack for her to put her knees up, I finish up and admire my handiwork. Looking up and down her, Susan is writhing around slightly, her pussy gleaming slightly by the soft, warm light put out by the lamps on either side of the bed. She looks up at me adoringly and motions me over by a nod of her head.

Smiling a little, I bend over, placing a hand on one of her large breasts and whisper into her ear, "The safeword for tonight is 'banana," and she grins in acknowledgement. I follow her grin with a kiss to the ear.

Shifting my weight a little, I push my cock on to her cheek and she dutifully takes it into her mouth, drawing the big, purple head deeply into her mouth, making a loud sucking noise. The sensation is amazing. I let my little slave suck my cock for a few minutes, while I watch the time closely, at 10:30... I'm going to push her buttons... a lot. And it's nearly time, just about 10 more minutes.

While she's sucking my cock, I spend some time exploring her body, fondling her nipples and rubbing her freshly shaved pussy, watching her move her hips while I rub. Just to make sure she knows that she's the slave, I spank her lightly on the pussy and tits now and again, getting a slight wince from her. In retaliation for the wince, I push my cock deeper into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. It's nearly 10:30 by now, time to roll out the rest of my perverse plan. She has no idea what's in store for her.

Pulling my cock from her mouth, I get a somewhat disappointed look on Susan's face. I reach over to the nightstand and grab the final piece of tonight's hardware, a blindfold. Looking over at her, she knows what I'm holding and looks a little worried, we've done the blindfold thing before and I've had a great time with it. She's always been a little worried with it, but in the end had always warmed up to it. I lean over and put it on her.

"Can you see?" I ask as I reach over and flick the lights on and off a few times, cuing the start of the rest of the night's entertainment.

"You know I can't, damn it."

"Good. Remember the safeword is..."

"Yeah, banana," she interrupts. "What are you doing?"

"Just standing here admiring you, slave. Ssssh."

I can see her shift around a little, uncomfortably, pulling on her restraints as if one is going to magically come undone. I enjoy watching her uneasiness and then I wonder what she's thinking. In the distance, I hear a low click as if a door was being closed softly. A few moments later, I turn around and see that tonight's entertainment has arrived: a tall naked blonde man with a huge erection. He was my height, weight, and completely shaved - my twin in every respect, except his massive cock was a full 2 inches longer than mine.

I knew I wanted to have a threesome for nearly as long as I knew Susan, but I've always been a little afraid about telling her about it. I got her to say once during some pillow talk that she'd fantasized about it while masturbating once or twice and the thought stuck in my head over since. About 4 months ago I came up with this plan, tie her to the bed and watch another man pleasure my wife, blindfolded. And join in later. I've been scouring the web ever since looking for just the right guy to do it.

John was a real interesting find, I found him on a local swinger's website and and I knew that as soon I saw a picture of him, he was the one. John could have easily been my twin, except with one pretty important feature, his cock was about two inches longer than my average 7 incher. My cock is thicker than most and his was every bit as thick, but longer and heavily veined. After contacting him via email, I met him at a local bar a couple of times to make sure he was the one and to go over the "rules of engagement" a few times. ●No speaking until the blindfold comes off. ●Must be shaved (face and cock) and showered. ●He must have no problems with incidental male/male contact... this IS a threesome. ●And... must be on time, ready to go, and naked at my signal at about about 10:30pm.

The rules and plan were simple: to screw and pleasure my wife anonymously and hide it for as long as possible... or until the mask came off. And now he's standing in front of me, naked, hard, and ready to hop on my wife. I motion over to my wife and he walks up the bed, surveying her. I sit down at a chair near the bed and get comfortable, the show is about to begin.

John begins by reaching down and cupping one of Susan's large breasts, seemingly impressed by the look on his face. She responds in turn by arching her back slightly, probably surprised by the sudden attention after laying naked and blindfolded for several minutes. Again, she pulls on her restraints as if magically, one of them would loosen, but they remain a sturdy as ever and keep her arms and legs bound firmly bound.

My doppelganger had only seen pictures of her to this point and pictures never do her justice. I feel a little twinge of something as I see him touch her in that way, it's the first time any man other than myself has touched her in any sexual way in over 20 years. I like it.

Not wasting any time at all, he drops to his knees and pours over my wife's alabaster body, kissing her, sucking her nipples, fingering her pussy, and rubbing his fingers all over her smooth, curvaceous body. Kissing her lips, I can see him rub his erect cock up against her leg and across her hips, I know she can feel it because I can see her push back against it, feeling the length of it. Susan is enjoying this... being pleasured by this stranger, completely unknown to her.

By this time, I've shed all my clothes have plopped down in a chair next to the bed, completely naked, and hard as a rock. Watching her being pleasured by another man is such a turn on, there's no way I can keep from stroking my hard cock while watching the two of them, watching him run his hands and tongue all over her barely clothed body. He looks back at me, I give him the thumbs up and motion for him to take her bra off, which he does, by unsnapping her wrist restraints one at a time to get the garment off. I start to wonder if it bothers him, me watching him and my wife pleasure each other while I just sit there, masturbating. I shrug mentally as I watch him take her bra off, letting her breasts fall slightly to the sides, completely bare and her hard nipples looking like pencil erasers.

I think John had had enough. I see him position himself in a way next to her head, I know what he has in mind, he wants my wife to suck his cock. And I don't blame him. At this point, I'm about ready to go over there and let her do it, but that would ruin things, so I have to placate myself by slowly masturbating, watching the two of them.

Susan can feel him next to her and leans her head over and opens her mouth, John pushes the head of his cock into her mouth and pulls him in. At this point, I'm not sure if she can tell the difference between his cock and mine, but it is intensely erotic to see her start to suck him and watching him push his big cock into my wife's mouth. Pulling back slightly, he runs the length of his shaft across her parting lips, from this angle, I can see her hips gyrating slowly, she needs fucked, badly.

"My God, you are excited, aren't you? You seem bigger than normal, " she coos. "I need you in me, bad. Fuck me."

He ignores her, and continues to push her head on to his huge cock. She chokes a little and he pulls out and repositions himself on her chest. Pushing her large breasts together, he starts sliding his member in between them, met with her willing mouth at the apex of every stroke. Stopping every once in a while to smack her nipples with the head of his engorged cock, he continues to fuck her tits until she can't take any more.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, but... I like it. Fuck me, please... I'm begging you."

John looks over at me and I nod, giving my approval. He gets up and positions himself, missionary style over Susan, his big cock hovering over her pussy, ready to push into her. And, with a little guidance... he's in. She lets out a deep moan, something I'd never heard from her before, and John starts fucking her. Slowly at first, but increasing in speed slowly, Susan is lost in ecstasy, and between the moans, I hear, "God, you're SO big." John spends at least 10 minutes pushing that big cock in and out of her, with me enjoying every minute of it. I get up from the chair to get a better look from the foot of the bed. Susan's breasts are swaying back and forth and leaping up every time he drives into her. I tap on his leg a little and he looks around at me, I motion him off of her and he stands by the edge of the bed and I get on and push into her.

It was almost like she never noticed the difference. I drive deeply into her and she moans in pleasure. "Do you like my cock, Susan?"

"Oh God, yes. It's SO good...."

"Good. The only way it'd get better would if I made myself twins, huh?"

"Yeah, right... just keep fucking, I'm going to cum... hard and soon."

"Well, we don't want that... do we... slave." Knowing full well that she is DONE after she orgasms, I get off of her and stand next to the bed.

"You bastard, come back over here and fuck me."

I give her a light slap to the cheek and say, "No, you're MY slave. I do what I want. Now suck me." I motion to John to get up next to her face and she dutifully starts sucking his cock. I crawl up next to her head on the other side, watching her work John's big cock over. "You like that big cock, don't you?"

"Mmmmm... I do. I'd like it better if it were fucking me."

I lean in, place my cock on the side of her cheek, rubbing it around a little and trace a little path from her nose to her ear and take her mask off.

The look on her face goes from passion to a mix of amazement and horror. She immediately removes John's cock from her mouth and spins to look at me. For a minute, she says absolutely nothing, her gaze going from me back to John and back to me. She glances at each of our cocks, which are hovering over her face, just inches from her cheek.

She finally musters up enough breath to say something, "I don't believe you did this to me. You're an asshole. Now untie me!"

"You've already had his cock in your mouth and your pussy, finish the job, slave."

"Oh no... have I? So that was... him fucking me?" She looks John up and down, eyes squinting at the massive piece of meat hovering over her face, still glistening with her saliva, almost pulsating with sexual energy. She licks her lips slightly and watches a drop of precum fall from the head of cock.

"John... Susan. Now you've been properly introduced."

I nod to John and whatever Susan was going to say was now muffled by his big cock entering her mouth. I reach down and remove her hands from her restraints and she immediately reaches up and grabs my cock and starts stroking it, her other hand is now pulling John into her mouth, deeply. I get up for a second and release her legs and she positions her now freed self in a spot much more conducive to sucking him and his huge, veined cock.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I watch her work her magic on the huge member, stroking the shaft of his cock while she sucks the big, purple head in and out of her mouth. She runs her tongue up and down the shaft, stopping to nuzzle her nose in his balls. My wife takes each one of his balls into her mouth and pulls on them, causing John to moan slightly. I watch as she tongues his balls and strokes his cock at the same time. I can't take any more and I get up by her head and pull her over to suck mine, too. Susan's in ecstasy. She licks and sucks mine for a bit, and switches to Johns and then back to mine. She pulls herself up a bit and rests and the headboard a bit, propped up by her elbows. John and I both push our cocks in closer to her face and by turning her face just a little, she can switch between them easily. Sitting up a little more allows her use of her hands again.

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