tagFetishThe Anniversary Cocktail

The Anniversary Cocktail


It was approaching their 38th wedding anniversary and Tinkerbell hadn't sprung Arthur wanking recently. It must have been about 2 weeks since he last snuggled up to her in bed, sliding his hand under the covers to fondle her breasts and rub his cock against her.

Only a few weeks before that they had been on a road trip where it had been difficult to play on the relatively uncomfortable and squeaky beds. So not much opportunity for him to fit in a sneaky wank there either.

In fact it was the night after they returned home from the trip, when they had that nice meal and a bottle of wine, that Arthur had last wanked in bed to her knowledge. Tinkerbell wished she felt the same ardour he still seemed to have, but physiology had worked against her and it didn't make things any easier as they aged. She had noticed that even Arthur often wasn't fully hard now when he did come these days.

He really was a bit of a chronic masturbator, but she liked that he still wanted to do it in bed alongside her. She knew some of their friends her age didn't even share the same bedroom any more, let alone want to go to sleep fondling each other or simply holding hands. That is if they were lucky enough to still be married at all and not one of the now too common widowed or otherwise single girls, with limited prospects of finding such a silly friend as he was to share the rest of their life with.

That night, when they had been a little tipsy after the wine, he repeated what he had occasionally done before. He had retired first and begun a half hearted rub in bed before she came up from the lounge room. What she found when she followed shortly after was that he had left a feeding bottle on the bathroom vanity.

He had done this only a few times before and she wondered wherever he had thought that up. She wondered where in fact he got the bottle from. There had been one around a few years ago that had eventually disappeared from the bathroom cupboard, but it had recently made a come back.

She knew what he wanted. He was just pretending to be asleep and she could see the sheets move a bit as he ground his cock into the mattress for stimulation, in expectation of what might follow. Although she didn't quite understand, she held the bottle between her legs and took a small pee. "I wonder how much he wants?" she thought. "I wish I hadn't used the downstairs powder room before I came to bed."

"Anyway, why does he seem to like doing this so much?"

She finished cleaning off her make-up and took the mostly empty bottle to bed, placing it on his bedside table before jumping in the other side. "You were expecting something special tonight?" She asked.

Arthur stopped feigning to be asleep and picked up the bottle. The lights were off but she could hear the disappointment in his voice when he said "There's not much there."

"It's enough. I really don't know what you see in it, but if it turns you on, go ahead." She reached out and stroked his arm. "Go on, I know you'll enjoy it."

He could hear more tenderness in her voice.

She lay there and listened to him sucking on the teat. Every so often he paused to take a breath and let some air in. She could hear the bubbles as the air came back in to replace what he had sucked out.

"What does it taste like?"

"The bottle of wine we just finished."

"I bet it doesn't."

"No, but I'm glad we finished the mineral water as well. You're well hydrated. Much nicer than once before."

She almost laughed. He really was such a baby. She thought back to the dinner party he had gate crashed more than 40 years ago, where they had met. "OK baby, roll over and I'll tickle your back."

They rolled over and she swept her arm over his back a couple of times before they both fell off to sleep almost immediately.

The following week was occupied mainly by cleaning up after the trip and getting the normal housework sorted. Tinkerbell was also contemplating what to do for their fast approaching anniversary. For many years she had cooked a candle lit dinner for two at home. This was usually a crustacean extravaganza that replayed a crayfish dinner they enjoyed on their honeymoon. This year she was trying to think up a variation to spice things up.

After checking out the seafood markets she kept coming back to the same menu as last year. Shellfish on a spiced rice pilaf. They would start with Champagne and find a cheeky Vermentino to accompany the main. Strawberries were so plentiful and good at the moment they would be the base of the dessert.

The plan was starting to firm up now, but she felt there was something missing. The food and wine was going to be excellent, but she felt it would be nice to add something special to make it a really memorable dinner. There had been so many unexpected things come up this last year or two.

She kept waking up during the night and at one point in her half asleep state felt Arthur rubbing his cock gently against her in his sleep and mumbling something that sounded quite rude. She decided then on the extra special thing she was going to add to the anniversary night to blow his mind.

Arthur had always had a fetish for suspenders and stockings, which she hadn't bothered wearing for many years now since moving to the sub tropics. Tinkerbell decided she was going to dress up the dinner by dressing herself up. There was still a suspender belt and stockings somewhere at the bottom of one of the lingerie drawers and she had some ideas for another special something that Arthur wouldn't be expecting. She was looking forward to seeing his face when she served up the anniversary dinner dressed up as one of his favoured retro style pin-up girls.

The day of the dinner was quite normal. She played tennis with the girls in the morning while he played in his wood shop making another multi drawer cabinet. She wondered what style this one would be. The afternoon was spent shopping for the ingredients and doing the dinner prep work. The dining table was laid out and had a large bunch of yellow roses as the centre piece.

It was time to put her plan into play.

They showered and dressed. She had chosen a knee length cotton summer frock. The bodice was sort of blousey with puffy capped sleeves. The skirt gored and flared. It buttoned all the way down the front.

Arthur dressed first and was downstairs watching the TV news when she got out of her shower. She trimmed her pubic hair and shaved the bikini line. Tinkerbell had chickened out on having a Brazilian wax, but had had her legs done the previous day in preparation.

She dressed in the suspenders and stockings followed by the pretty apricot coloured matching lace bra and panties. She put on the dress and did up all the buttons.

Next came the make-up. Tonight she was going all out on the eye shadow and trying to do the 60's thing with the thick under eye Kohl pencil. She didn't think she carried it off that well, but many of the pin-up pictures on his screen saver seemed to look that way.

She tidied up her hair and went downstairs.

Arthur looked up and took a double take. "I like the dress." he said.

"I'm not sure about the eye-shadow." she replied. "I think I look a bit like a panda."

"You do, but it looks a little slutty. Nice touch." He smiled.

He noticed the nyloned legs, but thought nothing about it as it had been cold the last few nights and wearing pantyhose made sense tonight, even if it was sub tropical springtime.

She pottered about a bit in the kitchen and got things ready to go in the oven.

She took out the champagne glasses and asked "Why don't you go and get the champagne from the bar fridge?"

He popped out up the hallway and she quickly pulled another rather large wine glass from the shelf. She lifted her skirt and peed a little into the glass, it was about half full. She placed it on the bench and was glad she had had those two glasses of water just before her shower. The pee was a light golden colour. It sort of looked like a fino sherry.

Arthur returned with the bottle and popped the cork. She took the bottle from him saying, "Let me pour."

Arthur handed over the bottle and went back to sit down. He watched as Tinkerbell poured the first glass in a champagne flute and paused.

She looked at him and said "I've got a surprise present for you tonight. I'm making you a special cocktail. It's called a Golden Velvet." She turned and topped up the half full wineglass with champagne. "I hope you like it."

Arthur was stunned and speechless. He could feel his heart race and his cheeks flush.

Tinkerbell held out the glass to him.

He came back over to the bench and took the glass from her hand. He placed it down on the table and stepped closer and kissed her.

"I'm sure I will." He took a sip and smiled. He took another sip and his blood pressure surged as his heart raced. "It's wonderful. I hope you don't forget the recipe."

She was sure it must have tasted horrible, but was glad he looked so happy. "He really is a little odd, but I still love him after all these years." She thought.

She was bursting now as she had stopped mid pee. She rushed off to the bathroom to finish and thought she heard him say "A pity to waste such lovely nectar" as he took another sip of her special cocktail.

When she came back from the bathroom a few of her dress buttons were undone. Her blouse was gaping and as she leant over Arthur innocently, he could see her underwear.

He admired her small breasts encased in the apricot lace. "Peachy" he thought.

He still liked looking at her body. He remembered only yesterday he had been looking at old photos he had archived on his PC and found a picture of her when she was just 19, years before they met. He kept coming back to look at it and her small pert breasts pushing against her tight top. It was a doppelganger effect as he realised he was perving on his own wife and those same breasts were before him right now, thankfully still looking much the same as they did then.

Arthur wondered how their lives might have changed if they had met then and not years later. Would they be celebrating 44 years rather than 38?

The rest of the evening went well. The seafood was delicious and the Vermentino was just the right wine to accompany the meal. They had only had the one cocktail to start and the rest of the bottle of champagne was corked up in the fridge. Perhaps ready for another cocktail tomorrow.

Tinkerbell had slowly undone more of her dress buttons during the meal and Arthur had enjoyed seeing most of her bra for most of the meal. When she got up from the table he also realised she was wearing suspenders and stockings and he enjoyed being flashed with an occasional view of her stocking tops and panties as she moved about.

All the same, they were both a bit tipsy after the rich meal and a few too many glasses of wine. They were ready to retire to the bedroom.

Arthur watched as she disrobed. She undid her bra and put it aside and now stood there in just her stockings like a pussy cat caught in the spotlight of his gaze. She took off her panties to go to the bathroom. He sat on the bed and continued watching.

"Will you wear the stockings to bed?" He asked in a trembling voice.

She looked at him and his plaintive look. She made a split second decision that climbed a wall she had never crossed before.

"I have a better idea. Come into the bathroom."

She pulled out some towels and laid them on the tiles.

"Strip off and lie on the towels."

Arthur was trembling almost uncontrollably. He could barely unbutton his shirt. He ripped off the last button, he pulled his pants down and lay on the floor.

Tinkerbell circled above him. She stood with her stockinged feet astride his head and looked down into his eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

He nodded feebly and dropped his eyes from her face to the sweet spot between her legs, framed by the suspender straps and stocking welts. He waited expectantly.

He looked up again.

"Are you really, really sure?"

He nodded again. He was so full of nervous expectation he couldn't really speak.

She squatted over his face and told him to open his mouth.

He waited.

Tinkerbell could feel it coming, but the flow wouldn't start. She grunted. "Oh damn, come out will you!" she said.

She felt a drop form and it dripped on to his chin. She concentrated again and got a little squirt that missed again and got him on the cheek. A bit splashed in his eye.

"Ow." He closed his eyes and stopped watching.

She felt the flow come in. She squirted a little into his mouth, then clenched her muscles. She stopped.

"Swallow" she ordered.

He did as he was told.

She squirted again, stopped and told him to swallow. She did it again 2 or 3 more times until she couldn't hold back a full flow any longer.

She stood up and he opened his eyes and watched as she let her golden shower flow all over his chest. She stepped back a bit and sprayed his balls with hot pee.

She stood up empty, wondering what she had just done. "Just as well the towels were on the floor" she thought "or we would be having a flood into the bedroom about now."

They were both shivering as the cooling pee made them feel even colder in the night air.

They both jumped in a quick hot shower and into bed.

They lay snuggled up to each other not saying anything for a while.

"Thank you." Arthur finally said "I've wanted that for so long."

"I know." replied Tinkerbell "I'm sorry I haven't been able to do it for you."

"What is it about it that you like so much?"

"I don't really know. The wet sex thing has always appealed to my twisted imagination for some reason. Before Internet porn you'll remember I did seem to prefer those Danish Bizarre Sex magazines. Internet porn came along and I found it wasn't perhaps as uncommon a fetish as I had imagined. Some girls seem to actually enjoy doing it to a guy. Sex is supposed to be sexy after all and a little bit of kink seems to make it more fun."

He paused and thought for a while, then continued "I suppose the thought of a golden shower from any pretty girl would turn me on, just as I enjoy the sight of any pretty girl in suspenders and stockings. But there is more. With you I really want to drink your pee. I still desire you so much it hurts. Drinking from you is so intimate.

Since things became more difficult in the sex department, I have missed the other messy bits of love making. I've missed going to sleep inside you. Drinking your pee is intensely erotic and makes me feel I have part of you inside me. It gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling."

"It could be worse I suppose." she said "You might have read 50 Shades of Grey and want me to start whipping you!"

"Perhaps we could start with just a gentle spanking first?"

"Oh! Honestly! You are a naughty boy. I should obviously be more careful and not give you any new ideas. Who knows where this could end?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, but you had better also want to do the laundry in the morning."

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