tagLoving WivesThe Anniversary Gift

The Anniversary Gift


"Guess what today is, honey." Jordan said as she sailed into the dining room; chestnut ponytail bouncing.

Matt looked at his exceptionally beautiful, albeit, a little too perky, wife over his coffee cup.

"What?" He gave her a blank stare.

"You forgot?"

In an instant Jordan went from perky to pissed; her green eyes flashed fire.

"I can't believe you FORGOT!"

"Hun, now calm down. I am sure that it is not that important." Matt flashed his irate wife a smile. "Now, what is it that I seem to have forgotten?"

"NOT IMPORTANT?" She spat, "You know what, your right. It's so unimportant, that I don't think that you need to know at all." Jordan looked defeated. "What's the use?"

"Well, dear, I have to go to work now," Matt stood and pecked his wife on the cheek. "I hope you have a good day. By the way, what's for dinner?"

"Ooooh, you ASSHOLE, not a Goddamn thing!" Jordan began cleaning the breakfast dishes off the table.

Matt had to swallow a grin, 'If she only knew!'

Jordan watched Matt leave. "I can't believe he actually forgot our anniversary! After five years, he forgot."

She started the dishwasher and went to make the bed. When she walked into the bedroom, she noticed a huge box on the bed, wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bright red ribbon. A simple card on top said,

"Open Me!"

Jordan smiled, "He didn't forget!"

Then, like a kid at Christmas, she began to open the present. Once she got all the paper off, she noticed that there were several smaller boxes inside the larger one. Jordan picked up the biggest one, and opened it. Inside there was THE most risqué dress she had ever seen.

"OH MY GOD!" She couldn't help but grin.

Next box contained a pair of red patent leather thigh high boots, with at least a five inch heel. The last box contained a blonde wig. Jordan popped that on her head, and the curly hair was so long, it fell past her ass.

"Wow, I think that he wants to play a game tonight." She giggled, "This should be fun!"

At the very bottom of the box, was a card.

Dear Jordan,

Ha! Ha! Ha! Got Ya! There are a few things you need to know about the outfit you are holding in your sexy little hand.

1. That is NOT your present. That is what you are to wear to get it.


3. Take a long hot bath. It is going to be a LONG hot night.

4. I am not telling you were we're going, so don't ask. I will send a

car to pick you up.

I love you baby! I can't wait to see you in that dress! My dick is getting hard just thinking about it.



Jordan just had to try on this hot little number. She stripped out of her blue jeans, blouse, bra, and panties. She picked up the dress and slipped it over her head. The dress was made of some kind of stretchy fabric that was soft and shiney. It hugged every curve of her body. The hem stopped mid-thigh, with a side slit to her hip. Jordan tucked her hair under the wig, and let it fall. It tickled her nearly bare shoulders, and naked back. When she bent to slip into the boots, her tits popped out of the confines.

"Oops" She giggled, "No bending over in this get-up."

Tucking everything back in, she turned around to admire her reflection.

"OH MY GOD! Good bye plain ol' house wife. HELLO, Jordan Super Slut!"

Jordan did a little turn in front of the mirror so she could get a good look from all angles.

"I look so HOT in this dress, I am turning myself on." She could feel dampness between her legs. "Hmmm, pre-sex masturbation, sounds pretty good." She flipped on the stereo and started doing a striptease for herself, turning herself on even more.

When she was wearing nothing more than the boots, she began running her hands up her ribs, and under her size thirty-six C breasts. With feather light touches, she teased her nipples until they stood up proud, and rock hard.

"Mmmm, you two look so tasty." Jordan lowered her head and lifted her breast up, and began to suckle; left, then right. Her pussy was soaked. She could feel the juices running down her thigh. Jordan slowly lowered her hand and gave her hot little clit a tickle.

"Oh!" She licked her finger. "Mmm, so salty and sweet, no wonder Matt loves to eat me out so much!"

Jordan lay down on the bed.

"I think that it is toy time!" She panted, while she rubbed her clit more intensely.

Reaching her hand that was not busy into the drawer beside the bed, she grabbed her favorite jelly dildo. She brought it to her mouth and slowly licked the plastic head, running her tongue around it. She put her lips around it, pretending it was Matt. Relaxing her throat, she took in as much of the ten inch fake cock as she could.

Jordan leisurely inserted the jelly cock into her sopping pussy.

"Oh, yes!" She purred, as she pulled it in and out. She slowed down her right middle finger on her clit and matched the rhythm of the dildo in her left hand. She would stop every once in a while and suck some of her juices off of the cock.

"Mmm, so good!"

The telephone began to ring, so Jordan started fucking herself furiously, rubbing her clit with renewed vigor.

R I N G: Rub, Rub, Rub. R I N G: Rub, Rub, Rub.

Jordan moaned, as the orgasm hit her, making her legs curl up, and her thighs smash together. Still panting, she reached over and answered the phone.

"Hello?" She panted

"Are you masturbating?"

"No, Matt, I just finished."

"Well, I take it you liked your little surprise?" He asked her.

"Oh yes honey! You won't believe how sexy I look in this dress!"

"I have a pretty good idea! No more playing with yourself, now. I want you to save it all for tonight. I have a couple of more surprises for you."


"Yes, now be good."

"I will."

"I mean it Jordan. I love you hon, Happy Anniversary."

"Happy Anniversary Matt, I love you too."

"Gotta go now, see you at six."

"O.K. babe, see you at six. Love you."

"Love you, bye."

Jordan hung up the phone, and put her toy away. She glanced at the clock; it was only ten-thirty. What on earth was she going to do until it was time to get ready?

At six o'clock on the nose, Jordan heard the car pull up. Not bothering with a coat, she stepped outside, and gasped when she saw it was a limo.

"Wow, Matt must have something special planned for tonight!"

The driver was looking at her like she was a lamb and he was a hungry wolf, and "accidentally" brushed against her ass as she climbed in.

"You like what you see, big boy?" She asked him.

"Yes ma'am!" He answered with a leer.

"Well, you can look all you want, but you can't touch!" She flashed him a megawatt smile.

The drive only took a few minutes, and then they were at The most exclusive hotel in the area. The driver got out and opened her door.

"You are to go to room 118, and knock." He told her.

"Thank you." Jordan said with a flip of her fake blonde hair.

Jordan found the room with no problem. She stood there, for a moment, composing herself, before knocking.

"Come on girl, don't get nervous now." She knocked.

Matt opened the door, and whistled through clenched teeth.

"My God, woman, you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen!"

"You like?" She asked as she spun around, so he could get the full benefit.

"Like, is not the word I would have chosen, but yes, I do, VERY MUCH. Now get in here before I take you right in the hall way." Matt grabbed her hand and pulled her inside.

There was a table set up in the room, with flowers and champagne, and dinner. It smelled wonderful. Jordan's tummy grumbled.

"Hungry babe?"

"Yes, what's for dinner?" She asked.

"Oh, just some lobster, shrimp scaloppini, and YOU!"

Jordan laughed. "Hmm, sounds good to me!"

Matt led her to the table and pulled out her chair.

For the next hour, they sat there, eating and talking, having a date for the first time in years. When Matt popped the cork on the champagne bottle, and poured them both glasses, he reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a small velvet box.

"We have been married for five years today." He started formally. "I want you to know that I would do it all over again. You have been the best wife any man could want. You are sexy, funny, smart, and uninhibited." He handed Jordan the box. "Go ahead and open it."

Jordan lifted the lid, and gasped in awe. Inside there was a diamond anniversary band. It was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen.

"Oh Matt, this is wonderful!"

"Put it on, does it fit?"

"Like a glove!" She said as she slipped it on her finger.

"Ok, now for gift number two." Matt pushed the table out of the way and whistled.

"Number two?" Jordan was clueless.

Out from the bedroom came the most gorgeous man Jordan had ever seen. He had to have been at least six foot tall, two hundred pounds of pure muscle, light brown hair and blue eyes.

"Hello Jordan, my name is Reece." He stuck out his hand. Jordan stood there dumbfounded and just stared. The man was naked for cripes sake. His chest was smooth and brown, until it got to his waist, were a lightly furred trail of happiness started. Her gaze followed that trail, to his cock, that was easily ten inches long. Jordan's eyes jumped back to his face. He had been watching her, she blushed instantly. Reece flashed a smile, which made her knees go weak.

"Babe, are you embarrassed?" Matt grinned at her.

"Umm, a little, what am I supposed to do with him?" She asked.

"Well, you always said you wanted to have a threesome, so I got Reece, to help you out. It is your anniversary gift."


"Reece, why don't you put on some soft music, and I will pour us some drinks."

Reece went to the small stereo, and pushed play on the CD. Soft music floated about the room, relaxing Jordan. Matt handed out glasses of mixed drinks.

"To five years," he said raising his glass, "and to new friends." He winked at Reece. They clicked glasses, and sipped their drinks.

Reece reached out and took Jordan's drink. "Come and dance with me sexy lady." He took her hand and led her out to the living area. Reece put his arms around her and pulled her tight against his viral body. With slow undulating motions, he ground his hips against her. He lowered his head and lightly licked her neck. Jordan tipped her head back to give him better access to her sweet spot.

"Mmm, I like that." She whispered.

Reece moved his hands in lazy circles up and down her bare back. Jordan's flesh broke out in goose bumps. He reached down and cupped a cheek of her ass.


"Thank you." She gave him a coy smile.

"Why don't you take off that dress, and show me how nice it looks naked."

"I have a better idea, why don't you help me?"

Gently Reece slipped one strap off of her shoulder, and kissed the skin. Tonguing a hot moist trail, to her other shoulder, he slid the other strap down. He pushed the dress down to her waist, freeing her bountiful breasts.

"My god, woman, you are lovely!" He told her, as he dipped his head to taste her already hardening nipples.

Jordan gasped in ecstasy as his hot mouth enveloped her rose bud. In languid circles, he lapped at them. Jordan, found her hands, moving all over his wonderful body. Tight muscles, jumped when her questing fingers touched them, eliciting gasps of pleasure from his full mouth. He pushed her dress past her hips, and down her thighs. She stepped out of it and kicked it behind her.

Matt was watching this little dance, with his dick in his hand.

"Oh honey, you shaved you pussy!" A little pearl of pre-cum, glistened on the tip of his cock. "Did you do that for me?"

"Mmhmm, do you like it?"

"Look at my dick, and you tell me."

Jordan turned her head and watched her husband slowly rubbing himself.

"I guess so." She gave him her best, I-am-a-whore smile.

Reece decided at that point that he needed to start licking his way down her belly. He stopped when he reached her belly-button, and made sure that he spent extra time lavishing wet tongue kisses on that sensitive little button.

"Oh my, Reece, that feels wonderful!" Jordan gasped.

"If you like that, wait till I start munching on that wet snatch of yours." Reece replied as he pushed her thighs apart, and dipped his head.

He inhaled her scent deeply, "You smell so damn good. I can't wait to taste you!"

Matt was still jerking on his swollen member; slowly as to not bring himself to orgasm yet. "Yeah, Reece, eat that smooth pussy!"

Reece led Jordan to the plush sofa and helped her sit down and get comfortable. He then resumed his pleasant torture of her body; once again he took a nipple and teased it with his questing tongue. He was taking his time, enjoying her taste. After what seemed like forever, he started his way back down to her pussy. Instead of diving right in, he circled the lips with his tongue, and licked his way to her thighs. His tonguing was driving Jordan insane with lust.

"Oh; please Reece; eat my pussy! I can't take it anymore!" Jordan pleaded in breathless little gasps.

"Patience pretty one, patience!" Reese told her, as he resumed his torture.

Finally, Reece dipped his tongue in her waiting hole.

"OH YES!" Jordan moaned.

His tongue started doing its deliberate tormenting of her senses. It would dive into her hole, and then orbit her swollen clit; never actually touching it. Reece spread her cheeks and dipped his tongue down her crack, and rimmed her tight little brown eye.

"OOOH!" Jordan gasped.

After what seemed like hours, Reece's tongue reached her clit and began lapping at her joy button in earnest.

Jordan felt the orgasm hit her almost instantly. Her whole body convulsed and shuttered with the force.

"OH; OH; OH!" She screamed.

Matt was jerking himself off furiously. He got up and stood over his spent wife.

"I am going to come all over your perky little tits!" He groaned his face red with the pending orgasm. Matt's knees buckled as he began to cum. Two long spurts landed on Jordan's sweaty skin, just below her left tit. "Damn, I missed!" Matt laughed.

Jordan stood up, "Well, I am going to get cleaned up."

"Oh no, babe; you are staying right here." Matt told her, "We are not done with you yet!"

Matt took off the rest of his cloths; he was still wearing his shirt and tie, his pants around his ankles. When he was completely naked, he stood before his sweaty wife, leaned down and kissed her. He kissed her until her knees were weak, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth.

"MMMM." Jordan panted.

When the kiss finally ended, she dipped her head to his neck and nuzzled his nape. She ran her hands down her husband's chest, flicking her nails across his nipples. He moaned softly.

"Lick 'em Jordan. Suck on my nipples." Jordan complied readily.

While she was doing what Matt asked her to do, Reese began rubbing his stiff dick on her ass cheeks, and dipping into her slit. Jordan began to hump him slowly. She knelt down in front of Matt and started to tease his limp cock back to life, by sucking him into her mouth and releasing him, and then sucking him back in again.

"Oh, God, baby, that feels divine."

Jordan felt her husband's dick getting hard; she couldn't wait to feel him in her soaked hole. "Matt I want you to fuck me!"

"Soon Jordan, soon, right now, though, I want you to start sucking off Reece!"

Jordan loved it when Matt told her what to do. She pivoted on her heels and swallowed Reece's cock in one huge slurp.

"Fuck playing around!" She said when she had released him from the warm, wet confines of her willing mouth, and then she swallowed him down again.

Reece's head was spinning with the pleasurable sensations this little hottie was causing. He could feel his load rising to the mushroom head of his cock.

Matt stood up behind his wife, and raised her hips. Jordan straitened her knees, and gave him a view of her wet pussy, and asshole.

"You want me to fuck you Jordan?" He asked her.

"Oh yes, Matt."

Matt complied, and pushed his rock hard cock into her swollen pussy. Jordan gasped in pure pleasure. She took her time on Reese, licking the head of his dick, circling it with her tongue. She licked up and down the shaft; wrapped her small hand around as much of his huge member as she could. Jordan then rolled his hairy balls in her mouth, sucking one, and lightly squeezing the other. She moved her hand up and down on his dick, alternating her hand and her mouth.

Matt was pummeling her cunt with his cock, slamming himself inside her. His deep penetrating thrusts caused her head to bob back and forth on Reece, as well as up and down. Matt could feel himself getting close to Cumming.

"Rub you clit!" He commanded his wife, "I want you to cum with me!"

Jordan had to balance herself, as she was still sucking down Reece's cock, and reached back and began to rub her rock-hard, swollen clit.

"Stop!" Matt commanded her. "I want you to fuck us both."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I want you to have Reese in your pussy, while I fuck your sweet little asshole."

"Matt, no, I don't,"

Matt didn't let her finish, he pulled out of her pussy and started to ease his way into her bung hole.

"Reece," He ground out, "Stick that big ass dick of yours in her cunt!"

Of course Reece was more than happy to do as Matt wanted. He lay down on the floor, and pulled Jordan down on top of him. Matt stopped trying to cram himself in her until Reece was situated.

Jordan lowered herself down on his cock, moaning deep with in her throat. She was on her knees, and she started to ride him, slowly easing herself up and down.

"You are so big, you feel so good, I am getting so close." She gasped.

Matt waited until his gorgeous wife was situated; and began to push himself back into her tight ass. Jordan his cock filling her up; she had never felt so completely full, with one cock in her pussy and one in her ass.

Matt told her to hold still, let them do the work; and then they began to move inside her, with alternating strokes. Matt would pull out, and Reece would push in. The sensations they were causing were driving her insane, putting her on the brink of THE most powerful orgasm of her life. With out thinking she clenched the muscles of her pussy and ass, and both men groaned. They began moving in unison inside her. She couldn't stand it anymore, and began to rub her clit again.

"I am going to cum!" She shouted.

"Oh, yeah baby, cum for me!" Matt told her as he thrust into her stretched ass.

"Yeah, Jordan, let yourself go!" Reece told her.

Then it happened, her world exploded, her body quaked, and her ass and pussy spasmed, and both men seemed to let go inside her at once. Jordan could feel cum running down her legs and between her ass cheeks, as her husbands limp cock fell out of her abused ass hole. When she stood up, a river of cum leaked from her puffy pussy lips, and ran down the inside of her boots.

"That," She panted, when she was able to speak, "Was the most incredible orgasm of my entire life!"

"Well, I hope that your anniversary was one to remember Jordan!" Reece told her, as he walked out of the bathroom, with three; warm, wet, towels. He handed one to each of them and went to pour drinks for everyone.

"I know that I will never forget it!" Matt said as he took the drink from Reece.

Jordan looked at both men, "Thank you! I have had one of my ultimate fantasies come true! Thank you Matt, my love; and thank you Reece!"

Reece smiled, "Your welcome, both of you; but I should be thanking you instead!"

Jordan gave the men a smile, and went to the bathroom to clean up.

"Maybe in a couple of hours, we could play again?"

Matt, and Reece, grinned, like a couple of school boys.

"I think that could be arranged!" They said in unison.

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