tagNonHumanThe Antagonists

The Antagonists


"Damn it, girl, you go too far!"

Marcus slammed his fist on the table. Papers, pens, memory tabs flew in all directions. The small, slender cat opposite him jumped, but held his stare firmly.

"I repeat, Governor," Selkis said evenly. "If you cannot guarantee the security of the outlying districts, then we are prepared to take up arms and do it ourselves. In which case we will consider ourselves no longer bound to the authority of the Governor in Menat, as you will have clearly abrogated your responsibility to us."

Governor Marcus Lamaitier glared down at the young Bastetin girl, breathing heavily. When they had first met, a decade ago, she had been just a girl; a little, frightened cat, clutching her grandfather's hand as Marcus and his men announced to her village that they were slaves no more. The end of the hideous, incorporeal Lhorgos, who had enslaved an entire galaxy, had come to an end.

The years since had been difficult, for both of them. Marcus had faced the challenge of a precarious rule over an isolated planet in a galaxy steadily sliding into anarchy, while Selkis had grown into a strong-willed young woman, a natural leader of her increasingly obstreperous farming and ranching people. The strain on both had come to stretch their friendship more and more, as they more and more often found themselves on opposing sides.

"And when you are no longer 'bound to my authority', where will you send your produce? Where will you get your supplies?"

Selkis' tail barely twitched as she answered the towering thylacine. "Once we have seen to our security, we will open new trade negotiations with the Governor. Or we will pursue other offers that have already been made."

"Made by whom?" Marcus growled.

"Several of our villages have been approached by Dasyuran traders in the past year."

"They dare!" he breathed. "You dare!"

"We have of course refused their offers, as per our obligations to your authority. If, however, you renege on your authority, we may have to reconsider their offers. We would prefer, of course, to maintain ties with Menat - for the sake of our past relationship - and so we would be prepared to offer generous concessions."

"Concessions! Past -!" he spluttered. "Your Bastetin presumption astounds me!"

"As your Thylassian arrogance disappoints me."


"Yes, arrogance!" Selkis returned his glare. "With the Lhorgos gone, you Thylassians think you rule the galaxy! You who were once the lickspittles of our slave masters - now you presume to be our masters!" Now Selkis stood and slammed her own fists on the table. More debris cascaded to the floor.

"Well, let me tell you, Governor," she breathed. "We are free people and we will never bow to a slaver's yoke again!" The two of them were almost nose to nose, their eyes flashing daggers. Selkis felt Marcus' breath hot on her face as he breathed heavily, quivering, and speechless with rage. After a long moment, he wrenched away, and stalked across his office, kicking his chair aside. It careened into the wall with a crash. A large framed map of Bastetin fell from its hanging. Glass shattered and wood splintered. Marcus spun back to face her, his fists clenched at his sides.

"Damn you, girl! DAMN you!" His ears were flat against his skull. His nose wrinkled in a hideous snarl as he roared. "Arrogance, is it? Let me tell you about my arrogance!" He jabbed a finger at her like a knife.

"You think I wish to rule? To be a master?" He clenched his fist. "I have surrendered power - and willingly! Now I must cajole and argue, and beg, just to make a foolish girl do what is in her own interests. And you think that is power? No! Once, I had power - I was a slave over slaves, yes, but once, I could have but given you the order and you would have instantly obeyed. Had I ordered you, you would have thrown yourself out of that window. That was power!"

Selkis drew herself up to her full height, though the Thylassian still towered over her.

"Yes, you were a slave. A slave over slaves. No doubt you relished your little power. No doubt you wish you could still order me to my death!" She crossed her arms and glared at him haughtily. "No doubt you wish you could order me into your bed!"

Selkis threw her arms wide. "Well, my lord," she challenged. "Do you wish it?" Before her eyes, Marcus' entire demeanour changed, with a shocking suddenness.

He stared at her, stricken. The rage had fled from his face, which had turned ghastly pale. He sagged, as if, leaving, his anger had left him deflated. For a long moment neither spoke. Then Marcus said softly.

"No. No - that I would never order." There was the slightest stress, almost unintelligible, on the word order.

Selkis opened her mouth again, then stopped. She narrowed her gaze at the governor, whose eyes now dropped to the floor. She paused, her tail swayed once, snake-like. Then her mouth curved in the slightest smile.

"But you would ask?"

Marcus raised his gaze, and met hers. A fire that was not anger smouldered deep In his golden eyes.

"No," he said hoarsely. "No, I would not ask: that, my lady, I would beg of you."

Selkis gulped. Her cold fury had drained away. A new heat was rising in her body. She took a tentative step towards him. Held out her shaking hands.

"And the answer, my lord, would be yes."

Marcus' eyes widened. Hope and desire flared in them. Flotsam cracked beneath his feet as he rushed towards Selkis. He threw himself into her waiting arms and lowered his face to hers. Selkis' eyes closed as they kissed long and deeply. Then he swept her up into his arms. Selkis felt like a child in his powerful embrace. She snuggled into his golden fur.

He crossed the room in a few strides. A door in the far wall swung open at his touch. Behind was a room: his private quarters.

The room was dark and cool. He gently lowered her to a large but unadorned bed. Despite its Spartan appearance, the bed was soft and yielding, the mattress fitting itself to the curves of her body as she sunk into it. Marcus touched a wall plate and subdued lights faded on. Selkis glimpsed a closet recessed into one wall, and a shower unit in the other, before her eyes were captured again by the Thylassian towering over her, pulling off the dress shirt of his uniform. She rolled onto her stomach, scarcely believing what was happening. How had it happened? Scarce moments ago, they had been raging at each other. Now, she knew she wanted him as the lover she had day-dreamed him to be since she was a girl.

As when she had first met him - so many years ago now, it seemed - she was struck by the image of a great golden statue brought to life. Then, she had thought him old. But even now, she saw with her own newly adult eyes, he was still in his prime. Although sparse flecks of silver peppered his golden coat with its bronze stripes, yet still-powerful muscles rippled underneath.

He knelt by the bed and took her hands in his. Great, powerful hands they were, she thought, that could crush her like the finest porcelain, yet the gentleness of his touch made her shiver. He looked imploringly into her eyes.

"So long," he breathed. "So long I have waited. But I never dared."

Selkis stroked his face, running a finger along the scar that seamed one cheek, which once she had thought so fearsome, but which she now saw lent his face a craggy majesty. Her fingers tingled at the touch. So often she had dreamed of touching that face, yet never dared.

"I was still only a girl when we met," she smiled. He smiled back.

"Yes, a ragged hell-cat of a girl from a farming village at the end of the world, who grew up to be a leader of her people," He waved a finger at her. "And my greatest tormentor."

"Tormentor!" She made a face at him. He laughed.

"Yes, tormentor!" They kissed again. "First you torment me with impossible demands. Now you torment me with impossible desire."

"Oh, not impossible," Selkis retorted. She rolled onto her back. "Very possible." But despite her bold words she felt a lurch of fear. Her stomach twisted. She felt like the nervous virgin she hadn't been for nearly a year. But that had only been a hurried fumbling in the dark with a handsome farm boy at the last harvest. Now here she was with the man she had idolised since she was a child, and secretly yearned for since she first started to think about sex. He was so much older than her, and surely much, much more experienced. She thought of all the wicked things her friend Tiri boasted about doing. She thought desperately that she knew nothing about pleasing a man. He would certainly think her dull and stupid. She felt as if she might burst into tears.

Marcus had noticed. He stopped undressing and sat beside her on the bed.

"Selkis?" He stroked her hair. She shook her head, blinking away tears. Marcus smiled.

"Nervous?" Selkis turned away and nodded, saying nothing. Marcus chuckled, but there was no mockery in his voice.

"Would it make you feel better if I told you that I'm all but quaking in my boots, too?"

Selkis snorted.

"It's true," he said. "I've wanted this for so long - dreamed about it! - and now it's happening, I'm terrified I'll ruin it."

"Really?" She said, unconvinced.

"Yes, really. And.' He hesitated. Selkis looked up, curious.


"Well ... it's ..." He looked away.

"It's just that it's been a long time. A very long time." The tips of Marcus' ears had gone bright red. He was actually blushing.

Selkis' eyes narrowed.

"Are you just trying to make me feel better?"

"No!" he said. He took her hand and kissed it. "My first ... time, was ... well ... it ended badly. After that, I ... I swore it wasn't going to happen again. And it didn't. Not really. I almost made myself forget I'd ever wanted a woman." He kissed her shoulder. She shivered.

"Then I met you." He kissed her neck. Selkis gasped, and then giggled.

"And now I'm too much temptation, even for you?" She teased. Now his lips were nuzzling her ear.

"Mmm, and you know it." Selkis guided his hand to her breast. Her nipple was stiff under her cotton dress.

She moaned as he stroked her, and then began to fumble with her dress. Pushing him away, she slowly slid it off her shoulders, exposing her small, firm breasts. They heaved as she breathed deeply. Her nipples were hard and pink through the white fur of her chest and belly.

Marcus leaned over and kissed her breast. Then he licked her nipple. She shivered. He licked it again, circling his tongue around it. He took the stiffening nipple in his mouth and gently sucked. Electric tingles spread from her breast. She cradled his head in her hand and moaned softly. He slid a hand up her skirt and slipped it inside her underwear, where she was already hot and moist. He rubbed her pussy. More electricity began to tingle through her. Her hips began to move sensuously.

But through her rousing ardour, worry still nagged. Should she be doing something, too? What should she do? Marcus moved his mouth to her other breast. The nipple on the first shone pink and glistening with his saliva, the white fur spiky and wet.

Then she remembered something Tiri had told her in a sly, confidential voice one night. Something that had shocked and intrigued her. A way, Tiri said, guaranteed to drive any man wild.

She pushed his head away from her breast.


She pushed him away from her, then turned and straddled his lap.

"Let me, lover," she said. Her voice only wavered a little bit.

Showing a confidence she certainly didn't feel, Selkis pushed him back until he was lying on the bed. She leaned over him and kissed his chest, then slid down his body. His fur sent tingles through her nipples as her breasts brushed along his belly and thighs. She kissed her way down his stomach, holding his gaze all the while. Look in his eyes, she heard Tiri saying. Let him see how much you want him. She reached his crotch.

Kneeling between his legs, she gave him what she hoped was a wicked smile as she worked the buttons of his pants open. Praying that she didn't look as terrified as she felt, Selkis reached inside his pants and grasped his penis.

It was already swelling. It felt huge in her hand. Let him know how wonderful his cock is. She remembered to make an 'mmmm' of pleasure as she stroked it gingerly. Releasing it, she used both hands to pull his pants right down, and his stiffened cock sprang free.

Selkis felt a little flutter of relief. It was large, but not as huge as it had felt, unseen in her hand. She had been momentarily terrified at taking what had felt monstrously huge inside her. It was sizeable enough in truth, but Selkis felt more confident now at the thought of it inside her. Indeed, she realised, a pleasing warmth was spreading between her legs at the thought.

She looked back up at Marcus, and saw to her surprise that he was watching her with an almost worried look on his face. Was it really possible that he was as nervous now as she was? The thought boosted her confidence. Her wicked grin this time was almost genuine. Licking her lips, she took hold of his cock again. As she lowered her face towards it, she saw to her satisfaction Marcus' eyes widen momentarily, then droop half-closed in anticipation.

Heart pounding, she kissed it on the head. She heard Marcus gasp softly as she slid her half-open lips along the shaft, gingerly touching the tip of her tongue to his flesh. Act like it's the most delicious thing you ever tasted, she heard Tiri's advice. In truth the taste was really not unpleasant, but it was the anticipation of taking this flesh, his intimate flesh, in her mouth that sent a wave of unexpected pleasure coursing through her body. She half closed her eyes in genuine bliss. She sucked harder, sliding her tongue up and down the warm, silky shaft. She held on to his cock with one hand, the other sliding almost involuntary along the creamy fur of her belly.

She slid of her underwear with one hand, and reached into the thicker bush of fur between her legs. A warm ooze of fluid from Marcus cock slipped across her tongue. Somehow, its salty hint, making her mouth even slipperier, set her burning with desire. She sucked harder, probing her tongue into the tiny opening at the head of his penis. Marcus moaned. Selkis probed into her fur, sliding a finger between her labia, finding the hardening nub of pleasure emerging from the silky, slippery folds of her flesh.

She was so lost in her own bliss that it was with a start that she heard Tiri's voice instructing her again. Keep sucking. Move your mouth up and down his cock, like you're fucking him with your mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down his shaft. She was masturbating vigorously now, manipulating her swelling clitoris with deft strokes.

Marcus groaned out loud. He was growing harder than ever. With each bob of her head, Selkis took his swelling cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was in a frenzy of lust. Her breath was coming in muffled gasps. Her hips bucked wildly as she worked herself closer and closer to climax. She felt as if all her world was bounded in this circle of lust and heat and flesh. All there was was the building wave of pleasure between her legs, and the thick shaft of his flesh that she took ever more eagerly into herself.

Suddenly the cock in her mouth swelled even more, as if it would burst. Marcus gave a sharp cry, almost as of pain, and his body went rigid. His hips bucked, forcing his cock deeper into her throat than she had thought possible. Then a great flood of hot fluid burst into her throat.

Startled, Selkis pulled her mouth away. Marcus' cock jerked again, and another gout of white cum spurted onto her startled face. Selkis squeaked in shock. Still he kept coming. More spouts of semen shot onto her chin and chest. Hot, sticky cum hung in great, oozing strings from her open mouth, and dripped onto her breasts, running down her belly.

Marcus was moaning, gasping incoherent exclamations. Selkis felt in a daze. She wiped thick gobbets of cum from her lips, swallowing what was in her mouth. It burned in her throat, but in a way that felt good, like the fiery spirit the farmers in her village brewed from their corn. The sensation of his hot, creamy cum sliding down her throat made her feel as wicked as Tiri, and Selkis realised she liked it. The heat was building between her legs again.

A tiny stream of cum still oozed from Marcus' cock. Grinning now, Selkis took it back in her mouth and sucked eagerly, sliding her tongue around his head and shaft, licking him clean and swallowing some more. Marcus put his hand in her hair, and gently pushed her away. His deflating penis slid out from her lips.

'I'm sorry, but - oh, fire it, please - no more!' he gasped. She pouted up at him, licking the sheen of cum from her lips.

'I'm sorry," he said again. "I didn't mean to - it's been so long. I'm sorry." He looked so genuinely stricken that Selkis giggled. "What?"

She brushed a finger along her chin, swiping up a splash of his semen, and then the salty fluid off her finger luxuriously.

"Mmmm," she said. "Don't be silly. It was incredible. You taste incredible."

He stared at her.

"Where - how - where did you learn that?" He grasped her by the ear, and shook her head playfully. In mock stern tones, he admonished, "Just what secrets have you been keeping from me, girl? And here I was, thinking you were just a nice, innocent farm girl."

She brushed his hand away lightly, giggling. Straddling him, she began to slide slowly up and down his leg.

"Well what do you think we farm girls have to think about all day, out there alone in the fields?" She began to grind on his leg harder, leaving wet trails in his fur. "You think we don't think about nice." Grind. "Hard," her voice became huskier. "Cocks?" A shudder ran up her body.

Her whole body felt electrified. She felt as if she were glowing with an inner flame. Holding his cock in her mouth, sucking on him, swallowing the hot flood of his cum, she had never felt so powerful. She was not serving him, she was mastering him. She had bent him to her will. She felt the strength she wielded as a powerful sexual urge, setting her afire from head to foot. Never had she felt so aroused.

The need for her own climax surged through her.

And she remembered something else Tiri had told her about. Still rubbing herself on his leg, she leaned forward, grabbing Marcus roughly by the scruff. She pulled his face to her own and stared deep into his eyes. "Now it's your turn, lover."

"Uh - my? Turn? But ... what?"

Selkis grinned wickedly.


She gently nipped his nose.


She kissed him.


To be continued ...

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