tagErotic HorrorThe Antics of Jeckle & Hyde

The Antics of Jeckle & Hyde


The night seemed to grow darker and darker as the minute hand on the clock tick off yet another hour. Michelle sat at the end of the long table in the dining room. She had been staying in the manner for several days now. Dr. Jeckle had asked her to stay and document some research he had been working on. She agreed to the proposition after seeing the mansion in person. It was absolutely grand. There were the most fabulous amenities. Pool, spa, you name it. The Dr. was more then a little wealthy, he was filthy rich.

On top of use of the all the facilities, the Dr. had agreed to pay Michelle a ridiculous amount of money. Michelle would have been suspicious of the Dr.'s intentions, had he not been so distinguished and well, damn good looking. Michelle had to always be cautious. She was very attractive and men would try and take advantage of her every chance they could.

Dr. Jeckle seemed different. He could have any girl he wanted, why would he go through such a charades to trick her? Besides in the back of her mind she knew that she too was attracted to him.

So she waited at the table for him. He had promised that day after they had worked several hours on his records that he wanted to have dinner with her. It was getting late and Michelle was getting discouraged. The servant, an attractive young girl named Carla, had already brought her several drinks and appetizers. Truthfully she was feeling a little tipsy. If he didn't arrive soon, she was going to cancel.

Just then the Dr. barged into the room. He was still warring his lab coat and seemed manic in his demeanor. "Michelle, I have done it! I have reached the solution that has been puzzling me for months now! We must celebrate! Carla brings the best champagne in the house.

He settled into his chair but was very jumpy and excited. Carla brought the bubbly and pours the two each a full glass. She also brought their dinner. After they eight, the Dr. invited Michelle into his study. He ranted and raved about the importance of his discovery, but never alluded to exactly what it was he had created. Never the less Michelle found his enthusiasm contagious. They drank several glasses of wine and ended up sitting in a large over stuffed couch, both of them feeling the alcohol.

Michelle was willing in her heart and was waiting for the Dr. to make his move. He too was enamored by her beauty. He could tell that his emotions were getting the best of him. In almost an instant, he leaned into Michelle and planted a kiss on her mouth. He half expected her to withdraw and slap him, but she didn't. She reached around his waist almost immediately. In her embrace he felt her consent. His lips parted as the kiss continued. His tongue traced the opening of her mouth. Her lip-gloss tasted tangy and her tongue met his. His arms now also embraced Michelle. She felt soft and warm. His hands clutched her shoulders and pulled her close to him.

Michelle could feel his strong arms around her. She felt safe and very tingly inside. They kissed on and on. Her breasts pressed into his firm chest. She felt her nipples as they hardened with excitement. It had been a long while for Michelle since she had been with a man. She now was looking forward to the feel of his manhood.

The Dr. paused for a moment looking into her eyes and said, "Michelle, if I am moving to fast please tell me!"

"No Dr, I want you to! Please don't stop? Really I want you to ravage me!"

The Dr. begins to undo Michelle's blouse. He fumbles a little and then she helps him with her bra. Her breasts burst out of her bra and the Dr. gobbles on her hard nipples with his mouth and tongue. In his fingers he plays and pinches her nipples as they continue to kiss. Michelle now reaches for the Dr.'s crotch. She finds his organ engorged and straining in his pants. This time she makes a move to unbuckle his trousers and with a little help she pulls them down around his ankles.

The Dr. returns the favor pulling Michelle's panties and skirt off. Soon the two are groping and grabbing at each other. Michelle gets on her knees in front of the Dr. and proceeds to suck his cock into her mouth. She sucks on his fat bulb and strokes his shaft with her hands. The Dr. sits back and enjoys the process. He throws his hands up and rests fingers locked behind his head. Michelle seems to really enjoy sucking cock he thinks to himself.

After a while she stops and looks up at his face. She smiles at him and said, "You have an incredible prick! Would you care to fuck me with it?"

"Would I ever! But first let me have a taste of that pretty little crease between your legs!" She smiles and lies back on the floor spreading her legs in front of the Dr. Jeckle. Her pussy is neatly trimmed and shaved in all the right places.

The Dr. squats between her legs and kisses her inner thighs. He nibbles on the flesh surrounding her hole. His tongue darts in and out of his mouth caressing her skin and teasing her luscious lips. Michelle breathes deep and long and moans as her pussy quivers and her juices start to flow. She uses her fingers to part her folds allowing the Dr. to devour her cunt. He starts to lovingly kiss her were it counts. He sucks and pinches her little rose colored bud in his lips.

Michelle begins to come. Her torso contracts and her shoulders shiver. The Dr. tastes a slight gush of cum from her pulsing hole. Her hands clasp hard at either side of her pussy and her legs buck slightly. "Please Dr. fill my pussy with your meaty stick!"

The Dr. obliges, mounting her on the floor. He points his cock at her hole and parts her lips with its fatty head. Taking his time, he only gives Michelle the end of his engorged prick. She squirms beneath him begging for more. "Oh my god! Fuck me Dr.! Fuck me! Don't tease me!"

The Dr. ignores her pleas. He continues to only poke his head in and out of her sucking gash. Soon her hole is spilling over with hot slimy goo. That's when he rams his tool in to her. Michelle feels her cunt tighten around his shaft. Her juices squirt out and his cock fills her deep fleshy void. Her legs rap around his hips and hold him in tight.

Dr. Jeckle pumps her on the floor like a piston for several minutes. Michelle then asks, "Do you mind if I ride on top for a bit?"

"No that sounds like a fantastic idea." and with that he roles off of her and on to his back. He lies back his prick sticking strait up in the air. Michelle stands to her feet holding her wet pussy in one hand cupping a breast in the other rubbing both in a soft circular motion. She steps over Jeckle and squats down above his long hard cock. Her one hand moves from her pussy to his shaft giving it several long firm strokes. Still on her feet, she positions his tool at her gate and then one knee at a time lowers herself on to it.

The Dr. moans! Michelle moans too as she starts to fuck him. He reaches up and puts both hands over her hard nipples. Michelle puts her hands on her hips and rides his shaft with her head back and her chest stuck out for him to play with. "You have the most incredible breasts!" he tells her as he pinches her nipples and presses them together.

Michelle gyrates her pussy on an off of the Dr.'s instrument. She feels it swell in side her and feels him flex as he readies to ejaculate. "Are you going to come?" she asks.

"Oh yeah baby! I'm about ready to blast off!" Michelle quickens her pace and moves one hand around behind her ass. She slips a finger in her tight little prune. This sets her off and she comes just as the Dr. squirts his load. His hot jizm fills her insides and runs out her lips slathering in Jeckle's lap.

Like two sponges their groins press in a midst of slimy froth. Michelle, with her finger still in her ass climes up off her knees to her feet. Squatting above Dr Jeckle she giggles as slim drips down from her hole on to his crotch. The Dr. smirks at the sight of this beautiful woman. She begins to play with herself one hand fingering her twat the other doing the same in her ass. She moans as she comes one last time. She then lies down next to the Dr. licking her fingers like candy. Then the two share a long deep kiss both tasting their sex in Michelle's mouth.

The Dr. invites Michelle back to his room. They go to bed and snuggle in each others arms. Soon they both fall asleep. During the night Michelle is awaken by a loud noise that startles her. She sits up and notices that the Dr. has gotten up and is no were to be found.

She begins to get out of bed. She has no cloths to ware. So she pulls a blanket off the bed and raps it around her like a toga. She ventures into the hall to see if she can find the Dr. or find what caused the noise.

Suddenly she hears the noise again. It is a mechanical noise like the wine of an electric motor or a vacuum. She walks down the hall towards the noise. It is getting louder as she gets closer. Soon she finds two large double doors behind which the noise is coming. The noise stops. She tries the doors and with a little force they open.

The room is dark, only lit by two large candles at either side of the doors and two at the other end of the deep room. She sees a large wooden table in the middle of the room. On the table is a naked woman bound and gagged. Michelle walks over to the table quickly being concerned and confused.

She leans over the woman and sees that it is Carla. Carla's eyes widen when they look upon Michelle's face. Her head shakes back and forth trying to warn Michelle. Suddenly out of the darkness a tall menacing figure rushes out and grabs Michelle from behind. It grips her arms tightly in its grasps. She struggles to escape to no avail.

Michelle feels hot breath on her neck and can hear the growling raspy breaths of the man thing that has captured her. She screams, but know one can hear her.

The creature's arms are stronger then a normal man's and its hands are larger and rough. She can feel finger nails dig into her arms. It is painful, but doses not puncture her skin. She is carried off to a corner were the creature grabs a draw cords from a large hanging tapestry. The cord is attached at one end to the wall. With the other end it ties Michelle's arms behind her back at the elbows. The sheet that she is warring as a toga falls to the ground.

The monster lets go of her and she struggles on her tiptoes to run, but she is tied to well and knows that she can not escape. So she gives up and turns her focus on her captor. She looks into its eyes. They are the eyes of an animal no doubt. They are fierce and terrifying. She looks at its face and is frightened by the features. It has the shape of a man's but the eyes nose and teeth are those of a wild creature.

It is warring a robe that hides most of its frame, but the parts that are not hidden are mostly coated in hair. The texture of the beast's hair is also that of an animal, very much like fur, but only parts of its face are covered in it. The backs of its hands and feet also have fur on them, but the palms are much like a normal man's. Its skin color is not light but is not back either. It walks upright with only the slightest hunch. It is very tall and its arms are long and hang at its sides when not in use.

The creature stares back at Michelle with curiosity. She shivers and slumps in her restraints. Her breasts jut out and she crosses her legs to hide her privates the best she can. "What are you doing here?" it asks.

Michelle is shocked! It speaks and speaks well. There is a tinge of a growl when the beast speaks but it speaks never the less. She doesn't know what to say.

Then it repeats itself; "I asked you, what are you doing here?"

"I am a guest of Dr. Jeckle's. I am staying here with him." she responds feebly.

"I know no Dr. Jeckle! I am Hyde. Mr. Hyde!" the monster says as it gnashes its teeth in her face. It turns and says as it walks away from her, "You are a lyre! Hyde shall see if you feel more like talking the truth after you have hung there for a time!"

Michelle watches as it walks over to the table where Carla is bound. The creature leans over her and with its outstretched tongue licks her across the face, as though she were a juicy bone or a tasty treat. He says to her with his face still close to hers yet turned towards Michelle, "Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" Carla squirms as Hyde runs its hairy hands over her lily-white skin. It grabs hand fulls of her breasts and pinches her nipples in its clutches. Its tongue licks her breasts and its snout snorts and sniffs at her skin. Carla moans and whimpers at the creature's touch. Her moans increase as its hairy claws, scratch and pull her legs apart. Mr. Hyde sticks his nose between her legs and sniffs and snorts smelling her crotch and licking her vagina. Carla screams into her gag as the beast's tongue, long and coarse darts between her legs exploring every inch of her cunt. Hyde's breaths and growls increase as the taste of her cunt fills his mouth and nostrils. Carla's screams become moans and grunts, as her pussy is devoured and ravaged by the beast. Michelle can't tell exactly if Carla's moans and grunts are those of pain. She is truly frightened for Carla's and her safety.

Then all of a sudden, Hyde stops gobbling at her snatch. Carla breaths deeply gasping for air through her gag. He walks over to a panel on the wall. His claw reaches out and flips a switch on the panel. The noise that Michelle had heard earlier turns back on. Michelle looks around the room to see what is causing the noise, but sees nothing. The creature removes its robe. Michelle looks at its hairy body. The fur lies flat like on a dog or a cat. It covers most every were, but is thicker and darker on the tops of his arms and legs. Hyde's legs are shaped like a man's, but he has a short tail that hangs from just above he ass. Its chest is broad and its shoulders even more so. The monster has a tall build not short and his muscles are firm not flabby. He looks strong and agile. Michelle also takes notice of its genitalia. Between its legs is a large penis, but like an animal it is not circumcised and it is collapsed with in itself. The creature's testicles hang long and waggle beneath its tail.

She watches as the beast reaches for something hanging from the ceiling. She looks up and sees electric shears. "So that is the source of the noise!" she says out loud.

Mr. Hyde looks her way and grins as he pulls the sheers down. He then walks over to her pulling the electric wiring behind him. He asks her, "Do you have any hair you would like me to shave?"

"No! God no! You monster! Leave me alone! And leave poor Carla a lone!" Michelle yells at the beast.

"Carla!" the monster chuckles. "Poor Carla is perfectly fine. She is my plaything. I would never hurt her, and she always returns for more fun."

"Then why would you have to tie her up?" Michelle asks.

"That is part of our game. She prefers to be tied up or on a leash for that matter."

"You're a beast, I don't believe you!"

"And I don't believe you! It matters not. You will see, and then perhaps you will tell me what you are doing in my home?" Mr. Hyde returns to the table. Both Carla and Michelle watch him as he begins to shave the hair from under his arms. The high pitch of the sheers drones down as its razors cuts the fur down to the skin. The beast shaves its chest. It shaves its neck and the insides of its arms. The fur falls in a pile on the floor. Hyde puts a foot up on the table and begins to shaves the inside of its thighs. Michelle can see clearly now the detail of his bulky genitalia. She watches as Hyde shaves between his legs. The sheers shave close and leave the skin unchaffed.

She is amazed at the beasts' steady hand, as he shaves the shaft of his penis and his testicles. His skin is cream colored and looks soft and fleshy, yet not like a man. He says something to Carla, but Michelle can not hear over the noise.

Then Hyde uses the razor on Carla. He shaves first under her arms and then unties her ankles and willingly she spreads her legs and allows the creature to shave her vagina and between her ass cheeks.

Again Michelle is shocked and dumbfounded. She can hardly believe her eyes. Mr. Hyde finishes with the sheers releasing them back to the ceiling. He switches off the sheers and grabs a leash from a drawer. He attaches it to a collar around Carla's neck. He untied her restraints and removes the gag. She climbs to her hands and knees on the table. He instructs her to climb down off the table. She dose so and stops for a moment at the pile of fur on the floor. In her hand she takes some of the fur and puts it to her nose to sniff. After words discarding it again on the floor. He pulls her over to where Michelle stands. Carla crawls over on her hands and knees and puts her face in Michelle's crotch for a sniff. She nuzzles her face between Michelle's legs like a dog sniffing and snorting. Hyde pulls on her leash and scolds her with a slap on the ass. "What the hell are you doing Carla?" Michelle asks.

Carla answers, "You smell like sex. Have you been fucking?"

"What?" Michelle is appalled.

Mr. Hyde interjects, "She was just sniffing my dear. No harm!"

"Did you teach her that?" Michelle asked.

"Well perhaps, but I have refrained from the urge. Unless it is OK with you?"

"No! It is not OK with me! Keep your face out of my crotch!" She retorts.

"Perhaps later then?" he chuckles. "Now if you don't mind, Carla and I have some unfinished business at hand." With that Carla looks up at him and smiles. She begins to sniff Hyde's crotch and Michelle watches as Carla still on her hands and knees begins to lick and suck the beast's balls and penis.

Michelle looks up at Hyde. He smiles at her with a monstrous grin full of long sharp fangs. Carla puts one hand on Hyde's monster cock. The other hand reaches between his legs running up the crack of his furry ass and finally grabbing hold of his short fat stubby tail. Michelle squints as she sees Hyde's organ grow hard in Carla's hand. Like a fat slick pink cucumber the end of his cock pokes out its head and Carla puts her lips around it and sucks like it were a "Big Stick" from the ice cream shop.

Carla strokes the length making it longer fatter and harder. She holds on to his tail pulling on it keeping a similar pace with her other hand. Hyde makes hissing sounds as he breaths through his jagged teeth. His head rears back and he moans loudly followed by a low rumbling growl. The amount of extended cock in Carla's fist is now well over 12 inches. Michelle's eyes bulge at the vast amount of the beast's fully erect penis. It is enormous! It is definitely bigger then she has ever seen or imagined, and yet Carla seems unfazed by its size. She begins to swallow the pink and purple tube into the back of her throat. Her neck muscles flex and strain as the shaft passes into her gullet. Her lips stretch thin around the massive girth of Hyde's cock. She breaths in short breathes through her nostrils. She keeps her eyes closed as though she is concentrating on the task at hand. Like a sward swallower she fits all twelve plus inches down her throat. Mr. Hyde looks down at Carla as she opens her eyes wide. He smiles and she begins to bob her head only an inch or two on and off of the monstrous cock. Hyde turns towards Michelle catching her staring at the spectacle with her jaw dropped wide open.

He says to her, "Carla is a very talented girl. She practices almost every nightly. It is incredible how deep she is willig to swallow my cock!" Michelle just nods.

After a few moments Hyde motions to Carla to turn around. Carla begins the process of regurgitating the full length of Hyde's veiny muscle. This takes several seconds. Michelle is speechless as inch after inch is pulled out of her throat. When it is completely out, Carla kisses its tip and smiles at Hyde and at Michelle. She then promptly turns herself around and bending over gets down on all fours with her ass way up in the air and her legs spread wide apart.

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