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The Anything Goes Resort


He was her modern day Romeo making every moment of her life the perfect story book moment down to a tee. Rodney used his money to buy Jacquline everything she could have ever wanted. She had never considered herself someone to be swept away by fancy gifts and overly expensive jewelry but she figured if the man could afford it then why not let herself be pampered.

Being in a relationship had never felt this good to Jacquline. She woke up every morning thinking of the wonderful man that awaited her just a phone call away.

One morning Jacquline woke up to a much greater surprise than she could have imagined. She rolled out of bed at eight forty five when she heard the door bell ring and her dog Lugnut barking at the door. She got up and put her foot in front of the thirty pound dog to coax him back. She opened the door to see Rodney standing on her front step with a bouquet of roses. He handed them over and Jacquline accepted them with a smile.

"Morning." Rodney flashed a devilishly handsome grin at her.

"Morning. Would you like to come in?"

"Wish I could but I have an early morning meeting. But I did however come by to ask you something. I don't think I could have waited the entire day or even until lunch to know your answer to this."

Jacquline could feel her heart sink. She couldn't imagine getting engaged this early. She and Rodney had only been dating about a month and a half. But the more she started to think about it she figured Why not? She cared about Rodney tremendously and if he cared about her enough to purpose this early then what would stop them from getting married and living a long and happy life together.

"What's the question?"

"I was wondering if one weekend you would want to come with me to this resort that I got two free tickets for. It's great all the stuff that they offer. I mean they got open bars all along side the entire place. They have horse back riding, massages; erotic or otherwise. There's more. I mean I could get you a pamphlet if you want to think about it before you make your final decision."

"No I don't have to think about it. I mean I'll go."



Rodney smiled and flung himself at Jacquline. She ran her fingers through his hair as they kissed and he made his way down her neck and onto her chest. Regardless of how good it felt Jacquline had to stop him. She put her hand under his chin and faced him up towards her. "I thought you said you had to work."

"They can wait for me. I do own the company you know."

Rodney pressed Jacquline against the wall and again started working his way down kissing the nape of her neck, her chest and her stomach. She wasn't expecting it when she felt Rodney lift up her tee shirt that she wore to bed. He looked at her beautiful pussy and slipped his finger inside while he stuck his mouth to her clitoris. She felt the wind knocked right out of her as he began to suck on her clit and flick his tongue over it. His fingers stayed at a smooth and steady rate working in and out of her while the tongue worked its magic just above. Rodney dropped his hand to the ground and stiffened his tongue to begin working it in and out of Jacquline as his fingers had done.

Jacquline leaned her head back, accidentally banging her head off the wall. Rodney pulled away momentarily to see if she was alright. Once Jacquline confirmed she was alright she grabbed Rodney's hair and pushed his back to make contact with her pussy once again.

Rodney switched between using his fingers to using his tongue until he stuck his tongue into the warm wet pussy for the last time. He began wiggling his tongue around and Jacquline started reaching around until she found Rodney's hair again. She pulled at it as she felt an intense orgasm over come her. She came and Rodney pulled his face back to watch as the liquid slowly dripped down her. He flashed another grin and licked the cum off the area of her pussy and upper inner thigh. He kissed her thigh and stood up.

"How was that?"

Jacquline was finding it hard to speak at the moment. She just let out a sigh and Rodney kissed her lightly on her neck.

"Nough said. So look I can't come over tonight but I was hoping we could reschedule."

"Wait why?"

"I have a dinner with business clients."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"I didn't want to ruin your time. Look we can reschedule for sometime very soon."

"Yeah okay." Jacquline motioned to give Rodney a kiss but he pulled away. He walked out of the house and Jacquline went back to bed. She patted the empty spot beside her where Lugnut jumped up beside her. She rolled over and started thinking about the future trip with Rodney. She smiled as she pictured herself riding horse back on a pure white Stallion while Rodney rode on a horse beside her. She could picture him in the common Romance novel cover outfit; a loose and puffy white button up shirt unbuttoned about halfway down to expose a set of pecks lightly covered with the perfect amount of chest hair. His usually neat and combed perfect black hair was falling out of placement giving it a loose and wild look. She could picture herself riding beside Rodney then watching as he playfully rode into the water having the sea splash up and give his shirt a see through appearance that clung to his body.

Jacquline felt down and was immediately snapped out of her fantasy. She was wet for the second time that morning and there was dried cum on the places that Rodney hadn't cleaned up. She figured that she would just wake up, give herself a second orgasm then take a shower.

Jacquline continued on with her fantasy. She pictured Rodney getting off his horse and walking over to her. He climbed up behind her and pressed his body against hers. He raced his hands up alongside her back and pulled her back so that she was sitting directly on top his rock hard cock. The trotting of the horse would cause the perfect movement.

Jacquline felt herself reach orgasm and she let out a long deep moan. Lugnut turned over on his side and Jacquline got off the bed. She went to the bathroom and jumped in the shower.

It was barely a week before Rodney arrived at Jacquline's house to pick her up for the trip. He had two suitcases packed when he knocked on the door.

"Surprise now lets get ready to go."

"Go where?"

"To the resort. You still want to go with me right?"

"Of course, but Rodney you haven't talked to me since you blew me off for dinner and now you're just dropping a bombshell like this. I haven't talked to my boss at all about it. I mean I don't even have any one to watch over Lugnut for me."

"I have a friend that can watch your little mongrel for you. As for your job I mean if you get fired then you can just come and work for me. I could always use a sexy little secretary to fulfill some naughty fantasies during my breaks."

"You expect me to believe that you never fucked one of your secretaries before."

"Let's not dwell on that and just get you ready to go."

Before they knew it they had dropped Lugnut off to Rodney's friend and were on a plane ready to go to the resort. Since she had stayed awake well into that morning and had been woken up when Rodney knocked on the door, Jacquline decided to sleep through the flight and her fear of it. She woke up as they were pulling into the airport.

"Are you excited?" Rodney asked.

"Yeah." Jacquline yawned.

As they drove to the resort Rodney and Jacquline found themselves to enveloped by one another to watch the beautiful scenery out the window. Once they entered the resort Jacquline felt a sudden wave of insecurity hit her. She could see nothing but women with bodies that looked like they belonged in a rock star's music video. Suddenly the tiny belly that she had seemed to stick out like a beer gut. She put her arm across her stomach and hesitated before getting out to help Rodney with the bags.

"Hey what's wrong?" Rodney asked.

"I must be a little jet lagged or something. I just don't feel too well right now."

"Okay well we'll get up to our suite and lay down for a little while."

Jacquline looked up at Rodney who smiled and gave her a kiss on the forehead. They walked into the hotel lobby where even the woman behind the desk made Jacquline feel inferior. She was a beautiful brunette with a good double D sized chest that couldn't stay hidden from the visiting guest even under the hotel uniform. She was wearing a black vest and a white button up shirt. The vest had a name tag that nearly poked Jacquline in the eye as she tried to read it. She looked over at Rodney who also couldn't help himself from reading and examining the name tag.

"Hello Blair we have a reservation under Olindo. Rodney Olindo."

"Yes." Blair typed a little bit into the computer and flashed a perfect smile. She batted long thick black eyelashes with glistening green eyes right below them at the couple as she handed over the key to their room. "Enjoy your stay."

As they made their way away from the desk Rodney couldn't help but turn around and get one last look at the big breasted beauty. She pushed her hair behind her shoulder to make the breasts even more visible. Jacquline grabbed Rodney's hand roughly and pulled him to the room. She pushed the door open and flung herself onto the bed. She backed up to the pillows and Rodney looked at her curiously.

"What was that all about?"

"What do you mean?"

"Downstairs. You got all jealous all of the sudden."

"I wasn't jealous. I mean it was just the fact that you act like you're not here with a woman who you're in a relationship with but more like with your buddies at a bachelor party."

"Are you saying that you want me to stop checking out other women?"

"Well you can do it just don't make it so obvious."

"I can't help but look. I mean there's no harm in it. Plus in the end I'm with you babe." Rodney lifted Jacquline's face up to meet his gaze. He kissed her lightly on her nose and then moved down to her lips. He ran his hands along side her shoulders then down across her chest. He fondled her tits lightly which was all she needed to get hard erect nipples. Rodney played with the nips through the shirt then lifted it up and over her head. He looked down at the nipples sticking out through the thin satin textured bra.

Jacquline ran her hand over his chest as well and ran her hands up around his neck. She kissed him and ran her fingers through his hair. She could feel herself getting increasingly revved up. Her heart was racing and Rodney's hands were beginning to drift further and further south. She felt as his fingers ran over her slit and then as they began to lightly tease her clit. He rubbed her lightly until he felt her push her pelvis forward. This was his sign to increase pressure and that's exactly what he did.

"Do you like that?" He whispered in a soft sensual voice as he kissed down Jacquline's neck.


"Do you want it in you?"

"Your finger?" Jacquline felt stupid after she asked the question.

However Rodney seemed less than bothered by the question. He continued to kiss her neck and let out a light chuckle. He pulled his hand away and unzipped his pants. "No I was talking about my cock." He grabbed the half hard dick sticking out of his pants and started rubbing it while continuing to kiss over Jacquline's face and neck region. His breathing was getting deeper and more rapid. Finally he pressed himself against Jacquline and slipped his hands to grip her sides. He slid them up and picked her up and pushed her up further. She looked up at him with a smile then watched as he climbed on top of her. His cock was now fully hard and pressed against her as Rodney got over her and started to kiss down her body.

Jacquline let out light moans as she again felt as he worked his way down to tongue her vagina. He ran his tongue across her clit and stuck it as deep as it could go into her pussy. She let out a load sigh but otherwise was rendered silent. She grabbed at his hair then as he pulled his tongue out she felt him kiss up her stomach back to her mouth.

Jacquline wrapped her arms around Rodney's neck and made sure that the embrace stayed close and passionate. At this point she didn't think any thing would get them apart. Rodney reached down to begin fingering Jacquline as he prepared to slide his dick in her. He smiled.

Just as he was about to put it in Rodney heard his phone going off. He tried to pull away but Jacquline clung to him. "Do you have to answer that right now."

"It might be an emergency at work."

"So they will have to wait two hours for your plane ride back anyway what's an extra twenty minutes."

"You really want me don't you?"

"More than anything."

"Ah fuck the caller then." Rodney kissed Jacquline until the ringing on his phone stopped. He smiled and stick the head of his dick into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned and pleaded for more. As Rodney moved his way inside her slowly he heard his phone go off again. He pulled out and this time Jacquline let him answer the phone. She knew that the person wouldn't stop calling her so she just decided it would be better to get the conversation done and over with.

Rodney answered the phone and the minute he found out who was on the other line he got a large smile on his face. He excused himself then walked out of the room. Jacquline knew who was on the other line. She may not have known them by name but it didn't take a genius to figure out who it was. She decided that the best thing to do would be to walk out of the room as well and get herself a drink at the hotel bar.

Jacquline walked past Rodney who was making sure to keep his conversation very private. He looked at Jacquline as she stormed past him fixing the bottom edge of her shirt. He put the phone down and covered the mouth piece. "Hey where are you going?"

"I'm getting something to drink." Jacquline snapped.

Jacquline walked down stairs and went to the bar. As she waited for her drink she was approached by the large breasted Blair. She flashed her pearly white smile at her and grabbed the back of the chair next to Jacquline's. "Is this seat taken?"

"Oh not at all. Have a seat. Can I buy you a drink?"

"No I got it." Blair turned to the bartender as he handed over a bottle of beer to Jacquline. She smiled at him. "Can I get a Manhattan?"

"Coming up."

Blair looked at Jacquline and smiled. Her face turned a rosy red. "I know that's a really girly drink."

"You're a girl, so you really don't have to worry about it."

"I guess you're right. So that man you were with earlier. Is that your boyfriend?"

"As far as I'm concerned he's single so if you want to take a shot at him then go right ahead."

Again Blair's face turned red. She sipped her drink looking around the room. She made eye contact with Jacquline. The two girls smiled at one another and Blair looked away. She took the cherry out of her drink and placed it in between her teeth. She held it there for a few seconds without biting it but then once she made eye contact with Jacquline she pulled it off the stem. She smiled at her.

"Wait why did you ask that? Are interested in him?"

"No I just saw the way he was looking at me and any respectable man wouldn't act that way in front of his girlfriend."

"I think he's cheating on me so him looking at your gigantic rack is the last of my worries."

"Why do you think he's cheating on you?"

Jacquline took a huge swig of beer then looked at Blair. She put her elbow up on the bar and rested her head on her hand. She smiled and wiped the corner of her eye before a tear could creep out. "You know we were all hot and heavy in the room then he got a phone call. After he left the room he just seemed to be all happy so I know sure as hell it wasn't work calling. I left before he could end the conversation. I didn't want him to come in the room snuggling up to me as if nothing happened."

"Yeah men suck. That's why I haven't been with any in over five years."

Jacquline kind of expected, but it still didn't stop her from almost choking on her beer. She let out a few light coughs then looked at Blair. "You haven't been with a man in over five years?"

"Not one."

"So you like girls?"

"I've been with one or two. You know quick flings and one night stands mostly with guests at the hotel but I've never really been in a relationship with any girls. I mean a human is a human male or female so its not like a girl is any less capable of hurting me that a man is. I guess you can say that I don't believe in relationships."

"Wow you must have been burned bad."

"You don't have to be burned to know fire is hot. Now I just know that a relationship can lead you to nothing but heartbreak in the end. Regardless of what is separating you you're dying inside in the end. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves? People used to ask me why I used to cut myself and I asked why they would get into a relationship."

"So you really think cutting yourself and being in a relationship are classified in the same category?"

Blair just lifted her eye brows to the question and downed the rest of her drink. She ordered another and Jacquline ordered herself another beer. The two girls just kept drinking and talking about relationships. Jacquline talked about how her relationship with Rodney had even started. She talked about past relationships and began to realize what Blair was talking about. She had just started seeing the connection between the intentional hurting by a sharp object and the eventual hurting of a sharp feeling. She wasn't thinking however when she leaned in and kissed Blair lightly. Blair pushed her back and gave her a nervous smile.

"Look we can't."

"Why not?"

"It just wouldn't be right. You're drunk and you just got over a break up and plus I really don't want you to wake up in the morning looking to see that you had fucked a woman and you really didn't want to. Plus why would you bother, knowing what you do? You know it can't go any where."

"Then at least come with me up to my room and sleep over."

"Isn't that what couples do? They sleep together and not have sex. Still however it creates a sense of closeness."

"Can you just consider it as I just don't like to sleep alone. I haven't been by myself in an empty bed in god knows how long."

"But no sex."

"We won't even kiss." Jacquline promised. Deep down she was hoping Blair would be the one to break the rule. She was hoping she would bring her to the room and wait until then to make her move.

The girls left the bar and Jacquline led Blair to her room. She looked at the note on the door from Rodney but didn't bother to read it. She simply crumbled up the paper and threw it on the floor as she entered the room. She fell onto the bed and Blair fell beside her. They went up to the top of the bed. Blair rested her head on the pillow and Jacquline rested her head on Blair's stomach. She stared up at the ceiling but before she could make a move on Blair she fell asleep.

In the morning Jacquline woke up to the sun creeping through her window. She couldn't have felt any more refreshed. She rolled out of bed to find Blair had written her a note on the notepads that were on the night stand. She read it and smiled. She took her phone out to see that he had seven new text messages and five new voice mails. She read the texts and saw nothing but apologies from Rodney. He never once specified what he was apologizing for and as Jacquline read through the messages she never did see the reason for them. She finally came down to the last message which was from a number not in her contacts. Jacquline opened it up and read it: When you get home meet me at the coffee shop on the corner of 12th and Main street. We really need to talk.

Before Jacquline thought about what was actually written in the message she thought that it might have been from Blair. Then she started thinking about how she had never given Blair her number. Not to mention the message mentioned something about when she got home. She tried to think about who it could be. Maybe it was an old boyfriend. She figured that the only way she would be able to know was if she got up the nerve and asked. She responded back to the message asking who it was. It was barely five minutes before she got a response. Just text me when you get back and then we'll set up a time to meet. We just really gotta talk.

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